Pokémon Blue Cheats

Choosing Your Starter
Here are some tips for choosing your starter pokemon.

Squirtle - If you get Squirtle he will learn the move bubble which will dominate Brock, the first gym leader. But when you get to Cerultean City, it will be a little difficult to defeat Misty unless you have Pikachu or a pokemon that knows a grass type move.

Bulbasaur - This pokemon will defeat Brock and Misty easily but you have to train it hard to make it learn vine whip. But as you move on in the game, grass pokemon will be everywhere so your bulbasaur will be very common.

Charmander - Charmander is weak against Brock's and Misty's pokemon, but fire pokemon will be hard to get later on in the game. Charmander will grow to be very powerful, just make sure you have other powerful pokemon early in the game.