PlayStation 3 Hardware review
The PS3.... Sony's Newest Masterpiece

The good:

The Good

Sony's newest console, the PlayStation 3, is definitely awesome.

To start off, I would like to say that Sony did an amazing job. Now, for our review. There are numerous things for the good in the 60/20 Gigabyte version of the PS3. In both versions, you have a web browser, the PlayStation Store, and Playstation Network. This helps you connect with the rest of the world. Aside from that, the 60 (or) 20 Gigabyte hardrive allows you to store music, videos, pictures, game saves, and much more! The system also uses PS3 Wireless Controllers, allowing you to stand as far away as you like, or as close as you like. And, this all helps to reduce wire tangles. The controllers also have Sixaxis, revolutionary technology that makes the controller's movements your game's movements. You may even hook up your old controllers for PS2 to this, with the adapter. and do not worry about those backward compatibility problems... Sony sends out updates to fix that, just download them, and more and more games are backward compatible.

The bad:

The Bad

The bad isn't very much. For the Sixaxis Technology, you lose the rumble features in your controller. You also cannot be running a game while downloading system updates. And, of course, the price tag. Going at $600 USD for the 60 Gigabyte, and $500 USD for the 20 Gigabyte, it is an expensive system.


Overall this system is the best. The price tag may lure you towards something else, but the game play, graphics, controls, and maker are better than any other.The wide variety of games will also be some of the largest. And, the best titles, such as Sonic The Hedgehog, NBA Live, Madden NFL '07, and many others will be mind-blowing in every dimension.

I own the 60 Gigabyte version, and I recommend the new Sony PlayStation 3 to anyone who wants to have a great gaming experience... wait, you don't even have to want to play games. You can use it to store data, and other things, as well as go on the internet. Are you ready for the PS3?

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