Pokémon Emerald Tips

Rare Pokemon
Here is a few ways to find Pokemon that you can only find in small areas, now here's how to get them.

BAGON: Okay so go to Meteor Falls with a Pokemon with Surf and Waterfall, look around for abit and you'll find a small narrow room with TM02 Dragon Claw there, on a small piece of land. Walk around there to find either a) Golbats or b)Bagon. It takes a while for the Bagon to Appear

JIGGLYPUFF: Go North of Rustburo City with a Pokemon with Surf. Surf upward to another piece of land (Don't land there, instead keep Surfing Nothwards) until you come to a heavily forested area with several trainers and base places. Look around there until you find a path of grass, with mostly Swellows and Tailows but after a while of searching you wind up with a Jigglypuff.

CORPHISH: All you need is a Super Rod, and go to Route 103 (that's West of Odale Town) fish there until you get it (again, it takes a while to appear)

STARYU: All you need to do is go to Lilycove, head West until you reach the water and start fishing with your Super Rod. You'll get it eventually.

SUDOWOODO: Get the Wailmer Pail from the Flower Shop on Route 104. Go to the Battle Frontier and head East, to the Battle Palace, and also a place where Surf can be used. Use it and go to the land with the Old Woman there and you'll see a weird looking tree, SAVE YOUR GAME HERE and use the Wailmer Pail. Remember this is the ONLY SUDOWOODO IN THE GAME.

SMEARGUL: Surf again, this time going down the waterfall, and Surf West till you get to a cave. Go in there. It's called tha Artistan Cave and all it has is Smeargul and some HP UP and CARBOS. The Smeargull range from level 40 - 50 and their only move is sketch with 1PP, I recomend using a weaker Pokemon to use a good move on it a good move (so that it doesn't die) and the Smeargul will use sketch to copy your Pokemon's move (permanently) now try to catch it and it will have that move, EVEN IF THE MOVE IS FLY.