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Plants vs. Zombies FAQ/Walkthrough

by Saint   Updated to v1.0 on
This walkthrough was originally written for Plants vs. Zombies on the DS, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the PC version of the game.
Plants vs. Zombies DS FAQ 1.0 / 10 Oct 2012

  The FAQ is copyright 2012, but 'Plants vs. Zombies', 'Popcap' and
  all other trademarkeable names & copyrights are probably trademarked by
  their holders.  This FAQ is not officially endorsed or authorized by anyone.

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  What is Plants vs. Zombies?
    New in this FAQ
  DS game differences (QFD)
  Adventure Mode Walkthrough - First Playthrough (QFW)
  Adventure Mode Rewards Summary (QFL)
  Crazy Dave's Shop (QFS)
  Plant Summary (QFP)
  Plant Strategy Discussion (QFT)
  Mini-Games (QFM)
  Puzzle Mode (QFP)
    I, Zombie
  Survival (QFU)
  Zen Garden Mode (QFZ)
  Tree of Wisdom (QFY)
  Achievements (QFA)

What is Plants vs. Zombies?

PvZ (for short) is classed as a 'Tower Defense' game.  In general, these games
have some sort of enemy that is trying to get from one place to another.  You
lose if too many of them get to the place they are heading towards.  To stop
them, you build 'Towers' that try to prevent them from reaching their goal.
Towers might attack them, serve as a barrier, boost other towers, inflict some
kind of detrimental effect on them or have other effects that keep the enemy
from getting where they want to go.

In Plants vs. Zombies, the Zombies are the enemy.  They are trying to get from
the right side of the screen (the street in front of your house) to the left
(your house).  If they get into your house, you lose and have to try again.
There are different kinds of zombies with different abilities.

Your towers are plants.  Most are plays on the name of real plants, so
cherries -> cherry bombs.  Peas -> peashooters.  You have plants to attack
zombies, plants to stall the zombies, plants that make zombies less effective
and other specialized types.

For each level, you will be shown what types of zombies will be attacking you
and can choose what plants you will use to mount a defense.  You can't plant
all the plants you want right away, you need to "buy" each plant with sun, a
currency that starts at 0 each level and slowly builds up.

How do I get a copy?

This guide specifically deals with Plants vs. Zombies for the Nintendo DS.
You can order it online from a lot of places, including and
gamestop.  It is also widely available for PC, Mac, game consoles, phones
(iPhone, android) and other mobile devices (iPad, iPod touch).  Visit the
stores for your individual device to get a copy.

New in this FAQ:
  1.0 - Walkthrough, differences, strategies, all modes covered

DS PvZ Differences [QFD]

- Versus Mode available, supports DS Download Play (only 1 cart needed)
- 4 New minigames added:
  - Heat wave
  - Bomb all together
  - Homerun Derby
  - Air raid
- Minigames are unlocked by beating other minigames (they don't have to be
  bought from Crazy Dave)
- Top Screen shows level progress and has animated zombies
- New zombie: Trashcan Zombie appears in survival levels
  - Trashcan Zombie does not have an almanac entry.  It's like a Screen Door
    Zombie, but moves slower.  The trashcan takes more damage than the
    screen.  It can be taken away by magnet shrooms or ignored by fumes.
- Achievements are different (see achievements section)
- Crazy Dave's seeds are not random in the 2nd+ adventure mode, they will be
  the same each time you play a particular level.
- Crazy Dave sells unlimited marigolds per day
- No co-op play or house upgrades (available only on PS3/Xbox)
- No quick play (iPod/iPad/Android versions)
- Some mini-games from other versions aren't available
  - Zombie Nimble Zombie Quick (all versions except DS/DSi-ware)
  - Buttered Popcorn (iPad version only)
  - Heavy Weapon (XBOX, PS3, PS Vita only)
  - Zombie Trap (DSi-ware only)
- Screen is smaller and some UI elements are moved (shovel, level progress)
- Less detailed sprites
  - Zen Garden plants do not glow when happy
  - Zombies do not collapse into ash when blown up
  - Eyes aren't visible on lily pads, pots
- Graphics glitches: zombies may not load correctly at the start of a level.
  - Going back to the main menu fixes most glitches
- Dancer Zombie looks like a disco dancer, not Michael Jackson (same as the
  GOTY PC edition)
- Main menu is split into 2 screens
- Minigame progress is not saved when you quit.  If you exit a game you
  restart at the beginning next time you play it.
- Max of 9 seed packets (10th slot for 80,000 coins is unavailable)
- No codes to change zombie appearance (mustache, pinata, etc...)
- Some zombies are harder: Football zombie seems to run faster and do more
  damage, Jack-in-the-box seems to explode more often
- Cob Cannons take longer to fire and land
- Zen Garden plants don't give as much money (slower rate of coins)


- What are the differences between the DS version and other versions of PvZ?
  See the differences section

- Can more than 1 person use the same cart and have separate games?
  Yes.  You can have 2 separate saves with separate achievements, adventure
  mode progress, zen garden, etc..  Tap 'Change Save Block' to choose a
  different block, then go to Achievements, then Back. There seems to be a bug
  when changing blocks that doesn't always load the new block right away.

- How do I delete my data and start over?
  From main menu, Change Save Block, click your block and choose Delete

Walkthrough: Adventure Mode - First Playthrough [QFW]

You've just picked up this cart or started over with a new playthrough.  The
game will gradually introduce plants and features to you, usually giving you
1 new plant and 1 new type of zombie to learn per level.

The main attraction of Plants vs. Zombies is figuring out your own strategies
and ways to beat each level and threat.  The walkthrough is just a guide to
how I like to do things; you should feel free to experiment.  Take whatever
plants you want and see what goes well together!

1-1: 1 row, new zombie: regular zombies, new plant: peashooter
  The game starts out with 1 row of grass.  After a short while, zombies
will come in from the right side and head toward the left.  Follow the
directions to collect sun.  Every 100 sun, plant a peashooter as far left as
possible.  The zombies will slowly walk toward it while it shoots them down.

 On the far left of your lawn you'll see lawnmowers, 1 per row.  These are
your last line of defense.  The first zombie that makes it all the way to the
left will get run over by the lawn mower (it will take out any other zombies
in the row).  If any zombies get to the far left in the same row later,
lose the game (you can restart from the current level).

Reward: New Plant - Sunflower
  Sunflowers can't attack, but they give you sun at random intervals.
  You'll need them since the amount of sun that falls isn't enough to
  build what you'll need.

1-2: 3 rows
  More of your lawn is plantable now.  You have 3 rows to defend.  Plant
sunflowers on the far left of your lawn in columns.  You should reserve the 2
far-left columns for sunflower and plant peashooters starting from the 3rd or
4th column (I also like to have the 3rd column be sunflowers)

  You want to get 1 peashooter per row as soon as possible.  Sunflowers can
be planted in a zig-zag pattern.  Start at the top left, then plant in the
top 2nd column, then top 3rd column, then 2nd row 1st column.

  This way, 1 peashooter can protect 2-3 sunflowers.

Reward: New Plant - Cherry Bomb
  This plant explodes immediately when placed, destroying all zombies
  in it's square and all touching squares.

1-3: 3 rows, new zombie: conehead
  Zombies wearing safety cones can take three times as much damage.  Plant at
least 2 columns of sunflowers then as many peashooters as you can.  It will
take 2 peashooters to reliably kill a conehead before it gets to you.  You'll
notice that zombies shield other zombies behind them from peas.  Use cherry
bombs when desperate.  If you have extra sun when the final wave comes in,
drop a bomb in the middle of it to try to get the 'Demolitioner' achievement.

Reward: Wall-nut
  This plant can't attack, but can take a lot of hits from zombies
  before it dies.

1-4: 5 rows
  All 5 lawn rows are now available.  Put together what you know about the
plants to beat the zombies.  Sunflowers should go in the left 2 or 3 columns,
2 columns of peashooters, then wallnuts to defend them.

  3 columns of sunflowers will give you quite a lot of sun at the end, so for
overkill you can plant a 2nd column of wallnuts or start blowing up zombies
with cherry bombs.

Reward: Shovel
  The shovel will destroy one of your plants, leaving behind grass
  that can be immediately planted with something else.

1-5: Wall-nut bowling
  This is your first mini-game.  Instead of choosing seeds, you have a
conveyor belt.  Seeds will come in from the right and head left in the box.
Drag a seed out to plant it.  Once planted, it disappears from the conveyor.
If you don't plant them right away, they will pile up on the left side of the
conveyor.  If the conveyor belt is full, no more plants will be able to come

  There's a red line drawn between the 3rd and 4th columns, and zombies will
start appearing on the far right immediately.  Nothing bad will happen if
zombies cross the red line, but if they make it into your house you lose.

  The conveyor drops off wall-nuts and red wall-nuts.  You can place either
one in the first 3 columns (on your side of the red line).  They will roll
straight down their row until they hit a zombie.  Red nuts will explode like
a cherry bomb when they hit.  Regular nuts hit the zombie once, then head
diagonally up or down (it's random).

  Don't immediately use your nuts on the first zombies to appear.  Let them
get close to you first.  You want to hit more than 1 zombie with each regular
nut.  Save your red nuts for emergencies.

Reward: Potato Mine
  The potato mine takes about 15 seconds to arm, then explodes when a
  zombie steps on it.

1-6: new zombie: pole-vaulter
  The potato mine seems like a weak cherry bomb, but it's much more than
that.  It can defend you quite well for the beginning of the level, giving
you time to set up tons of sunflowers.  Then you'll be able to build the rest
of your defense quickly without worrying about sun.

  Here's how that works: Start out your normal sun-flower planting.  Let's
say you're going for 3 columns of sun.  Start in the top-left corner and
plant sunflowers every chance you get.  When zombies start to appear, put a
potatomine in the 4th column.  It should have plenty of time to arm itself
before the zombie gets to it.  It seems like a waste to use a 1-shot plant in
the beginning, but it's very cheap and doesn't hold up your sun production
very long.  Also, the faster you kill the zombies in the beginning, the more
zombies show up.  Letting them walk all the way across to the mine gives you
more time.

  The pole-vaulter zombie starts out running quickly with a pole.  It will
leap over the first plant it sees, dropping the pole.  Then it walks slowly
and can't jump over anything else.

  A potato mine behind a wall-nut will catch it.  You can also drop a cheap
plant like a sunflower or mine in front of it as it runs.  It will waste its
pole and not be able to jump over your defending wall nut later.

Reward: Snow Pea
  Snow peas cost more than peashooters, but they snare zombies that they
  hit.  The zombie will move and attack at half speed.

1-7: more pole-vaulters
  Pole vaulters will appear earlier and more frequently this level.  Use the
potato mines to build your defense.  Snow peas are great, you want to have 1
per column.  They can only freeze the first zombie in the row, BUT since it
will run slower, other zombies will catch up and then also get frozen.

  A single snow pea can snare all the zombies in a row, though huge groups
can overwhelm it.  Since the zombies attack slower, this makes your
wall-nuts last longer.  There's no need for more than 1 snow pea per row.

  Keep dropping sunflowers in front of pole vaulters to make them waste
their poles.

Reward: Chomper
  Chompers eat the first zombie that gets within range (they can attack
  two squares ahead), then take about 45 seconds to reset.

1-8: new zombie: bucket head, choose your plants
  With the addition of Chomper, you now have 7 seeds available.  However,
you are limited to using 6 per level.  You will not be able to use one of
your plants this level.  I would leave behind either the chomper or cherry

  Also not to be overlooked: you can now choose the *order* of your plants.
The Pea-shooter doesn't have to be on the far left, for example.  This lets
you place them closer to where they'll go.  If you pick Sunflower first,
you'll be able to drag them straight down to their columns.  If you pick
Wallnut last, that's closer to where you'll put them too.

  Pole-vaulters are gone from this level, but there's a new zombie: bucket
head.  Bucket zombies can take more than 6 times the damage of a regular
zombie.  Chompers can eat them in one gulp, but it is difficult to time this.
Potato mines & cherry bombs will also kill them.  If you use chompers, plant
them behind a wall-nut and have a snow pea and 1-2 pea shooters behind them
(dig up your 3rd column of  sunflowers and replace it with pea shooters).
The chomper will eat the first zombie that gets close to it and then spend a
long time resetting.

Reward: Repeater
  Repeaters fire 2 peas at once.

1-9: buckets & poles
  I'd leave behind the regular pea shooter and cherry bombs.  Both pole-
vaulters and bucket head zombies will be on this level.

  Set up 3 columns of sunflowers, using potato mines as long as possible.
1 column of snow peas, followed by 1 column of repeaters will take out nearly
anything.  Chompers, Wallnuts and a second column of repeaters (dig up the
3rd column of sunflowers when you've planted everything else) should be
enough overkill for this level.

Reward: Note from the zombies

1-10: Conveyor
  All your plants except sunflowers will come down the conveyor belt.  All
the zombies you've seen will appear on the right.  Consider this like a
normal level, except you don't have to worry about sun.  Save your cherry
bombs for emergencies.

  With a little luck, you can get the 'Demolitioner' achievement here by
blowing up a cherry bomb in one of the waves.

Reward: Puff shroom
  A free plant that can also be replanted quickly.  Shoots up to 3 squares
  in front of it.

2-1: Nighttime
  Sun power is a little harder to come by at night.  Sun no longer falls from
the sky.  Fortunately you have Puff Shrooms.  These plants are like mini pea-
shooters.  They are free to place, shoot zombies up to 3 columns ahead of
them and reload quickly.  They can defend you instead of potato mines.  You
also don't need cherry bombs and pea shooters.

  Plant a puff shroom every time they come up.  Start putting them 4 columns
from the right, then in the middle column.  Once you have those, replace ones
that get eaten and fill up the whole right side of the screen with them, even
to the far right column.  Let zombies waste their time eating their way
through the free shrooms while being shot at.

  You'll also see gravestones on the ground.  Nothing can be planted on a
grave.  During the Final Wave, zombies will pop out of graves in addition to
the ones that appear on the right.

  Also new; Zombies will occasionally drop coins.  You can now collect money
to buy helpful things from Crazy Dave.  Dropped coins don't automatically add
to your total; you need to click on them before they disappear.

  You will also get 50 coins at the end of the level for each lawn mower you
had left.

  Additionally, one zombie this level will drop a present.  This has the 'Vs.
Mode' game in it.  Once you get it you can play Plants vs Zombies against
other people with a Nintendo DS/DSi.

  There is also a new zombie this level: Newspaper zombie.  This zombie is
walking slow, carrying a newspaper.  The paper can take a few hits before it
is destroyed, giving the zombie about 1 1/2 as much health as a regular
zombie.  When the paper is destroyed, he growls at you and charges twice as
fast.  The paper also protects him from being slowed by snow peas.

Reward: Sun Shroom
  The Sun shroom gives 15 sun at first, then 25 sun after about 2 minutes
  and 15 seconds.

2-2: Conehead, Buckethead zombies are back
  Same as before, but now you know what to expect.  Don't bring sunflowers
to night levels anymore, use the new Sun Shroom.  They're cheaper to plant
than sunflowers, though they don't give as much sun at first.  If you try to
stick with sunflowers you'll find that you won't be able to place very many
before the zombies show up.  I'm able to have about 3 times as many sun
shrooms up as sunflowers when I try it.  The first sunflower takes all your
sun, and you have to wait for it to give sun twice before you can plant the
next one.

  It takes over two minutes (2:15) before a sun shroom gives you as much sun
as a sunflower, so you'll have to get used to using cheaper plants. You won't
have the sun power to build your full snow pea + repeater defense except on
long levels.  I'd use mostly puff shrooms on this level and try to set up a
column of snow peas.

Reward: Fume Shroom
  A cheap mushroom that fires ahead 4 squares.  It hits all zombies in
  those squares and bypasses shields.

2-3: new zombie: screen door zombie
  Leave the repeater behind this time in favor of the new Fume Shroom.  It's
cheap so you'll actually be able to place it AND it has a feature that helps
with the new zombie.

  A Screen Door zombie has as much health as a bucket head zombie.  The
screen also protects it from the slowing effect of snow peas.  It's weakness
is the new plant you just got: Fume Shroom.  The fumes it shoots go right
through the screen (and even hit zombies behind the screen door zombie).
Fumes will kill the zombie as if it only had the health of a regular zombie.
Fumes also go through the newspaper zombies defense.

  The Fume Shroom is cheaper than the peashooter at only 75 sun, so
definitely bring it along.

Reward: Grave Buster
  Grave Buster destroys a grave stone, letting you plant on it's square.
  Single-use plant.

2-4: upgrade seed tray, screen doors & poles
  You hopefully have the 750 coins that Crazy Dave wants for upgrading the
number of seeds you can bring.  You DEFINITELY want this, especially since
there's nothing else to spend coins on.  In my DS game, he gave me the
upgrade and didn't end up taking any coins.  This might be a glitch, so your
mileage may vary.   If you didn't have enough coins here, then get it as soon
as you do.  You'll soon have a lot of different seeds and being able to bring
a good variety is essential.

  Screen Door zombies are back, and so are pole-vault zombies.  This time,
they'll probably waste their pole on a puff shroom.

  Bring the Grave Buster along.  After you've built a good defense of puff
and fume shrooms, drop grave busters on the graves.  They'll eat it and turn
it into a coin.  Grave Busters are still plants and can be eaten by zombies
(wasting 75 sun), so don't put them down if a zombie is heading toward them.

So for what I'd bring to this level:
  All 4 mushrooms, Wallnuts, Snow Peas, Chomper

  If you have the sun power at the end of the stage, don't pick up the reward
just yet.  Use Grave busters on any remaining graves and collect their coins
before you move on.  Hey... free coins!

Reward: Almanac
  The Almanac has full descriptions of your plants and any zombies you
  have encountered.

2-5: Whack-a-zombie
  Yes, it's sort of like whack-a-mole.  Zombies will pop out of those graves
and you tap them to kill them.  Some zombies will drop sun that can be picked
up.  Use the sun to drop grave busters on the graves for extra coins.  Don't
spend it on any other plants.

  As before, if you have extra sun at the end of the level, use it to drop
grave busters on graves for extra coins.

Reward: Hypno Shroom
  A 1-shot mushroom that makes a zombie fight for you.

2-6: new zombie: football zombie
  The new zombie is the toughest yet: Football Zombie.  It's wearing a helmet
and shoulder pads and can take 8 times as much damage as a regular zombie.
In addition, it also runs twice as fast and attacks twice as fast as a
regular zombie.

  Again, you have been given the solution to this problem: Hypno Shroom.  The
first zombie to touch it will be hypnotized and will run back toward the
right side of the screen.  If it encounters any other zombies, it will fight
them.  Your pea shooters/fumes ignore a hypnotized zombie to hit the ones
past it.

  You can wait till you see a football zombie coming, then drop a hypno
shroom when he'll be the first to touch it.  Or you can plant hypnos in a
column and have them be another layer of defense like wallnuts.

Reward: Scaredy Shroom
  Cheap version of the peashooter, but it hides when a zombie gets within
  1 square of it (including ones in the row above and below)

2-7: Lots of graves, footballs and screens
  This is just more of the same things you've been dealing with.  There are a
lot of graves this time.  I'd bring all your mushrooms (including the new
scaredy shroom) and cherry bombs to deal with emergencies.

  The scaredy shroom will hide underground and stop firing if a zombie gets
within one square of it.  Make sure that there's a wallnut or some other
plants in front of it to prevent that.

  I would start out with 3 columns of sun shrooms and replace the 3rd column
with scaredy shrooms (with the 4th-6th columns having other mushrooms).

Reward: Ice Shroom
  Freezes all zombies in place for 5 seconds, then slows them after that.
  Single-use mushroom.

2-8: new zombie: dancer zombie
  The Ice Shroom is an interesting "panic buttom" alternative to your cherry
bomb.  When you place it, it explodes, freezing all zombies on the screen.
They will be frozen in place for about 5 seconds, then snared after that (as
if they were hit by a snow pea).  The snare wears off a few seconds after
that.  The Ice Shroom works from anywhere on the screen.

  You have 5 seconds to let your existing defense kill the threat, or to hope
that another plant you need reloads so you can place it, or to get more sun,
etc..  New zombies that enter the screen during this time are not frozen.

  The new zombie this level is the Dancer zombie.  It's a tall disco dancer
with an afro that walks in and sometimes stops to dance.  The threat here is
that it keeps summoning 4 backup dancers; one each in the rows above and
below the dancer, 1 in front and 1 behind it.  If you kill a backup dancer
but not the dancer itself, it can keep re-summoning the backup.

  Ice Shrooms will freeze the dancers in place to give you time to kill the
protecting backup and the dancer.  A hypno shroom will turn the dancer
against the other zombies (any backup it summons will also fight for you). A
cherry bomb will take it out and all the backup.  Whatever technique works
best for you.

  I would personally bring the wallnut to this level and just try to kill the
zombies with lots of shooters.

Reward: Doom Shroom
  Destroys all zombies within about 7 squares, leaves a crater that can't
  have anything planted on it.

2-9: disco & screens
  The disco zombie is back, and so are screen door zombies.  You could bring
along the new Doom Shroom, but I wouldn't use it this level.  It's perhaps
the ultimate panic button.  Every zombie within about 7 squares of it will be
destroyed.  The downside is that it destroys the square it was placed on, and
nothing can be replanted there till it heals.  It takes about 3 minutes to
heal, so for most adventure mode levels that square is going to be
unavailable for the rest of the level.

Reward: Note from the zombies

2-10: Conveyor: all mushrooms
  If you wanted to try out the Doom Shroom, here's your chance.  It will
occasionally show up on the conveyor and you can have fun nuking the zombies.

Reward: Lily Pad
  The Lily Pad allows you to plant in a water square

3-1: The Pool
  Ok!  The Sun is out again!  No more gravestones either.  You're actually in
a whole new setting; your backyard.  There are more rows now: 6 in total. The
middle two rows are your pool.  Most of your plants can't be planted directly
in the pool.  The new plant you just got (Lily Pad) fixes that problem.
Place a lily pad on a pool square, then put your regular plant on top of it.
The lily pad still counts as a plant: zombies will have to eat both the
regular plant and the lily pad to get past that square.

  During the final wave, zombies will rise out of your pool as if the 4
columns on the right were grave stones.  You can't prevent this, but you can
be prepared for it with wallnuts in the middle column of the pool.

  The potato mine can't go in the water, even on top of a lily pad.  You can
dig up a plant on a lily pad without destroying the pad- watch what is
highlighted and make sure to target the plant specifically.

  Zombies wearing floaties can come at you in the water, so you must still
protect these squares with some plants that can kill them.  You still have
lawnmowers as a last line of defense for your pool squares, BUT they will
only be able to kill zombies right next to the left edge of the pool when
they activate.  Other zombies in the same pool row will still keep coming.

  The other downside of daytime is that all your mushrooms don't work
anymore.  They are greyed out on the menu, and if you bring them anyway they
won't work.  Ice/Doom shrooms won't explode, Fume shrooms won't shoot, hypnos
won't hypnotize, none of it works.  Load up your regular daytime defense
team: sunflowers, snow peas, repeaters, wallnuts.

  Of all your nighttime plants, you could bring along the puff shroom to
delay zombies.  It won't shoot, but it will still stall the zombies while
other stuff kills them.  I would personally not bother.  Plant sunflowers in
3 columns on land first while defending yourself with potato mines.  Zombies
don't tend to show up in the water right away, so you can put some wallnuts
in there to stall them till you can put in the shooters.  You probably don't
need to plant sunflowers on lily pads in the pool.

I'd bring these:
  lily pad, sunflower, potato mine, snow pea, repeater, wallnut, bomb

Reward: Squash
  Squash destroys the first zombie to get within about 1 square of itself
  and all other zombies in that square.

3-2: minigames
  Squash can replace your potato mine if you like.  It costs more, but it
will kill the first zombie to get near it.  It can squash something to its
left (if you plant it to the right of a zombie), on it's square, or about 1.5
columns to the right (so you can plant it behind a wallnut and it will squash
the first zombie to attack the wallnut).  Unlike the potato mine, you can
also place it on a lily pad to squash zombies in the water.

  Like the potato mine, the squash will sit there and wait for a zombie to
get close.  It is used up when it activates.  If there happen to be several
zombies in the same square they will all get squashed.  The best way to make
this happen is to let zombies pile up on a wallnut, then plant a squash next
to the wallnut.

  One zombie will drop a present.  When you pick it up, the mini-games menu
will be unlocked.

Reward: 3-peater
  This peashooter also fires peas in the rows above it and below it.

Interlude: Mini games

  If you're close to 5000 coins (at this point, I was at 4700), I would go
quit adventure mode and play the 3 mini-games.  From the main menu, go to
More, then Mini-Games.  There are 3 mini-games available:

Zombotany: Zombies come in wearing peashooter/wallnut heads.  They can
  shoot back at your plants.  Plant wallnuts before you put sunflowers in
  a row so the sunflowers will be protected from shots.

Wall-nut Bowling: Basically the same as adventure stage 1-5

Slots: A slot machine randomly gives you plants, try to collect 2000 sun.

  Beat each game once and you should have 5000 coins when you come back to
adventure mode.  Slots can sometimes give you 1000 coins, but I think that
wall-nut bowling is more fun to replay.

3-3: upgrade to 8 slots, new zombie: snorkel zombie
  If you got all 5000 coins then you should be able to upgrade to 8 slots
here.  Again, I got the glitch (?) where Crazy Dave didn't actually take my
money.  If you don't have 5000 coins yet, I'm assuming you'll have it in the
next few levels.  Upgrade when you can and I won't assume you have 8 slots

  The 3-peater is a cool plant.  It costs 325, which is 25 more sun than
buying 3 peashooters, but it fires a pea down the rows above and below it.
You can plant it on land directly above or below the pool and it will shoot
at zombies in the pool row it covers.

  The new zombie is a tricky one: snorkel zombie.  This one will stay under
the water and surface only to attack your plants.  Your peashooters
(including the new 3-peater) won't be able to hit it when it's submerged. A
good way to defend this is to plant a wallnut on top of a lily pad.  The
zombie will be forced to surface to attack the wallnut and your peashooters
can hit it.

  Make sure to plant some wallnuts at the halfway point in your pool and
cover them with a peashooter of some sort.  Squash will still kill these

Reward: Tangle Kelp
  Tangle Kelp is cheap and kills the first zombie to get within 1 square.
  It kills only 1 zombie, even if others were in that square.

3-4: srsly upgrade to 8 slots, snorkel, newspaper, bucket, pole zombies
  You can use the potato mine + tangle kelp together to defend yourself until
you have all your sunflowers planted.  Tangle kelp is ready to kill right
away, BUT it recharges very slowly and can only kill 1 zombie.

  It doesn't need a lily pad, and it can kill a snorkel zombie that hasn't

Reward: Crazy Dave's car keys!

Interlude: Crazy Dave's shop

You found Crazy Dave's keys!  It turns out he has a store in the trunk of
his car and he'll sell you things for coins now.  Let's have a look:

9 slots: 20,000 coins
  I'd recommend saving up your coins to buy this as soon as you can.
pool cleaner: 1,000 coins
  Upgrades the lawn mowers defending your pool.  If a zombie makes it into
  past your pool defenses once, the pool cleaner will activate and take out
  all zombies in that row (like the lawnmowers do for grass).  I'd save my
  money for the 9-slot upgrade, but this isn't too expensive.  You could
  play some mini-games to make up the money.
rake: 200 coins
  I would buy this every time you can.  It will kill the first zombie of
  every level for 3 levels.  This saves you from having to plant a potato
  mine or squash when you are just starting up your sun production.  It's
  cheap and it makes your levels easier.
upgrade plant: Gatling Pea, 5,000 coins
  This adds a plant to your seed collection that you can bring to all
  future levels/minigames.

  You have to first plant a repeater (200 sun) THEN plant this gatling
  pea on top of it (another 250 sun).  This will double the shots of the
  repeater and make it fire 4 peas at a time.  It sounds powerful, but
  it uses 2 slots in your tray and 450 sun each time to make it work.

  There are good strategies built around this plant, but I would not buy it
  during your first playthrough.
upgrade plant: Twin Sunflower, 5,000 coins
  Like the Gatling Pea, but this one upgrades a sunflower.  The upgrade
  will cost 150 sun.  The twin sunflower gives twice as much sun each time.
  This allows you to have more columns dedicated to offense plants, but I
  still wouldn't buy this during the first playthrough.

You can return to Crazy Dave's shop from the Main Menu.  Select More, then
click the car keys (they say "shop" on them).  Each level in adventure mode
lets you visit the shop at the beginning.  I usually check the shop to make
sure I'll have the Rake.  If you have it, it will say "sold out" on it.  If
you can buy it, then you should.

3-5: Heat Wave
  This game is exclusive to the DS and uses the DS microphone.  You have four
peashooters, 2 wallnuts and 4 lily pads.  You can move them to other squares
with your stylus.  I like to put all 4 peashooters in the same row as a
zombie to kill it faster, then move to the next row, but you can try whatever
you like.

  When the red bar fills up at the top, it will say 'Shout!'.  You can yell
something at the microphone, or you can just blow on it.  Either works and
your plants will be recharged.  Some will turn yellow and fire very fast.

  If any plant gets eaten, one of the next zombies you kill will drop a seed
packet to replace it.

Reward: Jalapeno
  A single-use bomb that destroys all zombies in a row.

3-6: new zombie: zomboni
  The new zombie is even nastier than the football zombie.  The Zomboni is a
zombie that comes in driving a Zamboni (the big machine that resurfaces the
ice in ice-skating/ice-hockey rinks).  It will slowly go from right to left,
crushing all plants in its way.  Even wallnuts will be instantly crushed.
Worse, it leaves a trail of ice behind it that cannot be planted on.  It has
a little less health than a buckethead zombie.

  In case you don't hate Zomboni enough already, the Zombie Bobsled Team can
use the ice trail created by the Zamboni to ride into a row.  This will be
four zombies riding a vehicle.  They are regular zombies, but their bobsled
can absorb a little damage before it gets to the end of the ice trail.  Their
bobsled will carry them to the end of the ice trail, then all 4 zombies will
get out.  While still in their bobsled, Chomper can eat all of them.

  The zamboni is also immune to snow peas/slowing effects.

  Let's talk defenses: Squash, Potato Mines, Chompers, Cherry Bombs and
Jalapenos will kill it instantly.  Additionally, the Jalapeno will also clear
the ice trail left behind (it will go away on it's own in about 30 seconds)
and prevent Zombie Bobsled Team from appearing.  You can also blow up a
zamboni with sheer damage, but it's almost as tough as a buckethead and can't
be stalled by wallnuts.

  You'll hear a zomboni right before it enters the level; it makes a noise of
an engine starting up.

For this level, I'd bring these:
  Sunflower, Lilypad, Snow Pea, Repeater, Wallnut, Potato Mine, Tanglekelp
  and the new Jalapeno

  Save the Jalapenos and use it on the Zamboni.  Since this is the level they
are introduced, there won't be very many of them.

Reward: Spikeweed
  Damages zombies that walk on it.  Blows up Zambonis, but is destroyed
  in the process.

3-7: zomboni & snorkels
  There will be more zombonis this time.  Fortunately, spikeweed is even
better at destroying them.  It's fairly cheap and it can't be eaten by
zombies.  Plant it in the far right column so zombies have to walk over it.
Two of them can kill a regular zombie that walks over them.  Another good
place to put them is right in front of wallnuts.  Then zombies will get hurt
repeatedly while attacking the nuts.

  Try to plant it in the 4 columns on the right.  It will also destroy a
zomboni immediately, but that also destroys the spikeweed (a fair trade, and
spikeweed reloads quickly).  Spikeweed does not normally take damage from

Reward: Torchwood
  Peas that pass over it become fireballs.  Fireballs cancel the snare from
  snow peas, but they do double damage to the zombie they hit, plus extra
  damage (equivalent to a single pea hit) to all zombies nearby.

3-8: new zombie: dolphin rider
  Torchwood cancels out your snow peas, so you shouldn't use both.  The snare
effect from snow peas is valuable, but loses effectiveness when there are
lots of zombies.  Then the Torchwood really starts to shine.  It doubles the
damage from peas passing over it (so 1 repeater + torchwood is now like
having 2 repeaters, and 2 repeaters + torchwood is like 4 repeaters).  A
flaming pea also hurts nearby zombies, so it cures the weakness of a pea
shooter only being able to hurt 1 thing at a time.

  I didn't use them much in the first playthrough, but if you find yourself
having trouble with too many zombies on a level you can consider this
strategy.  For now, I would stick with snow peas.

  Switch out your jalapeno for tanglekelp.  The dolphin rider is a pole
vaulter for the pool.  It's VERY fast when it has its dolphin, faster than a
football zombie.  It jumps over the first water plant it comes to (tanglekelp
will still kill it) and then becomes as slow as a regular zombie.  Don't
forget that the lily pad counts as a plant, if you put one in the way of a
dolphin rider it will waste its dolphin on it.

  Dolphin riders make a noise before entering that sounds like a dolphin

  You can put tanglekelp behind a wallnut in the water to catch these guys.
Chompers are also good.  If you don't want your chompers to be napping when
dolphin riders show up, put them 2 squares behind the wallnut.

