Pokémon Diamond Cheats

Pokémon Diamond cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see GameShark Codes, Action Replay Codes, Code Breaker Codes for more Pokémon Diamond cheat codes.


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cloning traps and goods
go underground with a friend have a friend or you give a trap goods your friend will have saved the game upon entering. let your friend turn off the game and turn back on and tadaah! a cloned trap or good also if its a trap its better to lay the trap.
UnlockableHow to unlock
clone trapslay traps then pick up then turn off !beware have to have someone with you!
clone goodsgive the goods then turn off !beware have to be with a friend!
HM & TM Locations
UnlockableHow to unlock
HM FlyLocated in the Veilstone City Galactic Wearhouse. (The little building next tho the barn-like buildings.)
HM Rock ClimbWest out of Snowpoint City onto Route 207. (Only half of the pokeball will show because its very snowy, so keep your eyes open.)
HM WaterfallDefeat Sunnyshore City gym leader and talk to the Jhoto gym leader by the water.
HM SurfDefeat Wake the water gym leader in Veilstone City.
HM StrengthGo to Solason City and enter the tower south of the town. Enter the top floor and talk to the left old ladie.
HM CutGo to Eterna City and go to team galactic's base.
HM Rock SmashThe cave before Eterna City.
HM DefogIn the safari zone a guy on the east side will give it to you.
TM Focus PunchOrebergh Gate
TM Dragon ClawMt. Cornet
TM Water PulseExcape Path
TM Aerial AceRoute 213 beach (to the right of footstep house). Use rock smash.
TM Steel Wing(HM Cut needed)Go to the front of the tower south Solaceon Town used to get HM Strength but don't go inside the tower.Go right and down and you will see a a tree you can use Cut on.Cut it and past the tree is the poke' ball holding Steel Wing.
Poketch apps
UnlockableHow to unlock
WatchObtained with Pokétch
CalculatorObtained with Pokétch
NotepadObtained after 1st gym
PedometorObtained with Pokétch
Pokemon listObtained with Pokétch
Friendship checkerBrown-haired Girl in Eterna City Pokemon Center
ItemfinderDawn on Route 207
Berry finderSoil Shop (Route 208)
Day Care CheckerMan inside the Daycare Center after leaving a Pokemon
Pokemon HistoryMan outside Solaceon Town Pokemon Center
Counter2nd Floor of the Veilstone Department Store
Analog ClockKarate man's house in southwest Celestic Town
Marking mapPokétch President after 3rd Badge
Wifi searcherPoketch President after 5th badge
Coin tossRock Climb to house on Route 213/Valor Lakefront
Move checkerPoketch President after 7th badge
Unlockable Characters
Five stars on the player card, beat the game, Diamond/Pearl.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Arceusfirst get the azure flute which is a present from wifi trading. Keep trading until you get that present. Go to the pokemart and you'll see a man in green. Chat with him and he'll give you the azure flute. Next go to the spear pillar and play the flute there. Next stairs will appear. then you'll meet arceus. He's around lvl. 60-70 so make sure you bring a couple of balls or a masterball if you've been keeping it for a special pokemon.
Unlockable place near Route 214
All that is needed is the National Pokedex. Good Luck!
UnlockableHow to unlock
Sping PathAfter getting the National Pokedex, you can unlock a place near route 214 called Spring Path.
secret unknown caveyou dont need the natinal pokedex you just have to capture all the unknowns from a-z then go to the digging maniacs cave on route214 and the cave will be extended go right to the back and there will be a big cave room you can find unknown?and! there if you go to the doorway you will go to the top of salcoon ruins.
Sendoff SpringsThe Spring path is unlocked from beating Elite 4 AND obtaining the National Pokedex. Use the HM FLY to go to Veilstone City (the city with the big department store in case you newer poke fans are reading this. From there on, go to Route 214, turn right, and follow the fence maze thing until you see a big old gap in the trees. FOLLOW the path, known as Spring Path, until the path ends. Run straight through, and you will enter Sendoff Springs! Step 2 is below!
Turnback CaveAlright! You have discovered a secret path! But the qustion remains: What do I do now? Follow the grass, but stay by the rock wall. Eventually, you will find a ROCK CLIMB thing. Climb up, and turn left. Go through the grass, and go up until u c another ROCK CLIMB thing going down, and go down there. You should see a cave to the side. Go inside the cave and you have arrived. go to the center of the cave and read the pillar. that is what you must do. Foll ow instructions the pillar gave you. Oh one more thing, Bring A LOOOOT of dusk and ultra balls, cause giratina will be a painful expierience, but its worth it all! giritina uses HEAL BLOCK, SHADOW FORCE (watch out 4 shadow force! it can't miss, AND it goes through protect! but it's a wo turn move.), ANCIENT POWER, and OMINOUS WIND.


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Helpful (maybe) Obvious Tips
Easy Training

This is for people who have beaten the Elite 4.

1.Beat the E4 again and again until you can do it with 1 lv 100 pokemon.You should have a lv 100 by the time you beat the E4 20 times.

2.Migrate 5 exp. shares.Recomended from R/S/E because it's easiest.You people who don't know how to migrate or how to get a exp. share in R/S/E stink!.

3.Choose 5 pokemons who you want to train.4.Equip the exp. shares.5.Beat the E4 until the 5 pokemons are lv. 60+.Then you can use 4 exp.shares and so on. When the 5 pokemons are lv.100, repeat the process.

Quick Berries
You can get lots of berries-just follow these steps!
Here are 2 places people give you uncommon berries

Berry master
Fly to Hearthome.Go through the west(left)entrance. You should see a house. That's the berry master's house.The berry master will give you 1 berry per day.The little girl will give you the berry searcher app and the woman will sell you mulch.The growth mulch is for impatient people and the gooey mulch is for people who don't get to play their game a lot(me).

Woman in Pastoria city
The name tells you where to find her.
She will give you 1 berry per day.The berries she gives you affect how much damage the opponent does to you. Ex. Haban berry.If you equip to pokemon, and the foe does a dragon type move, it will be weakened.

You can also migrate berries.
When you only have 1 berry, plant it andwater it 6 times a day. That way, the plant will have more berries.My record is 12 berries.

I hope these tips are helpful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The way to catch rare pokemon
To get some rare pokemon just before you go into the hut that is the way from the battle tower talk to a man in red he will give you a Super Rod. I caught a Lumineon Gyarados and Shellder doing this.
Heres an easy and fast way to find fossiles and stones. First go to the underground, and then find all the items you can, almost every couple times you find something, it is a fossile, and you will find stones a lot more frequently. I did this for about 30 minutes, and i have about 8 firestones, 7 waterstones, 11 everstones, 8 moonstones, 13 leafstones, 9 thunderstones, 5 skull fossiles, 4 claw fossiles, and 6 helix fossiles. Hope this helps.
!!Move Deleter!!
The only way to get rid of a pesky unwanted hm attack from a pokemons move list is to go to the move deleter. The move deleter is the hose just above the pokemart in Canalave City. Hope this helps eveyone.
...Starter help...
i hope this info helps you in the game.

Piplup: With Piplup, you will have an easier gaming experience. You should evolve it into Empoleon, so you have a strong pokemon, and you NEED to teach it drill peck, or another powerfull flying attack, and you should go to the move tutor and teach it hydro cannon, a very very very powerfull attack. It is easier to win with Empoleon, because it is also steel type, so grass type moves arent super effective. You need drill peck, otherwise you will have a hard time against the grass pokemon trainer in the elite 4 (I think its the first one). Anyway, Piplup is really good.

Turtwig: With Turtwig, you will have a somewhat harder experience than with Piplup. Turtwig will have no problems with the gyms, because there are no fire type gyms. Turtwig will learn some powerfull attacks as it grows, like Earthquake, which has 100 power and 100 accuracy, and leaf storm which has 140 power and 90 accuracy, but only has 5 pp. You will have a tough time in the elite 4, because the fire type will blow you to bits.

Chimchar: With Chimchar you will have the most difficulty out of the three starters. Chimchar will have a tough time until it evolves into Infernape, because Infernape is also fighting type, it evolves into Infernape later than the other starters. It will learn powerfull attacks like close combat, and flare blitz which both have 120 power. You will easily beat the elite 4, but will have trouble with the champion.

Hope this helps, pm me for any problems!!!
28 unown
in case you didn't kno there are 28 unown. all the letters, and a question mark, and an exclamation point. to get the question mark unown and the exclamation point unown go to the ruin maniac on route 214 right below veilstone. he will talk about digging with his unown and then you leave. go to the solaceon ruins and go to all the rooms to catch all 26 letter unowns. after you do this go back to the ruin maniac and he will have dug way back in the cave. go all the way back and talk to him. then go inside the doorway and walk around and in no time you will run into the last two unown. they are actually pretty cool.
4 star badges
If you keep polishing your badges long enough you will soon see that they will get 4 stars. It looks cool.
:)no need wait, no need worry(:
If you don't want to wait until midnight or so to catch rotom, follow these simple steps:
1. go to the old chateau
2. go upstairs and enter the room with the T.V.
3. save and turn off your ds
4. turn your ds back on but DO NOT ENTER THE GAME!
5. set your ds clock to midnight (NOTE: the ds uses military time so midnight will be shown as 00:00)(look below for how to set and reset your ds clock)
6. turn your ds off then on.
7. enter the game and go up to the tv
8. press a and if it says that a pokemon might come out thump the tv and rotom should appear. if not, repeat steps 4-7 setting the ds clock one hour later until you get rotom. its at level 15 so be careful.

How to set your ds clock.

1. when you first turn on your game a menu should appear. if it goes directly to the game its probably in auto mode. in which case, to get to the menu you have to remove both the ds card and the gba cartlige then turn your game on
2. with your stylus, touch the button at the very bottom that looks like a mini ds.
3. on the resulting menu touch the second button from the left. a 3rd menu should appear.
4. on the 3rd menu select the rightmost button.
5. you will be then prompted to enterthe time when you are finished, press a and the entered time will be confermed.

You don't have to wait until midnight anyway,you just have to wait until it gets dark in the game.

EDIT::: This tip isn't quite right you do not need to wait till midnight to catch rotom in fact I caught him in the day time. Of coarse if this tip allows you to catch him before you get the national dex then I'm sorry to have bothered you.

EDIT::: To catch rotom before getting the national dex it doesn't need to be midnight it can be anytime between 8pm and 4am. hope this makes catching rotom easier
A pokemon from......the TV?
go to Eterna city and go back to Eterna Forest(go through the back).

Go to the old mansion place(sorry forgot what it was called).Put on your Max Repel or any kind of repel if you want to avoid battling Pokemon.Go up any stairs and go to the center room.Go walk left so you face the room which is next to the room that you faced when you entered the room.Go into the room and stand in front of the TV(there should be a TV in the room).Save and turn off.Go to your Nintendo DS settings and change the time to midnight(00:00).Go onto Pokemon Diamond and press A on the TV.It tells you if you want to thump it.Press yes.Then you should be fighting a pokemon which came OUT of the TV!This pokemon is a Rotom. Note:It is a Lv.15.If you kill it then turn your DS and start again!Oh and this pokemon is Plasma and Electricity types.
A pretty easy way to win the Master rank
This is a pretty easy way to win a master rank contest (and earn a star for your card! ^^)
1.) Take your "super-cute" pokemon (those, who may enter the amity square, for example happiny, drifloon, pachirisu, clefairy, pikachu, psyduck.) If you don't have one, catch one (easy!).
2.) Check that the pokemon has at least 2 good cute moves. Moves can be taught as well. I recommend one cute move that gives you 3 hearts, one that gives 2 hearts +2 if the last and one if the first.
3.) Feed the pokemon poffins that raise cuteness. I recommend the pokemon NOT TO hate the "cute" (was it bitter?) food.
4.) Make sure you have a lot of acessories for your pokemon to dress up. You can get these easily in amity square. Walk 200 steps and talk to your pokemon to get the acessorie. Repeat.
5.) When going up the contest rank you will need more acessories for your pokemon to fill up the hearts. First 5 acessories, then 10, 15 and 20.
6.) When winning contests you get also acessories.
7.) Remember there's the dance contest as well. Normal and super rank have easy danceing, but when you go up to hyper and master the song changes and it will be more difficult when haveing more steps to perform. You can practise the dance game too.
8.) After you win the master rank contest, you will receive a star to your trainer card! ^^

EDIT::: There's nothing actually wrong with it only the poffins for cute is sweet, not bitter. Just pointing that out.
A Super Easy Way to Capture Mesprit/Cresselia
Don't have AR? Want to caputre the legendaries that "play" with you? Follow these steps I took that made me capture both Mesprit and Cresselia.

1.Get the National Dex
2.Get at least a level 55 pokemon the knows Mean Look (I chose Golbat)(False Swipe optional)
3.Make A LOT of money
4.Get at least 100 Ultra Balls and 100 Timer Balls and 50 Hyper Potions
5.Walk to where Mesprit or Cresselia is
6.Put that pokemon in Step 2 in your first slot
7.Find and Battle them
8.Use Mean Look as your FIRST move on them
9.Do NOT switch out that Step 2 pokemon.
10.Battle the legendary til HP is red
11.Recommended false swipe to leave HP on red
12.throw 50 ultra balls on your first 50 catches
13.if 50 ultra balls don't work throw 50 timer balls
14.if step 13 doesn't work, give legendary a status condition with Step 2 pokemon
15.try step 12, if 12 dont work, try 13 again
16.most likley you will capture it when you used all 200 pokeballs, if not, try this process again.

this worked for me hope it works for you!
About the Starters!
This tip is for the newbies and the people having trouble.

Piplup-is the weakest but it can get tougher until it evolves to empoleon. The powerful moves that empoleon can have is drill peck, hydro pump, hydro cannon & aqua tail (you can also teach with the move like earthquake etc..). Empoleon can also learn all the hidden moves except for fly.

Turtwig-is really powerful and it can get more powerful until it grows. I like how torterra learns leaf storm and earth quake. I reckon that Torterra's powerful moves will be earthquake, leaf storm, frenzy plant and razor leaf (I think). Well, turtwig is easy to level up but you will get a really hard time until you gets to the elite 4.

Chimchar-is a powerful pokemon too just like turtwig. It grows powerful like piplup. Infernape is a fire/fighting pokemon and the best move infernape can have is focus blast,flare bitz, shadow claw(if your having trouble in psyhcics) & Blastburn. When chimchar evolves to infernape and you enters infernape in elite 4 he will do an excellent job but when it comes to champion infernape will be dead.

P.S: Piplup is best to be your starter but if you want your challenges hard pick between chmchar and turtwig...my starter is piplup then turtwig and then chimchar. Chimchar is the best starter!
You can obtain accessories everyday in 3 general places:

Veilstone city: The massage girl in veilstone city (the first house that is on the way to the gym) will massage your pokemon once a day. She finds accessories on your pokemon and afterwards she gives it to you.

Floaroma town: The building in the back of the city (commonly know as pick a peck of coulors flower shop) the blonde girl in the far right corner at the table sells accessories for berries. You can buy as many accessories as you want a day.

Amity Square;Hearthome city: Walk 200 steps with a super cute pokemon (drifloon, pikachu, clefairy, psyduck, pashirisu, happiny, buneary, jigglypuff, torchic, skitty, shroomish) in amity square and talk to your pokemon and he will give you an accessory.
first go 2 hearthome ten got to the place were u stroll with your cute pokemon the turn your poktech to the step counter. Erase the steps then walk 200 paces after u do that talk to the pokemon and it will give you an accessory. repeat for more accessories.

P.S rate this and GO ME!!!!
Adamant Orb
When you defeat/catch Dialga, go past where you battled it and you will see a pokeball that contains the Orb.
After you finish the National Dex
Once you have caught all of the pokemon, go to route 213. Find a building that has a man looking out the window, and talk to him. You will get some kind or certificate for your work.
Alakazam gets Physical
If you breed a female Abra/Kadabra/Alakazam with a Pokemon that knows the elemental punches the baby Abra will know them! This means it can have Fire Punch, Thunder Punch and Ice Punch.
All The Stuff On The Poketch
Digital Watch
Memo Pad
Dowsing Machine
Color Changer
Pokemon List
Friendship Checker
Berry Searcher
Day Care Checker
Breeding checker
Marking Map
Coin Toss
Pokemon History
Analog Watch
Link Searcher
Move Tester
Dot Artist
An Easier way to Find Shinies
Now, as many of you know, the odds of finding a Shiny are 1/8172. Now, using the PokeRadar and chaining, you can use it to success, and highten the encounter rate. Once you get to 40 for a Chain, the odd of it is greatly improved.
Another way to get the odd keystone
You know how to get the first keystone from winleaf town from the trees? Here's another way I just found!
Now go to route 208 (just near hearthome and the berry masters place). Now go a little bit west when you see the grass place and a honey tree. There's a karate boy in the corner next to the trees. Talk to him and he will give you the other odd keystone! (no cheats, AR or nothing else needed)
Arceus - How to battle easly
To stop Arceus from recovering, use Heal block before letting him attack. Then attack away, until Heal Block wears off. Latios is a good user, as then it can attack with powerful moves.

And no, refresh does not clear Heal Block.
Arceus, Shaymin & Darkrai without AR or cheats!
This is a way to get all the pokemon above without AR (Action Replay) or any kind of cheating.

What will you need?
-NDS or NDS lite
-Pokemon Pearl or Diamond
-Mystery gift*
-A place with wireless network connection

Check what event is going on in your country or closest country at www.nintendo.com
On the event day use the mystery gift on the time of the event (you must be in a place that has wi-fi connection) and if you're lucky you should get the event item (examply Azure flute = Arceus). When you've got the item, continue the game. Go to any normal Poke-mart, and you will see a man in green next to the shopkeepers. Talk to him and he'll give you the item you have got through the mystery gift. After you get the item, you can unlock the place for the pokemon and capture it.

Azure flute:
When you get the Azure flute, go to Mt. Coronet and to the Spear pillar and the place where you battled (and maybe caught?) Dialga or Palkia. When you enter the summit, a thing will appear ssaying, that the Azure flute is glowing and asks if you want to play it. Say "yes" and you will "play" a melody of the flute. After this a long "glowing" staircase will appear infront of you and when you go up, Arceus awates for you. Be prepaired as he's on lv. 80!

Oak's letter:
When you get the Oak's letter, go to route 224 and at the end, prof. Oak should be standing next to the light coloured big boulder. Talk to him and he'll ask you to move it with him. As you try, something will happen. A long flovery path will appear and the whole place turns into a big flovery place. Follow the path (I recommend using a bike, as the path is REALLY long) and at the end of the path, Shaymin awates. He's on lv. 30.

Membership pass:
When you obtain this item, go to Canalave city and go to the motell, that has been closed before this event item. Go for a night sleep and you will be disturbed by Darkrai there. After you wake up a diary has appeared with the location of Darkrai. Now go to the sailor (who took you to Iron island and Fullmoon island) and now he will take you to New moon island where the 40 lv Darkrai is.

With problems or for more information, send me @-mail.
this is definitly a tip!
start training your shaymins because there is a soon to be coming out spring 2009 pokemon platinum and shaymin when traded to it will turn into shaymin skyforme it is awesome the sketches are at least and giratina will serve as palkia and dialga in orign forme the weather in sinnoh will become colder so you character will where new clothes! its a long wait but its gonna be awesome and the underground will have wifi connection but all other parts of the game will be diamond/pearl! so exciting but pass this on through the internet!
Bring a Pokémon that can put it to sleep. Now, save the game before you battle the Pokémon. After the Pokémon is asleep get its health down to the lowest you can get it. Now start throwing Dusk Balls as it gets powered up since they are in caves.
If you accidentally defeat the Pokémon, reset and try again!
Baby Buneary with a great moveset
You can have a Baby Buneary with a great moveset very easily. All you need is a Hitmonchan and a Female Lopunny.

The Hitmonchan must have this moveset:

Fire Punch
Ice Punch
Sky Uppercut

Lopunny's moveset doesn't matter. Leave them together in the day care canter in Solaceon town, and they should produce an egg. The Buneary that hatches from the egg will have Hitemonchan moves, all 4 of them, because they are all Egg Moves.
Badges Playing Music
When you view the badges you have, you can tap them with your stylus and they play certain musical notes.

Try playing a song!
Ball Seals
If you go to the guy who sells ball seals in sunnyshore city and buy all the seals tha you dont already have then save and quit. turn your DS back on and change the date. Save and quit. Start up Diamond and then talk to him again he will have different seals.
Base stat items
This is just a situation i found. Things needed for this to work (Vs. seeker, enough of game completed to have unlocked sunyshore city)
Normally base stat uppers such as protein, calcium ect cost 9,800...Well I found an easy way for them to cost 200 dollars. Go left of sunyshore city and across the beach and use Vs. seeker to rebattle the richboy. Hes standing at the edge of the grass field. He has a lvl 55 luxio and if you beat him you get $8800. So if you dont want to spend your own money and not lose much this is very effective in buying base stat uppers...You can keep rebattling him.

EDIT::: u can only battle the rickboy guy at a certain time i thought u mean u can battle the reachboy as soon as u deafeted him
Battle tower
If you are fortunate enough to have any of the three legendry dogs they help a lot with the battle tower they can easily beat everybody in there including the tower tycoon!
Battling your Rival
Every Saturday and Sunday, your rival will be standing right outside of the Battle Tower, waiting to battle you. His pokemon are in the high 50s/low 60s, so be prepared.

EDIT::: His Pokemon will not stay at lv 50-60 forever. After battling him 5 times, his Pokemon will be higher by 10 levels as he is training in stark mt.
Beat Elite 4 with ONLY ONE POKEMON!!!
ok first off, you need a Lugia at about level 86. Teach it Hydro Pump, Surf, Aeroblast, and some other water move. Maybe use a PP Up or two on Aeroblast.
#1: Just use aeroblast and it will one hit ko them. the reason I told you to use a PP Up is because when you get to his Vespiquen, it has the ability of Pressure which causes you to use 2 PP instead of one.
#2: Use aero blast on Quagsire and then surf.
#3: Again use surf to KO all his Pokemon.
#4: Water but it is not going to be very effective but it will do. Be careful for his Bronzong.
Champion:Use an ether on Aeroblast and then just use common sense and you will BE THE NEW CHAMPION!!!
beat Elite Four with vitamins!!!♥
This helps you beat the Pokemon League without all of the work of getting your pokemon up to levels 60-66. Just give the pokemon you wish to participate in the Pokemon League all of the vitamins ( protien, calcium, ect. ) until they won't take any more of any of them. It is extremely expensive to do, but I did it for my pokemon and they were able to K.O a level 60 pokemon at level 51. I beat the Pokemon League with all of my pokemon between the levels of 51-53 using this method. IT HELPS ALOT!!!
Have fun gamers! ^-^
Beat the Elite four easy!
To beat the elite four very easily train all your pokemon to the mid 50s and have palkia/dialga in your team, for this to work have at least 4 pokemon in your team and if you want adding to of the Legendary trio helps.
Beating the Champion
Okay, you've beaten the Elite four, but the champion is troublesome. Well, I'm here to help!

The team I used was Graveler, Torterra, Staraptor, Kadabra, Palkia, and Raichu.

She will only use ONE Full Restore per Pokemon!

For each of the Champion's Pokemon, I had a different startegy.

Spiritomb: I used Graveler to soak up some hits hile I performed my one-two-three hit: Earthquake, Rock Slide, Rock Slide. I made sure Spiritomb's HP stayed yellow so the Champion would not heal it.

Milotic: One Thunder from Raichu did the trick. DO NOT SE A GRASS TYPE, Milotic knows Ice Beam to tear them apart.

Garchomp: I allowed it to Giga Rush Raichu, thus Paralyzing Garchomp. Then, I brought out Palkia and used Spacial Rend ahead of it due to its Paralyzed speed reduction

Lucario: Mainly, i blasted the crap out of it with Kadabra. A Psychic or two from a good Psychic type will put Lucarion down.

Gastrodon: Water and Ground type, huh? Torterra's Razor Leaf did the trick in one shot

Roserade: I took advantage of its Poison type and used Kadabra. (I didn't use Staraptor at all, but if I wanted to, Flying would have worked just as well on its Grass type half.).

Well, you probably have trained a different team than me, but mainly, these are the ones you want. Only Electric can easily type-defeat Milotic, same with Psychic on Lucario. Spiritomb has no weakness, so you need to play smart. Take advantage of her team's glaring weakness: Most of them have two types which means they have more weaknesses. Well, I hope I helped and, good luck!
beating the elite four
To beat the elite four after i surfed up there was to walk inside and get a pokemon that knows fly. Fly to canalave city and go to the first house below the pokecenter. the guy will make your pokemon forget moves. My suggestion is to make all your pokemon forget HM's except one with fly. then teach your pokemon different moves like my infernape had fire blast, flame wheel, rock smash, and cut. Now he knows fire blast, earthquake, rock slide, and grass knot. It will help you if your pokemon know different type moves to beat the elite four.
Become immune to the Pokerus
When your pokemon comes immune to Pokerus, you'll see a smile-face when you summary it. Many pokemon that come over to your game by migrating or trading are already immune, but not all of them.
Berries Galore!
There are three places in Sinnoh which will give you a berry per day and they are:

-The flower shop in Floroma, the girl in the bottom right hand corner of the store.

-The Berry Master in the House in Route 208 just outside of the South West gate of Hearthome.

- A lady in a house in the most South West corner of Pastoria.
Berry Hotspot
The best place to grow a Nanab berry is due East of Floroma Town and a Chesto berry hotspot is West of Eterna (Near the honey tree).
The best conditions for growth are rainy routes (Ex. 212 & 215) and using Growth Mulch (Buy from berry Masters wife {200 Poke each}).

There may be more that I haven't found out about so keep exploring and "Please plant berrys in soft, earthy soil".
Best Early Pokemon
The best starting pokemon, in my opinion, is Turtwig. I like him because he grows slowly so it helps you to make a defensive and well-rounded team. Many people, however, chose Chimchar because you don't find many good fire types in the game. I, however, disagree. I am rather fond of Slugma and Macargo mostly because, they are from my favorite series Gold and Silver. If you pick either Turtwig or Chimchar I reccomed that you catch a Magikarp (yes a Magikarp) as early as you can (which you can do fairly early beacuse you get the old rd early). You only have to get him (or her) up to Lv. 20 and you get Gyrados, one of the strongest pokemon in the game excluding the legendaries. My pick for a grass type, as i said, is Turtwig, but if i start with someone else i pick is Budew, which is also easily captured early in the game. I reccomend either Starly or Zubat for your flying types. Zubat more because he has better types for his dual type. Another always pokemon for me is Abra. I ALWAYS catch an Abra. His final evolution, Alakazam, has the best special attacks in the game. Plus Psychic types kick butt, right??? Those are my opinions, if u don't like it post you own.
Best choice for starter
My Best choice for starter is Piplup Because when I battled the Elite4 I beat it only using Empoleon at level 80. Mine knew Surf,Drill Peck,Hydro Pump,and Return, Now it knows Surf,Hydro Pump,Hydro Cannon,and Drill Peck. If it doesn't work PM me
Best Starter
The best starter to choose is Piplup because there's nothing that can do 4x the damage to it when it grows to Empoleon. It can also learn moves like Ice Beam that can totally annihalate Torterra. It could also learn a wide variety of attacks like Drill Peck to Earthquake. Newbies, it's your choice, but I recommend PPiplup to you!
best starter pokemon and training tips
okay so if you want to be a great trainer you should pick a turtwig as a starter pokemon because there is no fire gym to beat him(dont nickname it something cute because its gonna be BIG when hes a torterra. i made that mistake...). once you start the game, got the pokemon, yada yada, you need to train him to lv. 13 at least before battling your rival. their pokemon will be a chimchar, around lv. 10 and you will have a pretty good advantage. now when going to eterna city you need to catch a ponyta in the forest and train it very well. then you may easily beat gardenia. i'm a very good trainer now, beat the sinnoh league, has a full nation dex(no cheat codes involved), and i have a torterra nicknamed twiggy(i know it may sound stupid...) thats lv. 73 that KNEW every move a torterra can learn.(P.S. to beat sinnoh league champion just use earthquake and wood hammer ALOT...you will win, depending on its level)

i hope you enjoyed my tip to being a perfect trainer!
Best Starter, in my opinion, for beginners
For beginners, if you dont liek to train for ours on end, pinlup is definatly the best starter to go for. It easily beats thefirst few gyms and is quite helpfull dring the Elite 4.
best starting team in my opinion
First, i chose turtwig because he is a defence based starter, and there is no fire gym in diamond/pearl. you should be able to knock out the fist gym pretty easily,because it is a rock type gym.before you leave the town, i recomend going back into the mines and catching an onix. it will add a good rock type to your team to fight your rival with. ok, skip ahead a little, -when ever you reach floaroma town, do the galactic battle thing w/ th windmills, and then use the honey you got from the old man on the orange tree to the right of him. since you dont have fly yet, i recomend staying in that town overnight.go back in the next day, and the tree should be moving. see what pokemon is in the tree. mine was a combee that beat the eterna gym single handedly at lvl 18. use the ug type you just got from the tree against the eterna gym. you should have a grotle by now. if you dont, tran in the woods until lvl 18, when he evolves. a recomended moveset for grotle is: curse,razor leaf, grass knot, and absorb. with these three pokemon, you should be good as a starter.
Best Way to FIND Mesprit/Cresselia
Make sure you talked to them first.

Mesprit: After you've rescued Mesprit, Uxie, and Azelf and did the thing with Dialga at the top of Mt Coronet, go to Lake Verity and talk to Mesprit. It decides it wants to play hide and seek with you so it will run away.

Cresselia: After getting the National Dex go to Canalave City and go into the house next to the ferry. Talk to the kid in the bed and then go outside and talk to the sailor. He will take you to Fullmoon Island to get the Lunar Wing. When you get there talk to Cresselia and she'll flee. Snatch the Lunar Wing she dropped and take it to the boy in the house.

Now they are both on the run. I suggest using a Master Ball on one. Go to Jubilife and go into the Route above the city and go back down into the city. Go back and fourth until it's in the Route where you are in. If you have a level 15+ Pokemon in the front of your party, use a Repel and search the grass/water and you should find one of them. Then repeat for the other.

That's just my tip, but you can do it with any other city or Route but I think Jubilife is best in these cases
Black Trainer Card
You can get a black Trainer Card if you:
1. Defeat the Elite Four.
2. Win a master rank contest.
3. Complete the National Pokedex.
4. Capture the flag 50 times in the underground against another person.
5. Get a 100 win streak in the battle tower.
Blue Sparkles
When sending a shiny Pokemon into battle, after the initial effects of the Pokeball, a shiny Pokemon will have blue sparkles erupt from it.
Blue Trainer Card
You can get a blue Trainer Card if you defeat the Elite Four.
Breed more pokémon!
You will need the national dex to do this.

First go to route 218 and go to the only grass place there. Use your pokéradar and you will find a ditto. You can also migrate a ditto through R/S/E or LG/FR

Next, take the ditto and your starter to the daycare, put them both there and walk a little while somewhere and then go back to get your egg. Hatch the egg and you will have a new starter. (If you picked Turtwig as your starter, you will now have a new Turtwig) I suggest leveling it up a little and then put it to the Wi-Fi trade station and ask for (maybe) same level starter, but of course different than your.

Also if you migrate other starters from R/S/E or LG/FR you can do the same with them and any other pokémon.

To hatch an egg, you need to have it in your party and walk a special ammount of steps. Usually you need about 5300 steps to hatch an egg, but the amount of steps depends on the pokémon that will hatch from it and may be even less or more the amount.
All you need is a Ditto and an other Pokemon it doesn't work for every Pokemon tho some Pokemon can't be Breeded such as Legends and other Pokemon.
Breeding made easy
The normal way of breeding is to have two of the same pokemon, one being female and the other male respectively. However there is an easier way.

For this you'll need a Ditto which you can upload from a past generation game or find in Diamond/Pearl on route 218 using the Pokeradar (however they are rare).

Next just take what pokemon you want to breed (doesn't matter if it's male or female) and put it in the daycare centre with the Ditto.

When the old man gives you and egg, it will be an egg of whatever pokemon you put in with the Ditto!
Bug Pokemon Are Cool Sometimes! Burmy/Wormadam and Combee/Vespiquen

Males will evolve into Mothim, and Females evolve into Wormadam.
When training Burmy, you may find its appearence changes. Burmy changes it's cloak into where it last battled. The plant cloak activates in grassy places, the sandy cloak in caves, and the trash cloak in cities and roads. Once Burmy evolves (Female) it evolves into Wormadam, with the final cloak Burmy had. It will permanantly keep this cloak.
Wormadams type changes with the cloak:
Plant- Bug/Grass
Sandy- Bug/Ground
Trash- Bug/Steel
You can check Burmys/Wormadams cloak using the Forms Tool in the Pokedex. Take a Burmy to the boy in Pastoria.
A variety of high leveled Wormadam, one of each cloak, can be a force to be reckoned with. If against a Fire opponent, Wormadams done for. It will superly affect Sandy, but doubly super affect the others.

Another cool Bug Pokemon is Vespiquen. Aaron has one. To get one, go to the Floaroma Meadow and buy 10+ Honeys. Slather the tree near the house with all the Honeys, and save. Power off. Wait 1-3 days (or change the clock). Turn the game on. The tree is rustling hopefully. The more honeys, the longer it rustles. Battle it, and a 60% chance of being Combee. Power off if the Combee is male; they don't evolve. Repeat until a female is found. I reccomend you bring a Net ball. Evolve it and train it.

Thanks for reading this. I hope it helps. Email me at <a href="mailto:thestarter@hotmail.co.uk" target="_blank">thestarter@hotmail.co.uk</a> if you neeed helpful Pokemon tips.
Bury your spheres!
Everybody knows you can bury spheres underground right? well if you bury them and leave them for a week they will grow to size 99 which will mean you can get any item of the traders for the corresponding
colour of the sphere that is size 99, (i recommend burying every colour)
Can't find Earthquake?
The TM Earthquake is hidden in the secret section of Wayward Cave. It should be fairly close to where the actual cave is, however. The secret part of Wayward Cave contains the exclusive Pokemon, Gible, who is a Dragon+Ground Type. In order to find Earthquake, you'll need to be able to switch gears on your bike.
Capture Pokemon for Pokeballs
in the house next to the Pokemon Center in Solaceon City, talk to the guy next to the laptop. he will ask if you want to take the job he's offering. say yes and he'll tell you to go out and catch him a certain pokemon. once you do, bring it back to him and he'll give you three pokeballs at random(he doesn't give masterballs, premierballs, and cherishballs). here is the list of pokeballs he gives away:

Capture the flag!
If you really like upgrades on you trainer card the listen to this. Catching 50 flags gets your trainer card go up and a faster way to do that is just both you and your friend get a digger drill and put them next to each other.

P.S.If you think friends capturing your flag takes points from you, it doesn't.
You can catch a Castform in the trophy garden of the Pokemon Mansion
Catch Dialga Cheap
When you reach Dialga at the top of mount coronet, make sure you have an ultraball and a quickball. Hit Dialga a couple of times using your starter pokemon(fully evolved).Then use an ultraball and then a quickball. It worked for me:)
Catching Arceus {AR Required}
To catch Arceus have the National dex and the Arceus code activated. Go to any pokemart and talk to the man in green standing next to the counter. He will give you the Azure flute. After obtaining the Azure flute head to spear pillar (where you caught Dialga\Palkia). Then play the azure flute just before the stairs. Then a shining staircase will appear. Walk up the stairs and when you reach the top you will see Arceus its ability is multitype. Multitype depends on what type of plate Arceus is holding. For example say Arceus is holding a fist plate its type is now Fighting. Arceus starts out as a normel type. I recommend saveing before battleing because Arceus starts out at Lv.80 so also have a masterball ready.
Catching Diagla or Palkia
A tip for catching Diagla or Palkia, get a lot of dusk balls, and get some net balls if your pokemon is higher leveled than Palkia or Diagla(you find them at level 47).Don't use your master ball on them!!

You can find Palkia or Diagla at the top of Mt.Coronet.
Catching Legends
To catch legendary Pokemon is not always an easy thing to do, the best way to do it is to use False Swipes on the legend leaving it on 1hp, then either but it to sleep or paralyze it. After this throw ultra balls at it, and be patient.
Catching Pokemon
For most wild pokemon, you will only need to throw a quick ball at them as soon as the battle starts, and you should catch them.
Chaning pokemon; instructions!
Now, I recommend you not to start chaning for shinies or anything else, if you don't even know the basics. So read this <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

You will need a pokeradar. Maybe set it to Y-button, this will make it a lot easier. Now, buy as many repels as you can (about 100-400) I'd use max repels. Now, starting chaning is easier when you go to talk to Luckas's (or the girl's, anyway the one who helps the prof. too with the dex, but not your rival) sister in Sandgem town (big house below the lab) and go to the place where she tells the national pokemon (bunch) is. Remember to take a few pokemon with you, that can battle many battles in a row and HP & PP restoring items, like berrys. Now go to the route the national pokemon is and find a large grass patch that almost covers the screen or hasn't got any small crass patches near it or at least you can't see them on the screen while walking in your patch. First use the repel and then use poke radar. You will notice several grass patches shaking and maybe haveing some white on them. Walk to a patch, that shaked WITHOUT the white thing (if all shaking patches had white on them, walk another 50 steps to restart the radar and try again. Can be repeated!) Now the national pokemon should be the one that appears. Fight it or catch it, up to you. But remember, that when chaining, NEVER run from the battle or let the pokemon flee or you will break the chain. Now when you've battled, you will notice more patches shaking (usually four patches shake). Go to the farest away patch (shaking without the white things, always) and the same pokemon should appear. Now a few rules to remember:
- Always go to the patch farest away from you (the available one) and it has to be at least 4 steps away. Never enter a patch with white on it or nearer than 4 steps away from you.
- You will run out of the repels power. WHen you do, just use another one. This won't affect the chain.
- Never go to a patch in a corner or side. This might break the chain or it can be a different pokemon that appears.
- Remember that getting another wild pokemon will break the chain. This makes the chaining far more difficult.
- If you don't get any safe patches or they're all at the corners or end bits, walk as much as you need to reset the radar. Walk in two to three patches so you wont go into a patch with another pokemon. Resetting the radar shouldn't affect the chain, but sometimes it will. If you're in luck, you won't need to reset it at all!

In a middle of chaning NEVER:
-Turn off your DS! You will lose your chain. If you need a brake, leave your DS on charge but ON. Sleeping mode won't affect, so you can put it to sleep, but never turn off in the middle of chaning.
-Walk away from the grass patch. This will also affect in what pokemon will appear.
-Hit items or corner, edges of grass.
-Run the battle with the wild pokemon or let it flee. Always battle it or catch it. If your pokemon faints, send out another one, but do not escape!
- Ride your bike when chaning. Run or walk.

So, finally!
When you've chained for a while the pokemon, you can maybe see a grass patch different to the others...
If you see a grass patch that shakes but sparkles TWICE it's a shiny pokemon.

20+ is the number of pokemon you need to chane. After this you have a chanse of getting the glittery twice sparkling patch = shiny pokemon

To see how much you have chained your pokemon, you can check your poketch.

You can chain ANY pokemon, but for start the national pokemon are easier to chain. Hope you enjoy chaning and shinies!

In any trouble contact me in my e-mail <a href="mailto:animegirl-96@hotmail.com" target="_blank">animegirl-96@hotmail.com</a> or <a href="mailto:michiko.moony@hotmail.com" target="_blank">michiko.moony@hotmail.com</a>

PS. What did you need again? Incase you've missed some parts of what you should take with you, here's the whole list:
- A few pokemon that can battle many battles in a row.
- Repels (recommended from 100-400 MAX repels)
- PP restoreing items, examply Leppa berrys or ethers.
- HP restoring items if needed.
- A pokeradar
- Pokeballs (to catch the shiny of course!)
- The poketch app that shows the chained pokemon and amount of numbers how many have been battled in a row. I can't remember the name, but you will see the top 3 most chained pokemon AND on the top the pokemon you are now chaning and amount of how many you have battled/caught so far.
- The national dex to get national pokemon!
Once you obtain a Chatot go to him when you enter the main menu and go to pokemon, click chatter.Then press "A" and record what you want to say in the DS microphone. Not only will it say what you recorded when you use chatter in battle, but it will also become it's cry.

NOTE: It will not say it as good as you said it.

P.S: This will only last for one day only

EDIT::: The move chatter is NOT one day only. I used it and five months later on a different day I used it again. Also the louder your message is the more damage it does.
you guys all know chatter right well depending on how loud the sound is it can have different effects
soft( a small sound like a snap): no effect just damage
kinda loud (like normal talking except a little louder): might paralyze enemy
really loud(THIS IS SPARTA): has a chance of paralyz but not much
Creepy Eyes
This is something similar to the big eyed hiker thing. On route 204, if you stand next to the fence on the right side and walk all the way till you hit a tree, in the top left corner is a girl with eyes that are small yet white, as if she looked evil. creepy.
Go to the house next to the sailor in Canalave City and talk to the boy in the bed and the women then go outside and talk to the sailer. He will ask you to go to Fullmoon island to bring him back an item. When you go their you will meet Cresselia and it will run away. Use your pokemon tracker in your poketch to track it.
Cute shining on your pokemon ^^
You know that when sending a shiney into game there appears sparkles? That's pretty awsome and cute, but it's hard to get a shiny (as we all know). If you'd like to see your pokemon shining in stars or something else, just cutomize your capsule. You can buy seals to decorate the capsule (from sunyshore city, there's a little shop that sells seals. There will be different seals every day) and decorate the capsule. Read under how to. You can pick from stars to hearts and puff smokes. Also when you have catched unowns (letter pokemon) show them to the boy in the town and he'll give you 10 :letter: seals. Example: You get the unown A and show it to the boy. The boy gives you 10 A seals. Customize the capsule and when sending the pokemon out, lovely hearts, spiky sparkles and stars, gooey smoke and even some letters (for example the name of the pokemon or a shout like "rawr", "growl" etc.). I think this is very cute and interesting when sending out pokemon. And surely when battleing other players you can show off your pokemon in a great "start-view". ^^ Hope you'll customize your capsules well.

How to?
Go to the pokemon center (any town or city) and go to you PC. Go to "ball capsules" and then click on a ball to cutomize it ("edit"). After ready you can switch it for a pokemon. Remember that the pokemon has to be in your party if you want it's ball customized.
Day-Care-Lady : Breeding Tips
✿Any Pokemon ( Except Legendary Pokémon )
✿Have Day-Care Checker

How To?
✿Take Your Ditto n the other pokemon to Day-Care-Lady
✿Wait a few minutes
✿Talk to Day-Care Man ( Who Stand In Front Of Day-Care Place )
✿Have 1 empty slot to take the egg.

✿Cannot Breed The Legendary Pokemon ( Azelf , Uxie , Cresselia , Dialga , etc )

✿ Can Breed ( Eeevee , 1st Pokemon)= Torterra , Infernape , Empoleon

deoxys stone
The form of Deoxys can be changed using the meteors in Veilstone.
Deoxys Type
If you have Deoxys in your party, then go to Veilstone city and touch the different meteors. Your Deoxys will change into different forms depending on which meteor you touch!
Dialga is one of the easiest legendaries to catch, simply put, just use a move like Flame Thrower or Mach Punch and you can catch it with a few Ultra Balls.
do not use your masterball on dialga as he is easier to catch than it seems, give it a few tries & you'll catch it (unless of course you have bad luck).
Dialga Reappears
You will encounter a Dialga at some point in the game (you can find one at Spear Pillar). If you fail to catch him the first time, visit Sandgem Town. You will find Lucas standing in front of the Pokemon Lab. Check with him regularly, and he will tell you when Dialga has reappeared.
Dialga Rebattle
Ok, I'm not too sure if this is a glitch in my game, or what, but I accidentally fainted the dialga in my game. (LOL!!!) But after I beat the Elite 4, I decided to go back to Spear Pillar. The galactic bosses weren't there, but Dialga was, and I re-battled and caught him...huh...

Different Backgrounds for Fitting Pokemon!
If you have a VAST collection of pokemon then go over to the Pokemon Lottery Corner. Now talk to the girl there and take a ticket.

You are most likely to get a backdrop, if you didn't get one then try again tomorrow! Now go to the fitting room, you will have noticed that you have unlocked a new background to be used!
Different Evolutions
Yanma evolves into Yanmega. Train it to level 33 and let it learn Ancient Power, it will evolve.

Use a shiny stone on Togetic to evolve it into Togekiss.

Use a dawn stone on a female Snorunt to evolve it into the Ice/Ghost Pokemon known as Froslass.

Level up Nosepass at Mount Coronet to evolve it into Probepass. Do the same with Magneton.

Level up Tangela to Level 33 and let it learn Ancient Power to evolve it into Tangagrowth.

Either catch a male and female Lickitung when in abundance or level one up until it learns rollout and it will evolve into Lickilicky.
Different Gym Order
When You Get to Hearthome city and after you battle your rival go to the south gate and follow the road to Pastoria City. You Can go to Veilstone city and do this to but don't do the Veilstone Gym.(Easier If you Use Turtwig as a starter Pokemon.)
Different levels of how shiny your badges can be
You know that you can shine up badges that are rusty, right? Well, there are actually 5 levels of how "shiny" they can be. I will go from rustiest to shiniest.

Shiny with 2 sparkle stars
Shiny with 4 sparkle stars
difficulty modes!
your starter is a difficulty mode! if you dont know what i mean, then read on...

chimchar nearly doesnt have supereffective against gym leaders and elite four so it is hard mode

piplup is supereffective to nearly all of them (dont forget about peck)so it is easy mode.

turtwig has some supereffective moves for gyms ect but some not so that is normal mode!!!!!

hope i helped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Digging mania!!!!
After you get the national pokedex, you will find many more kinds of items underground, including fossils from other regions.
How to get Ditto on Diamond or Pearl:
You need the national dex. Go to Canalave city and then east on route 218. Go to the grass place next to the honey tree. Use your pokeradar and if you get to a sparkling shaking grass patch, it should be a ditto. If the shaking white grass patch is 4 or more steps away from you, it's 100% sure a ditto.

Ditto can be used to breed almost any pokemon, boys or girls. Put a ditto and the other pokemon to the daycare and wait for a little while. Soon they should have an egg. This is good when breeding your starter and trading it to other cool pokemon, examply other starters.
Ditto Eggs
Put any Pokemon (non-legendary) in the Day-care Centre with Ditto and in time(times may vary) you will get an egg of the first evolution of the pokemon you put in with Ditto!!!

Hope this helped <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

PS: Email me with any questions!!!
DO NOT give your pokemon to the day care center
well i noticed that noone noticed this so this is just a tip.

DO NOT give your pokemon to the day care center because the day care will erase the moves that you currently like or is strong from that pokemon and replace by some weak type move.
Does Snowpoint temple confuse you?
SnowPoint temple can be accessed after the National Dex. There are Lv-50, 60 Pokemon in there, so have your Pokemon up to Lv70 or more before going in. This is how to get to the bottom, where REGIGIGAS is sleeping at the moment. You can wake him up with 3 Pokemon in your party, these are REGICE, REGIROCK, REGISTEEL. It is at lv70 and knows Confuse ray which is annoying! This is a guide to get there.

HM(s) Needed:Rock Smash, Strenth-(Optional)

B1F Go in, there is nothing here but some Weavles and Onixs and Steelix's. Go catch a Steelix if you have not got one. Then go down the stair's.

B2F Easy. Just slide across the ice. Down, right, right, down, right, down the next set of stairs.

B3F A little harder. Smash the first rock you see, then the next you see, the ice is a trick. Slide up, walk left one, down one, and slide across the ice. then down the stairs.

B4F Moderately hard, from the entrance walk next to the rock, (1 away from the wall) Down, left, up, right, up. Down the stairs.

B5F Very-Easy. Unless you want to get the NeverMeltIce. To get it go south from the bolder and push it: 1 up, then run round to the left of it and push it: 2 right, then run on the ice, you will hit the bolder and go right for the item. Then find the stairs and go down.

B6F (Final) Very-Hard. From the entrance step 1 step left and 1 down, slide across the ice. When you hit the floor step 1 down to hit the rock. Then right. Then up. Then on the floor, left, then down, then left, then up. You will see Regigigas. You can awake it by 'Talking' to it with Regirock, Regice, Registeel in your party. It will say 'Zut-Zut' and battle you. Then use an escape rope to get out. Vola, that's Regigigas caught!
Double Eggs?
Sometimes when breeding, something special will happen. If it does to you do not worry your game isn't broken or damaged in any way, you've just been lucky!

On the rare occasion while breeding, you may encounter something a bit weird. You pick up your egg like normal, but when you go inside to the old lady she says her husband wants to see you.

Now you'll be saying to yourself "I just picked up the egg what's happening!?" but don't threat. Go outside and the old man will hand over a second egg after which you may go take your pokemon out of the Daycare Centre.

So you just received two eggs for the price of one!
Draco Meteor
This is the supreme Dragon type attack. With a power of 140 (I think), and no recharge time, and the only drawack being the loss of some Special points, how could you refuse? Easy: no pokemon learns it naturally, and it is not a TM. So how do you get it? Well...

1. Choose a Dragon type Pokemon
a. Is it extremely friendly with you?
b. does it have a move you're willing to give up?
c. If you answered 'no' to either of those questions, wait till they're 'yes!'

2. Fly to Celestic Town

3. Go East until the fog rolls in, use 'Defog' and move on.

4. Cross the first bridge and snake around until you come to a place where you can Rock Climb, do so twice (once down, once up.).

5. Instantly battle the Dragon Tamer, who only has a level 40-or-so Gible, and beat him.

6. Enter the nearby house, and talk to the old lady within.

7. If she opens the Pokemon menu, show her your Dragon type.

8a. If she deems it eady, choose a move to be turned into Draco Meteor!

8b. If she says it's not ready, train with your Dragon some more.

Hopefully, I helped!
It is found in the Waterfall area of Mt. Coronet, and can only be found by the Super Rod.
Earn Trainer Card Stars
The following tasks can be completed in any order, and are not linked to any particular trainer card colour. You gain one star for completing any single task, up to a cumulative total of five stars for completing all of the following tasks:

- Beat the Elite Four.
- Win any one Master Rank Super Contest
- Win 100 consecutive battles in Battle Tower
- Earn a Platinum flag in the Underground (Capture 50 flags)
- Capture all 493 Pokemon (excluding event-only Pokemon)
Easier Digging
When you dig and you like to use your hammer a lot to make it quicker, this is going to be a big change for you. When you dig use your pickaxe A LOT don't use your hammer then you might find everything. This won't work everytime though because the wall hs to crumble sometime.
Easier digging Underground
Use the Pickax as much as possible so that the wall won't collapse and so you can get all the items.
Easily Catch Mesprit and Cresselia
Once you have released Cresselia and/or Mesprit, they will be flying around Sinnoh. You may think it will be easier to fly to where they are, but once you do, they will move to a different spot. For an easy catch, the first Pokemon in your party should know either False Swipe or Mean Look. You should have anywhere from 50 to 70 Ultra Balls and Timer Balls in your Bag when the Pokemon comes to battle you.

Can't get to Cresselia/Mesprit again? Start at Jubilife City, then exit the city by the stairs at the Northern edge of the city or the Eastern edge of the city. Please note that you should have the Poketch App "Tracking Map" up. Each time you enter/exit Jubilife City, the Pokemon should move on the map. When the Pokemon is shown to be in the grass outside the city nearest you, you go out into the grass. If you don't find the Pokemon at first, you keep running through the grass in the area it appeared on the map.

I caught Cresselia at Jubilife's Eastern edge, her HP very low, as well as affected by Paralysis. I defeated Mesprit, and after I defeated the Elite Four, she did not reappear, so I traded her from Platinum, where I used the same method.
Easter Egg
In the game there is a very special event which only happens once a year, so make sure you don't miss it!

On the 12th of January, the game is set to change according to the date. However after the 24 hours are up it will go back to normal.

This is the birthday of Jun'ichi Masuda. During this day at Snowpoint City the snow will be in the form of little diamonds that sparkle.
Easy battletower win
Haveing problems winning in B Tower and gaining BP? If you go to multibattle, pick Cheril as your partner (girl in green) as she often has Cresselia. Because of Cresselias speed, good attack and good Defence, it will be a whole lot easier to win. Now, always when I have battled with Cheril and she has Cresselia, I have never lost. So keep this in mind <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/wink.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

Ps. You can use your own Cresselia too, if you like <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/a_tongue.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> (after national dex you can find cresselia at full moon island and she will flee and you have to track her like Mesprit)
easy box movement
here is a tip for easier PC box movement while in the pokemon box go to move pokemon then once on it , press Y to change the colour of the hand to yellow, when you click on a pokemon this will cut out all the other options and will automaticly go to move. you can also drag and hold for moving many pokemon at once.
Easy Digging
When digging have a friend near you in real life and in the game ( you have to be on the same wall for this to work ) When your friend hits his wall the pick axe can be seen on your screen and some area will be gone! Hope This Helped!!!! <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Easy Experience
Spend your money on any desired item. Go to the Pokemon League and keep fighting the Elite Four until you lose. You will have gained, then lost a small amount of money but your Pokemon might have leveled up. If not, level up. You can buy a lot of Revives and Potions to use to get to the last of the Elite Four and they might just be level up.
Easy Experience (Before Beating the Elite Four)
This is a way to get easy experience to train lower-level pokemon. Fly to Sunyshore City, then go through the city gate to the west, towards Route 222. Keep on going west, until you get to the fisherman (Fisherman Cole) near the little girl Trainer, past the two houses. Battle him, and you will get exp. ranging from 3500 to 4200 in the whole battle, since he has two Gyarados and a Remoraid, in the 40's. You can do this more than once, with the Vs. Seeker.
Easy find merspite/ cresilea
Never fly to where they are at because that will cause them to move to another location. Just walk to them.
Easy legendary catching
First, make sure it is DARK (like at nighttime)
Make sure you have AT LEAST 50 Dusk Balls
Make sure you have a good Pokemon that knows False Swipe (because you don't want the legendary fainting) *an exception goes to Azelf and Uxie*
Use False Swipe on the legendary to pass time, if needed
Keep throwing Dusk Balls until caught

This worked for me AND my sis every time, even on the Roaming Pokemon!
You need to have defeated the elite four to do this cheat.

1. Find a weak pokemon you want to lv up.
2. Give it the exp. share.
3. Put it first in your party.
4. Go to the elite 4 and battle them.
5. As soon as you send out your weak pokemon imeadietly switch to a more powerful pokemon.
6. Destroy that pokemon.

