Pokémon Crystal Tips

Catching Entei and Raikou
All Crystal players have no doubt heard of the legendary dogs; Suicune, Entei, and Raikou. Catching Suicune is fairly easy, as you have the opportunity to battle it without it running off. Entei and Raikou however aren't so easy to capture. Unfortunantly, despite what some cheats say, there is no magic code or cheat that will make Entei appear every time you go into tall grass, or that will stop Raikou from fleeing. I'm sorry to say, but the only way to catch these two legendary pokemon is to chase them across the map. But hopefully this little tip guide will help you out a bit. To catch Entei and Raikou:

1. You'll need two pokemon. One that knows an attack that is guaranteed NOT to completely knock out a pokemon. (I used my Ratata who knew Super Fang. Super Fang is an attack that will knock out only 1/2 of the offending pokemon's HP.) Also, you will need a pokemon who knows an attack that puts other pokemon to sleep. (I used my Poliwhirl who knew the attack Hypnosis.) Both of these pokemon HAVE to be over level 40, because both Entei and Raikou are level 40, and you need to be able to attack first.

2. The next step is to see Entei and Raikou in the wild for the first time. Unfortunantly there is no cheat for this either. Just go about your buisness and the two will attack you at some point. (For me, Raikou attacked my near Goldenrod City shortly after defeating Whitney, while Entei attacked me soon after I caught Suicune. When the two will attack you however, will no doubt be another place/time in the game from mine.) After you see these two, they will appear in your pokedex. And now the fun will begin.

3. Once you have the dogs in your pokedex, go to their page and scroll over to the 'area' option. Now you can see where they are. They never stay in one place for long however, so you'll have to get to them fast and try to catch them before they move. RESIST THE URGE TO USE FLY! If you fly, they will move across the map and you'll just have to move again.

4. When you finally meet up with one of the dogs in battle, make sure you have the pokemon who knows the sleep move in the front of your team, so they come out first. Then use the sleeping move. (Try not to use a move like Scary Look or a move that Paralyzes. Chances are the dogs will be able to attack back even if they can't flee, then they'll use Roar and scare your pokemon away and will escape.)

5. When the Ledgendary Dog is asleep, start using the attack that won't totally knock it out. When you're ready, start chucking the pokeballs. The chances of you catching the dog with the first pokeball is very very slim, so don't feel bad if you don't catch it at first. I don't recommend using your Master Ball on either of the Dogs. I would save it for Lugia or Ho-oh. Just keep using ultra balls. When the dog wakes up, it will flee, so just turn to your pokedex, find out where it is, and start chasing it again.

Keep doing this, and before you know it, Entei and Raikou will be on your team! Good luck!