: : : : : Re-arranging uploaded music into personalized folders- the quicker way

PlayStation 3 Hardware Tips

Re-arranging uploaded music into personalized folders- the quicker way
When you upload music files (mp3s, etc) to your PS3, the ID3 tag of the MP3 will segregate the mp3s into their own folders according to the 'album' tag.

This can result in dozens of mp3s uploaded and separated into a dozen folders. If you want to upload files and move them to their own albums, or just dump every thing into a single album, you can do this by changing the name of the album the desired mp3(s) are inside, the the same name of another album. Instead of overwriting all the album info, it will simply move all the files from one folder with the same name, into the other album, and then delete the spare/empty album automatically.

Quickest way to do this is to rename or create a new album with the title as 'g', since g is the first letter the type cursor appears on when the type box appears.

Then rename the other folders as 'g'. Once all the desired MP3s are combined, simply rename the g folder to whatever you wish.

The only files that will not be moved are files with no id3 tag information for 'album'. These will be automatically moved into a read-only folder called 'unknown'. The unknown folder can be absorbed into another unknown folder if you create one, or you can move the individual files in that folder if you choose.

Note: The PS3 also edits ID3 tags this way. If you upload these files from the PS3 to another device, if the device displays ID3 listings, they will have new information the PS3 added.