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PlayStation 3 Hardware

  • Released on Nov 17, 2006
  • By SCEI for PS3

PlayStation 3 Hardware Tips

Tips on your ps3 freezing.
Here are some tips on when your ps3 frezes. Freezing is a major problem when its in the 60gb model. If a yellow light comes when your ps3 freezes. Then this is not for you as your ps3 is now broken and you will have to ring Sony and see what they say (Uk is 100 quid!). Here are the tips.

-Make sure the system is in a cool and spacious area to prevent it from heating up.

-Buy the intercooler just to stay on the safe side

-Disable the media thing on the internet settings

-Turn the PS3 vertically

-Make the room quite cool

-Blow the vents

-Place a fan pointing towards it

These should help. And to stay on the safe side. Backup all you save datas!