Pokémon Emerald Tips

Safari Zone
The Safari Zone, one of the most exicting, yet aggrevating place, here is a small guide to help you on your Safari hunt.

Items/attacks that will help you get every Pokemon in there are: Mach Bike, Acro Bike, Surf, Waterfall, Rock Smash, Old Rod, Good Rod, Super Rod, PokeBlocks, and Repel, but Repel needs to be used correctly, or it may end up sending the Pokemon you want away.

Note: use th Acro Bike to hop or stand still facing different directions to have infinite time in the Safari.

common: easily found, don't worry about not finding one.

semi-common: teetering between uncommon and common, still not that hard.

uncommon: does not appear to much, try to catch one of the first found.

semi-uncommon: teetering between uncommon and rare, try hard to catch these

rare: hardest one to find, try Pokeblocks and moving towards it.

Pikachu: uncommon
Girafarig: common
Oddish: common
Gloom: uncommon
Natu: uncommon
Wobbuffet: uncommon
Pinsir: rare
Psyduck: common (surf)
Golduck: uncommon (surf)
Goldeen: common (fishing)
Seaking: uncommon (fishing)
Magikarp: common (old rod)
Rhyhorn: uncommon
Heracross: uncommon
Doduo: uncommon

Later, after beating the Elite Four, G/S/C Pokemon will appear in a new area located on the east side, these are the Pokemon found:

Snubbull: uncommon
Gligar: rare
Pineco: common
Shuckle: rare (rock smash)
Wooper: common (surf)
Quagsire: uncommon (surf)
Marill: common (surf)
Remoraid: common (fishing)
Sunkern: common
Aipom: uncommon
Mareep: common
Spinarak: uncommon
Ledyba: uncommon
Hoothoot: uncommon
Teddiursa: common
Houndour: rare
Phanpy: rare
Stantler: uncommon
Miltank: rare

That the most part of the Safari Zone. Happy hunting!


Corphish: On Route 102, there is a small, clear water pond, use a Super Rod there, Corphish's are the only thing there.

Tentacruel: In the Abandon Ship, Tentacruel can be found using the Super Rod in the water aboard the ship. It is uncommon, however.

Luvdisc: This Pokemon is actually quite easy to find, even though only in one place, use the Super Rod on the water in Ever Grande.

Jigglypuff: Go to Rustboro City, go to the Route north of there, keep going up stream, eventually you'll find a secret area. Swellow can also be found here.

One more:

Staryu: Go to Lilycove, use the Super Rod on the water there, it will eventually appear.