Pokémon Crystal Tips

Ok this is my favorite, so thats why the title is in caps. Now, first off, Lugia will be level 60 with the following moves... hydro pump, recover, rain dance and gust. I caught this pokemon with two ultra balls, but I adivse at least 20. (Mine was a complete fluke) Now to capture Lugia, you need a silver wing. To get one, go to Pewter City and find the old man next to the right Mart. Talk to him and he will give you silver wing. Now go to whirl islands. Go to the north east island. (From Maville, go straight down and its the farthest to the left Once inside, go to the north east ladder. Next go to the only ladder and you will be in a room with water. Surf down a waterfall in this room and at the bottom of the waterfall you will see an indent in the wall. Enter it and surf in the water. Save and you will see Lugia. (Hint: Just like in gold version!) E-mail me if you have ne probs.