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  • Released on Nov 17, 2006
  • By SCEI for PS3

PlayStation 3 Hardware User Reviews


A king among consoles.

The good:

    • Amazing graphical capabilities.
    • Blu-Ray advantage.
    • More than a console.
    • The PSStore
    • Future prospects.
    • It looks SEXY. ;D

The bad:

    • Price tag.
    • Current Game Lineup.
    • File organisation.
    • Access to XMB.


Where to start. I bought my PS3 almost 2 months ago at this stage, and with only 3 games, I haven't put it down.
The first thing that I noticed when I came home with my huge box and took it all out onto the middle of my Living room floor is how awesome this console looks and feels. When you pick it up you can feel that you have an expensive and sturdy piece of equipment in your hands.

The graphics on the PS3 are simply amazing. And all I can think of is how the PS3 is using, at most, with it's current games, about 20 to 30% of it's potential power. With games like Motorstorm and Folklore acco...


The Future is Here.


This is going to be a hard review to write. One incorrect piece of information and I could face being flamed in the Comments.

Anyway lets begin.

First of all let me say that yes I probably am a fanboy. That's not a bad thing though. I've owned all Playstations since the beginning. Including the PSP. Being a fan of Sonys consoles is nothing to be ashamed of. What does being a fan mean? Well it means that through thick and thin I will always stick by the Playstation. I have tried the Xbox and Wii and both just don't appeal to me at all. Let me explain it differently. I'm also a fan of Eminem, d...


PS3 is Worth the Money

The good:

-Affordable Blu-Ray Player
-Free Online (which plays well from what I can tell)
-Great games coming out soon
-Will last many years probably
-HOME looks to be great
-Remote play with your PSP
-Can change the internal HDD
-Visulizations are cool, and smooth
-Sleek black surface looks sexy
-Runs silent
-Save the World with Folding@Home
-Can Run Linux (YellowDog specifically developed for that purpose)
-Can handle up to 1080p
-25GB to 50GB space on a disk to work with, makes a huge difference with exclusive games
-60GB (currently) HDD (20GB discontinued a while ago)
-Blu-Ray format looks to win the war (near 3:1 outselling HD-DVD)
-Demos and videos are free (some videos offer choice between SD, HD, and 1080p HD)
-Wireless controller that charges via USB cable
-Supports Keyboards, Mice, and bluetooth
-Background Downloading
-Photo Effect slideshow is cool (more info below)

The bad:

-Price (Sell a kidney to get it)
-Current game selection is limited
-No Playlists (as of yet) for music
-Currently cannot play custom music in-game
-Kinda Big, and you'll fear breaking it
-Attracts dust a lot
-Sometimes need to install game data on HDD
-Playstation Store selection is currently limited (should change in the coming months)
-Controller seems less...substantial versus The PS2 and 360 controllers
-No Rumble (as of yet, that may change in the future)
-Cannot check messages while playing a game (might be fixed in next/future update)
-File Organization leaves much to be desired


Currently, it IS worth it, even if you only have a HD-TV (and no HD player), just for that alone, since its a cheap Blu-ray player...I recommend waiting if you don't care for the current game linup.

The 360 runs really loud when loading things up, and such...I havn't had any such issue with my PS3...

I have to say that the SIXAXIS is something that might have potential, but as of yet, but its a bit hit and can be good, or it can be annoying.

Oh, and about Visulizations, I also have a 360, and while it's visualizations are good, you can see the 'cube' thing its in most of the time.



PS3 - worth the hype?

The good:

-Graphics - very sleek
-Free online play
-Looks awesome
-Wireless controller comes standard
-Easy to set up, no downloading or anything required

The bad:

-Joke of a game line-up at the moment
-Biggest size of console out there
-Old controller design (not exactly bad)
-Gets very hot
-Bad Marketing by Sony


At the moment, the PS3 is getting destroyed in sales by the Wii and 360. The reason? Simple, the PS3 has a joke of a game line-up as of early 2007. Very bad marketing plan for Sony.

The PS3 is also huge and clunky, but at the same time very attractive.

The controllers are the exact same as PS2's, but wireless. Now, this can be good or bad, whichever way you look at it. The PS2 controllers were awesome, the best out there, but if you are the man that wants to see something new, then the controllers aren't for you.

Free online play is always welcoming.

It was also very easy to set up, it was as e...


The PS3.... Sony's Newest Masterpiece

The good:

The Good

Sony's newest console, the PlayStation 3, is definitely awesome.

To start off, I would like to say that Sony did an amazing job. Now, for our review. There are numerous things for the good in the 60/20 Gigabyte version of the PS3. In both versions, you have a web browser, the PlayStation Store, and Playstation Network. This helps you connect with the rest of the world. Aside from that, the 60 (or) 20 Gigabyte hardrive allows you to store music, videos, pictures, game saves, and much more! The system also uses PS3 Wireless Controllers, allowing you to stand as far away as you like, or as close as you like. And, this all helps to reduce wire tangles. The controllers also have Sixaxis, revolutionary technology that makes the controller's movements your game's movements. You may even hook up your old controllers for PS2 to this, with the adapter. and do not worry about those backward compatibility problems... Sony sends out updates to fix that, just download them, and more and more games are backward compatible.

The bad:

The Bad

The bad isn't very much. For the Sixaxis Technology, you lose the rumble features in your controller. You also cannot be running a game while downloading system updates. And, of course, the price tag. Going at $600 USD for the 60 Gigabyte, and $500 USD for the 20 Gigabyte, it is an expensive system.


Overall this system is the best. The price tag may lure you towards something else, but the game play, graphics, controls, and maker are better than any other.The wide variety of games will also be some of the largest. And, the best titles, such as Sonic The Hedgehog, NBA Live, Madden NFL '07, and many others will be mind-blowing in every dimension.

I own the 60 Gigabyte version, and I recommend the new Sony PlayStation 3 to anyone who wants to have a great gaming experience... wait, you don't even have to want to play games. You can use it to store data, and other things, as well as go on ...


PS3, the only multimedia machine you need.

The good:

- Amazing graphics
- Free online play
- Wifi (In 60GB version)
- Looks sleek
- Great controller
- It's VERY quiet
- PS3 can be turned on and off with the controller
- Blu-ray movies
- GREAT multimedia machine
- Can run Linux
- Free demos, voice chat, online play, video chat, updates
- Fast internet browser
- Hasn't frozen yet, which is SUPPOSEDLY the biggest issue
- I haven't found any issues with backwards compatibility, other than what is now under the 'Bad' section.
- Both the 20GB and the 60GB system come with Bluetooth controllers!
- You can use bluetooth headsets, keyboards, remotes, and mice with the PS3.
- PS2 games no longer look pixelated, and now look just as they did on the PS2.

The bad:

- Price tag ($499 for a 20GB and $599 for a 60GB at time of writing)
- Had some issues at first, but that was because I forgot my WEP key
- Gets dusty easily
- Pretty darn big (Still looks good though)
- Some developers are slacking off and not including much support for the motion sensitive controller


So here's the big question... Is it worth the money?

I would say that, yes, it is.

The system looks and performs great, and has some great graphics, especially on an HDTV.

It also has a pretty darn big HD, so there's more than enough room to fit just about all you want. I've already transferred about 10 gigs of things from my computer to my PS3.

Another thing is, I've played a 40 player online game in Resistance: Fall of Man, and am VERY impressed. There was NO lag, the game ran smoothly, the graphics stayed consistent, load times stayed short, people had fun. 40 player online is something tha...

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