: : : : : : : How to catch Thundurus and Tornadus without a Master Ball

Pokémon Black Version Tips

How to catch Thundurus and Tornadus without a Master Ball
NOTE: Tornadus is only found in Pokemon Black Version and Thundurus is only found in Pokemon White Version.

Another Note: Before you start you must have started the event on Route 7 after beating the Opelucid City Gym.

Step 1: Before you battle him, make sure you have:
a) A fast Pokemon with Thunder Wave or Stun Spore
b) A fast and strong Pokemon that lower his HP safely or a Pokemon with False Swipe
c) A fast Pokemon with Mean Look, Block, Spider Web or the Ability of Shadow Tag
d) Whichever Poke Balls you use. I tend to use ordinary Poke Balls
e) Some Healing Items just in case

Step 2: After you start the event, you should wait for it to be evening (the evening time depends on the season). When it's evening head over to Mistralton City and go north to Route 7. If your legendary Pokemon is here, the sky would become noticeably oranger than usual, then an unusual storm would show up. If he is not there, go back to Mistralton City and try to head up there again. Keep repeating this until you actually battle with him.

Step 3: Here is your battle plan:
a) So when you first encounter your Pokemon use your Thunder Wave or Stun Spore and let him flee
b) Do step 2 again but this time weaken him until you feel he is ready for capture
c) Do step 2 one more but have a Pokemon use Block/Mean Look so he cannot flee
d) Throw all your Poke Balls at him and use your Potions if your Mean Looker is about to faint