Pokémon Emerald Cheats

Duplicating Items & Cloning Pokemon
Are you tired of running out of something you need such as rare candies? Or even perhaps a MASTER BALL? For this cheat to work, you need to have beaten the Elite 4. Fly to the Battle Frontier, and go to the Battle Tower. Next, put the Pokemon you want to clone, and an item (if you wish), into an EMPTY pc box. Then, close out of the box, and save it. Next, go back into the box you have the Pokemon in, and put the Pokemon back into your party. Then, go to the NEAREST lady for the challenge. Say yes to everything she says, and select your Pokemon. When you get to the next screen, (while it's saving) turn OFF the power. Then, turn your system back on, and look in your party and the pc box with the Pokemon you had in it before. POOF!! Duplicated items and Pokemon. Enjoy. (Oh and... If you clone a Pokemon more than 3 times, your game will automatically reset. Be careful. :x)