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Plants Vs. Zombies is an action packed zombie blasting game! With the help of your plants, you must defend your home from the brain eating zombies! You'll have many different plants to help you from the Sun-power making Suflower, to the basic Pea Shooter! Want to see a video? Well, look no further! Below is the Popcap Video straight from GameVideos.com:

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EA teases possible Plants vs. Zombies crossovers 'Grass Effect,' 'Dead Face,' and 'Petal of Honor'

E3 Actual crossovers or just some pre-E3 shenanigans?

May 31, 2013, by Troy Crumley | 20 comments
After acquisition of Star Filled Studios in November, Valve opening San Francisco location

Sure, just give up and hire someone else to make Half Life 3

Dec 14, 2012, by Rory Young | 13 comments
Plants vs. Zombies creator laid off in PopCap's Plants vs. Zombies 2 post-announcement cuts

Is PopCap hurting worse than is readily apparent?

Aug 23, 2012, by Rory Young | 6 comments
EA to purchase PopCap Games for $750M

Mega publisher wants to push Bejeweled, Plants vs. Zombies and Zuma to even more platforms

Jul 12, 2011, by Leo Chan | 7 comments
Plants vs. Zombies shambles into this week's Nintendo Downloads

Make music with light and shadows in Liight

Mar 14, 2011, by Dany Argueta | 2 comments

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Apr 13, 13 4:19pm

Hey guys, Regi524 here, and today I am going to be reviewing PvZ (Plants vs Zombies).

Apr 4, 13 9:29am

Hey guys, Regi524 here, and today I am going to be reviewing PvZ (Plants vs Zombies).

Feb 5, 13 1:31am

I would've loved to have been in on the pitch meeting for this game - “yeah, zombies...

Dec 27, 12 4:40am
Really, really, really, REALLY addicting. Its freaking fantastic also PlantsVsZombies
Dec 15, 12 1:17am
Dear PvZ, stop being so bloody addictive, kthx. PlantsVsZombies
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    • May 5, 2009 (PC)
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    • May 6, 2011 (DS)
    • May 5, 2009 (PC)
  • Australia: Aug 4, 2011
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