Pokémon Crystal Tips

How to get a Chansey that knows Heal Bell
1. Have a high level Miltank that knows Heal Bell (this may take a while to achieve)

2.Find a wild MALE Smeargle and use Heal Bell at the beginning of the battle. Smeargle will then permanently sketch Heal Bell. Catch it.

2. Breed the male "Heal-Belling" Smeargle with a female Snubbull or Granbull. Keep hatching their eggs untill you get a male Snubbull. It will know Heal Bell.

3. Breed the male "Heal-Belling" Snubbull with a Chansey. Hatch the egg, and then VWALLAH, you have a Chansey that knows Heal Bell.

*NOTE*- Make sure you have enough money to take the parent pokemon out of the DCC once you have your baby pokemon hatched.

**NOTE**- This is called CHAIN BREEDING. This is one of the more complicated processes, however(there are far easier chain breeding processes, too.)

***NOTE***- This is the only way to get Chansey Heal Bell in Crystal version.