NOTE*whenever you defeat an opponenets pokemon it will ask if you wish to switch pokemon. Choose switch pokemon and then send out your weak pokemon and then continue from stage 5.
Easy Levelling With Daycare
You need 5 badges before you can do this.

Put 2 pokemon in daycare that you want to level. Now fly to Florama Town and surf to Fuego Ironworks. Step on a panel that will knock you back when you walk into it. Now use something to hold down the directional pad (and the B button optional) and watch as the pokémon get levelled while you can go do something else.

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQ8VlovjbsE" target="_blank" class="wikianchor">Watch the video demonstration</a>.
Easy Money
When you are low on Money, go to the bottom of Hearthrome City to where the Mansion is and just outside use the Versus Seeker to re-battle them. Give the first Pokémon in your party the Amulate Coin and you'll get 24000 each battle.

Just walk 100 more steps and repeat.
Easy money (Requires Vs Seeker)
There is a rich boy who only uses a lv 60 Luxio. It isnt worth a lot of exp, however, for the simple fight, you get 9600.

He is located west of Sunnyshore City (just past the beach, the guy standing next to the first patch of grass you come to).

Assuming you're using an amulet coin, you net 19200 for fighting one pokemon.

(to initiate just ride around the area and keep using your vs seeker, seems to activate a battle with the trainer ~50% of the time)
Easy Money!
1st Method:

Go to south of Hearthome City (route 212) and then go down until your see an old man and an old women facing each other, then then use the Vs.Seeker and fight em'. You'll get 24k each if the pokmemon you used for fighting them was holding a amulet coin,

2nd Method:

Go next to the entrance of the trophy garden, and you'll see this girl facing a boy. Use your Vs.Seeker and then fight the girl, you'll get 19.4k (i think) if your the pokemon you were usign was holding a amulet coin.

NOTE: The 2nd/3rd time you beat them, then there pokms will turn into lvl 60, and the old womens' pokm is a roselia. The old mans' pokm is a chatot, and the girls' pokemon is a lopuny. The total amount of money you get is:
47.7k (approx value).

PLEASE RATE! Thx, hoped this helped!!! <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> :¬)
go undergrond and go dig for fossils. If your strugling to find spheres then just hit in one place look around that then if you see color(other then gray) did it up it's mostly a sphere, fossil, or stone. Hope this helps!!!!
Easy Training
For easy training, find a Chansey that is holding a Lucky Egg. It boosts EXP gain x1.5, giving you more EXP. Put this item on a pokemon and challenge the Elite 4 and your pokemon will be gaining levels in no time.
Easy training for weak pokemon.
If you have strong pokemon over level 50, and want to train a weak pokemon fast. Go to Victory road and have the weak pokemon in first. Then when you are in battle switch the pokemon with a strong one and beat the wild pokemon. The experience will be split between both pokemon that were in the battle. NOTE: This will not work if the pokemon you are trying to train faints.

ALSO: You can just use an experience share to avoid injury to your Pokémon and the risk of fainting your weak Pokémon. Also, this works better in the Elite 4. - Athena4299
Easy way to catch most pokemon without losing all of your pokemon
This tip is effective when you're trying to catch a pokemon whose offensive moves aren't these types: Fire, Flying, Rock, Ghost or Dark.

Simply use a Shedinja, with False Swipe as one of it's techs. This is because those types are the only ones that can damage Shedinja, plus, False Swipe can't kill your opponent either.

NOTE: The False Swipe part won't work for Ghost types.
Easy way to catch pokemon!
Providing you are not trying to catch a ghost-type pokemon, the best moves to lower a pokemon health but not faint it are Super Fang and False Swipe(for ghosts, use Odor Sleuth or Forsight). This is useful for catching legendaries(I, myself, found it great against Dialga). First, start off by using Super Fang. By the fourth one, the opponent should be on red health. Start using false swipe(If the opponent is Rock/Steel-type, weaken it with about two more Super Fangs), and the attack will soon stop hurting the pokemon. use a move like Spore, Sleep Powder, Stun Spore, Hypnosis or Thunder Wave to paralyze(sorry if I spelt it wrong)it or send it to sleep(I don't know any non-damage inflicting moves capable of freezing, and burning, poisoning and confusing will faint the target),chuck your best ball(If it's in a cave, or it's night-time, dusk balls work well(DON'T, I repeat, DO NOT USE A MASTER BALL ON DIALGA/PALKIA! Save it for later on, like Mesprit, Cresselia or Darkrai))and pray that it catches! The target might slip free, but don't give up! Save in front of every major wild pokemon, so if it defeats you or vice versa, you can reset the game and try again!
Easy way to get into ribbon society!
To get in to the ribbon society you need to have ten ribbons in your party. You may be thinking how the heck do I do that,it takes to long!? Well,there is another way.Just get ten ribbons on one pokemon and the lady will let you in.Now you can go back to a pc and get the rest of your pokemon! From now on you have unlimited acecess to the ribbon society!

EDIT::: An easier way to do this is talk to the woman in sunnyshore 1 a day for 10 days then go to that house and put the pokemon with all the ribbons first in your party. (to put ribbons on the pokemon from the lady it has to be first in the party) you can also use the DS clock to do this in a short time
To catch dialga, pummel him with small attacks to lower his HP a little bit. Then, once he has used TH E ROAR OF TIME, in the turn directly after, throw ANY pokeball, and you should capture him.

I've seen it done with standard pokeballs, and you probably don't have to weaken him to the red zone, even mid-green seems to work.
Eeveelutions List!
You obtain the Eeveelutions in the following ways:

Vaporeon - Eevee + Water Stone

Jolteon - Eevee + Thunder Stone

Flareon - Eevee + Fire Stone

Espeon - Eevee + Full Happiness and level up (at day time)

Umbreon - Eevee + Level up (at night time)

Leafeon - Eevee + level up (at Moss Rock in Eterna Forest)

Glaceon - Eevee + Level up (at Ice Rock just south of Snowpoint City)
Electivre And Magmorter
Electivire - Put Fire Red in your GBA slot and go to valley windworks anxd you will find an elekid holding an electiviser evolve elekid at Lv 30 and give electabuz the electivisers and trade.

Magmortar - Put Leaf Green in your GBA slot and go to Stark Mountain and you will find an Magby holding an magmoriser evolve magby at Lv 30 and give the magmoriaer to magmar and trade.

Hope you like your new Electivire and Magmortar
Elite Four Legends
Tyrantir and Aerodactyl with fire blast will smash the elite 4
aaron=Aerodactyls Fire Blast Super efective
Bertha=Tyrantir smashed
Phsykic dude+Tyrantir Crunch
Champion=`Use both they will be dead

Please dont ask me where to get these 2 pokemon
just trade and win
Empoleon can learn all hms exept fly so you dont have to find out.
eterna forest hint
you will need the move cut to do this

on the side of where you first wind up before going into ef
there are two trees cut them and follow a path to get to eterna city
note you can catch the following
and others
Ev Training
Have you ever thought that getting 252 Ev's in a certain stat is going to take for ever?
Well with Vitamins you can vastly speed up this process, although it comes at a hefty price.
Each vitamin aids the pokemon it is used on in a certain stat by 10.
Unfortunately though this only lasts for upto 100Ev's per stat; which is 10 Per Poke'.
Eventual Legendaries
To make sure you catch the legendary pokemon you are after, you should always save in front of them or near them. Hope this helps some people.
Everstone in a Pokemon
At Snowpoint City there is a girl who asks if you'd like to trade your Medicham for a Haunter. You can easily obtain one of these in the route west of Snowpoint City.

Say yes to the trade and she'll transfer the Haunter to you but it doesn't evolve. You then find out she had made it hold an Everstone.

So now you have a Haunter and an Everstone!
every single pokemon shining including yours and traiuners shiny
12068ac6-000046c0 you will have the pokemon on youre pokdexs shining too and garunteed disable to the code (uncheak on cheat screen or only put game in please remember if you use ar to much it may damage your game/ds and cause it to freeze up happened to me)
Extra Poke Per Day
Note: Must have National Dex.

When you go to Dawn's house to find out where the next Pokemon will be you only get one Pokemon per day. If you want 2 per day go to the Poke Mansion on route 212. Then go into the mansion and talk to the owner. When he asks you if you are envious tell him yes, he will ask you if you are envious 2 more times say yes. Then he will tell you a Pokemon came up to him and kissed him on the cheek. He then will reveal the name of the Pokemon and say it is in the Trophy Garden. Head into the Trophy Garden and look for the Pokemon.

Notice: Finding the Pokemon will take a while though.
False Swipe - Pokemon Catching Easy
False Swipe is a very handy move to have. Whenever you're catching a Pokemon, to have a high leveled Pokemon with False Swipe is a great strategy.

The move doesn't have the best base strength (however take into account STAB, using it on a decent stats Pokemon and being high level covers this) but it has the very special ability of always leaving a Pokemon with at least 1 hp! This way you can take a Pokemon right down to it's minimum hp, give it a status problem if you wish and find catching the Pokemon a whole lot easier.
fast way to catch unknowns
a eay way to catch un knowns is simple. use sweet sent to atrract them. next you have to make them fall asleep or paralyz them. also you might have to move around to get all the one you need for the man to dig the tunnel. and you might have to turn your game off then back on (dont forget to save the game before). it realy helped me
Faster Egg hatching !
Do you have Pokemon Egg that's taking forever to hatch ? Then look no further !

Just grab yourself a Pokemon that has :
  • Magma Armour ability
  • Flame Body ability
    (( Slugma or Magcargo have both these abilities ))

    This will Halve the number of steps that you need to take for your beloved egg to hatch. Enjoy your Breeding !
  • Fear Ratata
    You will need a Ratata or Raticate who knows the moves endeavor and quick attack and breed them until you hatch a Ratata with both of these attacks. Next equip the hatched Ratata with the item focus band which prevents a pokemon from fainting and leaves it with 1 HP. When you enter a battle, use the move endeavor and when the pokemon attacks you you will be left with 1 HP due to your low HP and the affect of focus band. When you use endeavor, its affect will bring the opponents HP down to one. Next use quick attack and you will knock out the opponent. This strategy can be used to win against pokemon up to lvl 100. There you have a Fear Ratata.
    finding a lumineon.
    if you only need a lumineon (#135) to finish your pokedex then your in luck. after you beat the 8th gym and your on your way to the elite four the first swimmer you see is a woman swimmer. battle her because she has a lumineon!! it helped me because i skipped battles on the way up and i only had to find a lumineon. and evolving a finneon takes way to long.
    Finding Gible
    Don't enter Wayward Cave's normal entrance, instead, go under the Cycling Road and check the northern wall until you find the entrance. Gible can be found here, as well as TM26.
    Finding Haunter/Gengar in the Old Cheateau
    To find wild Haunters and Gengars in the Old Cheateau, simply have your GBA Pokemon game, such as Emerald, inserted in the GBA Slot, and walk around until you see some. They are rare however.

    EDIT::: GBA Game pak needs to be inserted when booting the game up to the main menu.
    Fire pokemon
    Before the national dex, the only fire type you can find is ponyta, so if you don't plan to use that and you want a fire type you should pick chimchar as your starter.
    After beating the E4 and earning the National dex, insert one og the following games to the GBA slot:
    Sapphire (either, both should work)

    Now, go to route 222 and go to the BIG bunch of grass at the very left end of the route, just behind the Rich boy. Use the pokemon radar and walk to the grass patch that shakes and has little white blinks as it does. It should be a flaaffy. Now, catch it (I recommend a girl, so that you can breed it and get a Mareep) and you can train it to evolve into Ampharos. Hope I helped! <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
    Flag Frenzy!!!
    This is a good tip if you are always getting your flags stolen. you should buy a lot of Digger Drills. This will get your friend confused and angry. <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
    Fling that Pokemon!
    With the Friendship Checker application there is another thing you can do.

    Touch the Pokemon with the stylus and hold down to stop them in their tracks and then flick the DS to fling them across the screen (into other Pokemon if you so wish).

    As a side note, like the tip about follow the leader their speed also depends on the level of friendship. Little means slow, a lot means fast.
    Follow the Leader!
    With the Friendship Checker application their are a few fun things you can do, one of these is play follow the leader with your Pokemon.

    If you touch them with the stylus and then drag away from them but keep your stylus relatively close then they will follow it! Try moving them in circles or come up with a game of dodge the other Pokemon.

    As a side note, their speed to which they follow you depends on the level of friendship. If they don't like you that much they're slow however if they have two big hearts then they'll chase fast!
    Before you beat the Elite 4 you will only find the fossils which turn into cranidos, after the Elite 4 (and the national dex) you find a variety of fossils from the previous pokemon games.
    Free Berry
    Go to the house just outside Pastoria city and in there talk to the girl sitting at the table. She will give you 1 free RARE berry everyday.

    Free pokeballs!
    To obtain free Pokeballs of all types, go to the house to the right of the Pokecenter in Solaceon Town. Catch the type of Pokemon the man requests that day. Show it to him by the time he must run his article. Save the game before you show him the Pokemon. If you do not get the type of Pokeball desired, turn off the game and talk to him again.
    free s potion
    first go to Eterna city and go behind the gym. go to the curb and count 3 steps towards the gym and go right into a small space and there is a super potion.e-mail me with problems
    Gaining New Colours for your Trainer Card !
    The colour of your Trainer Card changes with the amount of Stars you have gained. The colours are as follows :

  • Red Card - 0 Stars
  • Blue Card - 1 Star
  • Bronze Card - 2 Stars
  • Silver Card - 3 Stars
  • Gold Card - 4 Stars
  • Black Card - 5 Stars

    Enjoy the new colours !
  • gender of honey tree pokemon
    TTo get a female combee or male/female burmy whichever you need, save before you go into battle with the pokemon on the honey tree, if iuts not the gender you want then turn it off and on again until you get it
    Get (rare!) items!
    This is an easy way to get items, luckyly even rare ones! So, go to Veilstone city and go down south part of the city. Then go on to the rock with the gym and the first house next to the stairs. There will be a girl sitting in the house. Talk to her and she'll ask if you want your pokemon being massaged. After massageing your pokemon (has to be in your party) she'll say she found an item while massageing. This could be a rare item often. What kind of items can I get? Usually they are clothes for pokemon that can also be found in the amity square in Hearthome city. Also other items (battle items etc.) can be found. This may depend on the pokemon, it's nature, gender or type.
    Note: Can be done once daily.
    Get 50 Underground flag's. (Without stealing properly!)
    All you need is two DS's and two Pokemon games. This is untested by the way. Just make sure your partner has 12 or so flags.


    1. Save and go underground.
    2. Steal the flags.
    3. Go up and save.
    4. Brill, you have more flags!

    Your Partner:

    1. Save and go underground.
    2. Let the other person steal.
    4. Turn on, your flags will not have gone!

    Hope this helps people that want to get another star on there card!
    Get a Eevee
    To get a Eevee is simple. Once you beat the game go back to Bebe in Hearthome city. If you have a empty slot and the national pokedex she will give you a eevee.
    Get a Riolu with aura sphere and bone rush
    If you get a female Lucario that has aura sphere and a male with bone rush put it in the solaceon day centre and leave it there for a couple of days(a week if you want to be safe) and hopefully you should be able to pick up your lucarios and you should get a riolu egg(keeping in mind you might not as there quite rare) and it will now know aura sphere and bone rush!!!

    Hope this helps, any problems please contact me by email.
    Get happy fast!
    Tired of trying to make a Pokemon happy, whether it be for evolution purposes or peace of mind? Here's a way I did it very quickly with little effort.

    First take the Pokemon to the massage lady in Veilstone and give it a massage. Then feed it 20 vitamins (very costly but if you do the E4 a couple of times it'll cover it) then actually go to the E4 keeping the Pokemon as your first, switching it in every time you faint an opponent's Pokemon and quickly switching out again. While doing this have the Pokemon hold an exp share to level it up very quickly.
    So, you realy want this item, but the hiker wont give it to ya cause you dont have a size 99 sphere... well, you dont have to do much.
    1. Get lots of spheres of the same color
    2. Bury all of the spheres in front of you
    3. Dig it up
    Ta da! bigger sphere then before! it also gives you room for more!
    Hope it helps ._.
    Get lots of rare candies
    Go to the battle zone and get 48 battle points. Go to the point exchange center ang go to the counter to the left. THen look at the list and you will see rare candy up there. To get alot of battle points do the multi battles.
    Get more national pokemon / day!
    Tired of waiting until next day to get another hint of national pokemon from Lucka's sister? Well, she get's the information on tv, so why can't you? Just find a house with a tv and with a little inch of luck the tv reporters will announce a national pokemon been appearing at the route. Examply I got a news with a bunch of DROWSEE appearing on route 215. This won't ofcourse work on your game, until you get announced too. So just keep trying.
    Get Out of wayward Cave
    First you need to teach flash to a pokemon-once used you can see the whole screen, then you keep going to the bottom right of the screen, you should get to the exit pretty easily Good Luck !
    Get Poliwarth :)
    Ok, I know that every one who has played pokemon games for a while knows this, but I have many times got these questions: "My Poliwhirl is on lv 50+ and yet hasn't evolved! When will it?"
    The answer is simple; You have to use a water stone to evolve Poliwhirl to Poliwath. The level doesn't matter in this case...
    Get Seedot, Lotad & forms!
    Place a Ruby (Seedot) or Sapphire (Lotad) into the GBA slot in your NDS or NDS lite. Go to the grass south of Resort area and you should find Lombre/Nuzleaf. If it's a female, then you can breed it to get a Lotad/Seedot. Use a Water stone on Lombre and you'll get a Ludicolo. Use a leaf stone on Nuzleaf and you'll get a Shrifty.
    Get Seel and others...
    You can find Seel (about lv. 40-45) and a lot of other pokemon near the Resort area and Survival area. You'll need the national dex and have beaten the E4.
    Get the Venos! (Venonat & Venomoth)
    Go to the resort area and go south to the short grass. Use your pokeradar and go to the shaking white grass patch and if it's 4 or more steps away from you, it should be a Venomoth. They're usually female, so you can breed it to get Venonat. This works after national dex!
    geting Drifloon (lvl.22)
    After you defeat team galactic at the vally of windworks go back on friday you will see a purple balloon with legs. Note: thats the pokemon.
    his attacks arent that good but if you level him he can be pretty tough.

    Suggested ball: great ball
    focus energy
    getting another chatot
    first go to route 222 bring 4 great balls and walk around in the first patch of grass you see
    Getting Drifloom
    To Get a drifloom go to the valley windworks next to route 205 and it should be there, if not then get some honey and slather it on the tree next to the building and on the tree next to the small bridge in route 205, after about half a day or so, go to the tree, battle the pokemon and after the battle drfiloom should be standing outside the building, to get a female drifloom save the game next to it and then talk to it, if its not a girl restart the game, and keep battling it until it is a girl.

    EDIT::: Drifloon appears ALWAYS and ONLY on FRIDAY. It's that simple, no special battling needed.
    getting eevee
    to get eevee you can go bebes house(next to hearthome pokecenter) or you can wait til the guy who owns the trophy garden says "i saw a cute eevee".
    Getting Larvitar No Problem!!!
    Getting Larvitar is no problem! All you gotta do is head North of Oreburgh City and use PokeRadar in the HUGE patch of grass right there. Average Larvitar Level is 6.
    getting legendary pokemon darkrai
    first you will need either action replay or r4 game cartridge you need to arrive at full moon island with the walk anywhere cheat on you first walk out into the sea but standing right next to the wall then walk straight ahead until you reach an island then go on that ireland and there should be a forest go into that forest and there should be a pokemon that is darkrai have fun catching it ,what you will need , a strong pokemon, master balls and a whole lot of happiness
    Getting more than one Spirtomb
    Here's how to get more than one Spirtomb with trading away all you're good pokemon. First ether catch Spirtomb yourself, or Use the GTS and just get one. Then catch a ditto, and breed! If you can't seem to find a ditto, just Try to get a Female Spirtomb in the GTS, or keep restarting your game until the Spirtomb your trying to catch is a female.

    Hope that Helps!!!
    Getting rid of confusion in battle with out berries
    if you want to get rid of your confusion during battle then all you have to do is switch the pokemon with another one after the other pokemon kills your opponents you can bring your other guy out to fight some more
    National pokedex neeeded!
    Look on the east border on route 214. You will see a path called"Spring Path". Take the path and you will end up at Turnback Cave where you get this legendary pokemon.
    Giratina (alot of ultra ballsor if you hav the 100% catch)
    to get giratina you need the national pokedex then go to route 214 then walk down where all the fences are then you will see a secret path go in then keep on walking until you see an entrance to like a forest go in then u will see a lot of grass use a max repelwalk to the right then up you will see a mountain i think you will have to use rock climb when you get to the top go right (less grass) then go towards the water then go down i thnk you need surf go in the cave and use another max repel if ur's is gone u will need rock smash then keep on going to any of all three entrances of the cave until u get to giratina hope u get it and u will need alot of ultra balls or 1 pokeball if u have the 100% catch rate in the action replay
    Glitched Pal pad
    Some people may have a wierd pal pad where you beat someone and it will instead in the pal pad tell you that that trainer beat YOU! or if you lose the trianer won! If anybody has this problem, ignore it and wait until a patch for the pal pad come out, but im not sure if this is on everybodys game. I know this is a tip telling you guys that this game does have glitches and make sure a missingno. doesn't appear from this!
    Grass, Water, and Fire.
    theres a place by the resort area(NEED NATIONAL DEX)where the sandstorm is. and theres a shouse.that house has a guy in it(DONT TAKE BICYCLE TRAIL. GO BATTLE THE TWO POKEMON RANGERS IN THE SANDSTORM).he will teach fir,w water, and grass a cirtaint move.
    Happiness Boost!
    First go to the Resort Area on the big Island situated North East of Sinnoh (The Resort area being on the South East side of the Island).

    There's not much to see here but you will find the Ribbon Society. On the second floor there are some girls who will offer to give a massage to the first Pokemon in your party. This can only be done once a day but the benefit of it is it will greatly increase the happiness level of whichever Pokemon you let them massage.
    go to hearthorne city wacth out for a hiker and he will have the egg
    Happy Birthday
    If you set your calendar on your DS to your registered birthday and talk to you Professor Rowan's assistant they will wish you a happy birthday! This is only possible after you beat the elite four.

    EDIT::: the professor's assistant doesn't say happy birthday, its dawn.
    Hatch Egg Faster
    If you are trying to hatch an egg and have a Pokemon with the Magma Armor or Flame Body ability in your party, then it will cut the hatch time in half.
    Hatch Eggs Quickly
    While still in Solaceon town, get on the far right side of the path next to the Pokemon Center. Simply ride your bike in the fastest gear up and down until you hit a tree or mountain and repeat. You must have done at least 400 steps each "lap" and get a egg or get one to hatch more quickly than riding elsewhere.
    Hatching an egg.
    Some good paths for when you are trying to hatch an egg is on the bike path, or up and down the road next to the day care centre, going up and down the sand slopes North and South of the town. If you are waiting for the day care man to get an egg, this path is good also.
    haunted house
    go into the old house in eterna forest at night and go into the kitchen and if hes not there then keep going in and out of the kitchen until he shows up he almost made me freack out
    Having trouble getting a Mamoswine?
    To get a mamoswine you need to teach Piloswine ancientpower and level it up? The only way to teach it that is take a heart scale to the guy in pastoria and he will teach it to you.
    Heart Scales
    The Heart Scale is an item in Pokemon with a very handy use.

    When in Pastoria City enter the house next to the water and you'll see a guy standing surrounded by a rather messy room. Talk to him and he will tell you how he likes to collect Heart Scales and that if you give him one he will teach your Pokemon a move.

    When teaching a Pokemon a move you must make a note that he will only be able to teach them a past move they've learned but have forgotten. An example is you make Squirtle forgot Withdraw but when he's a Blastoise you can make him relearn it if you so wish.

    To obtain Heart Scales simply dig in the underground. They're slightly had to find due to their small size but keep at it as they're decently common in wall cracks.
    Heart Scales and other goodies
    Now on the way through the game you will pick up a shard and a heart scale somewhere. These are found underground and can be sent up to your bag to use in the game. Some of these items are:

    Blue shard
    Red shard
    Green shard
    Yellow shard
    Felix fossil
    Claw fossil
    Skull fossil
    Max revive
    Plates(e.g. Fist plate, Splash plate)
    Root Fossil

    The stones are used in evoltion
    The shards can be traded for TMs.
    The fossil can be used to bring pokemon back to life
    The revive and max revive are used to bring pokemon back after they have fainted
    Plates boost a pokemons move depending if they match.
    And heart scales can be traded to a man that can make pokemon remember a move they have forgotten.

    These items are found underground which can only be enter by using a explorer kit.
    Once you get to Heatran on Stark Mountain, it is a very hard pokemon to catch. It doesn't have a limited pp, so it can struggle and kill itself.
    I recommend getting a pokemon with a sleep move or a masterball.
    Helpful tips for starters.
    Battling: catch a lot of pokemon but not to many of the same kind because you will find out later in the game why.

    Spheres: a easy way to make them grow faster. Put them in the ground by digging them there.

    Traps: Touch the screen. If you see something white its a trap.

    How to get traps: walk up to it (not on top of it) only to the side of it and then push the (A) button.

    Telling a trap from a sphere: A sphere is like a yellow color and a trap is a white color. Also most spheres are in the wall and traps are always in the ground and never in the wall.

    Whats that square under ground: Its your secret base. You can make one by buying a dill digger.

    Your secret base: You can re-move rocks but if this is your first time it only will let you re-move 5 rocks in your base.

    Flags: Capture your friends flag and go to your base. It will let you re-move more rocks and it will up-grade your flag.

    How to stop people coming into your base to take your flags: If they are right behind you and your right in front of the door wondering what to do. Just simply click decorate. Now your friends cant come in your base until your done.
    Herbs Are Better!!!
    theres a herb shop somewhere (i dont remember where lol) and theres revival herbs that revive your pokemon full it costs a little more then revive but its worth it when you up against tough chellengers... theres also an energy root wich costs a little less than a hyper potion =]
    Hidden Trainer!
    Go to the TV Station in Jubilife City to find a trainer! On the first floor in the top left corner there's a clown, talk to him and he'll battle you!

    He has a Mr Mime.

    There are actually more trainers that appear there,and they change every day.
    Hint - Earn Seals Other Than Sunnyshore
    First, go to Solceon town. Near the exit at the top on your right there is a hidden opening; go inside!

    There will be 4 ledges within; jump down the fourth one and you'll enter another ruin.

    There is a kid in that ruin. Find him and talk to him so he will leave.

    Go forth and catch all the Unown. They only know hidden power, so they can't do much damage to your Pokemon.

    Go back to Solcean town and locate the same ruins. Jump down the third ledge (not the fourth one) instead to find a house.

    The kid from the ruins will be there and if you speak to him after capturing all the Unowns, you get a Seals.

    EDIT::: Go to Solceon Town. At the top there is a gap with 3 spaces of ledges.
    Go to the end one and you will enter a ruin (a place full of Unown).
    There is a kid in the ruin, talk to him and he'll leave.
    Go on and collect all 26 Unown within the ruin (All the letters of the alphabet).

    Go back to the place with all the ledges and go down the middle one. Enter the house. The kid will be there, and he says he's learning the alphabet with Seals.
    Place any Unown you have caught into the first slot of your Pokemon list, and the boy will give you Pokemon Seals (Ranging from A-Z).

    After collecting all 26 Seals and Unowns, go to the Ruin Maniac on Route 214 (underneath Veilstone City), and the tunnel he was digging will go a lot further in.
    Talk to him and enter the room. This is where you can find the other two Unowns (?-shaped and !-shaped), and you will have all 28 Unowns. Place each one in your first slot and go to the kid in Solceon Town, and he will give you the Seals for ! and ?
    HM Monkeys!!!
    Having trouble getting certain HMs into your group when they are needed? You can have access to all 8 of them with only two pokemon!

    Rock Climb
    Rock Smash
    Hope this helps!!!
    Honey tree ^^
    I guess I don't have to tell you how the honey tree works, so I'll tell you about some of the pokemon you can catch there.

    Pretty rare pokemon found at the honey tree. Usually when Cherubi appears in the tree, the tree doesn't shake. When you find it, it's usually around lv. 10-13. Level it up, and it will evolve to Cherrim at level 25.

    Even more rare to find from the honey trees. Full happiness and level up and you will get a Snorlax.

    I suggest you save the game before going to the honey tree, so that you will get a female Combee. "Stupid, why would I wan't a female, when I can get a male easier?!" You must think that now? Well, go on. Get a male Combee then. But remember, that level up a female Combee = Vespiquen.
    + Combee has the honey gather ability. So, take a combee with you and walk through grass, maybe fight some pokemon and check your combee. If it's not holding an item while you walk through the grass, it will occasionally find honey.

    Well, that's for now.

    EDIT::: There are also apoms and burmys on honey trees
    How to make ball capsalls
    First, go to a pokemon center then go to the PC. Then go to your trainer's PC then you'll see it.=[you might have to buy some in Sunny Shore city]
    How 2 get Gorebyss & Huntail
    For this you will need a NDS or NDS lite, the games Diamond/Pearl & Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald. You will also need the national dex in D/P.

    In R/S/E you will get a choise of picking a DeepSeaScale or DeepSeaTooth from the man at the sailing port. Pick the DeepSeaTooth and trade a Clamperl holding the item. It will evolve into Huntail. Now trade it back. Next go underwater with a pokemon that knows the move Thief. When you see a Chinchou, use the move Thief on it (or catch it if you want). If it's holding an item, you get it. You have a 5% chanse of getting a DeepSeaScale, so when you do, trade another Clamper holding the item and you will get Gorebyss. Next you can migrate them to Diamond or Pearl OR you can migrate pokemon, that are holding these items (if you don't want to evolve the pokemon in R/S/E). You can also find DeepSeaScale from Chinchou or Lanturn in D/P, so you can catch a Clamperl, trade it with the item and so on~ Hope this helped.
    how 2 get to snowpoint city
    (need 6th/ metal gym badge)
    FIRST, you need to get the move STRENGHT, then go through MOUNT CORONET.
    NEXT, after you are in MOUNT CORONET, i bet u all know that there is a optional button that says RUN, i clicked it so it would be easier to go through. you can do that too is u want, but if u want to get them stonger, then u can battle them.
    AFTER THAT, u will go through routes 216 and 217.
    ALSO, before getting into snowpoint city, you will be going through the ACUITY LAKEFRONT. you dont have to go through it if u want to though.
    (as in going inside the lake.)
    FINALLY, you are in snowpoint city, and u can battle the gym leader.

    How do I know my Pokemon is Shiny?
    When playing the game you no doubt know there is the chance of catching a shiny! If you think you caught a shiny pokemon but you're not sure don't worry there's an easy way to find out.

    Simply go to your menu/box (depending on where it is) and check out it's summary. On the first page if it has a little red star next to the picture you know it's a shiny!
    How to Beat Infernape and Torterra using just Empoleon
    Empoleon Needs to know the folowing Moves:
    TM13-(Ice Beam)= Dead Torterra (Ice is 4X Effective agianst Torterra. Its also good for Cynthia's Garchomp.)
    Any Water Type Move (Hydro Pump and Hydro Cannon are Best in my Opinion, Since they both have high Power.)= Dead Infernape

    Now say bye-bye to Torterra and Infernape!
    (One More Thing- Infernape Would Be Easiest to Kill, Since its like blaziken: Good Attack and Speed, Horrible Defense.)
    How to beat the Elite Four
    This is how I blasted the crap out of the Elite 4 in one shot...

    My Team:
    Rapidash, Level 100
    Dialga (For Pearl use Palkia) Level 100
    NOTE: The other 4 were optional, although I highly recommend the last one.
    Golbat, Level 40
    Floatzel, Level 43
    Drifblim, Level 39
    Blissey, Level 44

    I basically used Blissey just to heal my Pokémon between battles without wasting my potions - those were meant for battle.

    Basically I started out using Dialga until I got to a foe that I had a disadvantage against using Dragon/Steel. Then I switched to Rapidash and blasted the crap out of them with Hyper Beam (A TM, you can buy it in Veilstone) and Flare Blitz, and sometimes Bounce. If you have Hyper Beam and Roar of Time I suggest only using those if you're going to end the battle with it or switch out for the next Pokémon. It worked for me, have fun blasting the crap out of weaklings!

    Note: Although Flare Blitz does hurt the user, remember, with my team you have a level 44 or higher Blissey, plus if you can use HP up on it like I did it's even better!
    How to catch Drifloon
    Go to the Valley Windworks on Friday and a Drifloon should be there. Speak to it and you will be able to battle it. You can also set your DS's internal clock to Friday so it is possible to catch it any day.
    How to catch Glupin easily
    Ok, so first go to the Great marsh (safari zone) in Pastoria. Go up the stairs where you can look trough the scope to search for pokemon in the place (100 poke/look). You might have to search for a while to find it. Then enter the great marsh and go to the place you saw the Glupin. Try to catch it. My first one fled, but I found it again in the same plase. Send me e-mail if you have any problems. Hope you enjoy your Glupin ^^
    How to catch Lavitar!!
    Well it's ALOT easier than I thought it was, first go to Oreburgh City and go up the stairs (Going north) until you find a big patch of grass (On route 207) Use Poke-Radar in the grass, If they have little white leaves above the grass then that might be Lavitar, 90% of the time that it has worked for me, Also they are kind of tough to catch. WARNING: You can't catch Lavitar in Pearl... (SO ANNOYING)!
    How To Find Vulpix,Growlieth, Elekid, and others
    You must have some of the old games inserted,
    Fire Red for Growliethe
    Leaf Green for Vulpix
    Do the same for Elekid and Magby.
    How to get "The prince of the sea", Manaphy & Phione!
    The prince of the sea : Manaphy
    Follow these steps to get both Manaphy and Phione. (NOTE: You will need the game pokemon ranger!)

    1.) Beat E4 in pokemon Diamond or Pearl and receive the National Dex.
    2.) Beat the Pokemon ranger game and do the special mission, the Manaphy egg mission. (Note: If you have the original pokemon ranger, you will need a special code to activate the mission. The code depends on the game you have, if it's european or us. If it's the new version of pokemon ranger, you get the mission there after beating the game without any codes.)
    3.) You will now need two NDS or NDS lite consoles. Transfer the Manaphy egg from pokemon ranger to pokemon D/P. Hatch the egg in D/P.
    4.) When the egg has hatched, you have a Manaphy. Congratulations!

    5.) Most people want all of the pokemon, so to get Phione (the weaker version of Manaphy) you need to take Manaphy and a Mamoswine to the daycare and wait for them to get an egg. When they do, hatch the egg.
    6.) After the egg has hatched, you will have a Phione. Congratulations!

    To get a mamoswine, you first need to get a Swinub. They swarm near Snowpoint city. Then level it up untill it evolves into Piloswine. Then take your Piloswine to the move tutor and give the man a heart scale. He will make Piloswine remember a move, so pick the move "ancient power". After Piloswine has learnt it, go and level him up once more and he evolves into Mamoswine.

    So, look at that. By doing these few things, you will get three new pokemon. Isn't that pretty neat? E-mail if problems!
    How to get a lot of money
    Simple. Just battle the old man and woman south of Hearthome City. Use your Vs. Seeker to do this. You'll earn money from 10,000 to 16,000 over and over.
    How to Get a Premier Ball !!
    Go to any shop and buy at least 10 poke ball and they will give you a premier ball as a bonus.

    I hope it helped.
    How to get a shiny Larvitar without Action Replay
    To get a shiny pokemon without a AR you need a poke radar. First you will need a lot of repels(I suggest max repels). Go to Oreburg City and then go to the route on top of it, use the poke radar and look for a grass patch with little sparkles, if you don't see one then walk around the grass field but make sure you don't go to the grass patch that was shaking.
    The chance of this hint working is 5%.
    NOTE: Save before you try this hint because if you didn't get any shiny larvitar then you wasted all of your repels.
    how to get alot of cooins from slot machine
    First go to the slots with at least 100 coins,then keep on playing until you get a clefairy until you get a 100 coin thing,when your in the bonus rounds just hit the button in the direction that the clefairy points and you get 15 coins per time you do it and you get alot of rounds so you get ALOT of coins!!!!!!
    How to get Azurills
    To get Azurills you have to give a female Marill/Azumarill a wave incense to hold then you breed it with a male marill, without the wave incense the egg will be a mariil
    how to get bullet seed

    on the way to floaroma twn near the twins there is fenced up area that has bullet seed!
    How To Get Manaphy (UK Game)
    Firstly you need Pokémon Ranger. After you complete the game and have access to Ranger Net, enter this code: Mg35Cpb84FW8 (case sensitive)

    You will now have unlocked the Mission "Recover The Precious Egg"

    After you beat that, borrow (or buy) a second DS that has Pokémon Diamond or Pokémon Pearl.

    Follow the instructions on screen until the Egg has been transfered.

    Now in D/P go into the PokéMart (Blue Roof) and talk to the man in the green suit. (Make sure you have an extra space in your party)

    Walk around 2,500 steps and, viola, you have Manaphy.
    how to get national pokemon whithout the national dex
    get a friend with this game that has national pokemon then you both go to the union room (you must be close) you then can trade as much as you want you can even trade national pokemon
    how to get pokemon that you can STEAL
    If you have the code to steal pokemon this will be easy if you don,t well this wont help unless you have AR.If you beat the game go to the pokemon league the if you have the steal cheat battle people and get carniva,slowpoke,flaffy,touros and alot more.There levels are so high if you get them up one level they evolve.So i hope you get you cool pokemon. ( sharpedo,slowbro and lantern are cool! )
    How to get Skorupi!!!!!!!!!
    Fisrt you need to have unlocked the city called Pastoria City then where the team Galactic person is standing there should an entrance, then you walk inside, go up the stairs and look through the binoculars, then you keep looking till you see the Skorupi appear, then you go to the place where you saw Skorupi and BAMM you should find it, but not straight away, because it's really hard to find. <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/wink.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

    Hope this helps.....
    How to get the guy in the mansion to say more rare pokemon
    Instead of waiting anoder day for the owner of the mansion to say a rare pokemon is in his garden.You just have to save the game inside the room where the owner of the mansion is.Save before talking to the owner.Then talk to the owner to see what pokemon he saw and if you want the pokemon then go ahead and catch it but if you don't want it,turn the game off then on and talk to the owner again and he will tell you a different pokemon and you can keep on doing that till you see a pokemon you want.I hope you liked this cheat.
    How to get the legendary Rotom!
    Go to the Old Old Cheateau at night (The Old Cheateau is in Eterna forest near Eterna City)
    Go up stairs and into the room with a TV, press down the A button on the TV and there ya go, you've got the legendary Rotom in ya PokeDex!
    How to get Yanmega
    What do you need to get Yanmega?

    -(pokemon) Yanma*
    -Beaten the E4 and earned the national dex
    Take your Yanma and train it to lv. 33, when it wants to learn the move Ancient power. Let it learn it, and after learning it, your Yanma will evolve into Yanmega.

    *You can get a Yanma by going to the Great marsh and look through the binoculars. When you see Yanma, go to the place where you saw it and keep looking there. You may not find it every day. If you can't see it after a few looks, try tomorrow and so-on.
    How to make a Fairly good Poffin
    First of all, start fairly slowly, not mixing fast. As the Poffin starts to take shape, slowly speed up your pace. Once it seems to be almost-fully done, go very fast. Using this method and quality berries, I've stirred up Poffin's from level 17-25.
    How To Not Lose a Pokemon While Cloning
    Many people clone in the GtS, its not safe however because people could accept your offer and you lose yours.
    If you ask for DarkRai, you will never lose your pokemon. DarkRai cannot be traded in the GtS.
    How to obtain a Bike
    If you've recently got the game and want a bike then all you hve to do it go to Eterna City and rescue the Bike Shop owner from Team Galactic's building, he will give you a bike for helping him. You need the HM Cut to get to the building
    Ice Shard on Weavile
    If you don't want to go to the trouble of breeding for Ice Shard, then make sure you do not allow Sneasel to evolve until level 49, because Weavile does not learn Ice Shard.
    In Game Trades
    Machop For Abra Oreburg City
    Buizel For Chatot Eterna City
    Medicham For Haunter Snowpoint City
    It's Rival Time!
    Most of us probably already know that your rival appears on Saturday and Sunday at the Fight Area. Their pokemon are high 50's, low 60's. Each pokemon they have should give you about 2000 exp. So I'd recomend battling them on each of the specified days. BUT if you want even more exp. Fight them, go heal your pokemon, then carry on with what your doing, then save next to (or pretty close) to your rival. Start up the game then next day and you can battle your rival again. Going into any buildings will make your rival dissapear, so make sure you heal before you save near them.
    Item Find
    You know the Poke ball between the trees in Entrena Gym? There is a little opening that will lead you to the Pokeball that I think holds a Parlyz heal.
    Hope this helps very much!
    NOTE: If you email me, title it as "Neoseeker Cheat" please and thanks!

    items at turn back cave
    I know people say that you find rare bones at the place garitina was.I found out of three tries 1 reaper cloth and two stardust. if this is in you game pm me so that i know that i don't have a strange game
    Jump Pokemon Jump!
    To do this you will need the Poketch and the Friendship Checker application for it.

    Now you'll see the Pokemon on your team gliding around on the little Poketch screen. Get out your stylus and tap the screen about 3-4 times in succession one after the other and the Pokemon will jump into the air!
    Just Some Interesting Pokemon Hints/Tips
    I don't know how useful this will be but it's interesting.
    -If you go to the Pokemon Center in Canalave City, and stand infront of it or walk from the entrance area towards the bridge, there is a graphics glitch. A girl with a psyduck has evil white eyes and no pupils.
    -There is not just one big eye'd hiker glitch on route 205, but two. For the first one you have to stand two squares behind him and it still works if you walk straight across th the border of the mountain. He is the first hiker you see on route 205
    For the second one, which is on the mountain area across the bridge, you have to stand two squares behind him as well.
    -If you want to make your Pokemon happy quicker and don't want to wait several days to do it, change your DS clock. Set it to 23:59 and go to the Veilstone massage place or the Ribbon Scociety in the Resort area. This also works for the lottery
    -If you like the time on your DS to be correct and set it correctly after cheating time, the daily events that you have just cheated will still be avaliable the next day and the day after that and so forth, even though you've already been to that day by means of DS time cheating...
    Leafeon And Glaceon
    In Eterna Forest there should be a mossy rock,there you make Evee grow a level and it will evolve into a grass type pokemon,Leafeon. Get another Evee and go to snowpoint city,there should be a soliid ice rock grow evee a level around the rock and it will evolve into Glaceon.
    legendaries banned from Battle Tower
    the following legendary pokemon are not eligible for battle tower:

    Permitted legendaries are:
    Legendary Pokemon Catching Tips
    If you are gonna try and catch a pokemon think about it. Use shouldn't use weak Pokemon for battles, nor too strong to KO it. Use a VARIETY of Pokeballs to capture, and PLEASE don't stick to the same type of Pokeball. For instance, take a Lv.50 Giratina I caught in Turnback Cave(you acn only go here if you have beaten Cynthia and have the HM Rock Climb and Rock Smash. The place is located in between Pastoria City and upper Veilstone City). I assembled a good Lv.70 team with Empoleon as my fighter. Weaken it with strong attacks until it's HP is red or below and try and put it to sleep or freeze it. Use many Pokeballs, especially Ultra Balls, Timer Balls(only if the battle drags on), Quick Balls(use only at start of encounter) and Dusk Balls. Surprisingly, I caught it with a normal Pokeball(I cannot guarantee the same success for you) but that is how it's done!

    More gems of wisdom from me next time!
    Level up quicker!
    So everybody knows chansy right? Well if you are very lucky when you catch a chansy it may be holding a "lucky egg" give this item to a pokemon and every time it earns EXP points it will earn 50% of the points it has already earned in that battle! (just see it as earning 150% EXP)
    location of ditto
    ditto can be found with the pokeradar on the route next to canalave city
    Locations of HM's
    HM01 (Cut) - Shirona in Eterna Forest

    HM02 (Fly) - Team Galaxy Warehouse

    HM03 (Surf) - Celestic Town Shrine

    HM04 (Strength) - Top floor of Lost Tower

    HM05 (De Fog) - A person in the Safari Zone

    HM06 (Rock Smash) - A Hiker of Mt. Coronet at the Range Entrance

    HM07 (Waterfall) - Jasmine in Sunnyshore City

    HM08 (Rock Climb) - Route 217
    lots of harts contest at harthome city
    Enter gyados for the normal rank contest(cool type of contest)then just put
    a pink puff on his/her fase the you will get millions of harts
    Lots of Money!
    Before the elite 4 there is a good place to get lots of money. First you need to have the amulet coin, or the luck incense. First go west of Sunyshore city, and battle the Rich boy and the Beauty, with the pokemon that has the money up'ing item. Together you will have about 17,000 Poke dollars.
    Lotsa money
    go to route 222 (next to sunyshore and pastoria) and on the west side of the baech there is a rick kid. battle him with the amulet coin you get in amity square, or a luck incense foun at the ravaged pate before floaroma. use the vs. seeker to fight him lotsa times to get lotsa money. he gives you 16200-19200 pokedollars. he has a lvl 60 luxio, so be prepared.
    Lotsa poke'
    Okay, this is a really easy-to-do thing that most people don't know about. In battle tower, keep battling until you get as many BP as you want. Then, go to the prize counter and get as many proteins as possible. (they only cost 1BP each) after that, go to a Poke'mart and sell all of them for 4,900 poke' each!
    Lucario with Fire!
    Wish you had a fire type move on your Lucario? Get yourself a Blaziken (male) who knows the move Blaze Kick and breed it with a Riolu/Lucario. When the egg hatches Lucario will know Blaze Kick, a decent physical fire attack.
    Lumineon - Aqua Tail
    Lumineon's Attack and Special Attack base stats are equal. If you decide to go for a Physical instead of a Special attacker, Aqua Tail is the strongest Water type move you can get, only rivaled by Waterfall which is weaker but causes flinching. To get Aqua Tail on Lumineon you must breed a female Lumineon with a Male Gyarados(there are other choices) which knows Aqua Tail. The egg will hatch into a Finneon with Aqua Tail.
    Lunatone and Solrock
    This is a small guide boock of How To Get Lunatone And/Or Solrock.

    First incert your Pokemon Sapphire (for Lunatone) or Pokemon Ruby (for Solrock) into the GBA slot. Now turn your NDS or NDS lite on and play your Diamond (works for Pearl too). You should now (as the game is incerted to the GBA slot) be able to find Lunatone or Solrock (wich ever one you picked) from these plases:
    -Anywear in Mt. Coronet, each floor, summits first half, backroom, near waterfall etc.
    -In Spring path
    -Turnback cave
    -Lake Acity
    -Lake Valor
    -Lake Verity
    All Lunatone/Solrock are different levels (depend where you want to catch it)
    Examply at Lake Verity the Lunatone is only lv. 4, but at Turnback cave they are from levels 64-66 (near the third pillar, around 40-50 earlier) and at the other lakes about 30+ lv. and Mt. Coronet around 30 and 40.
    Macho Brace
    Have you spoken to the guy in pastoria city that asks you to show all three types or burmy? Most people just need the trash cloak. There are three ways to get this:#1:Battle in a jim.#2:Battle team galactic inside a building.#3:Battle the person inside jubilife TV. Now go show the guy and you get The Macho Brace!
    Looking for a diffrent look on Wi-Fi? In Orburgh city,go to the Pokemon center and ask everybody on the main floor until someone says "What trainer do you like best?(or something like that...)" And thats the tip!!!
    Pokemon Ranger has a secret that fans of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl are going to want to know about. Manaphy may be transferred exclusively from Pokemon Ranger to Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, but only once you find the Manaphy Egg hidden in a special Pokemon Ranger mission.
    Make sure you've played through Pokemon Ranger andd finished all 3 of the secret Ranger Net missions that appear once you complete the game.
    Hey there,
    You know where to get Riolu?
    From PKNM Tranier Riley right?
    In The Cave Of Iron Island
    PKNM Trainer Riley is actually Master Aaron from the Pokemon Movie Pokemon And the Mystery Of Mew (I think the title is correct <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> lol )
    Use a Move such as Mean Look, then put it to sleep, and try your luck at throwing Pokéballs until you catch it.
    The quick way is to throw a Master Ball.
    Mesprit, Uxie and Azelf
    You'll find them in Lake Valor, Acuity and Verity.

    Uxie- Uxie will appear in Lake Acuity.

    How to Capture-

    I recommend a Pokemon such as Pikachu to Paralyz it. Then use False Swipe, and Dusk Balls.

    Azelf- Azelf will appear in Lake Valor.

    How to Capture-

    Repeat using the same method as for Uxie.

    Mesprit- Mesprit will appear in Lake Verity, but later travel around Sinnoh.

    How to Capture-

    Your going to need a Golbat for this, unless you have an Umbreon. Use Mean Look on the Mesprit, and then use Quick Balls. This might work.

    If not-

    Use Golbat once again, and weaken it. Odds are, you'll faint, so find it again, Mean Look and then use Quick Balls then Dusk Balls.
    Migration Mastering
    When you migrate, on the GBA game select "new game". Once you get your starter pokemon, migrate it. Repeat and Repeat and Repeat! pretty soon you will have an army!
    To evolve Feebas into a Milotic, raise its Beauty stat for the Pokemon Contests up to nearly full. Use the best Poffins possible that raise Beauty. Then, level it up and it should evolve into Milotic. If it does not, you need to raise its Beauty even more.
    Moon stone & Sun stone
    Moon & Sun stones can't be obtained the way like others in Diamond or Pearl. They can't be found or bought. But you still need them to evelate Jigglypuff, Clefairy, Skítty etc.

    How to find them?

    You will need a pokémon Ruby or Sapphire. (you can also use Emerald or other games, if you migrate pokémon holding the items) Incert pokémon Ruby or Sapphire into the GBA slot and play your Diamond. Go to any lake (Valor, Verity or Acuity) and surf on the lake, through the lake and to the grass place on the other side of the lake, not the enterance. Walk through the grass as long as you find Lunatone (Sapphire) or Solrock´(Ruby). Catch him or use thief and if you're lucky, you'll get a moon stone from Lunatone or sun stone from Solrock. If you don't, just keep lookíng for another one. In the end you will get one.
    More eevees
    Go to the trophy garden on a day that the owner syas there are eevees in the garden
    more master balls (no cheat)
    You will need a ds, either diamond or pearl(beaten the elite 4), pokemon emerald(a master ball and beaten the elite 4)

    On emerald go to the battle tower in the battle frontier. In there you can clone but its a special way. When you do it, give the pokemon your cloning the master ball. (search it up on youtube, it's too long to explain)

    Once you do it a few times, migrate the cloned pokemon to diamond or pearl and catch them in Pal Park. Once you have caught them, take the master balls of them.

    Now you have more masterballs!
    (You can also do it on emerald for more master balls)
    More poketech apps
    At pal park there is a girl on the first flor and she asks to see a pokemon from a random region (usually Snorlax or Kecleon). If you show her the pokemon, she will give you a new app thet relates to that pokemon.
    Multi Battle Partners
    These pokemon are the pokemon your Battle Tower Partners can have

    Cheryl: Journey through Eterna with Cheryl
    Pokemon able to have:

    Mira:Find her in wayward cave and escort her out.
    Pokemon able to have:

    Riley:Journey Through Iron Island's 3rd floor
    Pokemon able to have:

    Marley: journey with her through the other part of Victory Road
    Pokemon that can have:

    Buck: Find the magma stone in stark mountain with him
    Pokemon that can have:

    Have fun battling with your partners^_^
    To get a munchlax in diamond or pearl put honey on a honey tree and wait a half a day and go back. It's rare but you can get one.
    to find a murkrow go to the lost tower and on the top level at around 10-2pm there is murkrows at around level 22

    then use a dusk stone and walah! a honchkrow!!

    hopes this helps!!
    my unbeatable team!!!!!!!!!!
    Lucario lvl 100 moves: Dark pulse, hyper beam, iron tail, rock climb
    Whiscash lvl 100 moves: Surf, waterfall, rock smash, strength
    Magcargo lvl 100 moves: Flamethrower, overheat, rock smash, fire blast
    Infernape lvl 100 moves: Cut, blast burn, overheat, flamethrower
    Ledian lvl 100 moves: Solarbeam, giga impact, double edge, focus blast,
    Staraptor lvl 100 moves: Fly, defog, hyper beam, brave bird

    Tips, tips and more tips!:
    starapter is easy to get but very powerful so stay cautious!
    Hyper beam TM very usefull!
    I think those pokemon are the best because none are legendary so easy 2 get!
    To get more rare candys give one to a pokemon, breed pokemon with rare candy and egg will have a rare candy, P.S. i havnt tried this yet so if it dosent work im very sorry!
    Mysterious Natu
    You know how every pokemon has hes/her own ability? Well, usually Natu has the one Synchornize (passes status problems). I have met a lot of Natus in many games, but as my fourth Natu in Diamond, the Natu's ability was Early bird (recovers quickly from sleep). I bet other pokemon can have these rare abilitys...
    Mystery Gift
    At the Jubilife television station, talk to anyone you see. If you find the person enter "EVERYBODY HAPPY". Then for the WiFi people enter "WI-FI CONNECTION". Those will get you Pokemon such as Arceus, Shaymin, and Darakai. Note: You must have a WiFi or DS wireless link cable.
    Mystery Gift
    A Mystery Gift is something you can get in Battle Revolution, they are special items that you can transport to this game Pokemon Diamond. It is also used for getting legend items like the Azure Flute.
    Mystery Gift
    This is how to get a mystery gift:

    1. Go to the Jubilife TV station in Jubilife City.
    2. Go to the 3rd floor.
    3. Talk to the man in the lower room (he's on the left).
    4. The first two words you tell him are ''everyone'' and ''happy''.
    5. the second two words are ''wi-Fi'' and ''Connection''.
    This will then unlock the Mystery Gift feature on the main menu.
    1. When you go into it you can recieve your gift 3 ways: Friend
    2. Wireless
    3. Wi-fi (kinda) -- while you won't get a gift from this cheat, just get the option to receive it, but when pokemon announces when the mystery event will be, go receive wifi and if you are lucky, you might receive a mystery gift/ legendary pokemon/ wicked sweet area/ ticket/ member pass.
    Name Change
    Giving a Pokemon a nickname is always fun. However sometimes when acquiring a Pokemon in a trade you may find it has a name you don't like, if it can evolve you can fix this.