Reward: Tallnut
  This wallnut can't be jumped over, and it also can take more damage.

3-9: zomboni, poles & dolphins
  Chompers deal with all of these threats.  I'd bring this setup:
  Sunflower, Lily, Spikeweed, Squash, Tallnut, Snow Pea, Repeater, Chomper

  Manage the zombonis with spikeweed in the far right column and squash if
another zomboni comes in the same row while spikeweed is reloading.  The
Tallnuts won't let pole-vaulters and dolphins jump over them.

Reward: Note from the zombies

3-10: Conveyor: 3-peaters & torchwood
  This level is a great lesson in the uses of torchwood & 3-peaters.  Those
are your main offense plants, though you'll also get spikeweed and some
instant-kill plants like squash & jalapeno.  Tallnuts are also available.

  Make about 4 columns of 3-peaters, avoiding the very top and very bottom
rows (where 1 of the shots will be wasted).  Plant torchwood in the 5th
column.  I would start out with 4 columns of 3-peaters on land first, with my
first torchwoods in the water (to ensure that water zombies die).

Reward: Sea-shroom
  A free water plant that can fire 3 squares ahead.

4-1: Fog, new zombie: jack-in-the-box
  "Great!" you're thinking.  A pool version of the puff shroom!  Well, not
quite.  It is basically the same, but it has a very slow recharge time. You
can't replace these quite as easily, though if you bring it along (and I
still think you should) you should plant them every time they come up, even
if it means planting them right up to the right edge.

  More good news: Fog.  A thick cloud has moved in over the right side so you
can't see anything in the 2 right columns.  The 3rd and 4th columns from the
right are cloudy and difficult to see.

  It's also night-time again, so it's back to your mushrooms.

  Your new zombie is a suicide bomber.  It carries a jack-in-the-box music
box and will randomly decide to explode somewhere in the 4-5 columns on the
right.  The explosion destroys all plants in nearby squares without hurting
any zombies (like an evil version of the cherry bomb).  The fog can also hide
their entrance.  Fortunately, they play a warning tune ("Pop goes the
weasel") right before they enter.

  The fog will challenge your memory.  Fill up the foggy part with puff
shrooms and try to remember where they are.  Scaredy shrooms or other
attackers with long ranges can be placed outside the fog and will tell you
when zombies enter that row.  Listen to the sound effects to hear if there
are buckethead zombies.

  You'll also notice that if you drag a plant over a foggy spot, it will
stay lit up under your stylus if it CANNOT be planted there, and will
disappear if there isn't already a plant there.  You can use this trick to
see which of your fog-covered puff shrooms are eaten.  If you want to replace
something (like putting spikeweed down instead of a puff shroom) you can
still dig up stuff in the fog, even if you can't see it.

  Puff shrooms on lily pads are almost as good as sea shrooms.  You can dig
up the puff shrooms when you want to replace them with something else.

Reward: Plantern
  This plant clears the fog about 3 squares on either side of it, and 1 row
  above and below it.

4-2: Jack & Football
  You can now dispel the fog if you want, but there's a few problems.  First,
the plantern must be planted in the middle of the fog to be effective. Second,
you have to bring the plantern along (sacrificing a plant that can shoot or
defend).  Third, the plantern is just as fragile as your other plants, so it's
likely to get eaten quickly.

  You could try to protect it with a wallnut, but usually I prefer to just
leave planterns behind and suffer with the fog.  Later on you'll be able to
protect it, but it's tough to use right now.

Reward: Cactus
  This plant is basically a pea-shooter, but it will also stretch to pop
  balloons on flying zombies.

4-3: new zombie: balloon zombie
  You have been given another special-purpose plant.  The Cactus is slightly
more expensive than a regular pea shooter but does the same damage.  It has
one special trick: when a balloon zombie flies in on the same row as a
cactus, it will stretch up to pop the balloon.  This will drop the balloon
zombie to the ground.  If the balloon zombie falls in the water, it will just

  By coincidence, this level introduces a new zombie: the Balloon Zombie.
This one will float in on a balloon.  It can appear in any row and will float
over all your other plants, including tallnut.  It will drop down at the far
left (right in front of your lawn mowers) and go into your house. Your lawn
mower will stop it once.

  This is really bad, so bring along the new cactus plant and make sure to
have 1 per row.  You don't need more than 1.  A cactus will immediately
stretch to take out a balloon, so if you had more than 1 per row you'd have
them all stop firing down the row to pop 1 balloon.  In case you were
wondering, cactus shots do not get the benefit of torchwood.

  Like most nasty zombies, there is a warning sound before balloon zombies
appear.  It sounds like a balloon being inflated.

  This is a short level to teach you how seriously to take balloon zombies.

  Also, if you don't take along any planterns or torchwood, you can get the
achievement 'Nebulaphile' for not disturbing any fog.  The fog isn't any
worse on this level than on 4-1 and 4-2, so who knows why those won't give
you any credit.

Reward: Blover
  A 1-shot plant that instantly blows away fog for about 15 seconds.  It
  also kills all balloon zombies in the air.  Reloads quickly.

4-4: balloons and dolphins
  More flags and the dolphins are back.  I prefer using Blover to having a
column of cactus.  You drop it and it instantly kills all balloon zombies by
blowing them off the screen.  As a bonus, it also takes out all the fog for
at least 15 seconds.  All you need is 1 square anywhere on the map to put
down the blover.

Reward: Taco

Interlude: Crazy Dave's new shop items

Crazy Dave takes that taco off your hands and has some new items in his
shop.  He's really trying to tempt you now:

upgrade plant: Gloom Shroom, 7,500 coins
  Converts a fume shroom into a plant that hits all zombies in the 8
  squares around it about 4 times a second.  This plant is very important
  in some of the tougher minigames after beating adventure mode.  However,
  you need a plant you don't have yet (garlic) to make those strategies
  work.  Save your money for the 9-slot upgrade.
upgrade plant: Cattail, 10,000 coins
  I had about 10,000 coins when I got here and the cattail was tempting.
  It will turn a lily pad into a little machine gun of spiky death.  It
  fires as fast as a repeater, with homing shots that go for the nearest
  zombie in any row.  It also homes in on and pops balloons.  As powerful
  as this sounds, you are almost done with water levels and this upgrade
  can wait till after adventure mode is complete.

4-5: Vasebreaker
  Click the vases.  They'll either have a plant inside that you can put on
the field (except on top of an unbroken vase) or they'll have a zombie that
walks toward the left.  Green vases always have plants inside.

  If you don't plant a seed it will disappear.  One trick works pretty well
with squash: plant it on the left of the vases.  Then open the vase on the
far right of the squash.  If it has a zombie, wait till the zombie has walked
up to the middle of the next vase and open that.  If it has another zombie in
it, now they'll be stacked up and both will get killed by the squash.

Reward: Split Pea
  This peashooter will also fire 2 shots backwards (toward the left).

4-6: new zombie: miner
  Make sure to buy the rake at the beginning of this level.  The new zombie
is meant to attack your sun-producers.  First, it tunnels underground toward
the left.  Then it pops out of the ground just in front of your lawn mower
and heads right-- back toward where the zombies come in.  So the good part is
that it can't bypass your plants and go right for your house like a balloon
zombie.  The bad part is that most of your plants can't fire backwards so it
can eat a whole row of your plants.

  On to the defenses: first, the lowly Potato Mine.  It's not listed in the
miner zombie's weaknesses, but it can't tunnel through a potato mine.  It
will just blow up when it gets to it, so this is the cheapest way to defend
against the miner.  Second, squash.  Squash can go 1 square backwards, but
this doesn't help when the miner is underground.  If you are caught
unprepared and the miner starts eating plants, the squash can get it. Third,
the new plant you just got- Split Pea.  It has a repeater stuck to the back
of it, so it can fire at the miner after it surfaces.  However, the miner
will probably be able to eat at least 1 plant before it dies.

  The upgrade plant: cattail attacks the closest zombie, so it can deal with
the miner too.  A gloom shroom in the 2nd column can also usually kill a
miner before it does anything.  However, I strongly recommend not buying
either of these just yet.

I'd bring these:
  Sun shroom, puff, sea, lily, snow pea, split pea, potato mine, tangle kelp
  (if you have the cattail, it can do the job of/replace the split pea,
  potato mine & tangle kelp)

  A zombie this level will also drop a present: Puzzle mode.  You can play
Vasebreaker and a new game "I, Zombie" where you get to be the zombies. The
first 3 levels of each game are available, after you beat adventure mode
there will be another 6.

  The fog is worse on this level, with 3 columns completely hidden.

Reward: Star fruit
  The star shoots 5 shots in 5 different directions, but not straight

4-7: miner, jack
  It fires diagonally forward/up, forward/down, straight backward, and
straight up and down.  The DS version of the star seems to miss a lot.  It
looks like it aims for the zombie bodies, but has to hit their feet to
connect.  I never use them, but you are free to experiment.

  Fog is as bad as 4-6.

The miner & jack-in-the-box zombies are back.  I used these:
  Sun, puff, sea, lily, snow, tangle, repeater, squash

  You can leave the 1st column empty and drop squash in it when you want to
kill a miner.

Reward: Pumpkin
  Pumpkin goes on top of another plant to add a defensive shell.

4-8: new zombie: pogo zombie
  Pumpkins are great.  They add the toughness of a wallnut to any plant.  A
zombie has to eat the pumpkin before they can get to the plant inside it.
This allows you to build a more compact defense.  You can use them to protect
planterns that are out in the fog.

  That's great, but for Pogo Zombies you need to bring along the Tallnut.
Pogo Zombies hop down the row, bouncing over all your plants.  They move
quickly, just like pole-vault zombies.  Tall-nuts stop them in their tracks
and make them drop their pogo.  Squashes will also take them out.  They
bounce right over potato mines though.

  Bring Tall-nuts and Squash to deal with the pogos.  I'd also bring fume
shrooms and spikes.

Reward: Magnet shroom
  This plant takes metal objects away from the zombies.  It takes about 5
  seconds to recharge after it steals something.  It can reach about 3
  squares away.

4-9: pogos & balloons
  The magnet can't attack anything, but it is a very effective plant to have
on your team.  It steals metallic objects away from zombies.  Buckethead,
football and screen door zombies are reduced to weakling regular zombies
without their helmets and shields, pogo zombies lose their pogos and jack in
the box zombies lose their ability to explode.  Very nice.  It does have a
short recharge time after stealing something, during which it can't steal
anything else.  It steals the first metal thing that gets close to it.

  You usually want at least 3 magnets, if not a whole column of them.  One
slightly annoying thing is that it steals the pick from a miner zombie.
This will stop the miner from tunnelling, but now it will pop up wherever
it was when the magnet got it and start heading for your house.  This can
make it pop up in the middle of your protected columns.

There's still 3 squares of solid fog.  This level is tough, I'd bring this:
  sun, puff, sea, lily, magnet, pumpkin, squash, cactus

  I'd pass on the blover because I want more offense to kill pogos.  You'll
see I didn't bring Tallnuts, I'm relying on my magnets to disable the pogos
and building 1 column of cactus to deal with balloons.  The rest of the land
space is puff shrooms.  The magnets can go on the front line or just behind
it with pumpkins protecting the front row.

Reward: Note from the zombies

4-10: Conveyor: lightning
  The whole screen is dark and only lit up for a second or two when the
lightning strikes.  You'll have to remember where all your plants are.

  You'll get Star, Split Pea, Magnet, Cactus, Sea Shroom, Blover, Lily and
Pumpkin on the conveyor.  Unfortunately, the Star is your main defense here.

Reward: Cabbage-pult
  This plant lobs cabbages up in an arc instead of firing in a straight

5-1: The Roof, new zombie: bungee zombie
  The roof is another new environment with its own challenges.  First, half
of the roof is slanted.  The first five columns are all at different heights,
and the last 4 columns (closest to the zombies) are flat.  The main effect of
this is that your pea-shooters will only work on the flat part and the two
highest slanted columns.  If you place them in the first three columns, their
peas will just hit the roof.  Cactus plants will not bother to stretch the
little bit higher they need to hit zombies.

  The slant is also a little disorienting for new players.  Make sure you put
your squash and defense plants in the right row and not straight across from
the zombie.

  You don't have lawn mowers on the roof.  You can eventually buy roof
cleaners (the equivalent) but for this level you don't have a last-line-of-

  Lastly, just like the pool, you can't plant anything directly on the roof.
You first have to put down a flower pot (you don't have that yet). Spikeweed
can't be planted in flower pots either, but potato mines can. You can't plant
the lily, tanglekelp or sea shroom in flowerpots.

  In all roof levels, zombies will be dropped onto the map during the final
wave.  They can be dropped anywhere on the flat part of the roof.

  There is also a new zombie: Bungee Zombie.  This one can't invade your
house, but does something else annoying.  They will drop a target onto one of
your plants.  A few seconds later they will drop in and grab it.  A few
seconds after that they'll launch away and steal your plant.  You can kill
them during the time they are down, but they have a lot of health.  You
basically need some instant-kill plant if you want to kill them.  For the
most part, I don't worry about them.  Just replace the plants they steal.

  Bungees choose targets at random.  If there's a plant in the pot, they will
take only the plant.  They will take a pumpkin only if there's no plant
inside it.  If there's nothing but a pot, they will take the pot.

  Your new plant from 4-10 is the Cabbage-pult.  This plant costs the same as
a peashooter and does the same amount of damage (technically it fires about
half as fast, but does twice as much damage per hit).  It can be placed in
any column and still hit the zombies.  It also shoots over the screens of
screen door zombies and can hit the snorkel zombies underwater.  It does not
get any benefit from torchwood though.

  As good as it is for the roof, I would NOT bring the cabbage-pult for this
level.  You can get an achievement "Unsiege mentality" for beating a roof
level without using catapults.  For this level, snow peas and repeaters can
easily beat all the zombies without needing a 3rd row of attackers.  Potato
mines work great in the beginning.

  You start with 5 columns of pots on this level.  If a zombie destroys a pot
then you have no way to replace it and must make do with a smaller space for

Reward: Pot
  The pot allows plants to be placed on the roof.  The pot is also a plant
  and zombies must eat it to get past after eating the plant placed in it.

Interlude: Crazy Dave has more stuff

Roof Cleaner: 3,000 coins
  It sounds more expensive than it is.  Since you don't have lawn mowers on
  the roof, you aren't getting $250 each level for having them all left.

  If you buy the roof cleaners now, they'll have paid you back $2000 by
  level 5-10 and eventually pay for themselves.  Some of the hardest levels
  are coming up (5-9 and 5-10).  If you don't buy them now, you'll be able
  to get the 9-slot upgrade a little earlier.  I would suggest buying them
  now and playing mini-games to make up the difference.
upgrade plant: Spikerock, 7,500 coins
  This bad boy upgrades a spikeweed and does double damage to zombies
  passing over it.  It can also take out 9 Zombonis before being destroyed.

  You're unable to plant spikeweed on the roof, so I'd definitely wait till
  after you beat adventure mode to buy it.
upgrade plant: Gold Magnet, 3,000 coins
  This changes a magnet-shroom so it stops disarming zombies and instead
  picks up coins for you.  Useless for the rest of adventure mode.

5-2: poles & bungee
  Pole vaulters are back.  Make sure you bring the pot to this level, just as
you took lily pads to water levels.  This time, you start with only 4 columns
of pots.  If you want to build out more, you will have to place the pots

Reward: kernel-pult
  Normally does half the damage of a peashooter, but sometimes stuns.

5-3: new zombie: ladder zombie
  The new zombie is another nasty one.  He starts out carrying a ladder in
front of him that blocks shots like a screen (so snow peas can't slow him
down).  When he gets to a wallnut, tallnut or pumpkin, he places his ladder
on it and goes over it.  Zombies following behind him can also use the ladder
to bypass the barrier.  If you had two wallnuts together in a row, the first
ladder zombie would place a ladder on the first and the second ladder zombie
would climb the first ladder and place his ladder on the 2nd.

  Additionally, they run fast and attack twice as fast while carrying their

  Once a ladder is placed, you can get rid of it by digging up the plant and
replacing it.  Any explosion (Cherry Bomb, Jalapeno) will also get rid of it
if the explosion covers the ladder.  Supposedly, a blover can also get rid of
it if it's in the same row as the ladder (unconfirmed).

  Cabbage-pults and kernel-pults will go right over the ladder to hit the
zombie directly.  I would try to kill ladder zombies ASAP with squash or

This is what I'd bring to this level:
  sunflower, pot, potato mine, squash, cherry bomb, cabbage pult, kernel
  pult and maybe blover.

Reward: Coffee
  The coffee bean lets your nighttime plants be used during the day.

