Plants vs. Zombies review
Plants Vs. Zombies

The good:

This is a fast, action packed game that will keep you going. Like a "page-turner" book, this game will keep you playing for hours.

The bad:

The only problem is some zombies are just plain tough! Like the Football Zombie and the Buckethead Zombie. They have high endurance and can sustain most attacks.


Let me just say that this game will keep you going. George Fan has done it again! Like Insaniquarium, this game can be played continuously with new stuff happening all the time! He really does give you the most for your money. In this game, he added many mini games, puzzle games, and a survival mode to keep you playing until the end. After defeating the final boss, you will get to see the purpose of the Music Video in the description. I won't spoil it though!

Anyway, there are many ways to strategize in this game. For starters, you can decide whether or not to have a lot of Sunflowers. Sunflowers help you produce more Sun which is necessary to purchase more plants to help you fight off the Zombies. Also, you will have to decide which and how many plants you will use to fight. For example, you will have Pea Shooters, Snow Peas, and more! There are so many variations and possibilities! There are many different plants and zombies with different statistics, too. Each Zombie has it's own endurance, and power, or whatever you want to call it. This can all be found in the Almanac you get during gameplay.

You could cheat and ask people online for their strategies, but what fun would that be? If you really want to, there are some useful FAQ's and guides right here on Neoseeker, so you could always check that.

Aside from the normal zombie fighting, George Fan added a number of Mini Games to play. These can all be obtained during normal gameplay. To get all the mini games, you must win the normal adventure mode and start to win the mini games you get. You get three mini games after receiving the present in adventure (same thing happens with Puzzle games and the Almanac).

Also, you can always go to the nice little Zen Garden you unlock, too. In the Zen Garden, you can raise flowers and plants you find in adventure mode, which in return drop silver or gold coins and diamonds. These are added to your money, which can be spent at Crazy Dave's shop in his car trunk. To access this, you must play Adventure mode. There you can buy new plants for your Zen Garden, upgrades for your plants in adventure mode and Mini Games and survival mode, Your very own Wisdom Tree, and more!

The graphics are great, too! Everything is crisp and smooth. The flowers and plants look really nice and the zombies look ugly and horrifying just like they should! The sound is awesome, too! The music is great background music and adds more charm to this game. The zombies' sounds are a nice touch, too. They call for brains, and say,"We're coming!"

Well, it looks like I'm about done here, but I'd like to say one more thing: There is NO help section for this game! If you don't believe me, check the "help" section yourself! The zombies wrote it, and it's actually kind of funny.

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