    Simply evolve the Pokemon and it will no longer have its given name from the original trainer, simply what Pokemon it is. After this you may change it to whatever you like!
    National Dex
    This isnt really a cheat but instead of catching all of the pokemon to get the national dex, in diamond and pearl all you have to do is SEE all of them. If you beat the champion and fight most or all of the trainers, you should see all of the pokemon. If you are playing diamond, you can see a picture of palkia in a big hous in celestic town which will count as seeing it. Same thing with pearl but you will see dialga.
    National Dex/Completing the Shinou Dex
    Luckily, in this game, all you have to do to complete the Shinou Dex is SEE all the Pokemon in the Dex, as opposed to catching them like in previous games. And once you see all the Pokemon, you unlock the National Dex. There are 151 Pokemon in the Shinou Dex, but not all the new Pokemon are included in it.
    New Evolutions
    Magneton = Magnezone
    Level up in Mt. coronet
    Likitung = Lickylick
    Level up one that already knows Rollout, or level one up until it learns it
    Rhydon = Rhypherior
    Trade it with the Protecter
    Porygon2 = Porygon-Z
    Trade it with the Dubios Disc
    Nosepass = Probopass
    Level up in mt.Coronet
    Dusclops = Dusknoir
    Trade it with the Reaper Cloth
    Tangela = Tangrowth
    Level it to L.33, let it learn ancientpower and it evolves
    Electabuzz = Electrive
    Trade it with an thunderizer (held by wild Elekid)
    Magmar = Magmortar
    Trade it with the item a wild Magby holds
    Togetic = Togekiss
    use a Shiny stone on it
    Yamma = Yanmega
    Level up to L.33, let it learn Ancientpower and it evolves
    Evee = Leafeon or Glaceon
    In Eterna forest, find the moss rock and level up an Eevee near it. At route 217, find the icy rock and level up an Eevee there too.
    Snorunt = Froslass (girl)
    Use a dawn stone
    No more confusion or sleeping.
    (In battle) When your pokemon is confused, shout "Snap" into the microphone. When your pokemon is asleep, shout "Wake Up" into the microphone.
    It will not work on the 1st turn (when they become infected) but will work about 99% of the time after that.
    Dead serious, it works!
    Have the Game Boy Advance game Pokemon Ruby in the cartridge slot and search for Nuzleaf at Route 229, it should appear in the bushes.
    Obtain all starters (2 DS and games required)
    Simply begin a new game, picking the starter that you don't want as your main. Make it through until you get the opportunity to trade. Ensure you have a 2nd Pokemon, then trade with your friend, the starter. Reset the game, erase the save file and repeat again, with another starter. Repeat the procedure, picking the 2nd starter. Upon the 3rd time, ensure you capture 2 wild Pokemon, and trade them for the starters.
    These starters will act erratically when you have insufficient badges in comparison to their level. For extra measure, give the Pokemon items before you trade them, so that they appear on your original file.
    Odd Keystones
    Most People Say that there is only 1 Odd Keystone. Well... THEY'RE WRONG!!! It's true you can get a keystone from the man but why waste your time trying to find him? You can get as many Keystones as you want just by digging in the underground, Keystones are uncommon to find but you can have as many as you want. Note: This doesn't really matter because you can only catch one Spirtomb anyway.

    Hope that clears that problem up.
    Old Chateau Ghosts.
    Okay for all you n00bs that don't know what the Old Chateau is it's a very large building in Eterna Forest that you need Cut to get into. Okay then back on track. Go to the the Old Chateau at night but do not go in you can find an Insect Plate in the wall at the white fence. The exact postion is this. Key:W=Wall F=Fence G=Grass D=Space I=Insect Plate.
    WG F

    Okay after you get the Insect Plate go into the Old Chateau and go to the statue and press A it will say the statue looks like it's glaring. Go inside the door and if your character doesn't walk forwards exit and enter if the ghost still oesn't appear keep exiting and entering. You will eventually see the ghost. And the ghost looks like Wattson from R/S/E!!!
    The second ghpst can be found if you go up the stairs and go into the door above the dining room door. Finf the door that leads to the room woth the watching painting* and keep exiting and entering until you see the girl ghost. After that it's time for the third ghost...well ghost-type go into the room with the TV and if you've gfot the national dex press A on it. I should ask you if you want to thump the TV say yes and Rotom will come out at Lv:15 so pack 6 poemon at Levels 14-18. You can find the Old Gateau in the room on the left of the dining room and you can find TM90 in the room that the girl appears in and you can find a Dread Plate inb the room next to the TV room.

    *=If you pit R/S/E/FR/LG in the DS you can find Haunter and gengar in here but they are rare.
    Old Chateau's secrets
    As I'm sure you know, there is a haunted house called the Old Chateau. After you get the National Pokedex, go back to the haunted house at night. Go up one of the staircases and go through the door in the back. You will now be in a hallway with 5 doors. One of these doors will be right in front of you. If you walk to the right a little, there is another door. Go in and out until your character stops by itself on the inside. Look to the room on your right and you will see a little girl. She will float out of the door(rather than walk). Then go out of that room and go to the entrance room. Go down to the door with the statue next to it and touch the statue. Then go through the door. Your movements will again be arrested for a short time. An old man sitting at the table will float out of the room. The girl can be seen multiple times, but I've only seen the old man twice. Go try it.
    Only on Diamond
    THere are a few pokemon that can only be caught on Pearl and Diamond some of which are:

    Murkrow : Diamond, Eterna Forest and Lost Tower.
    Honchkrow : Use a Dusk Stone on Murkrow.

    Misdreavus: Pearl, Eterna Forest, and Lost Tower.
    Mismagius: Use a Dusk Stone on Misdreavus.

    Mr.Mime: Diamond, Route 222, 218
    Lavitar,Pupitar, and Tyranitar: All pokemon on Diamond you can catch Lavitar on the grass patch right above Olburgh City.

    Slowpoke,Slowbro,Slowking: All on Pearl Route 205(Eterna side).
    Spheal,Sealo,Walrien: All on Pearl, you can catch Spheal on the water way outside of the Fight area.

    Cranidos,Rampardos: Diamond, go under ground and dig up a Skull Fossil.
    Shelidon,Bastiodon: All on Pearl, go undeground and dig up a Armor Fossil.

    Glameow,Purgly: Pearl Route 222 and outside Canaleve City.

    Dustox: Pearl.
    Beutifly: Dimond.

    These are just a few off them so happy hunting!
    Other Pokemon for Amity Square
    Have you ever said to yourself, "I want to take other pokemon into amity square"?. Well after obtaning the national pokedex, you can now take torchic, shroomish, skitty, and jigglypuff into amity square. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
    Passing On Natures
    If you want to breed Pokémon with a certain Nature but don't have time to hatch endless amount of eggs, catch a ditto (or trade for one) that has the Nature you are looking for. Then give it an Everstone and breed with any Pokémon and the baby will have that Nature.
    After you have gotten Manaphy into your game, breed it with a Ditto to make a Phione. It is the same as Manaphy except it has lower base stats and doesn't have Manaphys 2 Signature Moves.
    First you need manaphy from pokemonranger.Then breed manaphy with a ditto.(which you can find during the game I think...)Then go get your Phione.Walla!Hope it helps!
    In case someone doesn't know...
    In R/S/E you have to get two pikachu to breed, so that you'll get pichu, right? Well, Diamond is a lot more simple, if you want a pichu.
    1.) Fly/go to Hearthome city and then walk down south to the mansion.
    2.) Go to the mansion and enter the trophy garden.
    3.) Go and walk in the tall grass. You will find pichu there.
    4.) Pichu isn't rare, so if you faint it or something else you can just look for another one.
    5.) Pichu is on about lv. 15 there. You can also find Pikachu there and after the national dex you can find many other "rare" pokemon like Eevee, Castform etc.

    -I saw a list of the pokemon you can get from the trophy garden after national dex here. Just look for it <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/a_tongue.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
    Want to know an easy way to determine whether your Pokemon has poke'rus or not? Simple! Just look at the Pokemon's summary!

    If it has PKRS next to it's name then you know it has Poke'rus.

    Remember to infect all your Pokemon (including those you don't use and put them in a box, it freezes the virus so you can then spread it to any new Pokemon you acquire later).
    Pokedex Fun!
    When using your Pokedex to check out your Pokemon, be sure to look at the weight feature! It compares yours to the Pokemon in question. If you get one of similar weight nothing interesting happens, but try picking a really heavy pokemon and get ready for a laugh!
    Pokemon Diamond Version GBA Cartridge Extras
    Unverified. Insert the GBA cartridges to find the following Pokemon (you still need to find and capture them yourself).

    Seedot -- Hakutai Forest, Route 203, Route 204
    Nuzleaf -- Route 229
    Mawile -- Iron Island
    Zangoose -- Route 208
    Solrock -- Thrust Lake, Thrust Lake Surroundings, Wisdom Lake, Aspiration Lake, Tengan Mountain, Departure Springs, Return Cave

    Lotad -- Route 203, 204, 205 North, 212 South
    Lombre -- Route 212 South, 229
    Sableye -- Iron Island
    Seviper -- Route 208
    Lunatone -- Thrust Lake, Thrust Lake Surroundings, Wisdom Lake, Aspiration Lake, Tengan Mountain, Departure Springs, Return Cave

    Pineco -- Hakutai Forest, Route 203, 204, 229
    Gligar -- Hard Mountain, Route 206, 207, 214, 215, 227
    Shuckle -- Route 224
    Teddiursa -- Route 211, Wisdom Lake
    Ursaring -- Wisdom Lake, Route 216, 217

    Caterpie -- Route 204 South
    Metapod -- Hakutai Forest
    Ekans -- Route 212 South
    Arbok -- Safari Zone
    Growlithe -- Route 201, 202
    Elekid -- Route 204 South, Powerplant

    Weedle -- Route 204 South
    Kakuna -- Hakutai Forest
    Sandshrew -- Lost Cave
    Sandslash -- Route 228
    Vulpix -- Route 209
    Magby -- Hard Mountain, Route 227

    Any Pokemon GBA Cartridge
    Haunter -- Forest Mansion
    Gengar -- Forest Mansion Room with eyes
    Pokemon Diamond Version Hint - Cresselia
    First, go to Canalave City (Cresselia is in both Diamond and pearl versions). Look for the boy in Sailor Eldritch's house. Talk to the boy in bed and he will be saying something in his sleep, something about Darkrai.

    Talk to the mother next to the boy in bed. Next go outside of the house and talk to the sailor next to the ship that takes you to Iron Island. He will say something about a Crecent Wing. Then he takes you to an island. On the island, there should be a clearing, go into it. Then you should see a pink-yellow pokemon.

    Talk to it, and it will appear on your screen and will be added to your pokedex. then it will disappear. Its kindda like catching Mesprit.

    If you did not get the pokemon leauge or get all the pokemon in the Shinoh Pokedex, you cannot catch Cresselia. Now if you did not get the pokefinder application, it will be much more difficult to catch Cresselia.

    This is how you get the app, you have to go to the Poketech company in Jublife City, talk to theman next to the desk on the FIRST FLOOR, He gives you like 6 or 7 apps, the pokefinder app is the second or third one he gives you, YOU CAN GET THEM ALL IN THE SAME DAY! Now, good luck catching Cresselia, oh and one more thing, i think altering between route 205 and the Valley Windworks isthe best way to use. And you should stock up on MANY quickballs. Happy hunting!
    Pokemon Diamond Version Hint - Legendary Pokemon Dialga
    You will need Surf, Rock smash, and Rock climb. I suggest you keep a master ball for Dialga (you can clone it using the GBA Pokemon clone trick).

    Go to Mt. Coronet, left from Hearthome city. Follow a path until you find a way out of the cave. But don't go threw it, go up and you will find a place where you can use Surf, go past it and go on land. Use rock climb on the wall, go up the stairs and follow the path to a door that leads to more stairs. Go until find a door that leads outside and move forward until you see a place where you can use rock climb just once.

    Go left through the grass and go in the cave. Follow the path and you will be at spear pillar. Don't go up by the three people because they are the Team Galactics' generals. Save your game. When you beat them you will have a chance to catch Dialga.
    Pokemon Diamond Version Hint - Lots of Masterballs (or Other Items)
    After you obtain the National Dex in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl, you can go to Pal Park, where you migrate Pokemon from a Gameboy game to your DS cartridge. So, clone a million masterballs or other items on Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, Fire Red, Leaf Green, or Emerald, give them to pokemon, migrate the pokemon, and viola, millions of that item on Pokemon Diamond/Pearl.
    Pokemon Diamond Version Hint - Mining Clue
    When you get the explorer kit from the old man in Eterna city (the house beside the pokemon center) use it and go underground. On your upper DS screen there are yellow glowing dots flashing on and off. Go up to one on the upper screen and look at the bottom screen. Click on your bottom screen to search for the glowing dot. When you find a glowing dot (only in walls) go up to it and click A. Then you will be in the digging screen, And use the hammer or pick axe. When you dig you will see 4 layers:

    A rock
    A dark brown spot
    A lighter brown spot
    the wall (which is un brake-able)
    when you see a light brown layer with a crack in it, look carefully through that crack. If it has a white spot ignore it (wall). If the spot has a different color click the spot because something is hidden there.
    Pokemon Diamond Version Mystery Gift
    This is how to get a mystery gift:
    Go to the Jubilife TV station in Jubilife City.
    Go to the 3rd floor.
    Talk to the man in the lower room (he's on the left).
    The first two words you tell him are ''everyone'' and ''happy''.
    the second two words are ''wi-Fi'' and ''Connection''. This will then unlock the Mystery Gift feature on the main menu.

    When you go into it you can recieve your gift 3 ways:
    Wi-fi (kinda) -- while you won't get a gift from this cheat, just get the option to receive it, but when pokemon announces when the mystery event will be, go receive wifi and if you are lucky, you might receive a mystery gift/ legendary pokemon/ wicked sweet area/ ticket/ member pass.
    Pokemon Diamond Version Unlockable Legendary Pokemon Heatran
    This legendary can be male or female but cannot breed. Get your national dex and go to the island in the north and east. When you get to Stark Mountain, you must team up with someone to go through the place. The trainer will take the item and depart. Head back to the Survival Area, and your "partner" will be inside a house. Talk to her and she'll leave.

    You have only one chance to capture Heatran, so save the game first. Return to the mountain, and Heatran will be waiting. The pokemon is at level 70. Heatran can learn the following moves:

    Level 1 - Ancientpower
    Level 9 - Leer
    Level 17 - Fire Fang
    Level 25 - Metal Sound
    Level 33 - Crunch
    Level 41 - Scary Face
    Level 49 - Lava Plume
    Level 57 - Fire Spin
    Level 65 - Iron Head
    Level 73 - Earth Power
    Level 81 - Heat Wave
    Level 88 - Stone Edge
    Level 96 - Magma Storm
    Pokemon Diamond Version Unlockable: Lucario Egg
    After beating the fifth gym leader, you can SURF to the city that is next to Jubilife City X3. Be sure to have an empty slot in your Pokemon party. When you arrive, go across the bridge and down to the boats to sail to Iron Mountain.

    There is a guy named Riley at the mountain that wants to cross the mountain with you. Take him along and fight through the mountain until you reach Galactic Grunts 1 and 2. Riley has a L34 Lucario. The grunts have a Glameow and Goldbat. Provided you win, Riley will give you an egg that hatches into an L1 Roilu after you travel 6500 steps (or so).

    You can clear the step counter application for the Poketech and use that to count your steps. Roilu is the pre-evolved form of Lucario and when it loves you in the day time it will evolve. Feed Roilu its favorite flavor (Poffin) or train it to L30. If you have the friend application, check that to see if Roilu
    pokemon gba listing
    Seedot -- Hakutai Forest, Route 203, Route 204
    Nuzleaf -- Route 229
    Mawile -- Iron Island
    Zangoose -- Route 208
    Solrock -- Thrust Lake, Thrust Lake Surroundings, Wisdom Lake, Aspiration Lake, Tengan Mountain, Departure Springs, Return Cave

    Lotad -- Route 203, 204, 205 North, 212 South
    Lombre -- Route 212 South, 229
    Sableye -- Iron Island
    Seviper -- Route 208
    Lunatone -- Thrust Lake, Thrust Lake Surroundings, Wisdom Lake, Aspiration Lake, Tengan Mountain, Departure Springs, Return Cave

    Pineco -- Hakutai Forest, Route 203, 204, 229
    Gligar -- Hard Mountain, Route 206, 207, 214, 215, 227
    Shuckle -- Route 224
    Teddiursa -- Route 211, Wisdom Lake
    Ursaring -- Wisdom Lake, Route 216, 217

    Caterpie -- Route 204 South
    Metapod -- Hakutai Forest
    Ekans -- Route 212 South
    Arbok -- Safari Zone
    Growlithe -- Route 201, 202
    Elekid -- Route 204 South, Powerplant

    Weedle -- Route 204 South
    Kakuna -- Hakutai Forest
    Sandshrew -- Lost Cave
    Sandslash -- Route 228
    Vulpix -- Route 209
    Magby -- Hard Mountain, Route 227

    Any Pokemon GBA Cartridge
    Haunter -- Forest Mansion
    Gengar -- Forest Mansion Room with eyes
    Pokerus is a condition you get from Wild battles. It gives you double Effort Value points.

    If you ever get this condition, put your pokemon in the lead and fight some battles, it will spread the conditions. Afterwards, get a useless pokemon, such as Bidoof, and spread it to them. Put them in your PC, and pull it out when you need to spread it. Pokemon do not lose Pokerus in the PC.
    If you have shiny pokemon in your party that has Pokerus and a normal pokemon that has pokerus and they both caught pokerus at the same time then the Shiny Pokemon will have it longer!
    Pokerus - Have I had it?
    Pokerus lasts for about 24 hours. After it's run out the Pokemon will no longer have it and it'll be immune (unable to pick up the virus again).

    To tell if the Pokemon's already had Pokerus simply look in it's summary and at the right hand side of it's picture. If there's a little smiley face there you know it's had Pokerus and is now immune to it.
    Pokerus Highlt Contageous
    If one of your pokemon has Pokerus then run for about 15 minutes and eventually all your pokemon in your PArty will have pokerus...
    Pokémon Exclusive to Diamond and Pearl
    Pokémon Exclusive to Diamond (you can't get these in Pearl unless you trade):


    Pokémon Exclusive to Pearl (you can't get these in Diamond unless you trade):

    Poor Infernape/Hints on my Pokemon with the Elite 4
    I would like to point out the fact there are A LOT of people beating down on Infernape because Torterra knows earthquake or Empoleon Knows blahblah well in my opinion Infernape is great because:
    1.The 2,7, and 8 gym leader is weak against Him(Fire)
    2.The other gym leaders can be weak to if along the way he learns his fighting moves
    3.The 1 elite four BUG leader is a breeze
    4.Champion Will piss you off but with good Moves it can be normal also good back up

    Now Infernape is good but even though he's my fav the dude sucks crap in HP and Defense.

    The Pkemon I used to beat the Elite 4:
    Infernape:Close Combat,Fire Blast,Flar Blitz,Cut
    Infernape: Level67
    Machamp:Vital Throw,Submission,CrossChop,Wake-up Slap
    Machamp: Level47
    Palkia:Water Pulse,EarthPower,Dragon Claw,Special Rend
    Palkia Level63
    Empoleon:HydroPump,AquaJet,Drill Peck,Cut
    Empoleon: Level80
    P.S I borrowed this from my friend
    Staraptor: Level34
    Haunter:darkPulse,Shadow Punch,Shadow Bal,Payback
    Haunter: Level44
    This was my team it worked perfect Haunter can be good because Levitate makes ground type move suck really bad
    Thank you For reading!!(that is if you did)

    Power to the Poffins!
    These are some tips that work for me when making Poffins.

    1. Friends are good! The more people, the better the Poffin, and you get as many Poffins as you have people. For example, you and two friends are cooking Poffins. You will each get 3 of the Poffins you cooked up!

    2. Never use the same Berry as your friend. It will make a Foul Poffin. Foul ones still work, but the ones I made were level 2 so I don't think they work very well.

    3. The flames around the pot change color. Watch the color to know how close it is to finishing, and how fast to spin. Here are the colors and my tips for each color:

    Red Flames: Spin from the outside of the Poffin towards the inside, getting faster as you go.
    NOTE: Yes, I copied this from someone, but I only copied it because it worked. Why would I use it if it didn't work?

    Yellow Flames: The Poffin has started to get thicker, but can still spill easily. Spin along the outside edge of the Poffin, but slowly so it doesn't overflow.

    Blue Flames: Throw caution to the wind. The Poffin has solidified and can't spill, so whirl it around as fast as you want!
    NOTE: Some people are skeptical of this, knowing that Poffins can overflow while cooking. If you are one of these people, make a Poffin that you aren't going to use with a Berry you never use but have too many of. Try it, and when it works, I told you so. I guarantee that this will work, and if for some reason your Poffin is glitched, then don't believe me and make bad Poffins. I don't really care.
    Quick Egg Hatching
    To quickly hatch an Egg go to the Cycling Road South of Eterna City and have a Pokemon with Magma Armour or Flame Body (Slugma or Magcargo) and just keep going up and down and you'll get you're Egg hatched a lot quicker than walking or not having a Pokemon with the two abilities
    quick lvl-ing hint
    okay, pick two pokemon to leave in the day care.then go to hearthome city route 209, and find the exact line that lets you go straight up and down through solaceon town, (where the day care is) on route 210, and ride your bike up and down for a loooong time and your pokemon in the day care will level extremely quickly. (if you find the line thorugh the long grass, it will show you the line you can go through to route 210.) also, if you have the day care app, you can check up on them as they level. *its a straight line that takes you from the bottom of the map all the way to the milk bar, where the psyducks are or used to be.*
    Quick way to level up Spheres
    It's really easy. My brother discovered it while playing the Ruin's Game.

    Okay so go underground with the Explorer's Kit (of course) and take out your spheres. Bury the same colored spheres in the same spot and they will all combine into a higher level sphere! You can put as many of the same color sphere in the same spot to combine them. Just dig them out when you are done. In the end, you get higher level spheres to trade the trader guy and a lot more space in your sphere bag!

    Note: You can not combine two different type of spheres together.
    Quilfish.....a forgotten pokemon???
    My recent study (talking to friends, looking at pokemon websites blah blah blah......) have gone to show that a Quilfish, a useful, base (non-evolution) pokemon has gone unknown for quite some time.a water type that can learn many good moves is found in one place! i will tell you about this pokemon in a minute.




    50/50 gender ratio

    Iron Island by the boat

    1 in 7 chance to find one

    attack is good, defense is so-so

    easy to get used to (friendly very quick)

    a rare pokemon that can be used to beat the E4 at Lvl 100.

    hope this helped!
    Random tips.They are completely random.
    Sooooooooooo.Here they are.

    tip 1:To catch azelf and uxie, don't bother with ultra balls.Use timers or dusk balls.
    tip 2:Make sure that you don't miss the adamant orb behind dialga.It does help.
    tip 3:To beat the elite four,make sure you have a ghost type attack/pokemon.
    tip 4:To catch giratina...well I really don't know how to get there...but to catch...I got mine with a timer,but I think dusk balls are good,too.
    tip 5lay at night!That makes pokemon easy to catch with dusk balls.And most legendaries are in caves, so even better. tip 6:From experience,if you chose turtwig as your starter,make sure it has crunch or bite.

    Well,that's all for now,but I should have more some other time.maybe.hopefuly.possibly...
    Rare items
    Some items, also rare items can be obtained by these few ways:
    -Itemfinder: You may find anykind of items as hidden items. Use your itemfinder to locate them and pick them up.
    -Pick-Up ability: If the pokemon with this ability is in your party, it will occasionally find items, even rare ones like evelating stones, power-up items, berrys etc.
    -Thief: Use this move on different kind of pokemon and you might get a rare items, examply Pikachu may hold a VERY RARE item called Light ball (an item held by Pikachu. It powers up Pikachu's special attack). Also Staruy may hold starpiece or stardust, Shellder may hold pearl or big pearl... When you cathc a pokemon, if it's holding an item, you get it.
    -Honay-gather: A combee finds occasionally honey when traveling around.
    Rebattle Arceus
    If you have an AR and have gotten the Azure flute, when you go to the location to use it and the stairway will appear. When you battle with Arceus, if you accidently make him faint, don't worry as you can re-try be leaving and re-entering the area.
    After you beat the elite four fly to snowpoint city and go into the snowpoint ruins. Go to the bottom floor and challenge regigigas. hes at level 70. Remember, you cant battle it unless regirock, regice, and registeel are with you.
    Rhyperior may be terribly slow, but if you Baton Pass it some speed from Agility, which could come from a Pokemon like Zapdos, then it can use it's huge attack without worrying about attacking second.
    Riolu Egg
    Go to Canalave City and be sure to have an empty slot in your Pokemon party. Go across the bridge and down to the boats to sail to Iron Island.

    There is a guy named Riley on the island who wants to cross the island with you. Take him along and fight through the island until you reach Galactic Grunts 1 and 2. Riley has a L34 Lucario. The grunts have a Glameow and Goldbat. Provided you win, Riley will give you an egg that hatches into an L1 Riolu after you travel 6500 steps.
    Go to the haunted house at night. Go to the T.V. You will encounter Rotom.It will say "There is something in the T.V. It appears to want to come out,thump the T.V?" Say yes.

    Have the Game Boy Advance game Pokemon Leaf Green in the cartridge slot and search for Sandshrew at Wayward Cave, it should appear.
    Scout the Safari Zone!
    Up on the top floor of the entrance building to the Safari Zone you will find three sets of binoculars. It costs 100 Poke Dollars to use one pair. It'll then flick through different areas of the Safari Zone and what Pokemon you can find there. It is well worth doing this to figure out where any rares are. (Also, after you get the National Dex you can see Pokemon not in the Sinnoh Dex)
    Seals in Solceon
    First, go to Solceon town. Near the exit at the top on your right there is a hidden opening; go inside!

    There will be 4 ledges within; jump down the fourth one and you'll enter another ruin.

    There is a kid in that ruin. Find him and talk to him so he will leave.

    Go forth and catch all the Unown. They only know hidden power, so they can't do much damage to your Pokemon.

    Go back to Solcean town and locate the same ruins. Jump down the third ledge (not the fourth one) instead to find a house.

    The kid from the ruins will be there and if you speak to him after capturing all the Unowns, you get a Seals.
    Make sure you have a Pokemon in your party that knows Cut.Go down the Cycling Path in Eterna City.Once you are out of the building at the end,go to the right and cut down the 2 trees.Go across the bridge and past the hiker until you reach a cave entrance.Go inside.If you are looking to add a Bronzor to your party but don't know where they thrive,you have come to the right place.As you enter,you will notice the only thing you can see is yourself.Dark,isn't it?It's optional,but if you want to,go to the Veilstone City department store where you can buy the TM Flash.(it will make your opponent less accurate.)It will light up the cave out of a battle.I don't really know where the cave leads yet because I haven't had time lately,but happy exploring!
    see yourself on tv on every show!!!!!

    first you should be interviewed a few times by the reporter.
    places you can find th reporter (that i kno so far) :

    1. hearthome city-contest building
    2. poketch place
    3. tv station
    (i cant remember the rest)

    anyway after youv been interviewed go to the tv stations main lobby and go over to the tv (after waiting a few days for th reporter to enter you in the show) and watch whats on. it will always be what you were interviewed for. you can watch yourslf on tv however times you were interviewed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    shaymin rock
    if you ever wonder where shaymin rock is you have to have the national dex first. then you go to the elite 4 cave at the back exit near elite 4 and then you will see that the tunnel that used to be blocked by some guy is open you get through (you also have a girl who wanted to go to the exit of the cave) and then when you come out the other side you keep going and you will have to battle a few trainers and at the end of the trail there will be shaymins rock and you will need a AR to catch shaymin
    Shedinja from Nincada
    Okay, this works for the previous generation too(Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald) but it's still something many people forget. If you have a Nincada that you want to evolve, keep it with you, but have at least one spare space in your party. That way, when Nincada evolves, you will have a new addition to your Pokemon Shedinja! It's basically just the skin of the Nincada, which is now a Ninjask. Shedinja possesses the awesome Wonder Guard ability, known only by Shedinja and a few special Spiritombs. Wonder Guard means that the Pokemon will only be hit by super effective moves-in Shedinja's case, as it is Bug/Ghost it will be hit by moves such as Dark, Fire and that lot. And if you have a Wonder Guard-imbued Spiritomb, it will be totally invincible because it is Ghost/Dark, meaning it has no weaknesses! Okay, the only thing that can apparently hit it is fire, but that spoils it...
    Shiny Pokemon made easy!
    No doubt many of you are tired of trying to find a shiny in the wild. Have played hundreds of hours, searched over and over in the same area or tried chaining with the Pokeradar. There is an easier way.

