Pokémon Black Version Unlockables

Special Trainer Battles
These are important characters that pop up who will battle you with powerful pokemon who are more than just random NPCs..
TrainerHow to fight them
CynthiaYou must enter the first villa on your left when entering from Route 13 in She will be at the house at Undella Town. Once you enter that house you will automatically engage in battle with the Sinnoh Champion. Thereafter you'll be able to battle her once every day.
MorimotoIn Castelia City head to the 22nd floor to find the Game Freak development team. Morimoto is there and can be challenged once a day.
cherengo to victory road he is in the last dungeon you can beat him once a day.
biancashe is with prof. junifer but she doesn't want to battle every day.
The RichesGo to Undella Town and go west until you find a big mansion. Every day you will be able to battle one member of the wealthy family here for more money (make sure you have the Amulet Coin equipped). Each battle will be harder than the previous one but with more reward money. This can be done up to six times, after which no more battles can be fought against them.