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Pokemon: The New Era

The good:

New Pokemon, being able to Migrate Pokemon from the old games, and having new evolutions from old Pokemon are a few main points. The PokeTech is useful, and makes doing tedious tasks, less tedious. The PokeRadar makes finding certain Pokemon difficult, but it adds to the experience. Also, with the PokeRadar, you can get chains of Pokemon, making shinnies easier to get. I'll go more in depth with this later.
The new gym leaders are also exciting. Some new types have been tried, as well as the fact that now they are not limited to a certain type of Pokemon, but just a certain type of move. This allows for a more versatile and better match.

The bad:

There are many tedious and annoying tasks to complete. Leveling up is one of these things. It is hard to stay as strong as all the other trainers, and takes more time and effort to keep up. The Elite 4 and champion are much stronger than you, which can be extremely annoying after you try many times.


Pokemon Diamond allows for a new experience in the realm of Pokemon, giving many new adventures and tasks to take on. You start out in the town of Twinleaf, and meet with your friend to go out and explore. But, as your mother says, you must not go into the long grass as wild Pokemon may attack you. You decide to go to the lake nearby your town in search of an elusive Red Gyarados, despite what your mom tells you. There you meet Dawn or Lucas, depending on if you chose to be a boy or girl. They are with the professor, and walk away, leaving a bag with three Pokeballs. You walk into the tall grass, and your Rival and you are thrust into battle from attacking Starly. You get to choose a Pokemon from the bag-Chimchar, Turtwig, or Piplup-and so does your rival. He will choose the one with a type advantage over the one you choose. After fighting off the Starlies, you must return the Pokemon. But, the professor sees something in you, and you get to keep them. Thus starts your Pokemon Adventure.

With your Pokemon, you will have many exciting battles and contests. You have to battle and defeat all 8 gym leaders to acquire their badges, so you can go to take on the Elite Four and Champion. But it's not so easy, Team Galactic is trying to destroy the world, which will eventually bring you into a battle with Dialga (on Diamond) or Palkia (on Pearl).

Of course though, this won't be right away. You will have time to train, battle and grow stronger. It may seem tedious, but it won't be all too hard. You will grow with your Pokemon, having fun, and going through hardships. This will make you and your Pokemon as one, going through to become the Pokemon Champion.

A somewhat new element is Pokemon Contests. You have to give your Pokemon poffins that you make, in order to raise a certain stat. Then, teach it good moves that match the contest you are going to enter. This helps to make winning easier. But, combo moves have been removed, making it a little less enjoyable. On the bright side though, a many new features, such as backdrops and accessories, have been added.

The PokeTech is a new and wonderful feature that has been added. It can keep track of many things such as time, number of steps taken, and how your Pokemon are in the daycare. It can be useful when trying to breed, or counting steps it takes to hatch an egg.

The bicycle has been changed. It now can switch between gears, using the B button. You will no longer have to go to the bike shop to exchange bikes when needed.

The Safari Zone has added new and better things. Now, you can go to more zones, and better things. When you upgrade the PokeDex, more Pokemon are there and available for you to catch.

Pokemon Migration now allows you to transfer your old Pokemon. It is extremely useful, but there are some catches. You can only transfer 6 a day, must catch them in a certain place, and it can only be done after getting the National Dex. 6 a day may seem unfair, but patience is a virtue, and will make the game all that much better. Now, you can only catch them in a place with all the Pokemon environments. But, fear not, you are given 6 PokeBalls which act as Master Balls, catching any Pokemon without fail. Also, you cannot transfer Pokemon with HM Moves.

Wifi capabilities are a great new thing too. You can battle your friends with Wifi, or people around the world. You just tell them your friend code, they tell you theirs, add each other, and then you can play together!

Finally, the graphics. They (Nintendo, GameFreak) did an amazing job with them. They made over 800 new sprites because of how the female and males now have different sprites. The field graphics were great, except for one factor. They tried to make it 3D, except it just makes it look odd. They tried by making it so if you go down, your character gets smaller, and if you go up, it gets bigger. I didn't like this though. Other than that, I really enjoyed them.

I would greatly recommend this game for any Pokemon fan, or anyone trying to get into Pokemon. This was a very fun game, and kept me entertained for a great deal of time. I would recommend to anyone this game.

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