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Pokemon Crystal Gym Leaders & Elite Four Members Guide

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Pokemon Gym Leaders and Elite Four Members in Crystal Version

Table of Contents:
I. Introduction
II. Gym Leaders
	1. Jotho
	2. Kanto
III. The Pokemon League
	1. Elite Four
	2. Lance, the Pokemon League Champion
IV. The Final Test:
	1. Ash Ketchum: the Silver Cave Trainer

I. Introduction:
	If you want to know about me, I am Paul. I am a user of Crystal and
Yellow Versions in my GBC. I have encountered many trainers in the Crystal game
and I want to share this to you. This is my first time to share a wild text of
my game so stick on to it. Get it???
	My first and strongest Pokemon in my party is a L83 Typhlosion. Here are
the other 5 Pokemon in my party (these are my powerful and my favorite party).
	1. Graveler - L73
	2. Kadabra - L71
	3. Gyarados - L69
	4. Pidgeot - L69
	5. Haunter - L69

II. Gym Leaders
	Gym Leaders are Pokemon trainers that have a gym in his/her city. In
Crystal Version, there are 16 gyms, 8 in Jotho & 8 in Kanto. Here are the gyms
in Jotho.

1. Jotho's Pokemon Gyms

a. Falkner - Violet City
Pokemon: L7 Pidgey, L9 Pidgeotto	
Starter Pokemon:
Chikorita Users: Beware! The first gym may have an disadvantage to you. You must
use a bird Pokemon also, like a L10 Pidgey with a Quick Attack. Or in Route 32,
catch a Bellsprout and trade it for an Onix in Violet City. Warning also,
because Pidgeotto has Mud-Slap, which has an disadvantage to rock Pokemon. Be
careful of your tactics.
Cynaquail Users: Watch out only for Pidgeotto's Mud-Slap because ground type
moves can easily defeat fire type Pokemon. To be sure, have Cynaquail learn
Ember when you reached Violet City.
Totodile Users: Just use Water Gun or Scratch to defeat Falkner easily.

b. Bugsy - Azalea Town
Pokemon: L14 Metapod, L14 Kakuna, L16 Scyther
Starter Pokemon:
Chikorita Users: Warning again! The first two Pokemon (Metapod and Kakuna) have
Tackle and Poison Sting. Scyther also have Fury Cutter which doubles in each
turn. So our solution: Onix's or Geodude's Rock Throw & Pidgey or Pidgeotto's
Gust easily defeats them.
Cynaquail Users: Easy. Just use Ember to defeat them.
Totodile Users: A Scratch or Water Gun can drop them into splash.

c. Whitney - Goldenrod City
Pokemon: L18 Clefairy, L20 Miltank
Starter Pokemon:
Chikorita Users: Miltank is very powerful, because of its Attract move. Attract
lowers the chance of an enemy Pokemon to attack its opponent. But I have a
solution (for all starters). If you have enough money, go to the Game Corner and
buy 200 coins. Then exchange them for 2 Abras. (2 Abras? Why?) Then go to the
5th floor of the Goldenrod Dept. Store and find a guy where you can trade your
Abra for his Machop. Amazing, right? Then raise your Machop to level 22 with the
moves Low Kick and Karate Chop. Then defeat Whitney with Low Kick. Get it? Or
use Bayleef with a Razor Leaf move.
Cynaquail Users: Use Quailava with Ember to defeat them.
Totodile Users: Use Croconaw's Water Gun or Scratch (or other moves) to defeat

d. Morty - Ecruteak City
Pokemon: L21 Gastly, L21 Haunter, L23 Haunter, L25 Gengar
Starter Pokemon:
Chikorita Users: Very hard, because Gengar has a very dangerous Hypnosis+Dream
Eater move, while the others, Mean Look+Curse move. Thanks to you, we have a
Graveler & Kadabra combination. Use Graveler's Magnitude and Kadabra's Psybeam
to defeat easily the ghosts. Or use Bayleaf's leaf type moves to damage all the
Cynaquail Users: Same Pokemon as above and crush Morty with Quailava's Ember or
Flame Wheel.
Totodile Users: Use Croconaw's Bubblebeam, Bubble, Water Gun and Surf to defeat
Morty. Bubblebeam and Bubble can lower the speed of the opponent so don't worry
about the quick move of the ghosts.

e. Chuck - Cianwood City
Pokemon: L27 Primeape, L30 Poliwrath
Starter Pokemon:
Chikorita Users: We will have a little problem on Poliwrath, beacuse it has Ice
Punch, which can weaken easily Bayleaf/Meganium. So use an combo of
Psychic/Flying Pokemon on Chuck.
Cynaquail Users: Same as above, we have also a problem on Poliwrath, but he has
water type moves like Water Gun. So do the combo as the above.
Totodile Users: Be sure that Croconaw has Slash or Cut to have a large damage on
Primeape & Poliwrath.