    Trading is a big part of the Pokemon game and it will help you obtain a shiny easy! All you have to do is go on the GTS (Global Trading System) which is to the west of the Pokemon Centre in Jubilife City. Then you access the GTS system and search for the Pokemon you like. If you're lucky enough one day you may find some one has put up a shiny Pokemon which you can then trade for!

    The only drawback to this is you may not have the Pokemon they're looking for, however keep trying I managed to get four shiny Pokemon in 1 day this way.
    Shiny Starters and Legendaries Easy
    Obtaining a starter or legendary Pokemon works in a different way to engaging any normal one. You control when you meet them, therefor you have more control on getting them in shiny form! However I suggest you use a Master Ball because this process still takes a while and if you don't catch them the first time (while they're finally in shiny form) you'll go crazy.

    Before you obtain your starter/legendary save the game. Then choose/battle them, if they're shiny this time (you must be very lucky!) catch them! If they're not (which is what will happen) then you restart and try again. Each time you restart it changes around the odds. This time they may be shiny, they may not. However this is a good and effective way of getting a shiny starter or legendary, though it can get boring and time consuming depending on your luck.
    Shocked hiker
    Every1 remember shocked hiker? Well, it's not anything special. Actually, this works with ALL hikers. Just go 2 or 4 steps behind the hiker and it's eyes go bigger. This is because of the new 3D type of graphics that make a graphical error when moved into this propositon. So it's nothing special, as you see. It works on every hiker <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/a_tongue.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
    Shortcut through Mt. Cornet
    Once you defeated or captured palkia if you go back to Mt. Cornet but don't go the way you have to go to get to spear pillar after you use rock climb somewhere on Mt. Cornet(outside)there will be an entrance go in and you will find a rock wall somewhere, go down the rock wall and then go forward then there will be a few rocks use rock smash on all of them keep going forward and you will find an entrance go through it, keep walking until you find a boulder use strength on it and then keep going right until you find an exit go through it and you will be out of Mt. Cornet.
    Skipping the E4 Credits
    After it's done with the small show it saves your game. Once it's done you can simply turn your DS off then on again and continue your game from the main character's bedroom.
    Slack Off Hippowdon
    Hippowdon is one of the best physical walls in the game thanks to its Ability, Defence and HP. To take full advantage of this, Hippowdon needs a healing move, and luckily there is a way to get one. Breed a female Hippowdon with a Male Slaking(there are a few others) which knows Slack Off, and when the egg hatches, it will be a Hippopotas with Slack Off.
    Slow down cries in Pokedex and hear Mario cry
    When you listen to a Pokemon's cry on your Pokedex, the bottom of the Pokeball with the lines can be tapped to slow down the cry sound.

    Mario's Cry
    Slow down the cry of some Pokemon in the Sinnoh Dex (for example, Starly) to hear a familiar sound from Mario.
    some suggestion for beginners
    beginning the game
    ever heard of the GET ALL THREE STARTERS theory? yes its like the best way to start any pokemon game (talking about the gym badge earning ones) incase u dont no, jsut get another ds and a game that the game is able to trade to, in this case, diamond or pearl.start ur game and get a starter that u dont think is the best one. start ur other game and wait at a pokemon center. (if ur starting both games, then get the second best starter and wait in a pokemon center when ur able to trade.) then trade over ur starter from ur game. delete ur file in the file uve just traded over ur starter then start a new one. then get the best start (get the second best starter if ur not starting both games) and get to the point where u could trade. catch 2 random pokemon and trade them over to ur other game and in return get the two starters. if ur not starting both games, do it again exept get the best starter. and of course i reconmend deleting the game where u recieve the starters just to trade it over to ur game that u want all 3 starters if ur starting both games. this is a pretty old cheat and its for like newbs. and by the way, i reconmend training all 3 at about the same pace and try to get ur best starter to a level or 2 higher than the other two. until the 2nd or 3rd gym leader u should train them at the same pace or try to. they are a vulnerable to psychic attacks until ur water starter evolve into a empoleon (third evolution) so get like a bronzor or gible or somthing to help u. and i also reconmend a starly and a shinx plus a magikarp if ull take the time to train its useless butt into a powerful gyrados! (kinda tried it but i suck with this patience stuff so i gave up!)
    Some ways to get powerful pokemon!
    Here are a few methods to have a powerful pokemon:

    1.) Feed the pokemon all the vitamins until it wont eat anymore. This requires a lot of money, if you buy them. But you know what secrets VS seeker and an Amulet coin does <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/wink.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> Now, you have raised the pokemons Attack, Sp.Attack, Defence, Sp.Defence, Speed and HP up as high as you can. This helps to get them powerful. For example I beated the pokemon league with just feeding all the vitamins to 5 of my best pokemon, all from lv. 52-55 (and I got help from fullrestores...).
    2.) Sleep-king: Get a pokemon who can learn these moves:
    -Sleep powder(can be placed by Sing or other move that puts the pokemon to sleep)
    -Dream eater (a powerful attack, first put the foe to sleep and then use this)
    -Rest(or something else that puts your pokemon to sleep and restores HP to full)
    -Snore(or simulra. When used Rest, you won't lose time as sleeping, but you can attack WHILE sleeping. This is good on snorlax <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/a_tongue.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> )
    3.) Many types: You know normal pokemon can learn many types of moves (fire, water, ice, electrk...). A powerfull pokemon can be a normal pokemon. Just make sure he/she has enough defense against it's weak spot like fight type. Now teach that pokemon many type of moves, one of each type like upper mentioned. My Castform was really powerfull when he knew Thunder, Blizzard, Ice-Beam & a fire attack (can't remember wich).
    4.) Some "unexpected" moves. Examply when a Staravia evolves into Staraptor it wants to learn the move Close combat. It's a good move, and I highly recommend for learning this. It helps a lot. Examply fighting a steel or rock type of pokemon with Staraptor: Flying or normal type moves aren't good on rock or steel, so he/she's pretty helpless, eh? Well, Close combat is a fight type move (and a powerful one!) so he/she can easily win the match by useing that. Other unexpected moves can be found too. Like when breeding a baltoy and a gyrados with both holding some "i can't remember what" special item, the born baltoy knows Hydrobump (if the gyrados knew it).

    5.) If you are missing a certain type of pokemon to win some match, another type of pokemon might learn a good move for that other pokemon, so just keep trying. (example: your friend has many fire type of pokemon, but you don't have a good enough water type pokemon to cool them down. You can use a normal type pokemon and teach him/her a water move like surf. Normal isn't even weak against fire, so...
    Other example:
    Empoleon can use peck or drill peck on a fight type to smash him/her down.

    Hope I helped you if you had problems to get a powerful pokemon. And if you have another method that works, you can post your own or send me an e-mail.
    Special Seals
    Most people think the only place to get seals is in sunnyshore. Well their wrong. When you go into the cave next to solaceon town (not the tower) catch different type of "unknown". What i mean by that is different shapes. Go to different floors to find them. Then talk to the little boy. he will leave. Go to the house where you got the seal case. You will see the boy. Put your unkown in the front of your team. Talk to the boy he will give you seals that look like your unkown.
    To get spiritomb you have to talk to 32 people underground then use the odd keystone on the broken tower in route 209.
    You can talk to the same person 32 times to get spirtomb easily.
    Spiritomb and Sableye have a weakness!
    We all know that Spiritomb and Sableye don't have a weakness, but I found out how to get to their dark type weakness with fighting-type moves. All you need is a Pokemon that knows Foresight or Odor Sleuth. Use either of those moves on Spiritomb or Sableye and use a fighting move with the same Pokemon that knows either of those moves. A good combo would be Lucario,
    Lv: 42, with Foresight and Close Combat.
    close gombat
    brave bird
    aerial ace
    If you are looking for the best starter to choose, go with Turtwig. There is no fire gym therefore you will not easily be beaten. There is also a water gym which would destroy your Chimchar but Turtwig, which should be around Torterra by now, would wipe out Wake's team. The second gym would beat your Piplup but it would be evenly matched against a Turtwig. Just a quick tip.

    (If you prefer to get another starter than go ahead. It was just a little tip!)
    Starter Guide (Quick)
    Which Starter Pokemon should you choose for your adventure? Well...

    Chimchar: Versatile and helpful for the second Gym, but that may cause you to overlook some other good battlers. It will, in the Elite Four, only be helpful against the first one, number two will kill it, number three tough.... You'll need a well-formulated team and a lot of luck....

    Piplup: Great for the first but not the second Gym, Piplup has great stats and its later gain of a Steel type will only remedy its weaknesses. Unfortunately, Water is a very common type and has been adequately defended against, so beware.

    Turtwig: Great for the first Gym. The awkwrdness of Turtwig's earlier stages will force you to create a well-balanced and protected team, the kind of team you want. It in its third evolution is very hardy. Fire types are scarce and Bug types weak, so...

    Final Decision: well, it's up to your preference, but Turtwig sounds the best, in perspective.
    starter help
    the starters have the following properties:

    turtwig: a good grass type that will make the game easier, it can fare well against pokemon it's weak too & can give you a slightly harder time in the second gym.
    type: grass.
    evolution: grotle (grass), torterra (grass/ground).

    chimchar: a lively fire pokemon with a good speed stat, it isn't a bad choice, but there are a lot of places where this pokemon gets a rought time.
    type: fire
    evolution: monferno (fire/fighting), infernape (fire/fighting).

    piplup: not the best of choices, but once fully evolved, it will give other pokemon a hard time taking its health, it isn't a great choice but if trained well & ahead, it will do well.
    type: water
    evolution: prinplup (water), empoleon (water/steel).

    I recomend turtwig for the easyest play, chimchar for people who realy know what they're doing & piplup if you're the kind of person that hangs around training loads, & I mean loads.
    begginers should go for turtwig (or if your a more experienced begginer, chimchar).
    Stat Boosting Moves
    Throughout the game, you will no doubt come across stat raising moves. Such moves include Bulk Up, Calm Mind or Dragon Dance.

    When looking at the description of the move it'll say it raises the stat/s mentioned by one stage.

    Now you're probably wondering to yourself, how much is one stage? One stage means the stat will be increased by x1.5 of it's original total.
    Strong Rival
    If you want to face your rival's pokemon, beat the Elite Four and he'll be at the Fight Area on Saturday and sunday with pokemon in the high 50's/low 60's, but if you want to battle him w/even stronger pokemon, beat the ELite Four 20 times and visit him.
    Stronger Ambipom
    Ambipom has two abilities, Technician and Pickup. If you want Ambipom to be strong in battle, make sure it has Technician then when you use moves with under 60 base power like Fake Out, Double Hit and Pursuit, they will be two times stronger.
    Stuck in the mud!
    If you ever find yourself stuck in the mud, at the great marshes or somewhere else, then just press all of the direction buttons and then you should hop out.
    Substitute And Focus Punch
    If you have a pokemon with great attack and horrible speed, like Machamp, then use sub and focus punch. They go great together, you sub, then focus punch because instead of attacking you, they attack the sub giving you the turn to use focus punch.
    suite key
    go to near the enterace to valor hotel form route 213 use item finder you will see something is the suite key pick it up and go to the lady this open the suite
    Switch the order of your pokemon's move
    This is like so strange but when I was messing with my game I figured out how to change the order of a pokemon's moves!

    for example in battle my chatot's moves look like this:

    /Chatter/ /Fury Attack/
    /Thief/ /Mimic/

    out of battle they look like this:

    Fury Attack

    okay here is the actual tip: summary your pokemon's moves out of battle then push the /a/ button and scroll down to the move that you want to move (haha)then push /a/ and scroll up to the desired postition yah! you changed the order of the moves.

    Team Position Checker
    Another use for the Friendship Checker!

    Simply go to the application or reset it by going in/out of a building to see the Pokemon in your team arranged by where they are in your actual Party.

    So for example you have from first to third Zangoose, Froslass and Staraptor you will find top left is Zangoose with Froslass beside it and Staraptor below it.
    The (bay far) Easiest Way to Catch Legendary Pokémon
    Ok... many of these tips say to use a lot of different types of poke balls to catch the legendary Pokémon, like Azelf, Cresselia, Mesprit, and Uxie. One even said try using 50 ultra balls and 50 timer balls on Cresselia! That is crap! Ok, even if you don’t have the master ball or you don’t want to use it, they are not that hard to catch.

    On your first turn in battle with any of the legendary Pokémon, use a quick ball. most of the time, you will have 1 chance to attack or catch the legendary Pokémon, before they flee, then you will have to find them again, using one of the poke-apps, that shows where that Pokémon is.

    every turn you run into that Pokémon, after their first flee, it counts as a whole new battle, (meaning that your turn, now, after coming in contact with this Pokémon, after it fled the first time,) so for your first time in this reencounter, use another quick ball, and there is an equal chance of catching the Pokémon on this turn, than on the very first turn you ever seen it, in a cave or something like that.

    Here’s an example: I find Mesprit in a cave for the first time in the whole game. I use a quick ball and it fails, and the Mesprit flees. I find the Mesprit again, and use a quick ball on my first turn in this encounter, too. Now, I have seen Mesprit 2 times, both in different encounters, at different places, at different times. Still, on each of my first turns with the Mesprit, on all of our different encounters, I have the same chance of catching it. So, if a Pokémon runs away after your first encounter with it, like Mesprit and Cresselia, the number of in-battle turns restarts the next time you run into that Pokémon. so if I keep running into the Mesprit, and it runs away 10 times, (lets say,) then on my 11th encounter with it, my first turn in that battle will be turn number 1, not turn number 11, so the quick ball will be the best thing to use, and the timer ball will be the worst thing you can use, because it counts as your first turn for every encounter with that Pokémon.

    I know this was kind of confusing, but I hope it helped you. Take care and God Bless.

    The Best Starter Pokemon
    I choose Infernape because it can beat all the Pokemon Gym, Even if Roark(Oreburgh Gym Leader) is a Rock type,Monferno can beat it
    because it has the move Mach Punch(Fighting Type) at Lvl. 14. Infernape can also beat Wake(Pastoria Gym Leader)which is a water type trainer with the move Close Combat at Lvl. 41.Infernape can also beat Fantina(Hearthome Gym Leader)which is a ghost type trainer with the move Punishment at Lvl. 33.If you have any comment PM ME......
    The New Ralts
    In Diamond and Pearl, the Ralts family has gained the ability to branch of into different pokemon for the final form.

    If you have a female Kirlia it'll be a Gardevoir as per usual. However if you have a male Kirlia and use a Dawn Stone on it, the Pokemon shall evolve into a Gallade! It also picks up a second typing, fighting.
    The Themes And Samples Of Accessories Of The Pokemon Contest
    The Colorful
    The Created
    The Solid
    The Gaudy
    the Festive
    The TV pokemon:Rotom!
    To get the TV pokemon it will have to be at nighttime on your game.After you have beaten the elite four and the credits have rolled you can roam wherever you please.Travel to Eterna city.Go left out into the forest.Gardenia will be outside a wall of trees.Walk up to her and she will notice you and tell you about this place.When she leaves cut down the trees and enter The Old Chateu.To get the TV pokemon you will need to go up the left stairs and enter into the door in between the two flights on the 2nd floor.In here you can see what is in each room.Go to the one with the TV. Go up and hit A.It should say something and you will start the battle.If not come back later at night.
    Rotom:LV 15 Moves:Thundershock, Confuse ray, Uproar, Double team.
    Rotom is at a pretty low level so unless you plan on chucking pokeball after pokeball I suggest bring some lv 15-20.Start by weaking him til hes in the yellow.Then use some move to either freeze,paralyze,or put him to sleep.Finally you can start on the pokeballs.For a quicker capture bring some ultra balls and BOOM!Congratulatios you have got your self a brand new Rotom! Hope this helps.<img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
    The Walking Thing In HeartHome City What Pokemon You Can Take
    Tip to catch Dialga/Palkia
    Well obviously you can only catch one of the Pokemon. In pokemon Diamond you recieve Dialga, and in pokemon Pearl you recieve Palkia. Well anyways I have pokemon Pearl, and this worked for me, so anyways as soon as you get into battle with Dialga/Palkia just throw a Quick Ball.

    It's that easy. If that doesn't work this should (it might, not sure yet) send in a pokemon and just keep using weak attacks, and keep healing that pokemon so Dialga/Palkia doesn't make it faint. Then once you think you have been batteling for a long while use a Timer Ball.
    to get a pikachu or pichu
    Go to the pokemon mansion garden. Then go on one patch of grass and just move around on the spot to get Pikachu/Pichu.
    Torterra + Wood Hammer = Best Poke!
    Hey, do you know that when a Turtwig is born it can almost beat the heck of an LV. 30 STEELIX! Well if you have a Torterra already and dont have the move WOOD HAMMER your in luck!

    1. Go to Pastoria City
    2. Find the MOVE RELEARNER and talk to him (make sure you have a HEART SCALE with you )
    3. Make him see your Torterra
    4. choose to make him learn " wood hammer "
    5. he'll get the heart scale from you and teach your poke the move
    6. now do anything you want but please RATE THIS TIP!


    SEE YA!
    Remember, some Pokemon only evolve by trading.

    Some examples for the regular Sinnoh, not-National Pokedex:



    Onix--TRADE(while holding Iron coat)--Steelix


    Here to help!

    Scizor will also evolve from trade with a Metal Coat on a Scyther, and he forgot to mention that you can catch Steelix in Iron Island.
    Transfer Items
    Once you get The Nat. Dex you unlock the pal park in which you get pokemon from your other games. All you have to do is put the items you want on the pokemon your migrating to diamond/pearl and when you catch them they will have the items even master balls.
    translation of meassage in the solaceon ruins and other tips
    (note: i figured this all out on pokemon diamond, and some things may differ on pearl.)

    as you know, when you walk into the solaceon ruins, you'll notice the lettering on the wall. if you use logic, you can figure out what it says without a key, but to save some of you the trouble, it says:

    "top right, lower left, top right, top left, top left, lower left."

    basically, it means to go to the top right staircase, then lower left, etc. once you've gone to the last room, you'll notice more writing. also, the "D" unown is located in that room. the writing on that wall translates to:

    "friendship. all lives touch each other lives to create something anew and alive."

    not to mention there are four items on the floor for the taking. there's a rare candy, a nugget, an odd incense, and a mind plate. after all this it's best to have an escape rope with you, but you can just go back the way you came.

    hope this helps.

    (also, if you don't know where the solaceon ruins are, just go to solaceon city, go to the far right of the series of ledges and then down until you see a cave. there they are.)
    Treasure Hunt!
    To do this you must first have a Pokemon in your team with the HM Surf and the item finder application for your Poketch.

    Surf up the water on Route 205 until you reach Fuego Ironworks but go to the land on the southern side instead and proceed through the opening.

    You will now find yourself on a large expanse of land covered in the flowers known to Floroama and paths that seem to make a kind of maze through them.

    Now begin using the application all around the field to find the following items (multiple times for some):

    -Paralyze Heal
    -Hyper Potion
    -Full Heal

    Then a couple rare items (only one of each):

    -Leaf Stone
    -Miracle Seed
    Underground Item - Shard
    Ever wondered what those broken shards from the underground are for? When you've collected a fair few of a certain colour, go to Pastoria Town and then travel west until you encounter a house just before the Great Marsh. In this house you may exchange the shards for TMs!
    Underground Tip
    Requires 2 players.

    First, put a few traps outside the base where the person is busy stealing. When they come out, they should stand on the trap.
    Take there flag and get it back into your base.

    Simple, but works.
    Underground Tip
    When digging in a wall, first get out your Hammer and hammer around all four corners. If you find anything, Pikaxe it out. Then Hammer in the middle and if you see anything Pikaxe it again.

    If you don't see anything after doing the above, Pikaxe everything else.
    Want BIG spheres, but don't want treasures? Go to Fullmoon Island and go underground, and in the corners, you find a hiker that will give sphere's for treasures. Theres one in every corner.
    underground:99 size gems
    just bury the gems (you might want to classify by color) then leave them there and then just leave for 2-3 or so weeks (only for the ones that grow fast the other will take a bit longer) and youll have size 99 gems.
    Unknow's Writing on the walls
    You know that weird unknown writing on the walls in the solaceon ruins, there's a message to it. When you first walk in the ruins the writing tells you directions to the basement,it says
    "Top right
    lower left
    Top right
    Top left
    Top left
    Lower left"
    then when you get to the basement it says
    All lives
    Touch other
    Lives to create
    Anew and alive"
    Unkown Cave hint
    There is a cave in Solaceon Town where you ca find all 26 Unknowns. When you entre there is a wall with writing on it but it's in Unknown language, it gives you directions to the end of the cave. It says:
    Top right
    Lower left
    Top right
    Top right
    Top left
    Top left
    Lower left
    Follow these directions and at the end there is more writng on the wall, this says:FRIENDSHIP ALL LIVES TOUCH OTHER LIVES TO CREATE SOMETHING ANEW AND ALIVE
    Although I'm no exactly sure what this is supposed to mean I hope it helps
    unlock pal park
    to unlock pal park for your game all you have to do is get the national dex and then you can trade all the pokemon from your emerald, ruby, sapphire, firered, or leafgreen game's.
    Upgrade Trainer Card
    Your trainer card when you begin the game is colored red. When you complete certain tasks, stars are added onto your card as a sort of prestigious recognition for your efforts. In the same way as in the previous generation of Pokemon, these stars will be accompanied by the change of your card's color. They are typically obtained in order.

    Black Trainer Card (Five Stars): Win 100 times in a row at the Battle Tower
    Blue Trainer Card (One Star): Beat the Elite Four
    Bronze Trainer Card (Two Stars): Defeat all of the Master Rank Contests
    Gold Trainer Card (Four Stars): Capture 482 different Pokemon
    Silver Trainer Card (Three Stars): Complete the Underground Flag minigame with friends

    Go to florama town. Go up you will enter a flower meadow. Talk to the man you can buy honey for 100 points. Slather it on the tree next to the house.When the tree starts to wiggle save the game.There is a 60% chance it will be combee. If it is not a girl turn it off then back on until you see a female combee. Then evolve it into Vespiquen.

    Note: This process may take up even to hours. The more honey you put the longer it will stay there.
    Vitamins are Friends, not useless items.
    If you ware very rich in BP or Pokebucks, have a Pokemon with a moveset decided, then feed it the vitamins that raise the stats that are effected by the moves. It really helps instead of having random stats.
    Want a rare free gift? You've got it!
    Go to Hearthome city. Go to the top left hand corner of the city and there will be a dead end. move right a bit, and on the road going down, you'll see a guy with grey hair. Talk to him, and his name is mr goods. If you dont already have the item he'll give you, you'll get something!!!!! It rocks!
    way to arceus, shaymin, and darkrai revealed
    Other that using action replay, there is another way of getting those pokemon.

    when a nintendo event is announced, go to the event and use mystery gift to see if they are giving out 3 items: azure flute (required for arceus), member pass (required for darkrai), and oaks letter (required for shaymin).

    once you get azure flute go to the spear pillar where Diaga was. take a few steps forward and it will ask if you want to blow in the flute. say yes then the flute will make a sound quite familiar. once the song is over a stairway will appear. go up the stairway but save before you get to the top because you will automatically engage in a battle with arceus and wont be able to save by then. it will be level 80 and there is only one, so dont knock it out.

    once you get member pass go to the house in canalave that was locked. there will be a diary or you will automaticly be in new moon island save then battle. if u got a diary then go to the sailor. dont knock it out and it is at level 40.

    one you get oaks letter go to the end of route 224 where the white rock is. professor oak will be there. talk to him and then you will be required to type in something. after that a long route will appear and shaymin will come down. then he will go back to the route. go through the route (it is very long) and then you will end up in flower paradise. save then battle it. dont knock it out and it is at level 30.

    thats all!

    way to make money and level up pokemon
    go to the hotel place next to Pastoria City and go into the restraunt (there will be a waiter inside). talk to the people at the table and they will ask if you want to battle. say yes and start to battle them. their pokemon range from level 30-36, which gives about 600+ EXP points to level up pokemon and the reward money is ranged from about $400 to maybe more than $1000.
    this can be really useful when you have a fairly low level pokemon and you have an exp. share. just give the pokemon the exp.share and battle the trainers inside and the pokemon will level up soon. you can do this everyday, but only once, and there are new trainers there everyday with different pokemon so there is a variety of battling. GOOD LUCK!!! (some of this stuff i just wrote to take up space
    Weather tips & helpers
    Some things to keep in mind are how the weather is helpful. For instance, Rain:Boosts water-type attacks! Lets the move Thunder hit with perfect accuracy!
    Sunny:Boosts fire-type attacks! Lets the move Solarbeam be used without waiting 1 turn!
    Hail:Boosts ice-type moves! Lets the move Blizzard hit with perfect accuracy!
    Sandstorm:Boosts ground/rock-type moves! Increases rock-type pokemon's Sp.Defence in battle!

    Hopefully my gems of wisdom helps you as much as it helped me!!!
    What to Do?
    After beating the Elite Four, here are some things you can do to keep yourself occupied...

  • Continue beating the E4 and make your pokemon stronger.
  • Go after the Legendaries: Mesprite, Uxie, Azlef, Rotom, Giratina, Heatran and Cressila.
  • Challenge yourself in the Battle Tower
  • Train a competitive team for WiFi.

  • Where to find 3 odd keystones {why would you need 3?}
    The first you find near the berry masters house there is a karate guy who will give you one and tell you the vital instructions to get spritomb

    The next you find in Twinleaf town you need surf in is in one of the trees you can touch using surf on the left side

    And finally the third can be found underground but is quite rare

    If anyone needs any hints email me.
    WHere to get Uxie,Mesprit and Azelf!
    ok, so after you beat the elite 4, go to the 3 diffrent lakes. and then use surf and go towards the middle of the lake, youll see a cave then go in that cave and well, there it is! so ya. and also Azelf is REALLY hard to catch! and Mesprit once you get to him, hell disapear! so thrn your gonna have to catch him. and trust me, thats not easy either.

    P.S. make sure you have PLENTY of pokballs! (i would use your master ball on Azelf.
    Which Starter to Choose?
    It depends how good you are, not stats and moveset.

    If your good at the game and don't mind waiting till lv18 till it evolves this is the one if you don't mind about its speed.

    Evolves at lv16, useful for experienced players mostly.

