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The good:

-Being Hugh Hefner
-The music
-Shooting babes for the cover is cool

The bad:

-The game
-The gamplay
-The graphics


This game just runs too slow. There I said it. It basically looks like the Sims 1 graphically, so therefore not exactly compelling stuff. The game itself ISNT *that* bad, well it is and it isnt.

I find the point 'n' click movement of hef to be way to slow, and tedious. Its a very arduous task having to go upstairs with hef waiting for the game to load the upstairs map just to build a plant up there.

The principle is good; Build a mansion, get some celebs/models/graphic designer/computer programmers to come and have sex with you, or write you an essay. Get you centerfold done with one of the p...


When sims meets with sex!

The good:

-Visuals are nice, alot like the sims!

-Animated Nudity & sex is always funny right?

-Photoshoots can be entertaining!

-Awsome mix of sountracks

-Will take awile to complete & theirs plenty of unlockables!

-Being able to build & arrange your the mansion & operate playboy has some novelty.

-Actual nude photos of REAL playmates

The bad:

-The sound itself isn't bad such as the soundtracks but it would be nice if the in-game characters actually spoke english instead of the sim style jibberish.

-Their isn't much to be said about the gamesplay, infact its quiet boring & dull however for some odd
reason you don't get the erge to turn the game off.

-Loading times can be abit annoying

-Feels like a rip-off of the sims

-Some annoying glitches


Overall, Playboy: The Manson may have some novelty from a few hours to a week but to be honest it's not great & has quiet a few annoying glitches, along with dull gameplay. This is bascially the Sims with some nudity & sex. I wouldn't say it's worth the money.

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