5-4: ladders, pogos & football
  The coffee bean opens up some new possibilities.  Several of your nighttime
plants are useful now: fume shroom will go right through those ladders, ice &
doom shrooms are good panic buttons.  Ice and Doom shrooms will not explode
immediately when placed during the day.  Instead they will sit there until
you give them a coffee bean.  This would let you have several of them ready
to go if you like.

  As nice as those are, the big powerhouse in your nighttime plants is your
magnet shroom.  The ladder, pogo and football zombies on this level are all
vulnerable to it.  The magnet shroom not only takes away the ladder (reducing
the ladder zombie to just a regular zombie), it can clear away ladders that
have already been placed.

  You now only have 3 columns of pots to start with.

Reward: Watering Can

Interlude: Zen Garden

  The watering can unlocks the Zen Garden.  Exit to the main menu and visit
it now to have a look.  It's basically a place to collect plants for fun and
can be used to farm marigolds for cash.  All that comes later, but if you
visit it now you can start collecting plants for it.  They will randomly drop
as presents from zombies in all game modes.

See the Zen Garden section for more details.

Crazy Dave's Zen Garden Shop (Page 3 of the shop)
  Gold Watering Can - 10,000 coins (waters 4 plants in a square)
  Music Box - 15,000 coins (makes full-grown plants happy, reusable)
  Glove - 1,000 coins (lets you move plants around on the screen)
  Fertilizer (x5) - 750 coins (needed by new plants as they grow)
  Bug Spray (x5) - 1,000 coins (makes full-grown plants happy)

5-5: Bungee madness
  Bungee zombies will be dropping zombies on you like crazy, and may also
steal your plants.  Your main defense will be Chompers.  Try not to put down
a chomper unless you can protect it with a pumpkin.  You can't afford to keep
replacing them.

Reward: Garlic
  Zombies who eat garlic will move to the row above or below it.

5-6: new zombie: catapult
  Garlic has a lot of uses.  Zombies who eat it will move to the row above or
below the garlic.  Typically, you put it on the far right and then
concentrate your attackers on the rows above or below.  It can save you from
having to protect every row.  A lot of zombies can be stacked into a single
row with this method, so your attackers are usually plants that can do a lot
of area damage.

  Zombies do have to take one bite of it before they are affected, so this
will slowly damage the garlic.  It is cheap to replace and reloads quickly.

  As nifty as that is, you won't have much chance to use it in the last few
levels.  The new zombies coming up are like Zambonis, they won't eat the
garlic, they'll just flatten it and keep going.

  The catapult zombie is riding a vehicle, like a zamboni.  When it comes in,
it will launch attacks at the left-most plant (including pots) in its row.
Hopefully it's just a sunflower that you can replace.  It will run out of
ammo at some point and start driving down the row, flattening plants as it
goes.  It has only a little more health than a conehead zombie though.

  I would just let your attackers destroy it with damage and replace the
sunflowers when they get killed.  If you have a lot of sun, you can blow them
up with cherry bomb, squash or eat them with chompers.

Reward: Umbrella Leaf
  Prevents bungee zombies from stealing in a 3x3 area.  Also deflects
  shots from the catapult zombie.

5-7: catapults, bungees & ladders
  Finally, a level set up for Starfruit.  No, just kidding, there is no such
level.  It would be nice if your umbrella leaf would protect more than just
the 8 squares surrounding it, but you make do with what you get.

  You have both bungee zombies AND catapults on this level, so you should
probably bring the Umbrella leaf.  It protects a 3x3 area from catapult shots
and prevents bungees from stealing your plants OR dropping off any zombies in
the area during a final wave.  If it was just bungees or just catapults, I'd
probably not bring it.  You don't have any really expensive plants to

  I finally had enough coins this level to buy the 20,000 upgrade to 9 seed
slots.  If you are really close, I'd quit and play some mini games to get the
rest of the way there.  The 9th slot can come in handy on the last few

My picks:
  sunflower, pot, umbrella, potato mine, magnet, coffee, repeater and
  torchwood.  Pumpkin if you have 9 slots.

Reward: Marigold
  Marigolds occasionally drop coins.

5-8: new zombie: gargantaur
  The marigold is a plant for when you have totally mastered a level and
don't need the max number of seed slots.  It's like a sunflower that drops
coins instead of sun.  You won't be using it for the rest of this adventure
mode playthrough.

  The Gargantaur is the toughest regular zombie in adventure mode.  It's huge
and smashes everything in front of it (like a zomboni).  It takes TWO hits
from instant-kill plants to kill it, or a ton of damage (it has about 15
times the health of a regular zombie). It gets bandaids on it's head and arm
to show it's taken damage.  Chomper can't eat this one.

  At half health, the gargantaur will launch an imp at you.  It will get
tossed about 6 squares ahead of the gargantaur, but it cannot toss it into
the first 3 columns.

  Unlike the zomboni, the gargantuar will stop when it gets up to a plant.
Then it will slowly swing it's club and smash it.  If you immediately put
down another plant in front of it, it will have to smash that too before it
can move on.  You can drop pots in front of it to delay it while you are
waiting for your bombs to reload.

  Snow peas will slow it down, butter will stun it.  I'd bring both of those
and all your bombs (potato mine, squash, cherry bomb & jalapeno).  Set up as
much sun as you can in the beginning and be ready to spend it on the
instants.  You have to be quick to get a gargantuar with a squash- place a
pot in front of it, then quickly drag the squash onto it while the gargantuar
is swinging its club.  The gargantuar will smash potato mines from in front
of them, but still takes damage from them.

Reward: Melon-pult
  Twice as much damage as the peashooter (does 4 times as much damage per
  hit, but fires half as fast) with splash damage to nearby zombies.

5-9: gargantaur, jack, catapults, ladders & bungees
  The melon is a great plant- It does twice as much damage as the cabbage to
zombies it hits, plus regular damage to all zombies nearby.  It's like a
peashooter + torchwood, but it doesn't cancel the snare from snow peas and it
can shoot over the screen/ladder shields.

  Now you need to put together everything you've learned- all the nastiest
zombies will show up together on this level.  I'd take these:

  sunflower, pot, magnet, coffee, cherry bomb, squash, melon-pult, snow pea
  and pumpkin

  Magnets would let you deal with the ladders.  Pumpkins can be used all
throughout your defenses.  The front line will be attacked by the hordes of
zombies, middle columns will be attacked by imps and the first column will be
attacked by catapults.

  You may want to buy roof cleaners if you haven't already.

Reward: Note from Dr. Zomboss

5-10: Dr. Zomboss
  You don't have to worry about sun management since this is a conveyor
level.  That's the good side.  The downside is that Dr. Zomboss will throw
all the most annoying zombies at you- everything except the dancer zombies,
miners, and ones that appear in the water.  Pogos, gargantuars, zombonis &
catapult zombies will all be appearing.

  You'll get the 3 catapults (cabbage, kernel & melon), jalapeno, ice shroom
and the flower pot.  It is night, so you don't need coffee to wake the ice

  Some people give advice of "try to spread out your melon-pults".  There's
not really any way to do that.  One of Dr. Zomboss's attacks is to crush all
plants in a 2-row x 3-column area.  The only way to keep your melons out of
this area would be to put them in the front (the 4th column or even closer to
the boss), and then they'd be eaten and crushed faster.  Just put them 1 per
column until you have every row covered by melons, then you can add other
melons when spots open up or rows need help.

  I would definitely buy roof cleaners and the rake before this level.  That
is about all you can do to try to help yourself out.  Place all your attack
plants evenly.  If you have 3 attackers in a single row, that row can fend
off most zombies that come down it.  Save an Ice Shroom and a Jalapeno for
when the boss is vulnerable.  Every now and then, the boss will lower his
head down to the field and spit out a big rolling ball that crushes your
plants.  The red ball can be destroyed by placing an Ice Shroom anywhere.
The blue ball is destroyed by putting a jalapeno in its row.  When his head
is down is when he can be hurt by all your plants.  The Ice Shroom will stun
him for a bit and give your plants extra time to hurt him, so use it if you
didn't already use it to destroy a red ball.

  As an additional cue, his eyes glow red when he's about to launch a fire
ball and blue before the ice ball.

  Don't waste jalapenos destroying bungees unless there's several bungees in
the same row and you have jalapenos to spare.

  There's not much you can do about his big crushing attack.  You could try
to keep some flower pots and attack plants in reserve, but I think the game
is easier if you always have at least 3 attackers per row.  He only does the
crush attack right after he goes back up after spitting out a ball.

Reward: Silver Trophy
  Achievement: Resolute Homeowner
  Credits roll with music video
  All puzzles, mini-games and survival modes now available
  All Crazy Dave shop items unlocked

Congratulations on beating adventure mode!

What next?

I would start playing those mini-games.  They're fun, and they'll give you
a bunch of cash for buying the upgrade plants.  When you have all those and
wall-nut first aid you can replay adventure mode.  It'll be a bit harder the
second time around.  If you're looking for recommendations, I would get the
upgrades in this order:
  Cattail - Makes pool levels a lot easier
  Spike Rock - Very effective against all zombies, but especially Zomboni
  Gloom Shroom - Opens up new strategies and makes certain minigames easier
  Winter Melon - Powerful upgrade to melons, helps a lot in Survival
  Imitater - It's nice to have 2 puff shrooms, nuts or pumpkins
  Cob Cannon - Tons of explosive fun if you build a lot of them

The rest are good in Survival, but I don't use them much in Adventure:
  Twin Sunflower - Great in all Survival modes after the 1st wave
  Gatling Pea - Great for Survival, but the DS doesn't save in Endless
  Gold Magnet - Not all that useful on the DS, used to be OK on Last Stand

Adventure Mode Level Rewards Summary [QFL]

This lists all the things you'll get on the different stages of your first
playthrough of adventure mode.  On later playthroughs you'll just get bags of
money for beating the level.

Stage  Reward at end (some rewards drop as presents in the middle)
1-1    Sunflower
1-2    Cherry Bomb
1-3    Wall-Nut
1-4    Shovel (allows you to remove plants)
1-5    Potato Mine
1-6    Snow Pea
1-7    Chomper
1-8    Repeater
1-9    Note from the Zombies
1-10   Puff Shroom
2-1    Sun-shroom, Coins start to drop, 'VS Mode'
2-2    Fume Shroom
2-3    Grave Buster
2-4    Almanac (plant and zombie reference)
2-5    Hypno Shroom
2-6    Scaredy Shroom
2-7    Ice Shroom
2-8    Doom Shroom
2-9    Note from the Zombies
2-10   Lily Pad
3-1    Squash
3-2    Threepeater, Minigames
3-3    Tangle kelp
3-4    Crazy Dave's Car Keys (Crazy Dave's shop open)
3-5    Jalapeno
3-6    Spikeweed
3-7    Torchwood
3-8    Tallnut
3-9    Note from the Zombies
3-10   Sea shroom
4-1    Plantern
4-2    Cactus
4-3    Blover
4-4    Taco (1000 coins), new shop items
4-5    Split Pea
4-6    Star Fruit, Puzzle Mode
4-7    Pumpkin
4-8    Magnet shroom
3-9    Note from the Zombies
4-10   Cabbage-pult
5-1    Flower Pot, new shop items
5-2    Kernel-pult
5-3    Coffee
5-4    Watering Can (Zen Garden), zen garden shop items
5-5    Garlic
5-6    Umbrella
5-7    Marigold
5-8    Melon-pult
5-9    Note from Dr. Zomboss
5-10   Silver Trophy, achievement, credits, survival, all shop items

Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies [QFS]

Listed below are all the items Crazy Dave sells.  The shop is unavailable at
the start of the game.  You unlock the shop at the end of adventure stage 3-3
and individual items are progressively unlocked as you play.  At the end of
adventure mode, all of these items should be available.  Later in the game, he
has more items to sell than can be shown in one window.  The arrows let you
switch between pages of his shop.

The wheelbarrow will be unavailable until you buy the mushroom or aquatic
zen garden, and Tree Food will be available after you buy the Tree of Wisdom.

See Plant Strategies section for a discussion of the upgrade plants.

Item         Price  Notes
7-slot seed tray      750  Possibly free if bought before 3-4
8-slot seed tray    5,000  Possibly free if bought before 3-4
9-slot seed tray   20,000

Rake                  200  Kills 1st zombie on next 3 levels
Pool cleaner        1,000  Kills zombies in entire pool row when activated
Roof cleaner        3,000  Kills zombies on roof row when activated

Wall-nut first aid  2,000  Lets you plant new nuts/pumpkin on top of old ones

Gatling Pea         5,000  Upgrades Repeaters to fire 4 shots at a time
Twin Sunflower      5,000  Upgrades Sunflowers to give 50 sun instead of 25
Gloom Shroom        7,500  Converts Fume Shroom to fire in 8 directions
Cattail            10,000  Upgrades Lily Pad to fire homing spikes
Spikerock           7,500  Upgrades Spikeweed to double damage & take 9 hits
Gold Magnet         3,000  Converts Magnet shroom to pick up coins instead
Winter Melon       10,000  Adds snare effect to melon-pult
Cob Cannon         20,000  Upgrades 2 kernel pults into a bomb launcher
Imitater           30,000  Acts as a duplicate of any plant (except upgrades)

Sprout              2,500  Adds marigold of random color to your zen garden
Gold watering can  10,000  Waters 4 squares at a time (in a square)
Fertilizer (x5)       750  Needed by growing plants
Bug Spray (x5)      1,000  Needed by full-grown plants
Music Box          15,000  Needed by full-grown plants, reusable
Glove               1,000  Allows you to move plants in the Zen Garden
Mushroom garden    30,000  Zen Garden for your nighttime plants
Aquarium garden    30,000  Zen Garden for your aquatic plants
Wheelbarrow           200  Lets you move plants between gardens
Stinky the Snail    3,000  Stinky helps you collect coins in the zen garden
Tree of Wisdom     10,000  Eats fertilizer and rewards you with game tips
Tree Food (x1)      2,500  Feed your tree of wisdom and make it grow taller

Plant Summary [QFP]

  Sun: The amount of sun it costs to place this plant on the field
  Rch: (Recharge) How fast the plant becomes available again after being
       planted.  A = Fastest, C = Slowest
  Lev: (Level) The first level this plant is available
Notes: Brief description of the plant

Plant          Sun Rch Lev  Notes
Peashooter     100  A  1-1  Fires 1 pea per second
Sunflower       50  A  1-2  Gives 25 sun at random intervals
Cherry Bomb    150  C  1-3  Kills zombies in 3x3 blast radius
Wall-nut        50  B  1-4  Absorbs a lot of attacks before dying
Potato mine     25  B  1-6  Kills zombies that step into its square
Snow Pea       175  A  1-7  Fires 1 pea/second, snares zombie hit
Chomper        150  A  1-8  Eats up to 1 zombie every 45 sec
Repeater       200  A  1-9  Fires 2 peas/second
Puff shroom      0  A  2-1  Fires 1 shot/sec up to 3 columns ahead
Sun shroom      25  A  2-2  Gives sun at random intervals, 15 then 25
Fume shroom     75  A  2-3  Fires 1 shot/sec, hits zombies in 4 columns
Grave buster    75  A  2-4  Destroys 1 grave, leaves a coin
Hypno shroom    75  B  2-6  Hypnotizes first zombie to touch it
Scaredy shroom  25  A  2-7  Fires 1 shot/sec, hides if zombie gets close
Ice shroom      75  C  2-8  Freezes all zombies on screen, then snares
Doom shroom    125  C  2-9  Destroys all zombies in 7 square radius
Lily pad        25  A  3-1  Allows land plants to be placed on water
Squash          50  B  3-2  Kills zombies in square/square next to it
Threepeater    325  A  3-3  Fires 3 peas/sec in 3 rows
Tangle Kelp     25  B  3-4  Destroys 1st zombie to touch it
Jalapeno       125  C  3-6  Destroys all zombies in same row, clears ice
Spikeweed      100  A  3-7  Hurts zombies on it, kills vehicles
Torchwood      175  A  3-8  Doubles damage of peas, adds splash damage
Tallnut        125  B  3-9  Stops jumping zombies, absorbs attacks
Sea shroom       0  B  4-1  Fires 1 shot/sec in pool, nocturnal
Plantern        25  B  4-2  Clears fog in 3-square radius
Cactus         125  A  4-3  Fires 1 shot/sec, pops balloons
Blover         100  A  4-4  Clears all fog for 15 sec, kills balloons
Split pea      125  A  4-6  Fires 1 shot/sec forward, 2 shots backward
Star fruit     125  A  4-7  Fires 5 shots/sec in different directions
Pumpkin        125  B  4-8  Protects another plant equal to wall-nut
Magnet shroom  125  A  4-9  Steals metal objects from zombies
Cabbage-pult   100  A  5-1  Lobs 1 shot/2 sec for 2x damage
Flower pot      25  A  5-2  Allows plants to be placed on the roof
Kernel-pult    100  A  5-3  Lobs 1 shot/2 sec for 1 damage or 2x+stun
Coffee          75  A  5-4  Allows mushrooms to be used during the day
Garlic          50  A  5-6  Diverts zombies to row above/below
Umbrella       100  A  5-7  Shields plants from catapults/bungees
Marigold        50  B  5-8  Gives coins at random intervals
Melon-pult     300  A  5-9  Lobs 1 shot/2 sec for 4x damage + 2x splash
-------------------------- Bought from Crazy Dave ---------------------------
Gatling Pea    250  C  3-5  Upgrade repeater to fire 4 shots/sec
Twin Sunflower 150  C  3-5  Upgrade sunflower to give 50 sun
Gloom Shroom   150  C  4-5  Convert fume shroom to fire 8 ways 4x/sec
Cattail        225  C  4-5  Upgrade lily to fire 2 shot/sec, pop balloon
Spikerock      125  C  5-2  Upgrade spikeweed for 2x damage, take 9 hits
Gold Magnet     50  C  5-2  Convert magnet shroom to pick up coins
Winter Melon   200  C  END  Upgrade melon-pult to add snare
Cob Cannon     500  C  END  Convert 2 kernel pults into bomb launcher
Imitater         ~  ~  END  Becomes a second copy of another plant

Plant Strategies [QFT]

100 sun, available at start, normal recharge rate
  Basic offensive plant.  Fires 1 pea about every second.  Peas can have
their damage boosted with torchwood.  Alone, this plant can kill regular
zombies before they cross half the field.  In adventure mode you will
eventually stop using peashooters in favor of plants that do more damage.
It's cheap cost makes it attractive during early waves in Survival, letting
you focus on getting the rest of your defenses up.  In later waves you can
dig it up and replace it with stronger plants when you have the sunpower.

