Pokémon Black Version Unlockables

Ingame Trades
Several NPCs in the game will trade with you if you have a specific Pokemon they are after.
Pokemon you will receivePokemon required and location of NPC
PetililTrade a Cottonee with a girl in Nacrene City.
MunchlaxDuring the months of the summer season, if you travel to Undella Town you can trade a Cinccino with a man for this.
RotomTrade a Ditto with a woman on Route 15.
EmolgaTrade a Boldore to a Hiker in a house on Route 7
BasculinTrade a Minccino (commonly found in Route 7) to a boy in Driftveil City.
kabutoBefore you get in the Ice Rock Room a worker will give you his dome fossil then go to the museum in Nacrene City and talk to the clerk on the right.