Pokémon Emerald Tips

The other Fossil, An ancient pokemon
after you get a fossil in Mirage Tower the other fossil will be buried in the sand, to get the other fossil beat the elite four then go to the Fossil Maniac's house witch is located at Fallarbor Town then when your inside the house go inside the hole then reach the end then there is now a newly
opened cave go inside it then traverse the cave(usually go at the right side of the cave) then you will see the other fossil, get it then go to
Rustboro City and go inside the Devon Corporation then go to the second floor of it, and now go to the south side of the second floor, and you will see a professor then talk to him then give the other fossil to him, he will generate the fossil to get the pokemon inside it alive. And there you have it
now you have an ancient pokemon. Voila!!