50 sun, reward from 1-1, normal recharge rate
  Sun-power is the basic resource that lets you build defenses.  Sunflower
is the plant that provides that resource.  Each sunflower will give you 25
sun-power every 30 seconds (roughly, there is a random timing element).
One of the main challenges of the game is finding a good balance between
generating sun and spending it.  During adventure night levels you will be
better off with sun-shrooms instead (they don't give as much sun, but they
cost half as much).  In Survival Night & Fog levels, you can benefit from
switching back to Sunflower after the first wave, since Sunflowers can be
upgraded to Twin Sunflower whereas sun shrooms cannot.

Cherry Bomb
150 sun, reward from 1-2, very slow recharge rate
  Destroys all zombies and vehicles in a 3x3 box centered on the square
you drop the bomb in.  Takes about 1 second to explode, but cannot be killed
by zombies in that time.  Clears away ladders in the same area.  On the roof,
you need to put down a pot first before using a cherry bomb.  Two bombs (of
any type or combination) are needed to kill a Gargantuar.

50 sun, reward from 1-3, slow recharge rate
  This has at least 10 times the health of your other plants.  It can stand
up to a regular zombie for at least 30 seconds.  It reloads more slowly than
most plants so you can't just keep replacing them.  If you buy Wall-nut First
Aid, you can "heal" a wall-nut by planting a new one on top of a damaged one.
Without First Aid, you have to dig up the existing wallnut before you can
put another one in its place, possibly allowing zombies to walk through the
nut's square while it is empty.  Wall-nut can be jumped over by jumping
zombies, flown over by balloon zombies, dug under by miners and bypassed by
ladder zombies.

Potato mine
25 sun, reward from 1-4, slow recharge rate
   The potato mine takes about 15 seconds to arm (a regular zombie can cross
3 columns in this time).  During the arming time it is vulnerable to attack
and can be killed without exploding.  After it is armed it will explode when
the first zombie enters its square.  Pole vaulters and pogo zombies can jump
over it without detonating it.  Balloon zombies can fly over it.  Miner
zombies will be killed if they try to tunnel through an armed mine.  Miner
zombies cannot tunnel through a potato mine that is still activating, they
will have to stop and attack it.  It will hurt a Gargantaur that tries to
smash it, and can destroy Zombonis and bobsled teams.  Potato mines can kill
multiple zombies, but they must be perfectly stacked on each other.  Zombies
can get stacked up by a snow pea or by blocking them with plants (especially
the wall-nut).

Snow Pea
175 sun, reward from 1-6, normal recharge rate
  Although it costs nearly twice as much as a peashooter, the Snow Pea has
the same firing rate and basic damage.  Its added effect is very powerful:
it snares zombies so they walk and attack at half speed.  Snared zombies turn
blue and are visibly slower.  Snares last for about 6 seconds and are
renewed each time the zombie is hit again.  Un-snared zombies will catch up
to the snared ones and get snared themselves when they get out in front.  The
snow pea can stack up a group of snared zombies this way.  Effects from
multiple snares do not stack, so you only need 1 snow pea per row.  The snare
boosts the effectiveness of several other plants.  Wall-nuts and similar
shield plants will last twice as long.  Spikeweed will do twice as much
damage since zombies will stay over them longer.  A snow pea vs. a single
snared zombie is as effective as a repeater since the zombie will take twice
as many hits over the same distance.  Shield zombies (newspaper, screen door
and ladder zombies) and Zombonis are immune to the slowing effect.  Snow pea
shots that go through a torchwood become regular shots.  Snared zombies hit
by flaming peas will be instantly un-snared.

150 sun, reward from 1-7, normal recharge rate
  Chomper can eat one zombie or vehicle of any type (except Gargantuar) but
then has to spend 45 seconds recharging.  It can only attack zombies in front
of it, but can reach about 1 1/2 columns ahead.  It can attack from behind a
wall-nut or other defensive plant.  It can eat vehicles like Zomboni and
Catapults and the entire bobsled team if they are still in their bobsled.

200 sun, reward from 1-8, normal recharge rate
  Repeater does double the damage of a peashooter for exactly double the
price.  This is a good deal since most other high-output plants make you
pay extra for the damage (a gatling pea costs 50 more sun than 2 repeaters
for the same output, and Threepeater costs 25 more sun than 3 peashooters).
A snow pea + a repeater can take out a bucket head zombie without needing
further defenses.  Repeaters can benefit from torchwood, doing double damage
plus splash damage to nearby zombies.  Repeaters can be upgraded to Gatling
Peas (doubling damage again) for an additional 250 sun.

Puff shroom
0 sun, reward from 1-10, normal recharge rate, nocturnal
  It's free and can be placed again quickly.  It's an effective defensive
plant on all night levels and can substitute for potato mines & squash.  It's
not a useful attacker on daytime levels (it would require a coffee bean,
making it cost 75 sun) but can be brought to daytime survival or survival:
endless to delay Gargantuars.  Gargantuars must stop and slowly swing their
club whenever they encounter a plant, so puff shroom can buy you 3-4 seconds.
Its shots can fire only 3 columns ahead and cannot benefit from torchwood.

Sun shroom
25 sun, reward from 2-1, normal recharge rate, nocturnal
  A good plant for nighttime adventure mode stages and early waves of night
survival.  Gives sun about as often as a sunflower, but only gives 15 sun
at first instead of 25.  After about 2 minutes, 15 sec it grows larger and
gives the normal 25 sun.  Most adventure mode night stages in the first
playthrough are short, so you will generally have less sun than daytime and
have to use cheaper plants.  Its main weakness in Survival is that it cannot
be upgraded to Twin Sunflower, so you can build more offense plants by
digging them up and replacing them with sunflowers, then twin sunflowers in
later waves.  Completely useless for generating sun in the daytime since they
cost twice as much as sunflowers, but they can be brought along as a cheap
plant to delay Gargantuars.

Fume shroom
75 sun, reward from 2-2, normal recharge rate, nocturnal
  Fume shroom can shoot up to 4 columns ahead.  It hits all zombies in this
range, and hits newspaper/screen door/ladder zombies as if they weren't
carrying their shield.  Two of them behind a wall-nut can do a lot of damage
to zombies in front, even more if a spikeweed is in front of the nut.  The
area-affecting attack makes the fume shroom worth bringing to daytime levels,
even though its effective cost will be 150.  If you have already brought the
coffee bean for another plant (like magnet shroom) consider bringing the fume
shroom too.  It can be "upgraded" to Gloom Shroom for another 150 sun, making
the total 300 in daytime or 225 at night.  This will severely reduce the
range of the fume shroom down to just a 1 square radius, but it will do very
high damage to zombies nearby.

Grave Buster
75 sun, reward from 2-3, normal recharge rate
  It's not nocturnal, but the only reason to bring this plant is on night
levels with graves.  All night levels that do not have the pool will have
grave stones.  This is a 1-use plant that will take about 5 seconds to eat
a grave stone.  It leaves behind a coin when it is done.  It can be destroyed
normally by zombies while it is eating, so make sure zombies are at least two
columns away when placing these.  If you don't pick up the reward at the end
of a level with graves, you can spend leftover sun on grave busters for extra
coins.  In Survival: Night levels, graves will reappear for each wave, so you
can't get away with just bringing grave busters to wave 1.

Hypno shroom
75 sun, reward from 2-5, slow recharge rate, nocturnal
  The first zombie to touch an active hypno shroom will be hypnotized and
fight for you.  This will cause the hypno shroom to disappear.  A hypnotized
zombie turns purple and walks back toward the right side of the screen.  If
it encounters any other zombies they will fight each other, both of them will
take damage.  Your attacking plants will shoot through a hypnotized zombie as
if it were another plant.  Jack-in-the-box zombies will kill your hypnotized
zombie in their explosion.  This plant is a good defense against the tough
enemies like the football and dancer zombies.  Any backup dancers summoned by
a dancer after it has been hypnotized will also fight for you.  Hypnotized
Jack-in-the-box zombies will explode like a cherry bomb.  Hypno shroom
becomes less useful when there are a lot of zombies.  Your newly-hypnotized
zombie will just die quickly and there's probably another nasty zombie right
behind it. Magnets take over as a way to deal with Jack and Football zombies.
Gargantuars and vehicles will not be hypnotized (they just smash it), jumping
zombies can jump over it.

Scaredy shroom
25 sun, reward from 2-6, normal recharge rate, nocturnal
  Zombies that enter a 3x3 square centered on the scaredy shroom will cause
this shroom to stop firing and hide.  It can still be eaten just as fast as
other plants when hiding.  Balloon zombies and underground miners will also
cause scaredy shroom to hide.  Despite these limitations, it is very cheap to
place and replace.  Night levels force you to work with much less sun, so
scaredy lets you have a long-range shooter up quickly.  This helps in fog
levels to show you where zombies have entered the map.  It works best if
there are other plants in front of it, like wallnuts, puff shrooms and fume
shrooms.  Shots cannot be upgraded with torchwood.

Ice shroom
75 sun, reward from 2-7, very slow recharge rate, nocturnal
  This 1-shot plant explodes when placed on night levels or activated by
coffee in day levels.  The explosion covers the entire screen no matter
where the ice shroom is placed.  All zombies will be frozen in place for
5 seconds, then snared (as if shot by snow peas) for another 5-6 seconds
after that.  Zombies continue to take damage from attacking plants.  The
only zombie immune to being frozen is the Zomboni.  Gargantuars and the
catapult are affected just like other zombies.  In daytime levels the Ice
shroom can be placed on the map and left asleep until they are needed.  This
could let you work around the slow recharge rate since coffee recharges

Doom shroom
125 sun, reward from 2-8, very slow recharge rate, nocturnal
  Another 1-shot plant that explodes.  This affects all zombies up to 7
squares away as if they were hit by a cherry bomb.  A doom shroom placed in
the middle of the screen affects the whole map.  After it detonates, it
leaves behind a crater that cannot have anything planted in it (including
another doom shroom).  In water, the crater looks like a dark blue patch.
Craters heal in about 3 minutes, but this is longer than most adventure mode
levels in the first playthrough.  Doom shrooms can be planted during the day
and activated with Coffee.  If you protect them with a pumpkin, it will
destroy the pumpkin when it explodes.  It also destroys the lily pad if it
was placed in the pool.

Lily pad
25 sun, reward from 2-10, normal recharge rate, aquatic
  This plant can only be placed in the pool.  It acts as a base that your
non-aquatic plants can be placed onto.  It is also an additional barrier that
zombies have to eat through after they eat the plant on top.  Dolphin zombies
will waste their dolphin to jump over an empty lily pad.  Snorkel zombies
have to surface to attack it.  It has the same health as a regular plant.
You will want to take it to every pool level (and you will get a warning if
you forget to bring it).

50 sun, reward from 3-1, slow recharge rate
  A 1-shot plant that kills all zombies on one square next to it in the same
row.  It is ready to attack the moment it is placed (and it can be placed
directly on top of the zombie you want to kill) and can squash zombies that
have jumped over it or gotten past it.  It cannot kill a balloon zombie that
is still flying.  If multiple squash can attack the same target (such as 2
squash in the far left when a miner zombie surfaces), both will attack it,
one probably being wasted.  It is an excellent plant to protect your
sunflowers during the early game.  It can be deployed on a lily pad, the
ground and flower pots.  To kill Zambonis, it must be placed near the front
of the vehicle.

325 sun, reward from 3-2, normal recharge rate
  Your most expensive basic plant, it is 25 sun more expensive than 3
peashooters for the same firepower.  It's even worse a deal if you place it
in the top and bottom row since one of its shots will be wasted.  The main
benefit of this plant is that it can cover the pool rows when planted on land
rows just above or below the pool.  Threepeater shots can also be boosted by
torchwood.  Torchwood can be placed directly above and below the threepeater
and right in front of it.  Even in daytime, a land-based gloom shroom does
more damage to zombies in the pool for a cheaper price.  That setup requires
3 seed slots though, so a Threepeater earns it's place by providing compact
offense for a single slot.  Threepeaters also provide some resiliency to your
defense- if one row is hit with an unlucky combination of zombies and their
plants are killed, you still have some offense in that row from a threepeater
until you can rebuild it.  Threepeater will fire down all three lanes if a
zombie enters any of them.

Tangle Kelp
25 sun, reward from 3-3, slow recharge rate
  It takes a while to reload, but you only have to defend two rows with it
instead of 4.  It looks like an emergency plant for taking out dolphins and
zombies that appear in the wave, but you can actually get by entirely with
tangle kelp on the easier pool levels.  You will have to plant it as often as
it comes up and keep replacing it, but it is doable.  The first two waves of
Last Stand can get by with Tangle Kelp.  For most purposes, it goes well with
wall-nut to kill the occasional dolphin zombie while some other plant
provides the main pool offense.  Add some threepeaters on land, some
torchwood in the water and tangle kelp for anything that makes it to the back
columns for a solid defense on most water levels.  Unlike the potato mine, it
can only take out 1 zombie, even if several are stacked up.

125 sun, reward from 3-5, very slow recharge rate
  This is the cheapest daytime explosive plant per square covered.  It is
also the only plant that clears Zamboni ice trails.  The downside is that you
won't get the full effect of the Jalapeno unless something has gone seriously
wrong.  Zombies are mostly going to be on the right side of the screen, so
half the columns of damage are wasted.  In levels where multiple gargantuars
attack you, you are 60% likely to be able to hit two with one cherry bomb, vs
only 20% likely to do the same with Jalapeno.  In levels with Zambonis, the
Jalapeno is great for its special effect, but in most other cases Cherry Bomb
and wallnut + squash are more efficient uses of sun.

100 sun, reward from 3-6, normal recharge rate
  A spikeweed does about 6 damage to all zombies that pass over it.  Since a
regular zombie has only 10 health, two of these in a row can kill all regular
zombies that walk over them.  If the zombie is snared, that's double damage.
For added awesomeness, spikeweed can't be attacked by anything other than a
vehicle or gargantuar.  Gargantuars crush it normally, but a vehicle will be
destroyed in an explosion.  Spikeweed hit all zombies that step on it, and
ignore the screen door/ladder to hit those zombies directly.  Pole vaulters
will not jump over it and take about 2 damage running over it.  Balloon, pogo
and tunnelling miner zombies take no damage either.  Spikeweed can be
upgraded to Spikerock, making it an extremely potent anti-vehicle and anti-
gargantuar defense.

175 sun, reward from 3-7, normal recharge rate
  Torchwood upgrade peas (shot by peashooter, repeater, gatling pea and
threepeater) into fireballs.  Fireballs do double damage to the zombie they
hit and single-pea damage to all nearby zombies.  Torchwood also clears a
little fog over them and in front of them on fog levels.  Snared zombies that
are hit by a fireball are instantly un-snared.  You can still make a strategy
out of using both torchwood & snow peas/winter melons, but this is an unusual
setup.  Snow pea shots can be turned into fireballs, though this will take
two torchwood.  The first turns it into a regular pea, the second turns it
into a fireball.  Why you'd want to do that...

