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PlayStation 3 Hardware review
PS3 is Worth the Money

The good:

-Affordable Blu-Ray Player
-Free Online (which plays well from what I can tell)
-Great games coming out soon
-Will last many years probably
-HOME looks to be great
-Remote play with your PSP
-Can change the internal HDD
-Visulizations are cool, and smooth
-Sleek black surface looks sexy
-Runs silent
-Save the World with Folding@Home
-Can Run Linux (YellowDog specifically developed for that purpose)
-Can handle up to 1080p
-25GB to 50GB space on a disk to work with, makes a huge difference with exclusive games
-60GB (currently) HDD (20GB discontinued a while ago)
-Blu-Ray format looks to win the war (near 3:1 outselling HD-DVD)
-Demos and videos are free (some videos offer choice between SD, HD, and 1080p HD)
-Wireless controller that charges via USB cable
-Supports Keyboards, Mice, and bluetooth
-Background Downloading
-Photo Effect slideshow is cool (more info below)

The bad:

-Price (Sell a kidney to get it)
-Current game selection is limited
-No Playlists (as of yet) for music
-Currently cannot play custom music in-game
-Kinda Big, and you'll fear breaking it
-Attracts dust a lot
-Sometimes need to install game data on HDD
-Playstation Store selection is currently limited (should change in the coming months)
-Controller seems less...substantial versus The PS2 and 360 controllers
-No Rumble (as of yet, that may change in the future)
-Cannot check messages while playing a game (might be fixed in next/future update)
-File Organization leaves much to be desired


Currently, it IS worth it, even if you only have a HD-TV (and no HD player), just for that alone, since its a cheap Blu-ray player...I recommend waiting if you don't care for the current game linup.

The 360 runs really loud when loading things up, and such...I havn't had any such issue with my PS3...

I have to say that the SIXAXIS is something that might have potential, but as of yet, but its a bit hit and miss...it can be good, or it can be annoying.

Oh, and about Visulizations, I also have a 360, and while it's visualizations are good, you can see the 'cube' thing its in most of the time.

And like less then 30 minutes after I opened it, it already had a layer of dust on it....

It would be nice to be able to check my messages, without having to log-out of a game...There is a rumor that the next update will fix this issue.

About the Photo effect slideshow....It renders all your images into 'photos', and randomly drops them on a virtual table (you proceed along the table, as images are rendered). It is very cool

File organization is worse then the PSP's. With music, you can sort by genre album, artist and all, but cannot make your own folders....But at least you can 'display all'...Photos has a similar issue...I have 900+ images under "MAY"...you can also sort by year, but that is pretty worthless...hopefully a future update will fix this..

And the controller issue isn't important, just something I felt I should say....its due to the absence of the weight of the the Rumble and such.

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