Pokémon Crystal Glitches

How to get more items, quick
first you have to know how to duplicate a pokemon.
now when you do make sure you have enough room in your team for 4 more pokemon.
when you copy the pokemon with item of your choice you will now have 2 of that one pokemon. you withdraw it from the box then you either change boxes or save (either works) then you deposit both pokemon. next you change boxes and wait till it is finished with the sentence Saving don't turn off the power. shut it off right after it finishes. then you turn it back on. now you have 4 of that pokemon and item
do it over and over again. Note you can NOT copy more than 4 pokemon at a time. otherwise you end up with indestructible unkowns of that/those pokemon. also know as ?
p.s. you can withdraw pokemon.