Pokémon Black Version Unlockables

Legendary Encounters
Meet these conditions to find them. Note that some require more than just going to their location.
PokemonHow to meet it
CobalionHead to Mistralton Cave (surf and strength are needed).
TerrakionFirst encounter Cobalion, then go to Victory Road.
VirizionFirst encounter Cobalion, then go to Pinwheel Forest.
TornadusHead to Route 7 after beating Drayden and you'll be greeted with a elderly lady who will tell you the story of Tornadus. Once you leave her house you will then see Tornadus fly past. After that encounter head to the nearest news ticker, any one will tell you there is a violent storm in a certain route, head for that route and there you will find Tornadus.
LandorusOnce you have both Tornadus and Thundurus head to Abundant Shrine.
ReshiramOriginally found in N's Castle after defeating the Elite 4. If there is no room in your party or PC boxes, it will reappear at Dragon Spiral Tower if you can't catch it. You must catch it if there is room in your party. It will be at level 50.
KyuremFound in Giant Chasm north of Route 13 after defeating the Elite 4. It is at level 75.
VictiniGet the Liberty ticket over WiFi Mystery Gift and take the ship in Castelia city to Liberty Island. Defeat Team Plasma and capture Victini in the basement of the Light House. It is Level 15 and has no Gender.