Pokémon Crystal Tips

Several Battling and Catching Tips
easy method of beating Clair:
if you started with Feraligatr, then make sure it's lv. 40+. buy Ice Punch at the Goldenrod Dept. Store, then also teach it Strength. Ice mauls the two Dragonair, but you'll need Strength for Kingdra since the high special-defense juggernaut is impervious to elemental attacks. Feraligatr is the best suited for this battle, since it is water-type and Kingdra's Surf can't effect it too badly, and its high defense makes it somewhat tolerant to Hyper Beam. if you began with a different starter, catch a Poliwag and train it to a Poliwhirl. fisher Tully west of Mahogany will give you a water stone if you register his phone ID and use the DST-toggle method by repeatedly switching DST on and off when talking to your mom. evolve it into Poliwrath and teach it Strength and Ice Punch, then watch Clair be a brat and not give you the badge until you bring her the Dragon Fang in the den behind the gym.

Champion Battle:
Is Lance ruining your Elite Four conquest with his heavy usage of Hyper Beam, especially from his lv.50 Dragonite? use a water-type pokemon that can also learn ice techs, such as Lapras with Surf and Ice Beam or a high-level pokemon that is compatible to learn Icy Wind that you earned for beating the 7th gym leader Pryce. Gyarados isn't difficult to beat if you have a high-level electric-type. otherwise make heavy use of ice for the other dragons excluding Charizard. its fire-type, so you'll need that handy Surf to take it down instead of ice.

that's it for difficult trainer battles. i personally use Persian with egg-learned Hypnosis, Icy Wind, and Slash for Clair; and the Extreme-speed learned Dratini fully leveled into a Dragonite knowing Ice Punch, Surf, and Thunder Punch for Lance. since these two battles are my favorites in the game, they're like second-nature for me.

Catching Entei and Raikou:
go to the bug-catching contest and capture a Scyther. teach it False Swipe and level it to 40+ so that its speed surpasses the legendary's. once you've weakened them to 1 HP, use your Pokedex to track them again. when you encounter them once more, use a high-level Pokemon with a sleep-inducing technique and a Fast Ball. it should capture the legendary easily. preserve your Master Ball for Lugia or Ho-oh, or perhaps use the Gameshark codes to find Celebi or Arceus.