Pokémon Emerald Tips

As everyone who's played should know, Milotic is a very rare and powerful Pokemon. Here is some information that some might not know.

Getting Milotic: Milotic evolves from Feebas. To catch a Feebas, you have to find one of the six water tiles on route 120 that has it. Giving an interview, changing the cool phrase in Dewford, etc., will change the Feebas locations. After finding a Feebas tile, catch one (or a boy and a girl for R/S). It's not very difficult. After catching it see its nature. If it is modest, great, if not breed Feebas until you get one with a modest nature. Then get lots of Blue, Indigo, and Gold (dry-flavoerd)pokeblocks. Feed them to Feebas until its Beauty is maxed out. An easy way to figure this out is to go to the Fan Club Chairman. If he gives you a blue collar, Beauty has been maxed out. Now, just level Feebas up. After the first level up, it should evolve into Milotic.

Milotic's Ability- Milotic's ability, Marvel Scale, allows it to raise defense in tight spots. I had my Milotic use, Surf on a Magneton of the same level and the attack took it out in one hit - although Magneton's are never resistant to surf.