Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace Cheats

Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace cheats, and Codes for PC.

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Cheat Codes
Press [Backspace] during game play, then type one of the following codes in the dialogue window to activate its corresponding cheat function. A message will appear to confirm the correct code entry.
Note: Some codes may be entered a second time to disable or double their features.

Full health(Can only be 5 times, increases difficulty)give me life
Full health(Can only be 5 times, increases difficulty)heal it up
Play as Queen Amidalaiamqueen
Play as Qui-Gon Jiniamquigon
Play as Panakaiampanaka
Play as Obi-Wan againiamobi
Letterbox viewbeyond cinema
Overhead viewfrom above
First person viewnaughty naughty
Wire frame viewperf
Wire frame menusrex
Slow motion modeslowmo
60 fps frame rate60fps
View frame ratefps
View creditswhere is gurshick
View creditsgurshick
Wavering graphicsdrop a beat
Kill selfdonttttt
Kill selfrrrrright
Kill selfkill me now
Debug mode(Enter once for Debug 1, twice for Debug 2)oldcode
All weapons, full ammo(Can only be 5 times, increases difficulty)i like to cheat
Lower difficultyi really stink
Lower difficultyi stink
Increased difficultyi rule the world
Push force power color changed to redbut i feel so good
Weapon 3 is a rocket launcherhappy
Disable cheats(shrinks and enlarges some enemies and characters)turntables
"Tech Bonus!" messagebrenando

Trade Options
Note: Some of the options will not be available, depending on what you currently have in your inventory.

CharacterLocationObject OfferedObject Received
WattoWatto's ShopFusion Coil (after credit offer)Hydrospanner
WattoWatto's ShopFusion Coil (no credit offer)Fuel Converter
WattoWatto's ShopFusion Coil (no credit, no mind trick)2 Fuel Converters
TeemtoCantinaEngine Binder and Repulse BoosterServo Control
TeemtoCantinaJedi Mind TrickFuel Converter
BarboBarbo's ShopFuel Converter and Repulse BoosterServo Control
BarboBarbo's ShopJedi Mind Trick (fake)None
MawhonicMawhonic's PodracerHydrospannerFuel Converter
MawhonicMawhonic's PodracerEngine Binder and HydrospannerMass Coupler
MawhonicMawhonic's PodracerImportantImportant
MerchantMerchant's Shop2 Fuel ConvertersMass Coupler
MerchantMerchant's ShopEngine Binder and Fusion CoilMass Coupler

More Items
Get to the point in the Tatoonie level where you save the pink person's house in the slave quarters, and you save the man in the corner who tells you to step into his store. You can talk to him repeatedly and not take what he gives you to receive more than one of what he offers.

Glitch: No Murderer Response
Play the Tatooine level. After you get Anakin in front of Watto's store, along with Padme and Jar-Jar, kill all of the creatures on the level. Go back to talk to Anakin. Instead of him saying "I wont help a murderer like you" he will say "We are ready for the race" as if you went through and collected all of the items for him. There is a Jawa you cannot kill in the corner of the junkyard, but this does not effect the glitch.