125 sun, reward from 3-8, slow recharge rate
  Tallnuts cost 2 1/2 times as much as a wall-nut and can take twice as much
damage.  They also stop pole-vaulter, dolphin and pogo zombies from jumping
over them.  Gargantaurs and vehicles will still squash them instantly.  They
are great plants for neutralizing dolphins on pool levels; there aren't many
zombies in the water, so you may never have to replace the tallnut if you
have some offense covering the row.  Tallnuts can't prevent balloon zombies
from flying overhead or miner zombies from going under.  If you buy "Wall-nut
First Aid" from Crazy Dave, you will be able to plant a new tall-nut directly
on top of a damaged one without having to dig up the old one first.

Sea shroom
0 sun, reward from 3-10, slow recharge rate, aquatic, nocturnal
  Like the puff-shroom, it can only attack 3 columns in front of it.  The
slow recharge rate makes it much less useful.  It also takes a while to
become ready to plant when you start a level.  Tangle kelp and puff shrooms
on a lily pad are about as effective.  You'll have to decide what works best
for you on fog levels.  Sea shrooms are useless on daytime pool levels and
unusable on others.

25 sun, reward from 4-1, slow recharge rate
  This clears fog in a 3-square radius (so on rows above and below, it will
clear fog about 2 squares ahead of it).  Since it must be planted close to
the zombie line to be effective, this plant will not last long without some
sort of protection.  Pumpkin around it, garlic or a nut in front will all
help.  Otherwise it will give you a brief glimpse of the fog before it gets
eaten.  If that's all you needed, use Blover instead.  Planterns are
especially vulnerable to jack-in-the-box zombies.  In Vasebreaker levels, a
Plantern will reveal what is in all the vases surrounding it (a 3x3 area).
It is not a nocturnal plant, though that only means you raise it in the
daytime zen garden since it does nothing in stages without fog.

125 sun, reward from 4-2, normal recharge rate
  This plant is designed for 1 purpose: popping balloons.  There is no reason
to bring it to any level without balloon zombies.  It fires at the same rate
and damage as a basic peashooter, but its damage cannot be upgraded with
torchwood.  When a balloon zombie enters the row, Cactus will stretch up to
pop the balloon.  While stretched, it will not be shooting at regular zombies
in the row.  If there are more than 1 cactus in a row for some reason, they
will all stretch up to pop the same balloon.  If a balloon is popped over
land, the balloon zombie will drop to the ground and walk toward you normally
like a regular zombie.  Balloon zombies that fall into water instantly drown.
You must bring some method of dealing with Balloon zombies, since they can
bypass nearly all your defenses.  Cactus is arguably the weakest anti-balloon
attacker since you have to give up a whole column of offense that could have
gone to repeaters or stronger plants.  Two cattails in the left half of the
screen can take out all balloon zombies in any row, even on the hardest
survival levels.  Blover instantly kills all balloon zombies, though it takes
up a valuable seed slot in survival: endless.

100 sun, reward from 4-3, normal recharge rate
  Blover kills all balloon zombies currently in the air, no matter where you
place it on the map.  Additionally, all fog is blown away for about 15 sec.
It reloads fast enough to get the next wave of balloon zombies (typically,
more show up right after you blow away the first bunch).  It is a 1-shot
plant that disappears right after it is used.  If you wait until the last
second to use it, you should not have to use it more than 6 times per level
during adventure mode.  This makes it cheaper than Cactus and lets you devote
more space to other plants.  The downside is that it may deplete your sun and
it requires your active attention and 1 free spot to plant it.

Split pea
125 sun, reward from 4-5, normal recharge rate
  This is your first anti-miner plant, and it is not horrible at it.  It
fires 3 shots per second, two of them backwards.  If you are trying to
protect your back columns you will need to plant this in at least the 3rd
column since a miner zombie has enough health to completely eat one basic
plant in the far left column before it dies.  You can protect those plants
with a pumpkin if you have enough sun.  This can also fire on balloon zombies
that land in the far left (usually after being shot by cattails) or can be
planted after zombies have eaten through your defenses.  Cattails can kill a
miner or balloon zombie without help from a split pea and you could probably
have prevented zombies eating through with a better offense.  So split peas
are basically a special-purpose plant for killing miners.  I would not bring
them for any other purpose, and I'd usually rather kill a miner with a potato
mine or squash.

Star fruit
125 sun, reward from 4-6, normal recharge rate
  For 125 sun you get 5 shots/sec.  That's more than gatling pea for almost
1/4 of the price.  So on paper, this looks good.  1 shot is backwards, there
is 1 shot straight up and down, then 1 shot diagonally forward and up/down.
If you look at the star fruit, the shots are basically in the directions it
is pointing.  In practice, I have a difficult time making star fruit work.
If you treat it like a peashooter, it is not very effective.  It does not
fire anything straight ahead, so defense on its own row is weakened.  The
shots backward and up/down are not useful unless zombies walk past it or a
miner zombie gets past it.  If there are a lot of star fruit (like on its
mini-game) they can do a lot of damage, but so does every other attacking
plant.  One strategy for this plant would be to have rows of it with garlic
in front to force zombies to walk around the star fruit.  Star fruit shots
cannot benefit from torchwood.

125 sun, reward from 4-7, slow recharge rate
  It costs twice as much as a wall-nut, has the same resistance to damage
and the same recharge rate.  That's the bad news.  The good news is that it
can be planted on top of/around other plants so you can get the benefit of
a wall-nut without having to use up a column.  Pumpkin on a chomper lets you
plant another chomper right behind it, doubling your auto-kill rate.  Pumpkin
is basically the only way to make plantern useful.  Protect your first column
from catapults, or your middle columns from thrown imps.  The only plant
that can't be protected is the Cob Cannon.  Protecting spikeweed or spikerock
will cause them to do no damage.  If you buy Wall-nut First Aid, you can put
a new Pumpkin on top of an old one without having to dig up the old one
first.  Plants stick partially out of a pumpkin.  You can dig up either the
pumpkin or the plant with the shovel if you watch what is highlighted.  You
can put Pumpkin around a wall-nut or tall-nut for additional protection.

Magnet shroom
125 sun, reward from 4-8, normal recharge rate, nocturnal
  This plant turns the zombies strengths into weaknesses.  Buckethead,
football, screen door, miner, pogo, jack-in-the-box, ladder and trashcan
zombies are all reduced to basic weakling zombies after the magnet steals
their metal objects.  After stealing an item the magnet has to wait about 5
seconds before it is ready to steal another one.  Ladders that were placed
while the magnet was recharging will be picked up when it is ready.  It has
a range of about 4 squares, so a magnet in the middle column of the middle
row can reach most of the map.  To get around the delay you will probably
want to have several magnets.  3 can deal with most levels, 5-6 are enough
for heavy waves of metal-carrying zombies like the last waves of Last Stand.
You can convert (not upgrade) the Magnet shroom into a Gold Magnet.  The
gold magnet does not need a coffee bean to activate, but all it can pick up
are coins.

100 sun, reward from 4-10, normal recharge rate
  It costs exactly the same as a basic peashooter and does the same overall
damage.  It fires only about every 2 seconds (half as fast as the peashooter)
but does twice as much damage per hit.  Shots are fired up in an arc and can
go over the screen door/ladder to hit the zombie directly.  Snorkel zombies
can also be hit underwater, and a cabbage-pult can be placed anywhere on the
roof and still hit zombies in its row.  It does not benefit from torchwood.

Flower pot
25 sun, reward from 5-1, normal recharge rate
  It's a Lily Pad for the roof.  None of the roof spots can be planted on
directly, a flower pot must be planted there first.  All non-aquatic plants
can be placed in a flower pot, including the potato mine.  Pots are also
plants (on other versions of the game you can see blinking eyes on the
outside of the pot).  Zombies must eat them to get past it and pole vaulters
will waste their pole on it.  Flower pots cannot be planted on lily pads, but
can be planted on the ground in non-roof stages.  There is not a lot of
benefit to this, but it provides a short extra barrier before zombies get to
your next plant. The strongest defense you can have in a square is a tallnut
on a flower pot with a pumpkin (the tallnut could also be placed on the lily
pad for the same amount of protection).  It's pretty much required for all
roof levels.  Space in your seed tray is too valuable on other levels, but if
you want the extra damage barrier you might use it in Survival.

100 sun, reward from 5-2, normal recharge rate
  This has the same firing rate as the Cabbage-pult for the same cost.  Its
normal shot only does half the damage though.  There is a chance (possibly
about 1 in 3) that it will fire a stick of butter.  Butter does the same
damage as a cabbage-pult shot and also stuns the zombie for a few seconds.
This works on Gargantuar and catapults, but not on Zombonis or Pogo Zombies.
Butter allows the kernel pult to get in some more free shots, so its overall
damage is comparable to the cabbage-pult.  The randomness also allows you to
benefit from having more than 1 kernel-pult in a row.  Unlike the snare
effect from snow peas, butter does not wear off if the zombie is hit by a
fireball.  Kernel-pults can fit in with both torchwood and snare strategies.
Two kernel-pults that are next to each other can be upgraded into the Cob
Cannon, this works even if the two spots next to each other in the row are on
the slanted part of the roof.  The DS game sometimes glitches and won't allow
the cob cannon to be placed.  When this happens, you need to dig up both
kernel-pults (so that the two squares are empty or just have flower pots) and
replant them so it will recognize the location is OK for a cannon.

75 sun, reward from 5-3, normal recharge rate
  Coffee allows you to use any of your nighttime plants during the day by
paying the extra sun per plant and using up a seed slot.  You could think of
it as a lily pad for the daytime, but the coffee is a 1-shot plant that is
used up when it wakes up a sleeping plant.  It does not add any additional
barrier to the spot it is used on.  All nocturnal plants can be activated
with coffee.  They will be greyed out in your seed box (indicating they are
not recommended for a level) until you take Coffee.  This changes the way
some plants work: Ice Shroom and Doom Shroom.  Normally, they are 1-shots
that explode immediately when placed.  During the daytime, they will sit on
the field until activated by a coffee.  Since they both have slow rates of
recharging, you could plant several in advance and activate them as needed.
If you are turning a magnet-shroom into a gold magnet, you do not need a

50 sun, reward from 5-5, normal recharge rate
  The garlic could be considered a basic defensive plant that protects the
plants in its row.  Zombies that eat it will pause for a second, then move
diagonally to the square above or below the garlic.  The row they move to is
random, but on pool levels there will be only 1 other row (land zombies won't
go into the water and vice versa).  It can take about 4 times as much damage
as other plants, and a zombie will only attack it once.  Zombies that don't
eat (Gargantuars, vehicles, balloons, pogos) will bypass the garlic normally.
The best part of Garlic is that it allows you to concentrate your offense on
fewer rows.  Place garlic on the far right and zombies will be funneled into
the rows that don't have garlic.  Now you could place some offense, like a
bunch of repeaters with torchwood.  It would be expensive to do that on every
row, but cheap for 2 rows of offense with garlics in the other 3 rows.  Pole
vault zombies will jump over the first garlic, so you can put down a second
for them.  The second garlic also serves as a backup in case the first gets
eaten and you don't notice right away.  Wall-nut first aid does not let you
replace a damaged garlic without digging it up first.  Star Fruit and Gloom
Shroom do lots of damage outside their own row, so they work well with a
garlic to protect them.  Magnets can strip zombies of dangerous items as
they walk past.  Keep in mind that zombies from two rows will be merged into
one if you use garlic, so be prepared to deal with 2-3 times as many zombies
in a row.

100 sun, reward from 5-6, normal recharge rate
  Umbrella plants protect a 3x3 area centered on themselves.  Bungee zombies
will be unable to steal protected plants or drop zombies onto them.  Catapult
shots will bounce off.  For the most part, the plant stays small so you can
see your other plants, when it is protecting an attack at briefly flares up
to deflect the bungee/basketball.  It is annoying to replace plants that are
stolen or killed by catapults, but this plant is also fairly expensive.  It
takes up a seed tray spot that could be used for more offense/defense, and it
also needs a permanent spot on the field.  If the plants it is protecting are
cheap and replaceable (like sunflowers), you may be better off without the
unbrella.  By the time bungees and catapults arrive you should be done
planting sunflowers and have a good amount of extra sun.  Umbrella plants do
not protect against the imps thrown by gargantuars or balloon zombies falling
after their balloon is popped.  I would only protect sunflowers if I had
upgraded them to twin sunflowers (which take a long time to reload).  They
are better off protecting your front line from zombies dropped in the final
roof wave, or keeping melons and magnets safe.

50 sun, reward from 5-7, slow recharge rate
  This is a special-purpose plant that you can use when a level is going to
be easy, or you don't need all 9 of your seed slots.  Marigolds will drop
coins about as often as sunflowers drop sun.  Sometimes they can drop a gold
coin worth 5 times as much as the silver coins.  Towards the end of a level,
I would plant marigolds in the same spot as sunflowers.  Since they don't
help with your offense or defense, you could put them in front of your nuts
on free spots on the lawn.  They might get eaten and they will take a while
to be replanted, but some free coins are better than nothing.  They will stop
dropping coins at the end of a level, so you can't just sit there forever
without collecting the final reward and moving on.

300 sun, reward from 5-8, normal recharge rate
  The final plant from adventure mode, and the second most expensive basic
plant (behind the threepeater).  The firing rate is the same as the cabbage
pult, but it does twice as much damage.  Vs. a single zombie, it does as much
overall damage as a repeater.  As a bonus, it also does splash splash damage
equivalent to the cabagge-pult (2 pea shots) to all nearby zombies.  Like the
other -pult plants, the shots go over screen doors & ladders to hit the
zombie directly and can hit snorkel zombies underwater.  This basically makes
it the same as a regular peashooter + torchwood, but its shots will not
un-snare zombies hit by snow peas.  The melon-pult can be upgraded into the
winter melon to add a snare effect as well (the snare also hits everything
near the target zombie).

Gatling Pea
250 sun, bought for 5,000 coins after 3-4, very slow recharge rate
  The gatling pea upgrades the repeater (meaning the repeater must already be
on the field, then you plant the gatling pea on top of it like putting a
pumpkin on another plant).  Gatling doubles the normal firing rate of the
repeater, shooting 4 peas/sec.  The 250 sun for planting it does not include
the repeater's 200 sun, so the overall cost of putting this down is 450 sun.
It's more expensive than just putting down another repeater, but the 50 extra
sun allows you to cram more offense into a row than you would normally be
able.  For adventure levels, using the gatling pea requires two seed slots.
In Survival, you could plant repeaters during one wave, then switch them out
for Gatling Peas in the next.  Seed slots are precious, and the waves of
zombies in adventure mode aren't so bad that you'll really need the Gatling
pea.  Survival is where it works best, though even there you have a lot of
other strategies that are just as effective at doing damage.

Twin Sunflower
150 sun, bought for 5,000 coins after 3-4, very slow recharge rate
  This doubles the output of a sunflower, making it drop 50 sun instead of 25
each time.  The rate at which it drops sun does not change.  For the cost of
3 more sunflowers, you basically get 1 more.  Like the Gatling Pea, what you
are paying for is the ability to do more with less space.  More columns can
be devoted to offense plants,  A single column of twin sunflowers is enough
to provide all the sun you need to maintain your defenses in Survival and the
longer roof levels.  Like all upgrades, you must first have the Sunflower
planted in order to plant a Twin Sunflower.  Even though it costs three times
as much, you are better off starting to plant twin sunflowers as soon as you
can, even while still planting regular sunflowers.  The very slow recharge
rate means you can get more planted if you start early.

Gloom Shroom
150 sun, bought for 7,500 coins after 4-4, very slow recharge rate, nocturnal
  This completely changes a Fume shroom.  Instead of firing 4 squares ahead
about as often as a peashooter, now it fires 4 times a second (equivalent to
a gatling pea) and hits all zombies in the 3x3 area surrounding it.  Fumes
go right through screens and other zombies.  You must still spend a coffee
bean if you want to use it during the daytime (if you already woke the fume
shroom you don't need to wake the gloom shroom separately).  On a daytime
level, this plant costs a total of 300 and uses 3 seed slots to deploy.  The
limited range makes it seem defensive, but if you can get zombies to walk
past it, the gloom shroom is the highest-damage plant in the game.  You will
typically put a garlic in front of it and plant it next to the pool.  The
fumes can kill most pool zombies without needing any other pool defense.  A
buckethead pool zombie will need 2 gloom shrooms, and a dolphin zombie might
need as many as 5 if you don't slow them down somehow.

