Pokémon Crystal Cheats

Buena's Password

If you want a cheap way of getting rare items, tune into Buena's password from 6-12 pm every night. Then when you learn the password, go and visit her on the second floor of the Radio Tower in Goldenrod City.


Johto Gym Leaders:

1.Falkner in Violet City: Flying Type
Pidgey Level 7
Pidgeotto Level 9

2.Bugsy in Azalea Town: Bug Type
Metapod Level 14
Kakuna Level 14
Scyther Level 16

3.Whitney in Goldenrod City: Normal Type
Clefairy Level 18
Miltank Level 20

4.Morty in Ecruteak City: Ghost/Poison Type
Gastly Level 21
Haunter Level 21
Gengar Level 25
Haunter Level 23

5.Jasmine in Olivine City: Steel Type*
Magnemite Level 30
Magnetmite Level 30
Steelix Level 35

6.Chuck in Cianwood City: Fighting Type
Primeape Level 27
Poliwrath Level 30

7.Pryce in Mahogany Town: Ice Type
Seel Level 27
Dewgong Level 29
Poliswine Level 31

8.Clair in Blackthorn city: Dragon Type
Dragonair Level 37
Dragonair Level 37
Dragonair Level 37
Kingdra Level 40



I sort of specialize in breeding and breeding for hereditary moves and status. So here are some tips on how to breed to get the best.


1. You always get a baby type of whatever the mother was. e.g. Male Growlithe+Female Sandshrew= Baby Sandshrew. The baby can be male or female.

2. These Pokemon cannot have babies:**
The 3 Legendary Dogs
The 3 Legendary Birds
All Baby Pokemon

3. The Baby Pokemon are:**

4. Pokemon will not breed with Pokemon that are genetically related to them.
They also don't breed with Pokemon that are not in their group. I haven't quite completed my grouping chart yet, so i can't give you these, sorry.


5. Eliminating Weaknesses
First find out what your Pokemon's weak areas are, such as a Growlite's special defense, hp, and defense are low. But his speed, attack, and special attack are high. Then battle the Pokemon and and give them empowering items such as Iron to bring up defense, hp up for hp, and calcium for the specials(these can be bought through goldenrod or Buena's password). Make sure you to this to both parents. When you have finally even things out you can breed them and the baby will reap all of the benefits.

6. Inheriting Moves
Well, this is a complicated one. It takes FOREVER if you want a rare move. However it is simple when the circumstances are right. Just take one Parent and make learn learn a move, and the baby will MOST LIKELY be born with it. If not, try again. If the baby is Female it inherits moves and status from the father, and if it is a male, the mother. If the Pokemon will not breed with the Pokemon that knows the move it is either A>related to the other Pokemon or B> just not compatible. So, either breed the move to a Pokemon that can breed with both, or use this next trick.

7. The Smeargle:

This Pokemon knows a unique trick called "Sketch." This is INCREDIBLY helpful. If you catch a smeargle (go through Union Cave outside into a special isolated area with grass in the Alph Ruins), you can fight the Pokemon that would have the move. Then use sketch, this copies ALL of the other Pokemon's moves into Smeargle's list permanently. That way you can breed the Smeargle with the Pokemon you want.

That's all for now!