    If your a beginner choose Piplup, its moves are simple enougth to remember how to use easily. Evolves at lv16.
    Winking girl
    Go to route 204 and go where the bug catcher is walking, then go into the corner of trees and watch the girl on the left as you walk 1 step left and 1 right!!!!!
    Winning a contest of "smart" <last appeal="appeal"></last>
    Get a driblim with Ominous Wind and shadow ball
    >NOTE: this only works with smart.
    First use ominous wind then shadow ball. USe that Combo over and over again till the end.
    winning at the game corner
    Okay, slot players, here's how it goes.
    When youre playing on the slots, sometimes you'll see a pokball on the bottom screen. If you stop the reels from left to right then, you'll line something up. these Pokeballs can tell you what youre going to get too.
    this is shown by the type of Pokeball:
    Pokeball= pokeball bunch
    greatball= replay
    ultraball= pikabolts
    safariball= moonstones
    premierball= any of the above

    these Balls are also the key to unlocking the Clefairy bonus rounds. Secret: There are actually two Clefairys! One is a Ditto, as can be told by the face, and will only last 1-5 rounds. Real clefairys last much longer.
    The Clefairy bursting out of the ball doesn't mean the bonus round's started. you will get a big bonus during this phase. then it will start.
    Once the bonus rounds have begun, Clefairy starts pointing at reels. Stop them in this order. But if the moon turns red, DON'T!
    Have fun with all your prizes from next door!
    Yay For VS. Seeker!
    We all (or most of us) know that around the Fight Area, Resort Area, and the Survival Area there are a lot of trainers riiiight? And if you haven't noticed these trainers have pretty good pokemon. Low 50's to about 62. You can keep battling them thanks to the Vs.Seeker. They give about 2000 exp just like your Rival, but you don't have to wait until the weekend to battle them
    Your Dirty Badge ...
    Are all your Badges Dirty ??
    Then get rubbing them with your stylus and in no time they'll be sparkling in the light !


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    Any Pokemon
    This glitch will enable you to get ANY event pokemon, or any other pokemon for that matter.

    What you'll need!
    -Python 2.6
    -A few Python files to be linked herein
    -.PKM files of the pokemon you'd like to receive
    -Wifi access, of course

    1. If you don't already have it, download Python 2.6 ( <a href="http://python.org/download/" target="_blank">http://python.org/download/</a> ) and install it. Python is simply a programming language.

    2. Download these files ( <a href="http://www.mediafire.com/error.php?errno=320" target="_blank">http://www.mediafire.com/error.php?errno=320</a> ). Extract them somewhere nice and easy to remember. These files are programs written in Python.

    3. Download a couple .PKM files of your choice. May I recommend <a href="http://www.pkmdb.com/" target="_blank">http://www.pkmdb.com/</a> ? Here ( <a href="http://www.pkmdb.com/NDS-English-Event-Downloads" target="_blank">http://www.pkmdb.com/NDS-English-Event-Downloads</a> ) are their Event pokemon downloads (you want the pokemon files, not the Wonder Cards)

    4. Place them in the same folder as the sendpkm.zip files, the ones you downloaded in step two (not necessary, but makes it easier). Note: it must be designated as a Party Pokemon, not a Storage Pokemon. You probably won't have to worry about this if you're just downloading from the above site. However, this method works with pokemon files created through the use of Pokesav, too. NOTE: The GTS DOES still check for blatant hacks! Any moveset is allowed, but no 255 EVs in all stats or the like, else you won't be able to receive it.

    5. Drag and drop a .PKM file ONTO the file "sendpkm.py". It will open a dos prompt window that will say what IP address you need to enter in the next step.

    6. In your DS's wifi settings (accessible at the bottom of the Continue screen on your Pokemon game), assuming you've already got a connection to your local wireless network set up, click the settings for that connection. Scroll down a bit and, where it says something about the "DNS", change Autoconnect to "No", and manually enter the IP address that the dos prompt says (it should be a LAN address, so possibly beginning with 192.168 or similar). Save your settings and load your game.

    7. Go to the GTS in-game. Connect and if all went well, you will receive the Pokemon you uploaded! It will be sent to Box 1 in your PC, if your party is full. Oftentimes, the connection takes longer than normal to establish. It's okay, it's normal.

    8. Don't forget to set the DNS settings on your DS back to normal if you want to use official online functions!

    Credit To: shadowedyoshii, on LiveJournal
    Black nothingness room.
    Want to go into a room thats completely black and un-escapable?
    well theres a way!

    First, You'll need an action replay, with the walk/run anywhere cheat.

    Second, Go to any poke-Center and go upstairs.

    thirdly, save. If you just did something important save now, cause after you go in only way out is shutting off your DS.

    Lastly, Go to anyone of the doors that lead to Trade/Battle/Mix Records rooms. Then, just walk right in, its the blackest most un-escapable room in the game.

    Have Fun <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
    How to evolve pokemon without trading
    to evolve pokemon such as seadra and haunter without trading with anybody else, follow this cheat

    step 1: have a pokemon (with the correct item attached if necessary) that evolves when traded, eg. Scyther with metal coat, kadabra, magmar with magmariser
    Step 2: Go to the Global Trade Station
    Step 3: deposit the pokemon you want to evolve into the GTS, ask for something nobody will have like a level 9 and under Abomasnow.
    Step 3: trade any other random pokemon with someone
    Step 4: once you've traded, check the summary of your deposited pokemon, then return to the menu. "Summary" will have changed to "deposit pokemon".Dont't press anything, just immediately leave the GTS. Don't worry, your pokemon is safe.
    Step 4: Once you've left, go back in there straight away, the menu will once again say summary.
    Step 5: take your pokemon back. It will evolve once it has returned. I've received loads of pokemon like machoke and rhyperior using this cheat

    Invincible Pokemon With No Action Replay DS

    Go into a double battle with Alakazam and Shedninja, make sure your Alakazam is the fastest Pokemon. Have Alakazam use Role Play on your own Sedninja, it will copy Shedninja's Wonder Guard. Then have Shedninja use U-Turn. Get Spiritomb to come in battle to take Shedninja's place. Have Alakazam use Skill Swap on Spiritomb and it will have Wonder Guard. It's become a loop-hole!

    Wonder Guard- An ablility that makes the Pokemon only take damage from super effective hits.

    Spiritomb- A Pokemon that has a high defense stats; and dosen't have any super effective weaknesses.

    If you have followed each step CORRECTLY and CAREFULLY, your Spiritomb is now INVINCIBLE! It won't take any hits. Battles will be easy if you did this right.

    Spiritomb might take damage from side moves like Sandstorm and Future Sight. Also conditions like Poison or Confusion.

    There are 2 abilities to destroy this stragety:

    Mold Breaker: An ability that Pokemon like Cranidos and Rampardos have.
    Scrappy: An ability that Pokemon like Milktank and Kangaskhan have.


    questions, comments, or for more cheats and hints email me at <a href="mailto:vmgmonkey@gmail.com" target="_blank">vmgmonkey@gmail.com</a>
    Normal Ground=Bog?
    Very minor glitch. Go into any boggy area(e.g. Great Marsh Land) step into the bog and walk about 3 steps into the bog. Walk back out and for a split second when you are on the normal ground your character will be sunken in the ground slightly.
    Pomeg Berry HP Glitch
    This trick only works on a Pokemon who has not already had their HP EVs lowered through Pomeg Berries. Now get that Pokemon's HP to a critically low level like 1 or 2 during battle. Once you return to the field, use a Pomeg Berry on it to attempt to decrease its HP by 10; however, thanks to the current HP of the Pokemon, it will instead cycle their HP to a whopping 65,535!
    Ride down Cycling Road slower
    Basically, whilst riding down cycling road, with the bike set in 3rd gear (slower and easier to control), if you press down whilst riding down, you will cycle slower than if you were to leave it.
    The odd T.V.
    For this, you have to have action replay. As you may know, the T.V. in the Old Chateau says "it's like it's staring," if you go in the next room over, and walk through the wall into the room with the T.V, It will be like any regular old T.V. saying about MC. Also, if you're in the room with the T.V, (without going from the room next door) and you walk into the T.V and press a, it will be like any T.V. with MC again. How Odd!
    Things going on and off Bigger or smaller
    Hi there,
    You know if you go to the Old Cheatu in Eterna Forest,
    you go to the room with the picture you can see the eyes (in red) in a sort of blinking menor
    Same think if you are in Team Galatic HQ In Veilstone an in Prof. Rowans Lab (But these ones are the elctronic stuff lol <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> )

    Easter eggs

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    Another way to get Phione
    You will need a Wii, Ds and Pokemon D/P

    If you haven't already, go to the Wii shop channel, get 1000 points and download Pokemon ranch.

    As you progress through Pokemon ranch, Haley will occasionally want to trade Pokemon with you. Wait until she offers Phione. On Pokemon D/P, get the Pokemon Haley wants.

    To connect your D/P game to Pokemon ranch, play Pokemon ranch and select 'Connect to Ds' on the sidebar. It will say some random stuff before saying 'Waiting for Ds'. Start D/P but do NOT start your file. Wait until another option appears on the menu. The new option will be 'Connect to Wii'. Select that. Again, it will say some random stuff before showing a menu. The options are 'Deposit', 'Withdraw', 'Save' and 'Quit'.

    Deposit the Pokemon Haley wants and disconnect.

    Continue playing Pokemon ranch and you'll witness a short clip where you and Haley will throw pokeballs in the air. At the end of the clip, Haley will end up with the Pokemon she wanted and you'll have Phione.

    Congratulations! You now have Phione!

    NOTE: My friend said you can also get Mew doing this although I'm not entirely sure.
    Calculator Sounds
    When using the Poketch calculator application, if the total number that you come to when finishing a sum is equal to the reference number of the Pokemon you have, the game will play that specific Pokemon's cry.

    Example: 5+5 = 10
    You will hear the cry of Starly.

    Note: This will only work on Pokemon that you have recorded in your Pokedex as seen.
    Diamond Easter Eggs
    <span style="color:gray;">-</span><span style="color:maroon;">D<font size=1>iamond Dust-</span></font>

    <span style="color:maroon;">A</span><font size=1><span style="color:gray;"> cute little Easter Egg that can be found is on January 12th [Director of GameFreak, Is Junichi Masuda's Birthday] you can travel up to Snowpoint City and instead of the flurry snow storm it will be a more glittery diamond snow.</span></font>

    <span style="color:gray;">-</span><span style="color:maroon;">H<font size=1>appy Birthday-</span></font>

    <span style="color:maroon;">I</span><font size=1><span style="color:gray;">f you set your calender on your DS to your registered birthday and go talk to Dawn/Lucas in Sandgem Town after you beat the Elite 4 they will ask you if it's your birthday or not. Click 'yes' or 'no' and if yes they will wish you a happy birthday. If 'no' well, they won't.</font></span>
    Falling Diamonds!
    On January 12,(Junichi Masuda, the Director of Gamefreak's birthday)fly to Snowpoint City, instead of its usual snowfall, there will be falling diamonds!
    fast way to breed or get eggs
    Get bored of running around? heres a place that is right next to the day care center. first stand next to that cowgirl near the pokemon center. then get on your bike and go on your bike at full speed.you will go up few mud slides before you hit a tree. then go back down,all the way down. Repeat this few times. after you do it 2 to 4 times tap your daycare checker. an egg will come on the screen. Nothing will get in your way except maybe a guy who runs back and forth. works best if you have ditto. you get the day care checker from a hiker in the day care center. also works with cycling road. hope i helped!
    Hidden Keystone!!!!!
    [youll need swim] Go to twinleaf town and go to the bottom. there is water.go on the water and go to the trees. there is a keystone.
    Hidden Metal Coat & Magnet
    After beating the elite 4, go to Iron Island. The 6th gym leader is there inside Riley's house. Talk to him and he'll go on about Riley. He'll then say he's been wasting your time and give you a metal coat.Then go in,(you don't need to beat the elite 4 to do this)and go down the stairs on the right.on the very top left they'll be some stairs(not those ones that take you to a new room)then keep going down. the magnet should be on the ground.

    Metal coat=give to steel types for raised attack-may evolve pokemon while being held then traded
    Magnet=give to eletric types for raised attack
    Caution= do not sell!Metal coat and Magnet only sell for 50 pokedollers each and you could miss out on a special evolution
    Rare Candy
    You need the HM Surf for this (and a Repel if you want to avoid battling a few monsters!)

    Go to Route 218 next to Jubilife city and go to the second bridge that points to the the stones. Press A when you are facing the boulders and press yes. Go to the boulder in front of you. Then go left until you come to a small clearing. There you will find a Rare Candy!
    Twinkle,Twinkle Little Star on trainer card
    On the trainer card, it shows your badge case. You can open this and tap on the badges to make notes. I will show you how to play twinkle, twinkle, little star on this.

    Here are what the badges are represented by.

    1:Top left 2:Top middle-left 3:Top middle-right 4:top right
    5:Bottom Left 6:bottom middle-left 7:bottom middle-right 8:bottom middle-left

    Here is how to play it.

    1'1'5'5'6'6'5--- 4'4'3'3'2'2'1--- 5'5'4'4'3'3'2--- 5'5'4'4'3'3'2--- 1'1'5'5'6'6'5--- 4'4'3'3'2'2'1---

    You Are Done


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    cooking poffins
    When you are cooking poffins one way that i stir is. Stir until the batter reaches the top of the bowl. and when you feel like it is clos enough take the stylist off the screen and then do it over anover again
    Get Shaymin
    All you need is an AR and goto that silver rock and all you have to do is select the walk anywhere cheat and walk on the water until you see a weird path go down it and the it is!
    .:An easy way to get money and pokemon:.
    An easy way to get pokemon, and money is to get the explorers kit, and go underground. Underground, you can find lotsa fossiles (go to Oreberg, and have the museum guy extract the pokemon), shards, heart scales, plates, rare bones, thunder stones, fire stones, leaf stones (and every other stone in the game). You can put the things you can find in your bag, and go up to the surface, and sell them for lotsa money. Hope this helps.
    3 Different Burmys 4 Evolutions
    I'm sure you're wondering how to get an sandy, or trash cloak burmy/wormadam here is how to get them

    Sandy- Go into caves and train with Burmy till evolved it will be Sandy

    Trash- Go into a gym or a team galactic building and train it will be trash

    see ya next time with Cheats/Tips With TK

    6 Masterballs or Rare Candies a Day
    To attain 6 masterballs or 6 rare candies a day, you must have 1+ rare candy or Master Ball, Pokemon Emerald and Pokemon Diamond/Pearl. In pokemon emerald, go to the Battle Tower in the Battle Frontier, give your master ball/rare candy to a pokemon and use the Pokemon Clone glitch in Emerald untill you have 7+ masterballs/rarecandies. Then migrate the 6 pokemon holding those items to Pokemon Diamond/Pearl. Repeate this untill you have as maney masterballs/rarecandies as you need in Diamond/Pearl. Make sure that you leave at least 1 masterball/rarecandy in Emerald so you can clone it as needed.
    A strange glitch
    In canavale city or snowpoint city(harbor),enter the action replay code that make you pass through anything and go behind the sailor.When the ship sail,you can walk and you will be invisible!(it will stop when you will enter any house or mart)trange hein?

    all old starters in pokemon diamond or pearl
    this is pretty difficult u need a pokemon diamond or pearl and and pokemon game you can migrate to.first you hav to beat the elite 4 and earn the national pokedex in diamond or pearl.than get the game your gonna migrate to then start a new game and get one of the starters and earn up to 6 pokemon.then migrate your starter to your pokemon diamond or pearl game.
    boat leaves without you
    first you have to have walk or run through anything then go to canalave city and just like at snowpoint city go right behind the sailor and talk to him and the boat will leave without you
    change deoxys's form
    to change deoxys's form all you need to do is put him in your party then just walk up to one of the meteors next to veilstone city, and BAM...he changes form.
    Changing the level of Honey Tree Pokemon
    Save in front of a Honey Tree that contains a pokemon first, then see what the pokemon is. If you want it at a certain level, then you can simply reset it until you get the perfect level. It'll always be the same pokemon.


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    Changing your Swarming Pokemon
    If you HATE youre swarming pokemon that you got, or youre really desperate to find one, heres how you change it.

    1) Check your Swarming Pokemon
    2) See If you dont like it
    3) If you dont like it, Alter your DS time 1 Minute before the next day, [(Midnight, 00:00), So it should be 23:59]
    4) Wait 1 minute, until it is the next day.
    5) Check youre swarming pokemon!
    6) It should be different, unless you got the same pokemon 2 times in a row.

    EDIT::: Uh... yeah, everyone already knows that... its not an easter egg. Its an actual event to catch Spiritomb.


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    Copying Chatot
    You know Chatot can learn Mimic,but this is wierd.If you have 2-6 chatots in your party,and only one knows Chatter,use that Chatot ot create a cry and the other Chatots will have it as well!
    (Found out by accident!!!)
    In the Old Chateau, once you get inside go up the stairs and into the room above the Dining Room. You should be in a hallway. After that, go as far over to the right as you can. Enter the second door on your left. In the top right-hand corner of that room there should be a purple painting hanging on the wall. Walk up to it and stand two steps away from it. You should see small red eyes right in the center of the picture. Walk one step closer so you are standing right in front of it. The eyes will disappear, as if the picture knew you were looking!
    D/P Cloning Glitch!!!
    1. Log on to the Nintendo WFC.
    2. Select to deposit the Pokémon that you want to clone.
    3. Choose a bogus deal for your wanted Pokémon, i.e. a level 100 Abra.
    4. When the "Checking GTS Status" box comes up, pay attention to the little clock in the bottom right hand corner.
    5. When the clock has gone around 6 to 8.5 times, shut your DS off. There is no surefire way of knowing when to turn it off; just keep trying until you succeed.
    6. Turn your DS back on. A box will come up saying that your save file is corrupted. DON'T WORRY! This is completely normal.
    7. Load up your game and log in to the WFC again. If you did this glitch right, your Pokémon will be both on your game and in the WFC!
    8. Retrieve your Pokémon from the WFC. Voila! You now have two identical clones of your Pokémon!

    There is now a high risk for attempting this cheat.
    D/P Cloning Glitch: Foolproof Version
    I figured out a way to make sure you can't lose the Pokémon you are trying to clone! You know how you find Dialga/Palkia at level 49 and you can't breed them, even with Ditto? To get your Pokémon back every time, ask for a Dialga/Palkia level 9 or under. That way you will never have your offer accepted! I found this out on accident, I just thought of my Dialga while looking at how to do the cloning glitch with WFC and then it hit me!
    Daily things
    Every day of playing things change around so i made a list
    PS (this is what i use marking map for)

    Berry master- Left of hearthome
    Sinnoh Hiker girl-Pass
    Berry girl- Flormatown berry place girl in Bottom right corner

    Swarm-any TV or Dawns little sister(Sandgem)
    Trophy Garden-The owner
    Pal park-(works every 24 hours not influenced by next day)

    Massage-Veilstone (House Bottom of Gym)
    Therapy-Resort area Ribbion place (Note you need to be a member)

    Lottery-Jublife TV station
    Newspaper pokeballs-Solaceon Newspaper place
    Seals-Sunnyshore market
    Ribbion-Sunnyshore Ribbion maker
    Trendy words-Snowpoint city (top right house)

    Hope this helped
    Email me if you need help!
    First you must have unlocked Fullmoon island.Go there. Then you must have the ar DS version. When you get to Fullmoon Island just use the walk through walls cheat and go right and eventually you will get to Newmoon Island were you get Darkrai.
    day care center
    When you put in a pokemon in the day care for training it earns one exp. point for one step you make. So before you put a pokemon in the day care look at how much exp. it needs. Then look at your pedometer and then you poken earns exp.
    Ditto (pokeradar requiered)
    to get ditto go to route 218 and use pokeradar be patiant it is EXTREAMLY RARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Drifloon, Drifloon
    You know how drifloon only comes on friday days. Ok here's what u do to get 2 of them on the same day. You change ur date to Friday, then change to the time to around 5. Then u go to drifloon in the Valley Windworks. Catch it. Save. Then turn the game off. Change the date to thursday. Turn on the game. Walk around a little. Save. Turn off the game. Change the date to Friday again. Turn on the game and it should be there again. It SHOULD! It may not. I did this once. If it works, it rocks
    Easy Battle Points at the Battle Tower
    Play the single battle mode at Battle Tower and win 3 consecutive challenges (21 battles) and beat Palmer at the end to gain 20 BP, then lose the next battle. Repeat to gain as many points as you need.
    Eggs, Eggs
    This cheat will help you breed eggs until they're coming out of your ears! Also, Eevee lovers, the Eeveelutions are easier to get than they may seem! Here are my tips for Eggs:

    Definitely, you want good Pokémon. The best idea is to have good moves even if you don't have great Pokémon.

    Use low-level Pokémon if you're rich and have nothing to do with your money like me! The low-levels will get trained without you having to lift a finger!

    Use different Pokémon! I have some level 1 Eeveelutions, and each of them knows toxic because their father was a Stunky.

    The egg always takes after the mother with at least one move from the father. For example, Leafeon with Stunky might make a baby Eevee (if the Leafeon was a girl) that knows Toxic.

    Don't bother checking to see if your Pokémon like each other or not. My Leafeon and Stunky hated each other but made plenty of eggs.

    Note: I used my Leafeon and Stunky as examples because they were the two main mixes I made. Ditto also works, but since I'm having no luck finding them I used this instead.
    • You can get it when you first arrive at Canalave city. *
    Go to Canalave with an empty slot in your party ( or deposit you pokemon when you get there, like I did). Go across the bridge and talk to the sailor; he will then transport you to Iron Island. You will meet Riley; team up with him. He keeps your pokemon healthy, and he's trustworthy. Which is better, friends or enemies? You trotting along just fine in the mountain until some Galactic Grunts come along. But, never fear.After you beat them Riley rewards you with an egg! Inside it contains a Riolu, or a pre-envolved Lucario. It will hatch after about 7000 steps.
    And there you have it; thanks for reading!
    When you ever go to n event you notice you can't clone it because of the Classic Ribbon right?
    Well now you can just follow these simple steps:

    1)Have 2 DS's
    2)Get the event
    3)Trade the event to another game
    4)Delete the Wonder Card
    5)Then get another Event

    You have to delete the wonder AFTER you trade the event over!! If you don't you will never be able to get the other ones.
    Fool PalPark
    You need at least 2 gba pokemon games
    After you have transfered the pokemon you want move the time forward 1 day. Put in your other pokemon game and go to the migrate from menu and it will say do you want to format the game to match the ds. Click yes and it will make the game think its 1 day later. Put in the pokemon game you want to transfer from(it can't be the one you formated to match the ds time) and it will let you.This can be done as many times as you want per day.
    Well saving money? u can get pokeballs 4 free 1st go to a pokemon that knows fly go to slaceon town go to the house next to the pc talk to the man sitting on the chair he'll ask u to find a pokemon go capture the pokemon that he askeed 4 then place it in your party and show the man he will give u some pokeballs i got 6 duskballs& 2 great balls and 6 ultra balls from him.Or go in caves look 4 pokeball mabobs go to it might be a pokeball.
    well anyway goodluck
    FREE safari games (requires Action replay)
    Okay to get into the Pastoria great marsh safari games for free is to set, on your AR Walk/run through anything cheat then got to pastoria city and into the great marsh dont go through the normal way. Instead go to the far end of the stair but don't go up them walk through the wall and take a left into the door and TA DA you're you in the safari game for free. Sadly I have yet to discover weather the daily pokemon appear. Have fun

    get SHAYMIN!
    first get the walk through walls cheat... go to the shiny rock... and go straight up... all the way to flower paradise...
    Getting More Secret Base Flags
    You can can the same flag of the same person as many times as you want, and if your friend puts their base next to yours, you can go back and forth with them getting each others flags very fast.
    As long as you have Pokemon Emerald in the GBA slot, Gligars can be found under the Cycling Road or outside of Stark Mountain.
    Great way to get money and rare items
    Okay, all you do is get yourself six level 100 Linoone (or anything with the Pickup ability) and just go around killing stuff. Switch to Poketch application 5 and check to see if they're holding items. You can get things like Revives and Full Restores, or unbuyable items like Shiny Stones, Dusk Stones, Dawn Stones, Max Revives, PP Up, and Rare Candies. The very lucky will get Leftovers and TM26, the coveted Earthquake. Anything you want, you keep. Anything you don't need, sell. These items run up in the thousands.
    growing berries
    When you grow berries look at the soil. If the sand is sand colored then you should water it. You should plant the berry in a rain place. But if you forget allot plant it in a place that you have to water a lot. I am growing sitrus berries and i sugest using the growth mulch in flamora town near the flower shop
    Heracross can be found by spreading Honey on the tree in the route above Floarama Town.
    hidden lake (requires Action Replay)
    Okay, put on you action replay walk/run through anything then go to snow point city go to the space in between the city and the lake entrance. walk through the trees and there should be a body of water. You can fish in it but there are no pokemon.

    Hiker's big eyes
    You know the hiker's eyes are slits like this:-_-?
    Sometimes when the hiker is facing the front his eyes are big!
    Hope's tips
    Hello. Here are a few tips I found out in Pokemon.

    Tip #1. Whenever you're in a cave. Make sure to inspect every nook and cranny. I missed a few rare candies and mushrooms that way. Which means, use the Poketch as much as possible. Or look for a guide that lists every single item hidden in-game.

    Tip #2. This usually works for me. Smear a lot of Honey on a tree if you want a rarer Pokemon than those common bug Pok�mon. I got Heracross from doing around 10 jars of honey. Who knows, maybe 20 could attract Munchlax and its big belly.

    Tip #3: In the Underground mine, try to use a combo of hammer hts and pick-axe hits. When you use a hammer, try suspicous spots and make a grid-like pattern. When you Find a gem, use a pickaxe. If you're close to making the wall fall and you have only two to thre spots left. Try choosing the right spot to hit so it you get it before it collapses.

    Tip #4. Similar to the first tip, whenever you surf. Check every path and use the Poketch item radar, number seven. I was exploring and I picked up an item on it. Once I reached it, it was a Big Pearl.

    Tip #5. If you can't beat the champion with your current team and want a Pokemon that requires the National Dex. Try and keep your Pokemon alive until you reach Miltoic. If you can't beat it, then at least you'll be able to finish your Sinnoh Dex and get the National Dex.

    Thats it for now.
    How to Catch Legendaries Easily!!!
    What I suggest you to do when you are catching legendaries is save infront of them. Once I killed a legendary and I never saw it again.Second thing is that you paralize them and use an ultra ball. If you are in the cave, use a dusk ball. It's better. Third thing is that you use bad moves till the HP of the legendary is down to 1~6.
    Hope it works well!
    How to earn easy money
    You will need a high lvl Pokemon for this and Vs. Seeker.

    Go to Route 212, you the Vs. seeker and battle the Gentleman and Lady over and over again for loads of money!

    You get 12,000 PokeDollars for each battle and both only have 1 Pokemon so your getting a great deal!
    If you have an amulet coin a attached to the Pokemon your using to battle you'll earn double the amount!!
    How to evolve a kadabra etc. without trading it
    This is how you do it first you put youre desired pokemon you want to evolve in the GTS for me i did haunter and kadabra


    you must trade a pokemon in the GTS i did for example a shinx for a geodude

    then after you have completed the trade take out your pokemon and it will then evolve
    How to get an Electrive (Battle Revolution Required)
    On Pokemon Battle Revolution do this: Go to Self Introduction in your profile, and use the following code BA16-X4SH-E2AT, then go to the shop in Mystery Gift and it'll be transfered to you DS!
    how to get even more rare bones
    Go where Giratina was and get the rare bone go out then find the room where it was again and there is another one (I got like three of them with out noticing because I defeated Giratina and tried to find it again and I know you don`t care about this but after I defeated Giratina my golbat evolved into crobat)!
    how to get other fossils
    to get other fossils
    1. beat the league
    2. have the explorer kit
    3. go underground
    4. find treasure
    5. keep trying to find treasure until other fossils (besides Cranidos and Sheildon) are found
    How to get Regigigas easily!
    When you are in front of Regigigas, save and make sure you have at least 10 dusk balls. start battling, and use level 60 or 50 Pokemon to battle him. Keep using moves like Super Power, Zen Headbutt, or powerful moves that might weaken Regigigas' power. Attack him until it has a minimum of 1 HP and use your dusk ball!!!
    If it get out of it, use dusk ball again! If you are lucky, you might be able to catch it on your first turn. If not, do not give up! If you have other balls like great ball, quick ball, etc, use it too. It might help a lot!!!
    How to unlock the Mystery Gift
    To unlock the Mystery Gift, you must go to the Jubilife TV and talk to a man. Tell him EVERYONE(it might be EVERYBODY though) HAPPY and then say WI-FI CONNECTION.
    Human Ghosts
    Sometimes when you visit the Old Cheateau at night, an old man appears in the dining room and a little girl appears in the room next to the room with the red eyes.
    To get Leafeon, level up your Eevee near the Moss Rock, which is near the exit of the Eterna Forest. To get Glaceon, level it up near the Ice Rock, which is in the route on the way to Snowpoint City.
    Long Trail (for Egg hatching)
    Go to Solaceon Town, and go four steps left from the Pokemon Center's entrance. Get on your bike and set it on the highest speed, and start going up and down. You'll go through two routes and the Town by doing this.

    If you have a Pokemon with Magma Armor, your Egg hatching steps will be cut by a third, and you can hatch the Egg faster!
    lotto ticket prizes
    to get a free masterball, go into the TV station in Jubilife City. talk to the lady at the front desk and say yes when she asks if you want a lotto ticket. the lotto ticket will be compared with your ID #. They start with the last # going up. Here is the list of prizes:

    last #-contest backround
    last 2 #-PP up
    last 3 #-EXP. Share
    last 4 #-Rare Candy
    last 5 #-Masterball
    lving pokemon quicker
    Hi again so to do this u will need 1 vs seeker and your pokemon first go to a place with tough trainers u already bet then go to bag key items press vs seeker people who would want to battle u will have this thing appear on their head if the vs seeker hasnt been charged propoly walk 10 spaces then use it talk to the people who have the thingy on thier head to battle them
    ps u should give ur weakest pokemon the exp. share
    if u do not have these items u cannot use this cheat
    making songs
    to make beats all you have to do is tap on your badges and make songs
    Mansion Manipulation
    You can easily change what pokemon appear in the Trophy Garden. All you have to do is save your game before midnight and load it after midnight and talk to Backlot, the mansion owner.
    He will tell you which pokemon is currently in garden, if its not one you want press start+select+L+R to quick reset and load to try again.
    Everytime you load the pokemon will change.
    This is just like the lottery glitch in Emerald.
    Alltho is doesn't seem to work for the D/P lottery.
    Mising Number
    (1)You need an action replay to do this cheat.(2) Put on the walk through code.(3)Go to the daycare center and when the man gives you the egg go into the trees until the egg hatches and you are expecting the pokemon to happiny but it is the missing number.(You might not be able to put it in the PC)
    More Fossils
    After obtaining the National Dex, if you dig Underground, you'll find fossils from the previous generations, like the Old Amber and Root Fossils.
    More Treasure
    If you manage to dig up all the treasure before the wall collapses, then more yellow dots will start flashing on the radar.
    To get Munchlax you must spread Honey on the tree in the Valley Windworks. That's the main tree that will give Munchlax.
    Nintendo Event
    Once you go to the Nintendo Event, you will receive the item called: Azure Flute. With this item in your bag, go to the Spear Pillar in Mt Coronet where you battled Dialga or Palkia. Go to the symbol between the pillars and use the Azure Flute. Some stairs will appear that will go up to the Hall of Origin. Here Arceus resides.

    Be warned as it is the highest level Wild Pok�mon at Lv. 80 so be prepared:D
    Pal Park
    Pal Park will be on route 221 when you get the National Dex
    Pale sphere loss?
    Go and buy some digger drills underground from a trap trader with the the colour you want to buy the digger drills with. Most trap traders sell digger drills for a different colour. Then go to Pastoria Town, go underground with your explorer kit and sell the digger drills to the trap trader on the bottom left of that small area.

    it works the other way round too, get pale spheres (or any other colour) and buy digger drills and sell them to a trap trader who buys them for different colour of spheres.
    Poffin mixing tip
    When you begin spinning the poffin batter, spin the stylus along the edge of it to start it up and then move it towards the center of the batter and spin it in smaller but faster circles. When it switches direction, hurry and spin it along the edge again and move to center again as it gets going. This will reduce risk of burning/spilling it. Good luck.^^
    Pokemon available after National Dex

    Magnezone (#462): Catch or import a Magenemite (they swarm Fuego Ironworks), then get it to Magneton at level 30. Go to Mt. Coronet. Level your Magneton, and it will evolve.

    Lickilicky (#463): Catch a Lickitung (they swarm Lake Valor), then get it to level 33 to learn Rollout. You must level Lickitung with the move Rollout learned to get Lickilicky.

    Rhyperior (#464): Get a Rhydon by leveling a Rhyhorn (Route 227 and Stark Mountain) or catch Rhydon (Routes 227, 228, and Stark Mountain). Then, trade it while it holds the item Protector. It will evolve into Rhyperior.

    Tangrowth (#465): Get a Tangela (swarms on top of Mt. Coronet), then get it to level 33 to learn Ancient Power. Level it with that move to get Tangrowth.

    Electivire (#466): Import Elekid or Electabuzz, or catch Elekid on Route 204 South-Valley Windworks with Pokemon Fire Red in your DS. Trade Electabuzz while holding Electrizer to get Electivire.

    Magmortar (#467): Import Magby or Magmar, or catch Magby on Route 227 or Stark Mountain with Pokemon Leaf Green in your DS. Trade Magmar while holding Magmarizer to get Magmortar.

    Togekiss (#468): Import Togepi or Togetic, or catch Togepi on the small island on Route 230 using Pokeradar. It is rare but easily caught with Max Repels. Use a Shiny Stone on your Togetic to get Togekiss.

    Yanmega (#469): Import Yanma or catch Yanma in the Safari Game. Get it to level 33 for Ancient Power, then level it with that move for Yanmega.

    Leafeon (#470): Import Eevee or catch one in Trophy Garden (rare), or get one from Bebe in Hearthome City. Level Eevee next to the Moss Covered Rock in Eterna Forest to get Leafeon.

    Glaceon (#471): Get an Eevee, and level it next to the Ice Covered Rock in the snow, on the route south of Snowpoint City to get Glaceon.

    Gliscor (#472): Get a Gligar (Routes 206, 207, 214, 215, 227, and Stark Mountain with Pokemon Emerald in your DS), then trade it at night while it holds a Razor Fang to get Gliscor.

    Mamoswine (#473): Get a Piloswine from an egg or Swinub that swarms Route 217, and evolve it at level 33 to Piloswine. The only way to get Piloswine with the attack Ancient Power is from an egg. You must level up Piloswine with the Ancient Power move to get Mamoswine.

    Porygon-Z (#474): Get a Porygon or Porygon2. Trade Porygon while holding an Up-Grade, then trade Porygon2 while holding a Dubious Disc to get Porygon-Z. Porygon are rare in the Trophy Garden.

    Gallade (#475): Get a male Kirlia, and use the Dawn Stone on it to get Gallade. Kirlia is rare with Pokeradar on Route 203 and 204-south. Ralts is also found in the same way.

    Probopass (#476): Level up a Nosepass (swarms Route 206) inside Mt. Coronet. It will evolve into Probopass.

    Dusknoir (#477): Trade Dusclops (rare with Pokeradar on Route 224) while holding the Reaper Cloth to get Dusknoir. Duskull is found in the same way as Dusclops.

    Froslass (#478): Have a female Snorunt (rare with Pokeradar on Routes 216 and 217 and the grass around Lake Acuity). Use the item Dawn Stone to get Froslass.

    Rotom (#479): Go to Eterna Forest, and enter the Old Chateau. Find the television that is flashing, and interact with it until it asks you if you want to thwump the television. Do so, and Rotom will apear. There is only one, and it is level 15. Either bring low levels or very high ones, and just use Ultra Balls.

    Heatran (#485): After getting the National Dex and defeating the Elite Four, go to Stark Mountain. Go inside the mountain, and travel with Buck. Go to the end of the mountain, and he will take the Magma Stone. Exit the cave, and fly to the Staging Area. Go inside one of the normal houses, and talk to Buck. He will return the stone. Go back to Stark Mountain, and go to where Buck took the Magma Stone. Heatran will be there. It is level 70 and is a Fire-Steel type. Its final move is at level 96.

    Regigigas (#486): Import all three Regis (Regice, Regirock, Registeel) from Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald. Have all three in your party, and fly to Snowpoint City. Go into the temple there, and make it to the basement. Regigigas will be waiting there at level 70. It is a Normal-type and very strong, but has one major drawback. Its Slow Start ability cuts its Attack and Speed in half for five turns after each time it is switched into battle. Its final attack is at level 100. For Isgiga Impact, just buy the TM if desired. Go to the Move Tutor, and Regigigas can learn all the punches (Thunder, Fire, Ice, and Mega Punch).

    Giratina (#487): After getting the National Dex and defeating the Elite Four, go to the Spring Path off Route 214 that opened up. Go into the cave, and find your way to Giratina. It is a level 70 Ghost-Dragon type with powerful stats and moves. It learns Lucario's Aura Sphere for its final move at level 90.

    Cresselia (#488): Go to Canalave City (post-story), then go into Sailor Eldritch's house. There will be a boy in a bed and a woman. Talk to both of them, and Sailor Eldritch will ask if you want to sail to Full Moon Island. Do so, then go deep into the island and look at Cresselia. It runs off, and you must use the Marking Map Poketch to find and capture it as if it were Mesprit. It is a level 50 Psychic type and has surprisingly good stats all around for a level 50. It learns three signature moves at levels 66, 75, and 84. Its final move is Psychic at level 99.

    Phione (#489): Hatch an egg transferred from Pokemon Ranger. Raise Manaphy, then breed it to get Phione. Phione does not evolve into Manaphy. It is a moderate Pokemon in terms of stats. Rain Dance is its final move at level 69. It learns many typical Water-type moves, being a Water-type.

    Manaphy (#490): Hatch it from an egg transferred from Pokemon Ranger. It has less stats but more HP than Phione and is slightly more versatile in terms of moves. Its final move is at level 76, Heart Swap.

    Darkrai (#491): Darkrai is only obtained through a hack or a special item from a licensed Nintendo event. Use the item, then sleep in some hotel. You will wake up on an island, and you then can try to catch Darkrai. This Pokemon is extremely powerful. Its ability causes one eighth health damage every turn to sleeping enemies. Its final move is at level 93, Dark Pulse; but its best move is Dark Void. It puts both enemy Pokemon to sleep with 90% accuracy.

    Shaymin (#492): Shaymin is only obtained through a hack or a special item from a licensed Nintendo event. Use the item to go to Flower Paradise to find Shaymin. You must capture it there. Shaymin has average stats but is a strong support Pokemon for duo battles. Its final move is Seed Flare at level 100. This is a moderately good Grass-type Pokemon.

    Arceus (#493): Arceus is only obtained through a hack or a special item from a licensed Nintendo event. If you get this item, go to Spear Pillar's Hall Of Origin, and use it. It will produce a staircase. Save the game before you reach the top. Once you reach the top, you must battle. This is one of the highest level legendaries since Pikachu in Pokemon Red. It is either level 80 or 90. It has very good stats and is a Normal-type. Its ability allows it to change type, based on what Plate it is holding. For example, if it holds Dragon Plate, it is a Dragon-type. Its final skill is at 100, Judgment. Judgment's type is based on what plate you have equipped. It does 100 with 100 ACC and 10 PP.
    pokemon diamond
    cheat 1' theres a haunted house just at the end of enterna forest if you go at night there will be a man walking and walks through the wall then a rubbish bin will have a antidote in it p:s it scared me out of my pants!
    Pokemon Diamond Version Unlockable: Lucario Egg
    After beating the fifth gym leader, you can SURF to the city that is next to Jubilife City X3. Be sure to have an empty slot in your Pokemon party. When you arrive, go across the bridge and down to the boats to sail to Iron Mountain.

    There is a guy named Riley at the mountain that wants to cross the mountain with you. Take him along and fight through the mountain until you reach Galactic Grunts 1 and 2. Riley has a L34 Lucario. The grunts have a Glameow and Goldbat. Provided you win, Riley will give you an egg that hatches into an L1 Roilu after you travel 6500 steps (or so).

    You can clear the step counter application for the Poketech and use that to count your steps. Roilu is the pre-evolved form of Lucario and when it loves you in the day time it will evolve. Feed Roilu its favorite flavor (Poffin) or train it to L30. If you have the friend application, check that to see if Roilu likes you or not.
    Pokemon Level Rewards
    First you'll need to go to route 221 and look around for a house. once you find it, talk to the man inside and he'll tell you to bring him a pokemon that is a certain level. once you bring him that pokemon, he will reward you with a prize which is a handy battle item. but he only has 3 prizes. here is the list of the three prizes he will give you:

    first prize- Black Belt
    sencond prize- Expert Belt
    third prize- Focus Sash
    Quickly Get And Hatch Eggs
    In Solaceon Town, there is a narrow straight really long road. Ride your bicycle up and down it. You should go as far up as the moo moo milk place and as far down as the tower. It counts for more then 100 steps so you should hatch and get eggs much much faster.
    rare bone
    Go back to the where giratina was and you will find a rare bone in the exact place you fought him.

    Note:The rare bone is sold for alot of money
    Rare Pokemon
    Before talking to the owner of the pokemon mansion, save the game, so that when you talk to him he will tell you if the rare pokemon in his garden is the one you want, otherwise reset your DS.
    rarities cheat

    Drifloon can only be caught on Fridays, at the "Valley Windworks". If your DS is not on time, you can always look on your Calendar app for your Poke'tch (you can get that at the old man's house, in Sunnyshore city, after showing him a serious pokemon).

    Items at Amity Square:

    If you take Pikachu, Clefairy, Psyduck, Pachirisu,
    Happiny, Buneary, or Drifloon out for a walk in aAmity Square, after 200 steps, you will have a new, wonderful item (items vary with different pokemon[most evolutions of that pokemon will also work in this 'operation'.

    I have no life and the book of cheats specifically for the pokmon D/P versions, so send me an e-mail containing the Q's taht you have about the game, and I'll send you the A's.

    All of the beginning rare pokemon:

    If you have a friend that just got this game, ask them to continuing starting the gam over at least eight times so you can get all three of the beginning pokemonso you can get all of the free poke'balls that you can possibly think of getting.
    (You will figure out of this reason when you are getting things in Solacean Town.
    Really strong rival battle
    All you have to do is go through the elite four and champion and enter in to the hall of fame 20 times and then go to your rival in the fight area on a saturday or a sunday and he will be rarin for a battle with incredibly high pokemon.
    To catch the King of the Regi's firstly migrate Regirock, Regice and Registeel into the Palpark and Catch them.
    Then Put them in your party and travel to Snowpoint City and enter the Snowpoint temple reach the bottom floor and then talk to Regigas to battle him
    It is lvl 70 so be prepared
    If you were ever wondering where to find riolu or lucario, you have to go to iron island. iron island is located north of the twn to the very right of Shinnou, sorry i forgot what it is called. After you beat the thing going on in the island than the man should give you the riolu egg. Then you have to hatch it and raise it well and then level it up and it will turn into a Lucario!
    To get Rotom, get the National Dex first, then go to the Old Cheateau at night. Go into the room with the TV, go to the TV and press A. It will ask you to take a closer look, press yes and you should battle a level 15 Rotom. And despite being genderless, it can breed with Ditto.
    Second Odd Keystone without digging
    Once you obtain surf, head over to Twinleaf town and swim around the pond at the very bottom of the two. Use the dowsing machine until it leads you to a hidden item found in the tree's, here you will find a second odd keystone without digging for one.
    secret pond
    to use this cheat you will need a action replay

    use the walk anywhere cheat.

    go walk between snowpoint city and lake acuity

    and go up through the walls but don't go that far
    Secret Trainer!
    Go to the route next to Sunyshore and go in to the house of the pikachu fan club. Talk to all of the Pikachus and one of them will challenge you to a battle because it is a Pokekid(since he is a Pikachu he will at least have 1 pikachu)
    Shiny legendaries
    Ok this takes a very long time but if you want shiny legendaries just simply save in front of the legend and battle it, if its not shiny reset, carry out this process lots of times and eventually you will get a shiny of that legendary appear.
    shocked hicker
    go to route 205 from the wind works and go to the first hicker you see. go only one step befind him and he should get big eyes, then move another step and they will be normal, then another step and they are big! It is funny to see this shocked hicker.
    Sign your Trainer Card !
    Go into any Pokemon center and go up the escalator.
    Talk to the woman on the far left and she will ask if you want to sign your trainer Card. Say Yes ans sign any ^^
    It adds that little bit of Personality to your trainer Card and also fills up the big gap on the back !
    Skip the credits
    Although it will only work after you beat the Elite Four a second time, press Start and then A to skip the credits.
    Skip The Elite Four and Get Darkrai
    If you own an Action Replay use the walk through Walls Cheat to skip the Elite Four ( but still battle Cynthia)

    When you get to Fullmoon island go Release Cressilia (Make it Like Mespirit, catch in the wild) and Use the WTW (walk through Walls Cheat)
    and Get to Darkrai!!

    I tried these out on the 27/3/08 and they both worked
    Slow motion
    to have the game go through slow motion, hold L and select while you are playing(like moving, talking, ect.) and everything will go super slow as long as you hold it.

    it might be activated if you have action replay in use, though.
    Solaceon Ruins: Break The Code!!!
    When you enter the Solaceon Ruins after getting all pokemon except Unown you will see a panel on the second or so floor(sorry I don't remember I did this at like one o'clock in the morning...) there is a panel, however it looks like a foreign language. It's actually the language of the unnown. There are 28 different types of unown;(A-Z and ! ?) you should aim for catching all of them.
    Well anyway, the panel says:
    top right
    lower left
    top right
    top left
    top left
    lower left
    *When they say lower left, they mean go to the lower level and top means go to the higher level.*

    Thanks for reading!
    Special Attack EV Training
    The easiest place by far to EV train your pokemon is at the Old Cheateau, because the only Pokemon that appear there are Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar, all of which give Sp. Atk EVs.
    Special Berries
    By catching all your imported pokemon in Pal Park in a certain time limit, you'll receive a special Sinnoh-region berry as a reward.
    Sucker Punch
    Sucker Punch is a really good move if you know how to use it, first, the best users of Sucker Punch are

    Honchkrow and Abysol, next give them a Choice Band or Life Orb. So, since Sucker Punch always goes first and they have good attack, it will do a huge amount of damage.
    suggestion for peeps who have the cheat book and has too low leveled pokemon
    a lot of peeps have the cheat book so they always take the easier way out (not sayin all of them.) and not train there pokemon. the result? well, u end up with a weak bunch of pokemon by the time u get to the victory road or the elite four. so wat i would simply do is make my frends trade me there master balls and catch uxie, mesprit, and azelf but thats me, not u. so first, go back and battle all of those peeps whom u skipped and earn exp points. try to even them out with ur 3 or 4 strongest to get good back ups. and it also depends on if u got a long range of types in ur chosen party. like i reconmend a fire type starter, a water type like a gyrados, a grass type like a roserade or carnivine, a staraptor, a legendary (dialga or palkia) and a luxray or some kinda electric type. now u might wanna teach ur palkia/dialga some good dragon moves like dragon pulse and for dialga, DO NOT DELETE ROAR OF TIME U WILL REGRET IT! but try to teach palkia or dialga 2 good dragon moves and 2 other type moves. next, u may wanna replace ur grass type with a abanasnow cuz there AWESOME! but dont use them up against flint. but if ur grass type is ur starter, well duh keep it! if u dont have chimchar as a starter, get a good fire type like a rapidash. and if piplup is ur starter i suggest to have a grass type that would come in handy sumtime. but as for me all three starters plus dialga, a latias and a articuno but thats just plain luck that ive a frend that can provide me with those pokemon.
    Super Rod
    As soon as you arrive to the Battle Area by boat, go directly up and talk to the fisherman. He'll give you the Super Rod.
    Swarm Pokemon
    after you obtain the national dex, talk to Dawn's/Lucas's little sister in the house southeast of the pokemon lab. she will say that a pokemon not from Sinnoh is around that area. here is a list of pokemon she could mention:

    The Best Starter!
    I've seen a lot of people that say Chimchar or Piplup is the best starter pokemon...I'd have to disagree. I think that Turtwig is the best starter. At level 7, or somewhere around there Turtwig will learn Razor Leaf. This can be helpful when fighting the first gym, as can Rock Smash. Plus you can get great moves like Wood Hammer and Earthquake. Earthquake can kill Infernape and Empoleon in one hit (well my Toterra can...) I've also heard that Torterra..or Turtwig...has bad speed. My lv 73 Torterra has 183 speed which is pretty good. Torterra can also take hits, seeing as it's grass and ground type, yet Turtwig and Grotle are just grass. Well it's up to you to decide.
    The Flags Under Ground And The Order You Get Them
    Normal Flag- 1st
    Bronze Flag- 2nd
    Sliver Flag- 3nd
    Gold Flag- 4nd
    Platinum- 5th
    Tip for getting Mesprit/Cresselia
    Never fly to where they are at because that will cause them to move to another location. Just walk to them.
    Tip: How to get Spiritomb!
    You need:2+ DS/Ds lite and 2+ games or wifi
    1st you find the odd keystone.
    You then put it in the well.
    With explorer kit, go underground and speak to 32 people excluding hikers. If there is only 1 person in, speak to them leave, and re-enter
    You will then be able to find Spiritomb! Voila!
    trading the girl in Snowpoint City
    If you think you'll get a Gengar easy by trading her the Medicham, think again. The Haunter is holding an Everstone so it won't evolve.
    Triple your Money
    Some people say go down to hearthome city and fight the 2 old people and you will get 24000 money but i know how to triple it.

    1st have 2 pokemon in your party.
    2nd go down from hearthome city and give the 2 pokemon luck incence and amulet coin and then verse the 2 old rich people (by the way u neeed vs seeker)and you will get 36000! poke dollers!!!!

    Good Luck.
    Trophy Garden Special Pokemon
    first you'll need the national dex. then go to the mansion on route 212 and go into the first room on the left and talk to the man who owns the mansion. he will tell a story of a pokemon that came up to him in his garden today. then the butler will say that the pokemon he mentioned doesn't exist in the garden. then go out to his trophy garden and search around for the pokemon he mentioned. here are the special pokemon that will appear by using this cheat:

    Mime Jr
    ultra ball atomatic catch
    The following cheat is not yet aproved to work like a full master ball so be aware.
    The following also has only been tested with ultra ball.
    Also only tested on 1 ledgendary and with yellow or red health.Fill free to try anything with this cheats. Copy write is permeted share with everyone. Please don't post twice on one web page.
    print is also permited.

    Once you have reached disierd health and pokemon throw ultra bar when ball is close to pokemon hit a and b untill the ball closes let go of a and b.Then repeatedly tap l and r start with r. Untill captured pokemon.Beware this migth not work cheat is not fully confermed.
    Unlimited Master Balls!
    You know how in every pokemon game you only get one Master Ball? Well, I found a way to get more!
    You need an Action Replay, a Master Ball in one of your GBA pokemon games, and Pokemon Diamond or Pearl. First, put the action replay in your SP(IF YOU HAVE ONE!) Use the unlimited item cheat. Save the game after checking your Master Balls to see if it says ????????. Then attach Master Balls on to every one of your pokemon. Then, put that game into your DS and migrate six pokemon. Continue this method and you'll have unlimited Master Balls!
    Unlockable Cresselia
    To get Cresselia you must first go to Canalave City (That is if you aren't already there). Then go to the house closest to the sailor that takes you to Iron Island. There is a boy in bed he is having a terrible nightmare. Talk to him he will mutter something in his sleep. After You talk to him talk to his mother. After you do that go outside and talk to the sailor he will ask you if you want to go to Fullmoon Island. Say yes. Once you are taken there go find Cresselia. Once you find Cresselia she will fly away. Where she was sitting there will be a poke ball. In it is a Lunar Stone. Go back to Canalave and talk to the boy and he will awaken from his night mare the sailor will come in and he says blah blah blah. Now Cresselia is kind of like catching Mesprit. So I suggest that you fill up on a lot of quick balls.
    Very Powerful Moves For All The Starters
    After getting the national dex go to route 228 and go into a house and talk to the man there and show him your starter (fully evolved) he taught my Empoleon Hydro Cannon.

    The starters allowed

    -Fire: charizard, typhlosion, blaziken, infernape
    -Water: blastoise, feraligatr, swampert, empoleon
    -grass: venusaur, meganium, sceptile, torterra
    Walkthrough Wall
    Go to Jubelife City and go to the dressing room. Talk to the guy in the front and when he says to choose a Pokemon quickly press + control pad up or left(If you stand on the left) or right(If you stand on the right). And you'll walk through the wall and into the room.
    Where to get all pokeapps
    1 Digital clock-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-Start off with
    2 Calculator-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_Start off with
    3 Memo pad-_-_-_-_-_-_-Pokeapp Presedent 1st badge
    4 Step counter-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_Start off with
    5 Your party-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_Start off with
    6 Happyiness checker-_-_-_-_Eterna City Pokecenter
    7 Item finder-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-Dawn/Lucas Route 207
    8 Berry checker-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-Berry master
    9 Day care centre checker-_-_-_-_-_Day care Center
    10 Pokemon history-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-Solaceon Centre
    11 Counter-_-_-_-_-_-_-_Veilstone Department store
    12 Analogue clock-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_Celestic town
    13 Marking map-_-_-_-_-_Pokeapp presient 3rd Badge
    14 Wireless searcher-_-_Pokeapp presient 5th Badge
    15 Coin toss-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-Grand Lake Hotel
    16 Type chart-_-_-_-_-_-Pokeapp presient 7th Badge
    17 Calender-_-_-_-_-_-_-_Sunnyshore Serious nature
    18 Drawing board-_-_-_-_-_-Sunnyshore Naive nature
    19 Roulette-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_Sunnyshore naive nature
    20 Pokerader checker-_-_-_-_Professer Oak Pal park
    21 Kicthen timer-_-_-_-_Show Pal park Girl Snorlax
    22 Colour changer-_-_-_-Show Pal park Girl Kecleon
    23 Match up checker-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-Nintendo Event
    24 Stop watch_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_Nintendo Event
    25 Alarm clock-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_Nintendo Event

    If you want more details go to

    By Cyber 6
    Win lottery every time
    This is for either AR users or for people with friends with AR. The Lotto is set everyday, and doesn't change until the next day. First, go to the Lotto. Draw a Ticket, and write down the numbers. Turn off the game, make a Pokemon with that ID No., and you will win first prize every time!