f. Jasmine - Olivine City
Pokemon: L30 Magnemite, L30 Magnemite, L35 Steelix
Satrter Pokemon:
Chikorita Users: Thunder moves can affect leaf Pokemon a little. But don'tuse
Razor Leaf because it affect Magnemite a little. We have Graveler in our party,
so use Magnitude to crush the 2 magnet Pokemon. Steelix, however, can crush
Graveler with Iron Tail, so use a fire Pokemon (Growlithe/Arcanine) to crush
Cynaquail Users: Typhlosion's Ember or Flame Wheel knocks them out.
Totodile Users: Feraligatr can be defeated by the Magnemites but it can defeat
Steelix. For Steelix, use Surf. For the Magnemites, Graveler's Magnitude crush
them out.

g. Pryce - Magohany Town
Pokemon: L27 Seel, L29 Dewgong, L31 Piloswine
Starter Pokemon:
Chikorita Users: Here we go again! Just I told you, remember your experience in
Cianwood City. Ice Pokemon > Leaf Pokemon. So backup with a Electric/Fire
Pokemon (a combo of Voltorb/Electrode/Elekid/Chinchou/Lanturn & Growlithe/
Arcanine/Magby). Get it??????
Cynaquail Users: Typlosion's combo moves of Ember/Flame Wheel and Thunder Punch
can burn and paralyzed the pokemon of Pryce.
Totodile Users: Any normal move or a combo of Pokemon in your party defeats
Pryce easily.

h. Clair - Blackthorn City
Pokemon: L37 Dragonair, L37 Dragonair, L37 Dragonair, L40 Kingdra
Starter Pokemon:
Chikorita Users: You should have a backup of an ice Pokemon
(Lapras/Jynx/Shellder/Cloyster/Swinub/Piloswine/Sneasel(with Ice Punch)). These
Pokemon can defeat dragons easily.
Cynaquail Users: Use a combo of an ice Pokemon and Typlosion's Thunder Punch.
Why? Because all the Pokemon of Clair have half-water, half-dragon,so you can
use Powder Snow/Ice Punch/Blizzard/Ice Beam/Aurora Beam(this is the weakest of
the ice moves) & Spark/Thunderbolt/Thundershock/Thunder/Thunder Punch.
Totodile Users: Feraligatr can defeat them if Feraligatr has Ice Punch.

2. Kanto's Pokemon Gyms

a. Lt. Surge - Vermilion City
Pokemon: L44 Raichu, L40 Magneton, L40 Electrode, L40 Electrode, L46
Solution: 5 Electric Pokemon < 5 Earthquakes from Graveler/Onix. If you want to
save Earthquakes, a Flamethrower to Magneton and the Electrodes.

b. Sabrina - Safron City
Pokemon: L46 Espeon, L46 Mr. Mime, L48 Alakazam
Solution: 3 Psychic Pokemon < 3 Ghosts or 3 Dark type Pokemon. Beware for all
ghost Pokemon users: Ghost > Psychic. Why?  Because all Sabrina's Pokemon have

c. Misty - Cerulean City
Pokemon: L42 Golduck, L42 Quagsire, L44 Lapras, L47 Starmie
Solution: Golduck = Electric, Quagsire = Leaf, Lapras = Electric,
Starmie = Electric/Ghost/Dark.

d. Erika - Celadon City
Pokemon: L42 Tangela, L41 Jumpluff, L46 Victreebel, L46 Bellossom
Solution: 4 Leaf Pokemon < Fire/Ice/Flying.

e. Janine - Fuschia City
Pokemon: L36 Crobat, L33 Ariados, L36 Weezing, L36 Weezing, L39 Venomoth
Solution: Crobat = Thunder/Psychic/Ice, L33 Ariados = Fire/Ice,
Weezing = Psychic/Ground, Weezing = Psychic/Ground, Venomoth =

f. Brock - Pewter City
Pokemon: L41 Graveler, L41 Rhyhorn, L42 Omastar, L42 Kabutops, L44 Onix
Solution: 5 Rock Pokemon < Ground/Fighting/Water/Ice/Leaf/Steel/Electric
(What? Why Electric? Simple: Kabutops & Omastar have Hydro Pumps so Electric can
affect them. Get it?).

g. Blaine - Seafoam Islands
Pokemon: L45 Magcargo, L45 Magmar, L50 Rapidash
Solution: 3 Fire Pokemon < Rock/Ground/Water.

h. Gary - Viridian City
Pokemon: L56 Pidgeot, L54 Alakazam, L56 Rhydon, L58 Exeggutor, L58 Gyarados,L58
Solution: Pidgeot = Ice/Rock/Electric, Alakazam = Ghost/Dark,
Rhydon = Ground/Fighting/Water/Ice/Steel/Leaf, Exeggutor = Fire/
Ghost/Bark/Ice/Flying, Gyarados = Ice/Electric/Dragon/Rock, Arcanine =

III. Pokemon League
	The Pokemon League is a challenge for all trainers that have a complete
8 badges from Jotho. For me, I have defeated the Pokemon League 22 times
(unbelieveable, right?). This is a very hard challenge, but I will help you to
choose the right Pokemon for you. If you defeat them all, you will recieve a
Hall of Fame and it will be posted at your PC in any Pokemon Center.
	Here are the members:

