Pokémon Crystal Cheats

Character Glitch
This is a glitch in Pokemon crystal to change your character color. You can become a boy with the girl's colours or a girl with the boy's colours. The girl will have red hair, and the guy a blue cap.

So let's get started. Start a new game (if you don't want to restart your game, see below) and pick the character you don't want (ex: if you are a boy and want the girl color, pick the girl first). After, save and start a new game with the wanted character. Save, but when your game says DON'T TURN OFF THE POWER, turn it off. Then, turn it on. Continue your game and your character will have different color.

It's really risky when you already have a game, but you can still try it out. Start a new game with the opposite character. Then, when you save and the game say TURN OFF THE POWER, turn it off. Open your game, and you'll have the opposite character with the opposite color. If you want your real character, you need to do it twice. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

To turn back into the normal color's, just go to the trading or battle (link cable).

WARNING: If you use this code, you will lose all your PC pokemon, so be aware of that!