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The Diamond

The good:

  • A great addition to graphics. Now they've incorperated some 3D graphics that look and feel really nice.
  • The wifi
  • Music
  • 4th generation of pokemon
  • Poketech!

The bad:

  • Lag over wifi
  • Repetition
  • Constant attack of pokemon


I'm guessing you've played yourself a game of pokemon, and my guess is that you enjoyed it. I'm not saying that that is a fact, it is a mere guess. But this guess is highly probable to be more true then false. Pokemon has been supplying endless hours of fun game - play for years, and they certainly haven't failed us this time, at least. Yes, this game scores a 4.0 because it qualified as a nice pokemon game. It is, of course, a journey of a kid who wants to become the best pokemon trainer in the world.

As the other games begin, this game starts off with you being able to pick between three ...


This Diamond Sparkles


Chances are if you've ever owned a Nintendo handheld at any point then you've played a Pokemon game. Despite coming in later than other series such as Mario it is safe to say that Pokemon itself is the number one franchise for Nintendo fans. It's simply huge and has a well earned fan following to match. However, followers of my reviews (you do exist, right?) will note that I was not particularly overwhelmed by the Advance series of games. Sapphire was too much of the same thing again and the Fire Red remake butchered it. So what of the fourth gen games? Short story is that there's still a b...


Four Generations with the same Formula

The good:

New species of pokemons.

updated graphics.

use of the touch screen.

Wi-fi mode.

Global Trading.

The bad:

Over used formula.

Same thing over and over.

Roaming pokes are still present.


Welcome to the fourth generation of pokemon! A game that still repeats itself!

Pokemon started being a phenomenon with the release of pokemon red, blue, green and later yellow. These four games started a huge phenomenon and later it allowed an anime, manga, comic, toys etc. This also succeeded into giving birth to 3 generations: gold silver and crystal, then ruby, sapphire and emerald, and from then we get Pearl, Diamond and Platinium. However, enough reminiscing in the past, let's go to the present on the next part of this review.

By this time with tons of pokemon games you would think that ...


Enough is Enough

The good:

-Great graphics.
-Fitting music.
-New PKMN.
-Migrate PKMN from GBA.
-Battle moves.

As time goes on, graphics will get better and better for gaming system. And no doubt, the DS doesn't disappoint us with PKMN. Some of the new PKMN are very intriguing along with their good battle moves. Also, you can migrate PKMN from GBA which saves a great amount on time on hunting the variety of PKMN. Able to trade over WiFi is great. I love the fact you can trade with people around the world.

The bad:

-Unoriginal PKMN.
-Same story.
-Voice chat.

Unfortunately, the story will always stay the same 'cause that's PKMN for you. You can only stand the same story for so long. Beat the gyms, beat the bad guys, and defeat the E4. End story. Sure, there are some things you can do after the story, but they are just nick-knacks, nothing to epic. As for the PKMN, they are just creatures that make no sense or they are a repeat of the originals. Like, what is Regigigas suppose to represent? Also a kind of disturbing thing is the voice chat. I can understand if you're trading with a friend and chatting with them, but trading with a stranger, does that spell awkward or just me? For WiFi, it's a great thing to have, but a pain to get. If you don't have a Wireless Router or USB Connector you're tough out of luck [unless you don't mind driving to Starbucks, etc]. And last is the severe amount of legendaries. I remember in the originals, you had the three birds [or three dogs] and the two main legendaries [like Lugia, Mew, Ho-Oh, and Mewtwo]. Now we have, Dialga, Palkia, Regigias, Cresselia, and who knows how many more. I don't consider them legendaries anymore, just a PKMN you can catch once then go on GTS and get a hundred more.


The game starts off like all the others. You have a choice between three starters: Chimchar, Turtwig, and Piplup. Fire, Grass, and Water. Once the choose PKMN is obtained you'll later get a Pokedex. Then you set off on your mission to obtain the 8 gym badges. During the journey you plans may be interrupted by Team Galatica who are trying to harness the powers of Dialga. Once you defeat them and obtain Dialga you're off to beat the E4 and become champion!

During the journey you'll need to battle trainers and PKMN to get stronger and prepare for more upcoming events. You still have the trainin...



The good:

Good: This installment in the pokemon seres would be the fourth one. There are many new features to this game for it has been 2 years since the release of the other Pokemon games. There are a few new things added, here are a few that I will list here with good points of the game.
-New 3D Graphics
-New pokemon
-New items
-Wi Fi
-New trading over wifi

The bad:

The newest Pokemon games sucked. Im going to be blunt, these Pokemon are not original. For example, Pikachu was a rat, Rattata was a rat, Pidgey was a bird. What does that make Dialga? These Pokemon are not unique and they are just slabbed together for the newest game.
Here are a list of things I don't like about the game.
-Pokemon are not unique
-Same thing over, get 8 badges and fight elite 4
-Wi-Fi lags
-Voice chat sometimes is un-comprehensible
-Too many legendaries


The newest game wasn't good. There are many good aspects to the game but plenty of downfalls. They just didn't feel like the older games where everything was new and exciting. Pokemon better start rethinking about how they do these games.
Here are going to be some categories in which I will give a score and state a reason.

Graphics: 8/10
Reason: They are great, but the anti-aliasing kill it somewhat. What I mean by that, is when they move, so do the pixels on the side of the houses/building. The 3-D graphics are nice, finally the upgraded from the sprites, but they definitely have some work to...


Best game so far, mostly thanks to the DS

The good:

- Pokemon is back and as fun as ever; become a Pokemon trainer and travel the world collecting the little creatures, beating Gym leaders and trainers and earning badges, and fight the Elite Four in the end and become the best trainer; there are even things to do and see after you beam the Elite Four
- Most challenging game in the series
- Best graphics of the series (sorta), even though the 3D graphics look and feel very odd at times; Pokemon and battle fields look better than ever
- Longest game in the series
- One large map with a lot to do and see
- The ability to run! (not just walk around slowly)
- Enemy trainers move! You don't have to stupidly walk into them anymore to talk/battle '" they might come to you
- Battles are more fun than they have ever been
- Double battles are really cool
- Choose a gender of main character and name them
- Collect/catch 400 different Pokemon creatures in Pokeballs and complete your Pokedex; many evolutions, including new evolutions for old favorites
- Raise your Pokemon by using them in battles with trainers and watch them grow in strength, gain new attacks and powers, and evolve most of them to their more powerful forms. You can also heal your Pokemon.
- Collect money and buy items and even Pokemon occasionally to help you on your adventure. Items are found throughout the game and purchased at stores.
- Night and day gameplay returns
- A pretty decent storyline for once (I was impressed); the 'œTeam Rocket' of the game actually have a decent purpose
- Awesome Pokebox system; you can now see little pictures of your Pokemon in every box, as well as transfer them between boxes very easily (finally)
- You can now see a little moving picture of your 6 main Pokemon, and they actually look like them now!
- Perfect game for the DS; great use of both screens and the stylus
- More things to do in the game than ever
- Weather plays a role in the game; though it is mostly annoying
- Best battlegrounds/backgrounds of the series
- Some cool and helpful Poketch Apps
- Plenty of Legendaries to catch; most in the series
- More attacks and different HM's than ever
- Trade and battle people online; probably my favorite part of the game and series so far; you can also do other fun things online
- The bicycle of the game is better than ever; changing speeds, ability to go up hills, etc.
- Visit many towns, cities, forests, caves, boats, and even enter stores, buildings, and most houses. Cities have many things to do and buy in them, and all buildings/houses/stores are fully furnished. You can also talk to everyone in the game.
- Cut down grass/trees, walk the whole map, swim on Pokemon in water bodies, even use Pokemon who know how to fly to fly to cities you have been to, and so much more
- Many challenges, tons of battles, and tons of fun. The game will take you at least 70 hours to beat up until the Elite Four, and much longer if you want to do and collect everything. Great replay value. Lots to do.
- Play some mini games occasionally, such as gambling at casinos
- The music is simple and catchy, as usual
- The graphics have been improved immensely since Red/Blue. From the main world, to buildings, to even color added to the game. Pokemon look so much better in battle, and their attacks even look much better. Much better graphics in this set of games (Silver/Gold).

The bad:

- Though I like the new graphics, I am still undecided to whether I really love or slightly hate them; they aren't too smooth at times
- Still cannot collect every Pokemon in a game, unless you do a lot of online trading
- Online trading/battles are often unstable and cause lots of troubles
- Global Trading Center is a good idea, but very poorly executed
- Weather is in most cases really annoying and frustrating (rain, snowstorms, especially fog)
- Some new evolutions are just dumb
- Lots of useless Poketch apps; I would have loved to be able to get rid of some
- More team-ups with your random friends would be cool
- Your 'œrival' in the game is one of your best friends? That is such a dumb idea. Takes the fun out of having a rival
- I wish that a Pokemon game would for once allow us to have more than one save file
- At certain parts of the game, there are too many trainers in an area, which makes battling irritating at times
- Some caves/grass/water areas spawn too many Pokemon, and you can't even walk 3 steps before one attacks you
- The game, like all past games, gets slightly more boring as the game progresses


It is hard to believe that they could make a better game than Silver/Gold, but they managed to do it. Diamond/Pearl is easily the new best game in the series. They have taken everything from past games and added more, including things to do after the Elite Four, new graphics, and online trading/battling (the one thing that this series always needed and finally gets). The online play alone makes this game better than any other Pokemon game because you can fight other people from around the world and trade Pokemon (fill up your list and boxes), which makes the game much longer and more fun. T...

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