Pokémon Crystal Easter eggs

Pokemon RARE candies!!!! Finally Someone to tell were to find those darn things.
Okay well the first rare candy you can receive is after you learn surf and you beat the 4th gym leader.

1. Go to your house and surf all the way to the right. Once you hit land there will be a strip of water Below surf there to find the first one.
2. Go to the bellsprout tower and surf on the water for a rare candy at the top right.
3.Upon entering the town of Goldenrod walk along the left of the town and surf on the water the first chance you can. You will go left and down. Stop surfing and get on land the first chance you get and WALK as far possible down push the A button on the trees that are south there will be a rare candy in one of them. REMEMBER do not go to the second piece of land. After you surf it will be the first piece you come to.
4.Buenas Password in the Radio Tower. Its self Explanatory.
5.The Dark cave has two rare candies.
6.The Lighthouse has 1 rare candy to find it make sure you walk everywhere. I think the trick is once you get on the 3rd... or 4th floor walk down instead of up.
7. At the Lake of Rage while your making your way up to it hug the left. There should be some water and walk to the left and all the way up. Cut the first tree and stay to the left. The rare candy is invisible but its at the very top left walk all the way and when there is exactly one step left dont take it press A and you will find a rare candy.
8.And the last one that I know of is in the Whirl Islands.

Hope this helped I know Ive always wanted to know these things and there never has been and Exact page with all of them.

OOO yeah the other Rare candy is in Kanto. Go to were leader blue is standing on some island below pallet town and once he moves there is a hidden rare candy in his spot. <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />