Pokémon Channel Cheats

Pokémon Channel cheats, Tips, and Codes for GC. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Pokémon Channel cheat codes.


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A list of what Shop 'n Squirtle sells
Surfing Pikachu

Cool Poster
Flame Poster
Friendship Poster
Torchic Poster
Wobbuffet Poster

Aipom TV
Hoothoot TV
Hoppip TV
Lanturn TV
Magnemite TV
Marill TV
Meowth TV
Mudkip TV
Old TV
Pikachu TV
Pokeball TV
Retro TV
Smoochum TV
Stage TV
Stump TV
Sudowoodo TV
Sunkern TV
Voltorb TV
Wooper TV
Wynaut TV



Blue Wallpaper A
Blue Wallpaper B
Green Wallpaper A
Green Wallpaper B
Gray Wallpaper
Orange Wallpaper
Purple Wallpaper
Red Wallpaper A
Red Wallpaper B
Yellow Wallpaper

Blue Pokemon Mini
Gold Pokemon Mini
Green Pokemon Mini
Purple Pokemon Mini
Wood Pokemon Mini

Chansey's Dribble
Pikachu's Rocket Start
Pokemon Pinball Petit
Puzzle Collection Petit
Slowking's Judge
Snorlax's Lunch Time

Binder with Nice Card Pack
Cobalt Coast Bus Pass
Mt.Snowfall Bus Pass
Pokemon Nice Card Pack
Viridian Bus Pass
Wobbuffet Punching Bag
Wobbuffet Spray
Build a Snowman
On Mt. Snowfall there is a snowball on the ground. Tell pikachu to look at it and he will roll it. keep telling him to look at it and he will roll it again making it bigger. Then he'll put in next to the sign. The next day there will be another snowball. Tell Pikachu to look at it and he'll roll it. aThen do the same thing again. he'll put that snowball on top of the other one and start making the snowman. tell him to look at it again to have him finish the snowman. When he's don it looks just like Pikachu.
Extra Pokecoins
To get extra pokecoins, go on shows like Quiz Wobbuffet, Odd/One/Out, Examination Hatch up Pokeegg, and auction paintings with the Smeargle 2. Do this at least 5 times a day to get lots of money to go shopping at the Shop and Squirtle.
Get Platinum Nice cards
When you see a pokemon and talk to it it will ask you a question. Answer it correctly and you will get their card.
Golbat and Kecleon Nice Cards
1. Go to Mt. Snowfall.
2. Go to Ruins of Truth.
3. Light up the flower lights.
4. Answer the tablets question.
5. When Golbat Statue comes up, click on it.
6. Pikachu will pop out with the Golbat Card.

1. Go to Mt. Snowfall.
2. Talk to Kecleon.
3. Kecleon will complain about fan mail.
4. Go back to your room and Pikachu will start writing a fan mail for Kecleon.
5. Go back to Mt. Snowfall.
6. Talk to Kecleon again and he will award you a Kecleon Nice Card.
Sometimes when you get back from somewhere there will be a wild pokemon in our room playing with a doll.It will then ask if it can have the doll.If you say YES it will leave with the doll, if NO it will leave without it.

P.S.- they don't take big dolls like Snorelax.
Here are some easy ways to get money without playing on TV:
  1. Click on wardrobe (in your room) farthest from you. Then pikachu will check the space between the two wardrobes for money. This usually fails. Money earn per check:1-0.
  2. Go outside. Click on a weed and pikachu will uproot it. Usually fails or pikachu can't uproot it. 1 coin per weed.
  3. Talk to pokemon that you have talked to before and answer thier question correctly. They give you 10 coins if answered correctly
Requires: Snorlax Doll

Click on snorlax doll. Then pikachu will fall asleep in front of it. To prevent pikachu from waking up, turn to the MAREEP FARM channel. This lasts until you click anything but the TV.

Note: If you wake Pikachu up, it will get angry. The Only cures are to either go outside, put it back to sleep or to watch alot of TV.
Pichu Bros. In Party Panic! Part 5
Step 1. Play game to day 5.
Step 2. Go to Mt. Snowfall.
Step 3. When arrived at the Mt., go right to a signpost where Ruins of Truth is.
Step 4. Enter!
Step 5. Get Pikachu to shock the flower light.
Step 6. Go across the bridge to find a tablet.
Step 7. Answer the ? (question).
Step 8. If correct, get Pikachu to look in the Golbat statue.
Step 9. When you got the Anime, give to Magnemite.
Step 10. Go to your room and enjoy!
Secret under the bed
In your room there is a cardboard box under the bed and tell pikachu to look and move to the o option and it will open it and it will contain the Pokemon mini case with snorlax's lunch time.
Skip an item
You know how some items in Shop n' Squirtle that you don't want? Just change the channel and go back, they will already be on the next item. I also find this usable when on PNF, you want to go to the subject, just change the channel and go back.
Some Interesting Stuff
This is some Interesting stuff I found

To go to the next day quicker, change your gamecube time. This won't ruin
your file. And You can always change the time back and still have the stuff you got on the day or time you changed it to. This helps a lot for Shop n' Squirtle.
The food at Cobalt Beach are just there so you won't get bored watching
Pikachu fish.
There is Tic-Tac-Toe at Cobalt Beach in daytime.
Upgrade Smeargle 2
To upgrade the Smeargle 2 Painting System, play Pokemon Channel 3-5 days and Prof. Oak will call and say that Smeargle 2 is upgraded. Have fun Painting shows like PNF, Chum Chum Ranking, and even Chansy's Fortune Cookie.
What you get after collecting 101 Nice Cards
After collecting 101 Nice Cards you get 9 Diffrent Promotional Pikachu Nice Cards. They look really cool.
Z+concert= ???
Okay this is weird i was playing and went to the forest and signed Pikachu up to be in the concert i not even knowing pressed and held Z and when the concert started these things happened (so far any way)

with cleffa
1) gong starts in beginning screwing up band
2)pikachu's bell starts and sounds like lightning

with togepi
1)some bells don't have flat sound and others do

that's all i found and if you ask i was board so i played it. :]>


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A Unusuall Guest!
When you gotten every single program Prof. Oak will call you and say he will say he'll give you 2 gifts. Wait until the next day and hill give you the first gift which is a prjector for Camp Starry. The second one is a special Guest that is a Lengindary Steel-Psychic type Pokemon.

Hint: Wish Pokemon

That's right! Jirachi will visit you! To go to the camp in Viridin Forest with the projector and Jirachi will be there with Treecko, Torchic, and Mudkip. Also the PNF will say that Jirachi will appear at the camp again during clear nights and maybe you will recive a Jirachi Nice Card. Good luck!!
Action Replay Codes
Action replay codes for Pokemon Channel (Euro)


Infinite Cash

Blaziken Nice Card
To get the card, get Slowpoke to change the weather to snowy at Mt. Snowfall. After that, go to the cave of The Ruins of Truth. Look left, and you will see Blaziken. Answer his question correctly to get the card.
Celebi Nice Card
To get the Celebi Nice Card, make Slowpoke change the weather to sunny at Springleaf Field. Bellossom will say on PNF that he sees it when he summons the sun. Answer Celebi question correctly to get the card.
Lapras Nice Card
To find Lapras, make Slowpoke change the weather to rain at Cobalt Coast. Then wait until night time. Take the bus to Cobalt Coast. When you arrive, look over to the faraway island. THere you will see Lapras. Talk to him, answer question correctly to get the card.
Latios and Latias Nice Card
Step 1. Get Slowpoke to change the weater at Cobalt Coast.
Step 2. Cloudy skies in the morn.
Step 3. Go to Cobalt Coast.
Step 4. Look over to faraway island.
Step 5. Answer correctly to obtain the card.

Answer: Glass

Step 1. Change weater at Cobalt to sunny.
Step 2. Cobalt is clear in the night.
Step 3. Look over to faraway island.
Step 4. Answer correctly to obtain a Latios Card.

Answer: (forgotten)