Pokémon Emerald Tips

to get the regis surf west to the currents of pacifidlog town, and somwhere there the currents will take you to calm water where you can dive.when you dive, go in through the whole and you should see a bralle.use dive there and go up the tunnel and use dig.it should lead you to a second tunnel.go up the second tunnel and put wailord first and relicanth last.after that it should say that doors opened far away. then go to the desert,(u need the go goggles) and go straight down until u reach regirocks cave.read the code and then walk left,left,down,down and use rocksmash.u should then be able to battle regi rock. then go to dewford town and surf west until you reach regice's cave. read the code and run to the right of the screen,around the whole cave staying as close to the wall as possible.you should then be able to battle regice. 4 registeel go to lilycove city and run to the left. it should be somwhere near the long grass. go up the stairs and past the ninja who hides behind a brown wall.there, will be the cave of registeel.go 2 the middle of the cave, and use flash. its as easy as that. then u should be able to battle registeel. thats how to get the regis.

P.S: to catch them get A LOT of ultra balls.try 2 get them 2 about red hp. its gonna take a while 2 catch them but keep on tryin!