Pocket Academy (iPhone) Cheats

Pocket Academy cheats, Unlockables, and Codes for iPhone.


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Unlockable Spot / Items
Spots: put corresponding facilites together to unlocked the following spots.
Items: complete the corresponding tasks to unlock items (sometime required higher school levels and number of participants on order to trigger the events)
UnlockableHow to unlock
Art SpotArt Rm + Music Rm + Misc Room
Club SpotTiny Mart + Soccer Fld + Club
Cooking SpotIncinerator + Hm Ec Rm + Wtr Fntn
Date SpotTennis Ct + Woods + Library
Election SpotPrncpl Rm + Teacher Rm + Lounge
Exercise SpotTrack + B-Ball Ct + Vending Rm
Fiery SpotB-Ball Ct + Soccer Fld + Incinerator
Friend SpotWtr Fntn + Nurse's Rm + Lounge
Garden SpotGrass + Field + Wtr Fntn
Homey SpotNurse's Rm + Hm Ec Rm + Rest Rm
Jealousy SpotIncinerator + Cafeteria + Hm Ec Rm
Meat SpotPig Rm + Cafeteria + Cow Rm
Power SpotWell + Woods + Grass
Relaxing SpotAzalea + Grass + Bench
Shopping SpotSnack Store + Tiny Mart + Cafeteria
Spooky SpotMusic Rm + Lab + Incinerator
Study SpotPrncpl Rm + Library + AV Room
Twilight SpotWoods + Slope + Baseball Fld
Waiting SpotBulletin Bd + Big Rock + Rest Rm
Water SpotLake + Rest Rm + Well
Unlock BoatComplete the Field Trip Event (Summer).
Unlock Camera SetComplete the Field Study Event (Summer).
Unlock Dust ClothBuild a Locker Room.
Unlock Fishing SetComplete the Park Stroll Event (Summer).
Unlock SkateboardComplete the Athletic Meet Event (Autumn).
Unlock Sketching SetComplete the Art Festival Event (Autumn).
Unlock SkateComplete the School Trip Event (Autumn).
Unlock SkiComplete the Ski School Event (Autumn).