Pokémon Emerald Tips

Kecleon Locations
This a list of all the Kecleon Loctions for Emerald:

Kecleon 1: This is the one you find on the bridge where Steven is.

Kecleon 2: On the staircase above the bridge where Kecleon 1 was at.

Kecleon 3: Go to where you find Registeel on Route 120. Walk around to the top of the Ancient Tomb where registeel is and keep moving until you run into it.

Kecleon 4: This one is behind the sign on Route 120 that says "Fortree city <-". Walk around behind the sign to find it.

Kecleon 5: This one is on Route 119 down a small passage near a ninja trainer.

Kecleon 6: Look near the other ninja on 119 near where the pomeg berries were. It's standing in a space right next to the ninja trainer.