Pokémon Diamond review
Four Generations with the same Formula

The good:

New species of pokemons.

updated graphics.

use of the touch screen.

Wi-fi mode.

Global Trading.

The bad:

Over used formula.

Same thing over and over.

Roaming pokes are still present.


Welcome to the fourth generation of pokemon! A game that still repeats itself!

Pokemon started being a phenomenon with the release of pokemon red, blue, green and later yellow. These four games started a huge phenomenon and later it allowed an anime, manga, comic, toys etc. This also succeeded into giving birth to 3 generations: gold silver and crystal, then ruby, sapphire and emerald, and from then we get Pearl, Diamond and Platinium. However, enough reminiscing in the past, let's go to the present on the next part of this review.

By this time with tons of pokemon games you would think that nintendo could have done better than this, but not really. Pokemon diamond while being a new gen game, still uses every bit of knowledge of its past generations to succeed. Meaning? Well the main idea of this game is to cath them all, as the original games said, you take the role of a young trainer whose main objective is to become champion of the Elite 4, a group of trainers who are the best of the best in the pokemon world.


The main point of this game is make pokemon fight others and capture them with a pokeball. You could compare it to hunting or fishing in this aspect, but there are a number of elements inside this game that make it so much more wonderful and yet frustrating.

Eventually your pokes will evolve and gain stronger attacks, and better status. There are a few things that determinate, how a pokemon, evolves, some of those elements are the Effort points that help to make a specific stat have a higher value, and Iv's, which unlike Ev's that can be won from battling a pokemon, this come with the poke already, either if you cath it, hatch it, trade it, etc.

Other key elements are the moves, where there are 8 diferent moves that will help you in your adventure. One allows you to iluminate a dark cave, another allows you to climb waterfalls, or rocks, move stones, etc.

Pokemons can evolve via several manners: via reaching a level, via being happy and reaching a certain level, by trading them, by trading them with a specific item.

Finally one of the most crucial introductions for this game, the pokewatch. It might not look like something useful but it is. It has several functions, following your pokes, allowing to see how happy they are, says the time, etc.

The other crucial addition is chaining pokes, this allow you to start in a patch of grass and encounter a pokemon, you can keep chaining pokes, and it increases the chances of a shiny pokemon shows up.

The battle system of this game is based mostly on one versus one most of the time. the trainer launches his pokemon and you yours. Every pokemon has a set of natural abilities, this can be futher enchanced via breeding (mating diferent pokemons so their child gets the moves that the parents had) or via technical machines, these items can teach a pokemon a new move. There is a variation of this known as the hidden machines, in older gens it teached permanently a move to a pokemon, since third generation you can erase it via move eraser, or you can simply go to the move re-learner and make a pokemon remember a forgotten move.

The main point of the battle is knock out or faint the enemy poke. For this there is a system too. Every poke has both a weakness to an element or elements, and a resistance to a diferent one or several ones. Just to put an example: flying is weak against ice, rock and electric, but is strong against grass and bug pokemons. Futhermore there are pokes that can get neutral damage based on their typing, ghost pokes after being detected by the foresight move will get neutral damage to normal attacks and figthing attack, whereas grass, bug, and several types get hindered in the way by most ghosts.

In the end: pokemon diamond is like its other predecesors, all use the redundant gameplay that sells millions.

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