Planet Puzzle League review
Puzzles until you can't take it anymore!

The good:

- Great WiFi playability.
- Easy to pick up and play.
- So many different single player modes.
- Great visuals and infectious music.

The bad:

- Not so fun if played for long periods at a time.
- Some of the only variation of the game's core gameplay is adding items to the mix, which isn't much.


Although Planet Puzzle League's gameplay really doesn't vary too much at all, it doesn't need to for it to be a great game. Planet Puzzle League is a classic, being a simple variation on Panel de Pon. Planet Puzzle League was also developed by the people behind the birth of another classic, Tetris Attack. That's right, Intelligent Systems is at it again with Planet Puzzle League. This time around, Intelligent Systems takes advantage of The Nintendo DS WiFi capabilities. This allows for one on one matches around the world, in addition to a unique yet interesting Birthday Mode, which allows for the player to play against any person with the game who shares the same birthday worldwide! Online rankings are also included in Planet Puzzle League's WiFi.

However, single player mode is also a success, with tons of varying modes such as Garbage Challenge, Score Attack, and Vs. COM, which is simply a mode where you battle against a computer player, and you choose if the COM is easy, or a challenge to defeat. The main mode of Single Player is Endless mode, if you play this mode, you play until you can't anymore, literally! The gameplay for Planet Puzzle League is simple, you use the DS stylus to move blocks horizontally in an effort to match up three blocks or more, all while blocks are constantly rising from the bottom of the screen. The more blocks you connect at once, the more points you achieve. Planet Puzzle League also includes the option to play with the D-Pad, but your gameplay will most likely become greatly hindered, because of the need to move a cursor around to be able to switch blocks around. The style in which Planet Puzzle League is played suits it well. Instead of holding your DS so that the top screen is above the touch screen, you hold the DS sideways so that the two screens are side by side.

Planet Puzzle League goes above and beyond expectations for a puzzle game. In addition to all of the gameplay, all of the modes support being able to choose a different background setting while you play, each with it's own infectious techno-themed music. The visuals for the backgrounds are great, with crisp, bright graphics which surprisingly don't distract you from playing. Planet Puzzle League also includes the option to record movies of Score Attack sessions, whether to review yourself, brag to your friends, or simply for fun.

Some of the things Planet Puzzle League lacks is long-term replay value. The game is usually a blast in short sessions, but fails to capture you in the game for too long. Overall, the replay value is fine, but you may want to take several breaks when playing. Another thing this game doesn't have is variation in gameplay. Although it does support the Garbage Challenge mode, which forces you to keep piling 'garbage' from filling up your screen by matching blocks underneath. It also has the option to play with items on multiplayer modes, so that you can help yourself or hinder your opponent's chances of winning, but all of this never really strays too far from the game's core gameplay. Despite these few flaws, Planet Puzzle League is a great game for what it is, and it is a worthy addition to the collection of DS puzzle games.

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