Pokémon Crystal Tips

How to catch Lugia
Catch a Butterfree and train it till it learns hypnosis, sleep powder or poison powder. the most important is hypnosis, then go to whirl islands in the top right island and go through the cave till you find Lugia floating on the water first make sure you save the game near him just in case you kill him then use your strongest Pokemon to weaken him till he has his HP is red then take out Butterfree and use hypnosis till he is asleep then use an Ulta ball to capture him. If it doesn't work keep on trying I'm not sure if a Pokeball or Great ball work but there's a slight chance they will.

Things you'll need: some revives, at the least 10 Ultra balls, some super or hyper potions and a Pokemon about level 60 that is capable of beating Lugia.