Pokémon Crystal Tips

get past the annoyinng old man in the tower!!! And catch suicune!!!
OK you know how when you try and walk past the man he goes in front of you? well have no fear!
ok when you enter the tower you are on the mat
move right on the mat cuz the old man is on the left. So when you are on the right of the mat, walk foward. Then the old people will battle you then you go out of the tower and into another and suicune will be there. You can catch suicune like this: get 40 ultra balls try and make suicune sleep. Then use the ultra ball after weakening him when the ball bounces and sucks suicune, press and hold a then when it hits the ground AND STAYS ON THE GROUND PRESS B (note: you are still pressing a too a+b) [MAKE SURE YOUR POKEMON ARE LEVELS 30-40]