1. Elite Four Members:

a. Will
Pokemon: L40 Xatu, L41 Jynx, L41 Slowbro, L41 Exeggutor, L42 Xatu
Solution: 5 Psychic Pokemon < Ghost/Dark. For alternatives, look at this:
1. 2 Xatus & Slowbro = Electric
2. Exeggutor & Jynx = Fire

b. Koga
Pokemon: L40 Ariados, L41 Venomoth, L42 Muk, L43 Forretress, L44 Crobat
Solution: 5 Poioson Pokemon < Psychic. For alternatives:
1. Ariados = Fire/Ice/Ground/Rock
2. Venomoth = Fire/Ice/Rock
3. Muk = Ground
4. Forretress = Fire
5. Crobat = Electric/Ice

c. Bruno
Pokemon: L42 Hitmontop, L42 Hitmonlee, L42 Hitmonchan, L43 Onix, L46 Machamp
Solution: 5 Fighting Pokemon < Psychic/Ghost. For alternatives:
1. Hitmontop = Flying
2. Hitmonlee = Flying
3. Hitmonchan = Flying
4. Onix = Water/Ice/Ground
5. Machamp = Flying

d. Karen
Pokemon: L42 Umbreon, L42 Vileplume, L44 Murkrow, L45 Gengar, L47 Houndoom
Solution: (a very tough solution)
1. Umbreon = Fighting
2. Vileplume = Fire/Ice/Flying
3. Murkrow = Ice/Electric/Fighting
4. Gengar = Ground/Psychic
5. Houndoom = Water/Ground/Rock/Fighting

2. Lance, the Pokemon League Champion

	Lance is the final opponent in the Pokemon League. You should know all
the Pokemon he will use carefully. All Lance's Dragons (except Charizard) have
Hyper Beam with a 150 HP damage and it will knock out your Pokemon. So to be
sure, look carefully at my tips.

a. L44 Gyarados
Solution: Electric/Ice/Rock

b. L47 Dragonite
Solution: Ice/Dragon

c. L47 Dragonite
Solution: Ice/Dragon

d. L50 Dragonite
Solution: Ice/Dragon

e. L46 Aerodactyl
Solution: Electric/Ice/Water/Rock

f. L46 Charizard
Solution: Water/Rock

IV. The Final Test
	The final test was in Mt. Silver. The final challenge to beat
the game was no other than Ash Ketchum, the Silver cave  master. To
defeat him easily, your party Pokemon should have levels higher than 70.
For me, I defeated Ash 4 times with my Pokemon (4th time):
	1. Typlosion - L83
	2. Graveler - L73
	3. Kadabra - L71
	4. Pidgeot - L69
	5. Gyarados - L69
	6. Lugia - L68
	Unbelieveable, right? But you should always be serious beacuse
Ash is very tough trainer. Are you ready to beat the whole game? If yes, then go
for it!

1. Ash Ketchum, the Silver Cave Master

Ash's team composed of:

a. Pikachu - L81
Solution: Very high level, right, but in my case, when I encounter my 1st win, I
use a Graveler L68 and an Earthquake kills Pikachu in one hit. So my solution is
to use a Ground type Pokemon.

b. Espeon - L73
Solution: Espeon can be easily defeated by Ghost/Dark Pokemon. In my case, I
choose Typlosion L76 beacuse of its high speed that easily defeats Espeon.

c. Blastoise - L77
Solution: Use an Electric Pokemon. In my case, I use my Kadabra L68 by using
Psychic on Blastoise. If Kadabra faints, I use my Gyarados L68 with Hyper Beam
to K.O. Blastoise.

d. Snorlax - L75
Solution: Use a Fighting Pokemon. For me, I easily defeated Snorlax by using 2
Earthquakes from my Graveler. Beacuse Snorlax has a lower speed than my
Graveler, so I K.O. Snorlax easily (it uses Amnesia first).

e. Venusaur - L77
Solution: Use a Fire/Flying/Psychic Pokemon. In my case, I choose Typlosion with
Flamethrower or Pidgeot L68 with Fly and K.O. Venusaur in one hit.

f. Charizard - L77
Solution: Use a Water/Rock Pokemon. In my case, I used my Lugia L68 and I got
suprised beacuse Lugia was the first to attack Charizard with Hydro Pump. Two
Hydro Pumps and I K.O. Charizard in a hit.

For questions, Faqs, cheats, and other things about Pokemon Crystal, email me at
my email address:


PS: Don't believe always on fake cheats or tips. Just stick out to the real one.
If you want to try a cheat, read it carefully in order to have the game working
at all times.
Get it???
And remember, any Pokemon game in GBC or GBA has an infinite time. So be happy
when playing Pokemon!


From: Paul Gallegos
Neoseeker's Code Name: Slowpoke+Shellder
Copyright at the year 2003.
All rights reserved.
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