225 sun, bought for 10,000 coins after 4-4, very slow recharge rate
  Cattail fires homing shots that go for the closest zombie in any lane and
also pops balloons.  It also fires as fast a repeater.  During adventure mode
pool stages and most pool survival & pool mini-games it is a very powerful
attacker.  It does have some limitations that make it less useful when there
are heavy waves of powerful zombies.  First, any shots sent toward a zombie
that gets killed will be wasted (they don't home in on the next zombie).  So
if you have a lot of cattails, they will all tend to fire at the same zombie.
Since the shots have some travel time, there will be a delay between when the
zombie dies and when the next zombie starts getting hit.  Cattail shots are
single-target and cannot be upgraded with torchwood.  For very heavy waves of
zombies like in Last Stand or Survival: Endless, cattails can't keep up.
They are still useful for defending you in early waves and for popping
balloon zombies, but 2 cattails in a rear column are enough for anti-balloon
and anti-miner duty.  Cattail upgrades Lily Pad, and digging up a cattail
destroys the lily pad too.

125 sun, bought for 7,500 coins after 5-1, very slow recharge rate
  The almanac says it is "very durable" but doesn't explain exactly what that
means.  First, the spikerock does double damage to zombies passing over it.
A regular zombie will take 12 damage and only has 10 health, so a spikerock
can kill all regular zombies that walk over it.  That's nice, but even better
is the anti-vehicle aspect: a spikerock still destroys vehicles (Zamboni and
Catapult) but is not immediately destroyed in the explosion.  Instead, it
just loses some health.  It can destroy 9 vehicles before it is killed.  It
is also the only plant that can survive a Gargantuar (and Giga-gargantuar)
beating.  It can take 9 hits from them as well.  This doesn't help on roof
levels (you can't plant spikeweed in a flower pot), but is useful for the
other Survival levels.  Spikerock upgrades spikeweed.

Gold Magnet
50 sun, bought for 3,000 coins after 5-1, very slow recharge rate
  The Gold Magnet converts a magnet from a nighttime plant to a daytime one
and makes it pick up coins.  Every 5 seconds or so, the Gold Magnet will
attract all coins within about a 5 square radius and they will get added to
your coin total.  There's very little reason to bring this if you don't
bring Marigolds, since zombies rarely drop cash.  Some levels are so easy
that you can defend them with very few seed slots and instead spend most of
the level planting marigolds.  If you plant so many that it's annoying to
keep picking up the coins, Gold Magnet is your answer.  In other versions of
the game, Last Stand makes a great gold farm.  You can plant all the
marigolds in the beginning with no reload time and defend the level with a
few well-chosen plants.  On the DS, that's not such a workable strategy.  The
zombies are tougher and more likely to break through your defenses AND there
are only 9 slots to work with instead of 10.  You can still farm Last Stand
for gold, it is just not as profitable and you will probably not be able to
use the Gold Magnet since defense is such a problem.

Winter Melon
200 sun, bought for 10,000 coins after 5-10, very slow recharge rate
  One of the plants they saved till after you beat adventure mode.  This
upgrades the already fairly powerful Melon-pult to add a snare effec that
hits all zombies in an area.  It doesn't add any additional damage and you
will not need more than 1 winter melon per row.  You could almost get by
with winter Melons every other row, but it won't fire unless it can hit a
zombie directly.  Still, to maximize the area damage, don't plant them in the
top and bottom rows until you've done all the others.  The snare from a
winter melon is the same as the snow pea's and ice shroom's; it will be
cancelled if the zombie is hit by a fireball.

Cob Cannon
500 sun, bought for 20,000 coins after 5-10, very slow recharge rate
  The most expensive plant you can place, by far.  Additionally, it must be
placed on top of TWO kernel-pults that are next to each other in the same
row.  That is 700 total sun AND you must give up two attacking plants in the
same row to have it.  So is it worth it?  Clicking a cannon brings up a red
target circle.  Drag it to wherever you want and let go.  The cob cannon will
launch a missile up into the air.  In about 7 seconds it will land where you
targeted it and explode as if you placed a cherry bomb there.  You can fire
spaces you could not normally plant (roof tiles, water or your own plants)
it will not hurt your own plants.  About 30 seconds later it will be ready to
fire again.  Cannons that are ready to fire will have a bit of corn cob
sticking out and flashing.  The reload time is faster than a cherry bomb.  A
single cob cannon is nice for emergencies or clearing ladders, but they work
best when you have a bunch of them.  5 cannons will let you explode nearly
everything that enters the screen if you stagger their launches out a bit.
They are also great for instantly killing a gargantuar (target two cannons at
it and it will probably die before it has a chance to throw its imp).  You
must allow for the delay when targeting fast-moving zombies like ladder and
pole-vaulters.  Shoot ahead of them several columns.

Variable sun/recharge, bought for 30,000 coins after 5-10
  The Imitater costs the most to buy from Crazy Dave and offers something you
can't get from any other plant: an exact duplicate of a plant you like.  When
you select the imitater from the seed selection screen at the beginning of
level, it will ask you to pick the plant it will copy.  During the level, it
will cost as much to place the imitater as it does the copied plant. If you
imitate a nocturnal plant in the daytime, you will still need coffee to wake
it up.  The only difference is that the recharge time for replanting are
separate.  So you could plant 2 of the same type of plant right away.  This
would let you get a column of tallnuts up twice as fast, or plant 2 cherry
bombs or have twice as many puff/sea shrooms on a night level.  For any plant
that frustrates you while you wait for it to reload, the Imitater can solve
that issue.  You cannot change what it is imitating during the level (but you
can between waves of Survival).  Imitater cannot copy any of the upgrade
plants that you buy from Crazy Dave.

Mini-Games [QFM]

  These are the games in the Mini-Games menu, not the Puzzle or Survival
games that are also technically mini-games.  Beating all the games in this
menu will give you the "Attention Deficit" achievement, and is one of the
tasks required to get the Gold Sunflower trophy.

  Upgrade plants are not required to beat any mini-game, but some games are
much easier with the right upgrades.  Only the first three games (Zombotany,
Wall-nut bowling and Slots) are available until adventure mode is complete.
The mini-game menu is unlocked on adventure stage 3-2: one zombie that level
will drop a present.  Clicking the present opens up adventure mode.

  Minigames drop a trophy (and possibly a diamond) when beaten for the first
time, then bags of coins after that.  Most minigames will be locked or hidden
at first.  Beating another minigame for the first time will unlock a new one
until all minigames have been unlocked.

  Zombies come in with Peashooter and Wall-nut heads.  Peashooter zombies
will start shooting as soon as they enter the lane.  You probably want to
put down a wallnut at the halfway point in a row before putting any
sunflowers in it.

Wall-nut bowling
  You get coins when a regular nut bounces off more than one zombie, the more
zombies it hits the more coins per hit.  Let the first zombies get almost all
the way to you (across the red line or when your seed tray is full) before
dropping wallnuts on them.  The exploding nuts don't give you any coins, so
avoid using them.  There are also buckethead zombies and pole vaulters that
weren't there when you played 1-5 the first time.

  Your goal is to get to 2000 sun.  It costs 25 sun to spin the slot machine.
If it lines up with 2 of a plant you'll get a seed packet to place 1 copy of
that plant.  If it gives you 3 of a plant you can plant 3 plants.  It can
give you peashooters, repeaters, snow peas, wallnuts and sunflowers.  You can
also get extra sun (though you can't plant anything with it) or 1000 coins.
When you get close to 2000 you can try to stall in hopes of getting coins out
of the slot machine.  Zombies will get more and more numerous in waves and in
between waves as time goes on, so you'll eventually have to either win or

It's raining seeds
  It is a nighttime pool level.  This is similar to a conveyor, but seeds
will fall from the sky and land on the ground.  If they are not used within a
short period of time they will disappear.

  This is like another popcap game: Bejeweled.  Your goal is to line up 3 or
more of the same plants in a column or row.  75 matches are required to win.
Making matches gives you sun, making a matches of 4 or more gives even more
sun.  To make a match, click a plant and drag it up, down, left or right to
swap it with the plant in that direction.  You are not allowed to drag plants
around unless it will result in a match.  Making a match will cause those
plants to disappear and new plants to replace them.  Zombies will still be
coming in from the right to eat your plants.  If they eat one, you can pay
2000 sun to replace it with a new random plant.  If there are no moves
possible, the whole set of plants will reload.  You can also spend 150 sun to
reload all the plants at any time.  500 sun replaces all puff shrooms with
fume shrooms till the end of the level.  250 sun turns wall-nuts into tall-
nuts, and 1000 sun turns peashooters into repeaters.

  An interesting twist.  You can no longer see any of the zombies, but your
plants can still detect them and fire on them.  It would be like a fog level
with complete fog, but you can see your own plants clearly and see the
effects of your shots.  Sound is important for knowing what is coming.  If
your peashooter shot stops in the air with a metal sound, that's a buckethead
zombie.  If you hear a splash, that's a water zombie getting into the pool.
The Ice Shroom freezes all zombies in place and you can see where they are
from the frozen patches.

Seeing stars
  The star plant is required for this level, but you can choose your other
plants.  The field has a lot of spots marked out with transparent stars.  In
order to win, place star fruit in all the marked spots.  You can't plant
anything else on the special spots (except pumpkin).  When you are planting
sunflowers, beware of planting any in the row with the longest bunch of star
fruit.  You don't have many spots free in that row to attack zombies.  I
would take these plants:
  Sunflower, potato mine, magnet, coffee, pumpkin, spikeweed, snow pea and

  You start with a few snorkel zombies.  Tap on the screen to give them
brains to eat.  If they are not hungry, they ignore the brains and it will
just sink to the floor and disappear.  You can only have 3 brains out at a
time.  A zombie that isn't fed for a while turns green and eventually dies.
After they eat they'll give you sun.  Sun can be used to buy more zombies and
eventually you use it to buy the trophy to complete the level.

Beghouled Twist
  Yes, Popcap also sells a game called "Bejeweled Twist".  It's not as
popular as the regular Bejeweled.  Instead of simply sliding plants around,
you rotate 4 of them in a circle (clockwise).  I think it's much harder to
see patterns that can be rearranged to make 3 in a row and end up just
tapping madly everywhere.  You still need to make 75 matches and you get sun
you can spend on the same upgrades as Beghouled.

Heat Wave - (DS exclusive)
  You have already played this level on 3-5, but now there is a gargantuar at
the end to make it interesting.  Move the plants around and yell or blow on
the microphone when it says 'Shout!'.

Portal Combat
  There are two pairs of portals, a black starry pair and a white circle
pair.  Shots and zombies that go into one portal will come out the other.
Plants take the portals into account when determining whether they will shoot
at a zombie.  Portals also randomly change location a few times during the
level.  Zombies can walk through portals and end up bypassing your plants, so
be careful.

Column like you See Em
  This is a roof level, with a conveyor.  Gargantuars, football, ladder
zombies and jack in the boxes can appear, along with other nasty roof
zombies.  Whenever you place a plant, it will go in all spots in that entire
column.  So if you plant a Tallnut, you will get 5 of them if all their pots
are intact.  A jalapeno destroys everything on the screen that is not a
Gargantuar.  The zombie waves can get intense and you are at the mercy of the
conveyor, so if you lose just try again.

Bobsled Bonanza
  You will be facing a lot of Zombonis this level, and you start with trails
of ice on the land rows (this is a pool level).  You have some extra time at
the beginning before zombies show up, but the first zombies are likely to be
bobsled teams and zambonis.  This is my pick for the hardest minigame to do
without upgrades.  If you don't have any, the water is the safest spot for
your sunflowers.  Plant a few on land to get started, then put down three
columns of sunflowers in the pool.  There will be pool zombies too, so you
need offense.  The waves get tougher each time and a lot of your plants are
likely to get crushed and eaten this level.  It is especially tough trying to
keep up with attacks while having to spend tons of sun on 1-shot plants.
Without upgrades, I would take all the anti-Zomboni and anti-bobsled plants
you can:
  sunflower, lily, spikeweed, squash, jalapeno, wallnut, repeater, torchwood,
  and garlic

Ice trails will melt eventually even if you don't bring jalapeno.

Several upgrade plants make this minigame much easier:
  Gatling Pea can dish out a lot of damage without pushing your defense out
    too far.
  Twin Sunflower lets you make do with a smaller sun area in the water
  Cattails can attack from the water and are great for the bobsled teams
  Spikerock can take out 9 zombonis and prevent them from laying ice trails
    if placed in the far right
  Cob Cannons can be set up in the water and do lots of damage to waves of
    zombonis or bobsleds.

  The minigame you already played on 2-5 is back.  As before, just keep
tapping the zombies to kill them and spend the sun only on grave busters.

Last Stand
  Ah, the minigame that has generated the most internet discussion and
strategies.  It is a daytime pool level where you have to survive for 5
flags.  You start with 5000 sun and can pick from almost all your seeds (no
free plants and no sun-producing plants).  At the beginning of each wave, you
can plant as many plants as you like from the seeds you chose at the
beginning (unlike survival, you can't change seeds between waves) with no
recharge time between plantings.  When you are ready, click 'Start Onslaught'
to bring in the zombies.  While zombies are on screen your plants recharge
normally and can be placed if you have remaining sun.  Sun will not fall from
the sky and you have no lawn mowers/pool cleaners as a last line of defense.
At the end of each wave you get another 250 sun to prop up your defenses
with.  Facing you will be football, ladder, jack-in-the-box, pole-vaulter,
dolphin and regular, conehead and buckethead zombies (including swimming
versions).  Special zombies rarely appear during the first part of the level,
but at least one is likely to come with each wave.

  Internet discussions are mostly about how to farm this level for coins.
You can plant tons of marigolds and gold magnets at the beginning.  Then the
job becomes how to protect them for 5 waves.  However, this level can be
quite difficult without upgrade plants and most strategies on the net are
based around Gloom Shrooms.  Additionally, they tend to use 10 slots (we have
a max of 9 on the DS) and are usually too flimsy to deal with the tougher
zombies on the DS.

Here's a setup I've found to be reliable--

Plants used:
  Lily, Repeater, Torchwood, Garlic, Wall-Nut, Coffee, Magnet, Pumpkin,

    | 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9
  A | o  o  o  .  M  M  G  G  G
  B | R  R  R  T  .  .  .  .  .
  C | R  R  R  T  W  .  .  .  .
  D | R  R  R  T  W  .  .  .  .
  E | R  R  R  T  .  .  .  .  .
  F | o  o  o  .  M  M  G  G  G

I've labeled the rows A-F and the columns 1-9.  C & D are pool rows and all
plants in that row are on lily pads.
  R - Repeater
  T - Torchwood
  W - Wall-nut
  M - Magnet (+ coffee)
  G - Garlic
  o - Marigold
  . - empty space

This can all be set up in the very beginning before clicking Start Onslaught.
I do not use any pumpkins at first.  You get extra sun during each wave, but
some of it will need to be used to replace garlic.  Here's how I'd spend it
between waves:

 - replace garlics only when eaten
 - After wave 1: plant a magnet in front of a torchwood (B5/E5)
 - After wave 2: plant a magnet in front of the other torchwood
 - After wave 3: pumpkins on the B5/E5 magnets
 - After wave 4: wall-nuts in front of the B5/E5 magnets
 - In final wave: let garlic die unless you are about to run entirely out in
   a row, save sun for replacing wall-nuts instead.

Aside from the tougher zombies, the DS also makes it difficult to see when
your garlics get eaten (the massive wave of zombies on rows below hide the
garlic with their headwear).  The third garlic will occasionally be used when
pole vaulters come in while the first garlic has been eaten.  You can let the
zombies eat their way through the garlic in the final wave, the third garlic
should hold up that long.

This setup is somewhat overkill.  Two columns of repeaters work just as well,
but you have enough sun for three.  If you want to plant more marigolds, I
would shorten the two land rows down to 2 repeaters and place marigolds in
front of them (where torchwood is in B4/E4).  You can't make do with 2
garlics, it's too hard to tell when one is eaten and you have no offense if a
pole vaulter jumps over the last one.  Three garlics also gives you more
buffer room from jack in the boxes.  If the magnets are in use when one
appears, it is likely to just blow up some garlic and possibly a magnet.

If you have gloom shrooms, you can beat Last Stand with 3 garlics on the ends
of the rows next to the pool and 5 gloom shrooms behind them.   That setup
even kills dolphin zombies.  There are other strategies (even 9-seed
strategies) on youtube that let you farm marigolds in the PC version, but
most don't work on the DS.

Zombotany 2
  There are more zombies this time around.  Gatling, Squash and Jalapeno
zombies are all fairly nasty.  Jalapeno can't kill a full-health wallnut, but
it will kill all the other plants if you don't take care of it quickly.  I
brought these:
  sunflower, wallnut, snow pea, squash, pumpkin, lily pad, chomper

  Chompers in pumpkins make a great wall.

