Pokémon Emerald Tips

Torchic As Starter
First, choose Torchic as your starter. Before you go to the firt gym, your Torchic should be at level 16+, and should be a Combusken. It's double kick will take out all of her Pokemon. Then, you should be able to knock out all of your rivals Pokenom with that move too. Then, before you go to the next gym, get the fishing rod and catch a Magikarp, it will come in handy later, trust me. Then you will probablly be able to knock out the gyms Pokemon with Peck .Then before you make it to the next battle with your rival, make sure that the Magikarp is a Gyarados, so that the Marshtomp's Mud Shot won't effect it. Then level Gyarados and Combusken to level 25+ before taking on the third gym. Combuskens Double Kick can take out the steel types. And for he next gym, Gyarados will easily take out the fire type with Hydro Pump at level 30 or 40 I think. Then catch a Cacnea in the sandstorm area. And your dads gym is really weak against Combusken's (or Blazikin's) fighting type moves. And as for the next gym, evolve Combusken into Blazikin at level 36 if it isn't already, and Blaze Kick will take out Skarmory and Tropius really quick; however, Canea (or Cacturne), but the others will be knoked out by Gyarados. At the Mosdeep gym, meke Cacnea evole into Cacturne if you haven't already at level 32 I think, and put Gyarados and Cacturne in the first 2 slots, and K.O. the Pokemon with Dark and Water moves. And at the last gym, Cacturne's grass type moves will be really effective on his pokemon. And that takes care of all the Gyms with only 3 Pokemon. And for the Championships+ Battle Frontier, catch any and every Pokemon you like.