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PlayStation 3 Hardware Tips

Using the Media Server option
As many people have found out, Firmware 1.8 has added the option to stream and copy media such as music, videos, and pictures from a media server. This guide explains how to do it.

It can either be done by Windows Media Player 11, or Nero Home. This guide is for the WMP11 version of it.

1) Download Windows Media Player 11.

2) After downloading and installing it, it will import your music, videos, and pictures from My Documents. It will not work with your music from iTunes though. For that, you will need to burn it to a disc, then import it to WMP.

3) Open WMP11, Then click on the music tab and there will be three icons, Playlist, library, and Urge. Right Click on library and select share media.

3) On your PS3, turn it on and select "Find Media Servers".

4) On WMP11 a message will pop up showing a unknown device trying to get to your music. Select the Approve button and the click Apply.

There you go! Please remember this though. If you're in the music bar on the XMB, pictures will not display. Only music will work right, other folders will be shown as empty.