Wall-nut Bowling 2

  This time around there are screen door zombies (you can kill them in 1 hit
by hitting them with an bounce from another zombie), disco zombies (shooting
at the first backup dancer will often get 3 bounces and take out the backup)
plus the bucket, cone, pole-vaulter and regular zombies from the first Wall-
nut Bowling.  You have a 3rd type of wall-nut; a really thick wallnut that
goes straight down the line flattening everything.  Like the red wallnut, you
get no coins for using it.

Pogo Party

  People report having problems with this minigame, but it seems to me much
easier than bobsled bonanza (without upgrades).  I take all the things that
counter pogos:
  flower pot, sun, squash, jalapeno, tallnut, melon-pult and snow peas.

  That leaves you 2 slots to bring magnets if you want.  Buy the rake, build
as much sun as you can and start planting Tallnuts.  Once you have a column
of tallnuts you are basically done with the level.  Let the first pogo chew
on the tallnut for a while before placing an offense plant.  Use squash to
kill the first pogos.  Tallnuts have a lot of health and the longer it takes
the pogo zombie to die, the more sun production you can set up before the
next pogos come in.  Replace badly damaged tallnuts after your column is all
set up.  Snow peas, followed by melons for AE damage will finish off
everything the stage has to throw at you.

Dr. Zomboss's Revenge

  This time around he has twice as much health as he did on 5-10.  Otherwise,
the stage is exactly the same.

Bomb All Together - (DS exclusive)

  You have a conveyor that instantly gives you another plant when you use
one.  However, there's a limited amount of stuff in it (there is a bomb
counter telling you how many bombs are left, you start with 25).  Cherry
bombs, potato mines, jalapeno, doom shrooms, coffee and wallnuts are all in
the conveyor.  Facing you are regular zombies, pogos, footballs and some
gargantuars (1 gargantuar in the middle, 2 at the end).  Pile up zombies on
wallnuts and kill as many as you can per blast.

Homerun Derby - (DS exclusive)

  Wow, this is an incredibly frustrating minigame.  A catapult zombie will
toss basketballs at you and you use the stylus to "bat" it.  Use a fast
stroke that goes diagonally up and right to score a home run.  You have to
score 30 home runs to win.  Scoring a homerun gives you sun, which you have
to spend to buy plants to kill the zombies that wander in.  You also have the
option of trying to hit zombies with the ball.  It will kill them, but it is
difficult to aim.  When I win, I've usually lost a few lawn mowers.  You can
also hit the pitcher and knock him out for a while.  That only makes your
situation worse since now you have nothing to hit homeruns with.

Air Raid - (DS exclusive)

  This is more like it!  An old fashioned side-scrolling shooting game, like
Gradius or R-Type.  There are two health bars at the bottom of the screen
that fill up with damage.  Yours is on the left, Dr. Zomboss's is on the
right.  Dr. Zomboss tosses out wrenches of different types- some zig-zag up
and down, others arc toward you, red ones home in on you.  He also
occasionally shoots big blue balls at you.  Sometimes they'll have powerups
in them.  3-peater lets you fire spread shots in 3 directions.  Pumpkin gives
you armor.  At half health, Dr. Zomboss will run away for a bit and change
tactics.  Now he'll occasionally launch a beam attack.  If you get hit with
it, you're instantly dead.  He'll follow you as you go up and down to avoid
it, then open his mouth and charge a beam (this lasts about 1 second during
which you can see his mouth sparkling).  That's your chance to get out of the
way.  If you're having trouble timing it, just move quickly up and down and
hope for the best.  If you still don't kill him, he'll launch his insta-kill
beam attacks from off screen, making it even harder.

Puzzle Mode [QFP]

  I still consider these to be mini-games since they're short games that are
not related to the main adventure mode.  Beating all the games in this
menu will give you the "Think Hard" achievement, and is one of the
tasks required to get the Gold Sunflower trophy.  A zombie on 4-6 will drop a
present.  Opening the present unlocks Puzzle Mode.  Only the first three
Vasebreaker & I, Zombie levels will be available until you beat adventure

  There are 9 of each puzzle type plus an Endless version of each.  Most will
be locked at first.  Beating one of the available levels will unlock a new one
until they have all been unlocked.  The last thing to get unlocked will be

Vasebreaker Levels

In general, start opening vases from the far right.  If it's a plant, place it
and click the next vase on the far right of that row.  If you get a zombie,
wait until it is right at the middle of another vase to open that vase.  If
that vase also turns out to be a zombie, now the two zombies are stacked up
and can be killed with a single squash.  Vase contents are random, so I will
only list generally what to expect.  Jack zombies will immediately explode,
opening other vases with the explosion.  Planterns reveal what is inside each
vase in a 3x3 area centered on the plantern.  If I list "repeaters", you will
get repeaters that fire backwards, like the back half of a split pea.  All
vasebreaker levels have regular zombies, I only list special ones.  Levels are
not timed, so if you find it easier to wait until a zombie is killed before
opening another vase, that is a safe approach.

Vasebreaker    - 1 jack in the box / peashooters
To the Left    - 1 jack in the box / repeaters
Third Vase     - 1 disco zombie / hypno shrooms available
--- after adventure mode is complete --
Chain Reaction - many jack, 1 football / puff, repeater & hypno shrooms
M is for Metal - football & bucket / magnet, snow, repeater, squash, pumpkin
Scary Potter   - pole, jack & football / tall, 3peat, repeat, torch, squash
Hokey Pokey    - 1 bucket / spikeweed, squash, wallnut
Another Chain..- pogo / tallnut, repeat, squash, puff
Ace of Vase    - jack, 1 gargantuar / wall, squash, snow, repeat, 3peat, mine

Endless: The same zombies and plants from 'Ace of Vase' will appear every
level.  There are also buckethead zombies.  You find random amounts of sun in
vases that you can spend on Cherry Bombs.

I, Zombie Levels

A great concept, you get to be the zombie!  This is a great way to learn the
zombies weaknesses.  I think this is how I found out that potato mines kill
miners.  The levels are randomly set up again, so I'll list generally what to

Eat sunflowers to earn the sun to launch other zombies.  You have to get to
the end of each row and eat the brains to pass the level.  Once there are no
sunflowers in a row, you get nothing from eating the other plants.  Using pole
vaulters or ladders to bypass plants is perfectly acceptable.  All of the
named puzzle levels have sunflowers and regular peashooters unless mentioned

Imps only have 3 health, but run quickly.

I, Zombie        - squash, snow / regular, bucket, football
I, Zombie Too    - spike, snow / regular, screen, bucket
Can You Dig It   - splitpea, torch, mine / regular, bucket, miner
--- after adventure mode is complete --
Totally Nuts     - snow, fume, wallnut / regular, bucket, ladder
Dead Zeppelin    - snow, cactus, magnet / regular, bucket, bungee, balloon
Me Smash         - garlic,snow,torch,spike,kernel / reg,pole,bucket,gargan
Zomboogie        - chomper, mine, no pea / reg, pole, bucket, disco
Three Hit Wonder - mine, magnet, wall / imp,cone,bucket,bungee,miner,ladder
All Your Brainz are belong to us -
 mine, split, snow, chomper, star, tall, 3peat, magnet, fume, squash, scaredy
 reg, cone, pole, bucket, bungee, miner, ladder, football

Endless: Same as 'All Your Brainz', but you also have the Disco Zombie.  I've
noticed that some levels have almost no sun on them, so to get past them you
need to have stockpiled a lot of sun in previous levels.

Survival [QFU]

  Survival modes are basically just like regular adventure stages with
random zombies.  You can change your seeds every flag (in Easy) or every other
flag (Hard).  Sun earned in one wave carries forward to the next.  Zombies are
random, so I can't offer specific strategies.

  Beating all the games in this menu will give you the "Tough Beans"
achievement, and is one of the tasks required to get the Gold Sunflower
trophy.  Survival mode is unlocked after Adventure mode is beaten for the
first time.

  There are 11 survival modes: An easy and a hard mode for each environment,
plus 'Survival: Endless'.  Not all modes are available at the beginning,
beating a mode for the first time unlocks another mode until all are

  In Easy mode, you have to survive for 5 flags in that environment.  After
each flag, you can change what seeds you are using.  Gargantuars and jack in
the boxes do not appear.  You don't need any upgrade plants to beat these.
They are about as difficult as regular adventure stages.

  In Hard mode, you have to survive for 10 flags.  You can change seeds every
2 flags.  Any zombie, including Gargantuar can appear.  Additionally, there
are more zombies (think of the later waves of Last Stand) during the level and
in the waves.  Upgrade plants are pretty nice on these levels, and you should
try to pack the most attack power you can into the fewest columns.  You can
also see the Trashcan zombie (exclusive to consoles).  It is basically a
screen door zombie that moves slower and has more health in its screen.  It
can still be disabled by a magnet shroom.  On all hard levels, I would build a
defense with Tallnuts, use a couple cattails, then try to build 5 cob cannons.
Once you get all that you can just explode everything to death.  10 cob
cannons are even better.

  Survival: Endless is a daytime pool level that goes on forever.  A new
zombie can appear: Giga-Gargantuar.  It has twice as much health as a
gargantuar and takes 4 instant kills to finish off.  Endless can drop
nighttime zen garden plants in addition to regular and aquatic plants.

Unlike the PC version of the game, the DS does not save your progress when you
quit a survival game.  This makes it difficult to get up to the higher levels
of Endless.

Zen Garden Mode [QFZ]

  The way the zen garden works is; you get little sprouts of your plants.
You water and fertilize them till they're full grown.  Then you can either
sell them for coins or tend to them and collect coins throughout the day.

  A new plant will want to be watered about 5 times.  Then it will ask for
fertilizer (something you can buy from Crazy Dave).  About an hour later, it
will want to be watered and fertilized again.  After 3 fertilizers it will be
full grown.  After that, it will want to be tended once a day.  It will want
to be watered, then it will want either bug spray (buy from crazy dave) or
listen to the music box (reusable, buy it from crazy dave).

  You can leave the zen garden open and the plants that have had bug spray or
music will drop coins every now and then.  You can pick up the coins.  The DS
version has them drop coins much less frequently.  They will do nothing if
you close the DS lid.

  Picking up the coins yourself isn't much fun.  You can buy Stinky the Snail
to help you.  He'll slowly run to the coins and pick them up for you.  He
will get tired after 5 minutes and go to sleep.  You can click him to wake
him up.  After you buy Stinky, you'll sometimes get Chocolate from the
Zombies.  Feed chocolate to Stinky and he'll run fast and not go to sleep for
1 hour.  You can have a max of 10 chocolate, after that the zombies won't
drop any more until you use some.

  Although the Zen Garden is mostly meant to look good and cost a lot of
money, you can make money with it:

  Buy marigold sprouts from Crazy Dave for 2,500, raise them to full grown
(requires 3 fertilizer per sprout) and sell them back for 3,000.  That's a
direct profit of 100 coins, but the sprouts will drop about another 1,300
coins along the way for a total profit of about 1,400 per sprout.

  The DS Zen Garden has less screen space than other versions.  You can't see
what plants on the top row are asking for.  If they are full grown, give them
water, then the music box, then bug spray (since water and the music box are
free).  You can also just let the zen garden sit for a minute or so and the
toolbar will go away.

  In general, the type of mini-game you play determines what type of zen
garden plants the zombies will drop.  Nighttime levels will give you
mushrooms, pool levels will give you aquatic plants.  Survival: Endless is
special- it can drop any type of plant.

  Aquatic plants and mushrooms will be asleep in the normal garden and won't
take any water or fertilizer.  You will have to buy their environments (at
30,000 each for nighttime/aquatic) and the shovel (200 coins) and move them
to their environment to raise them.  When they are full grown and have been
given their bug spray/music box you can move them to the regular garden for
the rest of the day.  At midnight they will fall asleep again and have to be
moved back to be re-watered & sprayed.  Stinky the snail won't help you
collect coins in these other environments, but the plants will give you 3
times as much gold when you make them happy.

  Crazy Dave buys your plants at different rates:
    Full-grown marigold: 3,000
    Any other daytime plant: 8,000
    Nighttime/aquatic: 10,000

  After you buy an environment or the Tree of Wisdom, use the green arrow at
the top-right of the zen garden screen to go to the next one.

Tree of Wisdom [QFY]

  Crazy Dave sells the tree of wisdom for 10,000 but doesn't explain what it
is.  It is basically a way to burn your money.  Here's how this little scam

  1. Buy the tree of wisdom for 10,000
  2. Buy "Tree Food" for the tree, at 2,500 EACH
  3. Drop Tree Food on the tree and hear a game tip
  4. After feeding 100 tree food, you get an achievement

  All the game tips are covered somewhere else in this guide.  If you are
curious as to what the tree has to say, I would suggest googling for "tree of
wisdom transcript".  There is an achievement for getting the tree to 100
feet.  For the first 50 food, the tree will just grow more branches and
leaves when fed.  At the 50th food, it grows offscreen and you can only see
its trunk.  Then it will say "50 feet tall".  It will also stop giving you
game tips.  Each food after that will raise it 1 foot.  At 100 you will get
an achievement.  You get 5 free tree food when you buy the tree.  To get to
the tree after buying it, go to the Zen Garden and click the Green Arrow on
the right.  If you have bought other Zen Garden environments, you will have
to click through those to get to the tree.  Altogether, the achievement will
cost you 247,500 (95 tree food @ 2,500 + 10,000 for the tree).

  In other versions of PvZ, the tree unlocks codes that change the way
zombies look.  You could make them dance or explode into candy when they die.
None of these codes are in the DS, so the tree is purely a way to get rid of

Achievements [QFA]

Resolute Homeowner - Complete Adventure Mode.
  You'll get this achievement automatically for beating Adventure Mode
the first time.

Shopping Spree - Spend 25,000 coins in Crazy Dave's store.
  You'll get this fairly easily.

Greenhouser - Raise 10 plants to full growth in the Zen Garden.
  Not very difficult either, raising marigolds will also give back 500+
coins if you buy them as sprouts and sell them full grown.

Book Learner - Fill out the Almanac.
  Cannot be done on the first playthrough.  The yeti zombie appears in the
second playthrough, level 4-10 (the all-dark level with lightning).  After
you see it, it can appear in survival modes.

Demolitioner - Blow up 10 zombies at once with a single Cherry Bomb.
  You'll probably get this in the first 10 levels of adventure mode.  Wait
until a wave of zombies appears, then drop the cherry bomb on them.  Each
row in a wave will have 3-4 zombies, so you'll probably get this achievement
the first time you do it.  If you're having trouble with it, place 3 wallnuts
touching in a column to pile up the zombies first.

Nebulaphile - Beat an extremely foggy level without disturbing any fog.
  In addition to not using planterns, you also cannot use torchwood or
blovers.  You can probably get this one on your first playthrough.  You can
get it from 4-3 even though it doesn't seem any foggier than 4-2. Just try to
remember where your plants are.  If the plant you are trying to place doesn't
disappear when you move over a spot, then there is already a plant there.

Unsiege Mentality - Complete a roof level without using any catapult plants.
  The best level for this is 5-1 in either the first or second playthrough.
Snow peas help a lot.  So do squash and repeaters.  Peas can be placed on
squares and the two highest sloped squares.

Photosensitive - Beat a night level without picking up any sun.
  This one is a little tough.  The best level to do this is on the 2nd
playthrough, level 2-1.  If you have the Imitater, bring it along to copy the
puff-shroom.  Most other plants are useless.  You could use the 50 starting
sun to plant either 1 wallnut or 2 potato mines or scaredy shrooms.

Don't Drink the Water - Beat a pool level without using any aquatic plants.
  The best time to get this is on the 2nd playthrough, level 3-1 (the first
and easiest pool level).  3-peaters are the obvious choice, but gloom shrooms
placed next to the pool in the middle column will also work and are 25 sun

Attention Deficit - Earn a trophy in each minigame.
  This specifically means the games in the "mini-game" menu, not survival,
vasebreaker or I Zombie.

Think Hard - Earn a trophy in each Puzzle Mode.
  Beat all the Vasebreaker and I, Zombie games except for their Endless

Tough Beans - Get a trophy in each Survival Mode.
  Survival: Endless does not have a trophy and you don't have to play it to
get this trophy.

Cerebral Canopy - Grow the Tree of Wisdom to 100 ft.
  This will cost exactly 247,500 coins.  Unlike other versions of PvZ, this
will not unlock any codes.  There's no point raising the tree past 100ft.
You'll hear some advice from the tree, but nothing worth the money.  You
should probably leave this achievement to last after buying everything else
from Crazy Dave.

Street Team - Play Download-Play; Multiplayer at least once.
  This means someone has to play Versus mode with you and download the game
from you.  You do not get credit for playing together with someone who also
has a PvZ cart: they must still use DS Download Play and download it from


  DookieWookie - For getting me into this game