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Pokémon Black Version Tips

Fast Way to Level Up Pokemon
Here's a fast and easy way to level up your pokemons without battling them!

- Unlocked the ability to leave TWO pokemons at the DayCare Centre

1. Leave 1 or 2 pokemons at the DayCare Centre (Found outside of Striaton city)
2. Get to Nimbasa city.
3. Go to the "Battle Subway" in Nimbasa and use something to hold down B and the down button. (Or you can hold them down yourself)
Because it's a constant loop, you can walk away for a few hours or just hold it, and the daycare trains your pokemons as you run around in circles!

- Be careful though, if you let it run for too long you may have a level 100 that you never evolved
- Also, pokemons left at DayCare will learn the level up moves as they level up, meaning you won't be able to choose the moves it learns if you leave it there too long