PixelJunk Eden Cheats

PixelJunk Eden cheats, Trophys, Tips, and Codes for PS3.


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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
All Seeds 01 (Bronze)Open all seeds in garden 01
All Seeds 02 (Bronze)Open all seeds in garden 02
All Seeds 03 (Bronze)Open all seeds in garden 03
All Seeds 04 (Bronze)Open all seeds in garden 04
All Seeds 05 (Bronze)Open all seeds in garden 05
All Seeds 06 (Bronze)Open all seeds in garden 06
All Seeds 07 (Bronze)Open all seeds in garden 07
All Seeds 08 (Bronze)Open all seeds in garden 08
All Seeds 09 (Bronze)Open all seeds in garden 09
All Seeds 10 (Bronze)Open all seeds in garden 10
All Gardens Clear (Bronze)Get a Spectra in each garden
Combo Ten (Bronze)Pollen Prowler combo x 10
Combo Fifteen (Bronze)Pollen Prowler combo x 15
The Hundred Thousander (Bronze)Get 100,000 pollen in one garden
500 Dead Pollen Prowlers (Bronze)500 Pollen Prowlers killed
Ten Minute Grimp (Bronze)Get all 5 Spectra from a garden within 10 minutes
Fifteen Crystals (Bronze)Get fifteen crystals in a single jump
Zero Wasted Pollen (Bronze)Open all seeds in a garden without missing any pollen
Three Play Ping Pong (Bronze)In 3p mode, trapeze jump between two swinging Grimps
All Spectra Found (Silver)Get all the Spectra in all gardens
DLC TrophiesEncore
Encore: All Seeds 11 (Bronze)Open all seeds in garden 11, without using continues
Encore: All Seeds 12 (Bronze)Open all seeds in garden 12, without using continues
Encore: All Seeds 13 (Bronze)Open all seeds in garden 13, without using continues
Encore: All Seeds 14 (Bronze)Open all seeds in garden 14, without using continues
Encore: All Seeds 15 (Bronze)Open all seeds in garden 15, without using continues
Encore: All Spectra Found (Garden 11 - 15) (Bronze)Get all the Spectra in garden 11 - 15.
Encore: 3 on 1 (Bronze)Kill three different types of enemy in a single jump. Available stages: Garden 11 - 15
Encore: Seed Open Combo Ten (Bronze)Open ten seeds in a single jump, without gripping a plant. Available stages: Garden 11 - 15
Encore: Bank Shot (Bronze)Get a Spectra after bouncing off a rock (or rocks) more than once. No gripping other Grimps after bouncing. Available stages: Garden 11 - 15
Encore: Peak Position (Bronze)Reach the highest position in the tallest garden of Encore. Available stages: Garden 11 - 15
Encore: Thirty Crystals (Bronze)Get thirty crystals in a single jump. Available stages: Garden 11 - 15
Encore: Double Spectra (Silver)Get two Spectra in a single jump. Available stages: Garden 11 - 15


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Avoiding Time Limit
You'll notice that the time limit on the more difficult Gardens can cause quite some problem. Well what you should do in such cases, is to simply not get the Spectra in the garden. Simply open up all of the Pollens so that you can get to the Spectra but do not get the Spectra till you are running low on health. Doing this will restore the time gauge, giving you more of a chance to survive and get all 5 Spectra.
Defeating Enemies
You'll notice that as all games do, PixelJunk Eden also has enemies which can appear just when you'd rather they didn't, and may find them tough to avoid. Unfortunately without a manual you'll find it hard to defeat them... however defeating them couldn't be simpler.

You'll notice that each of the enemies will change when ever you press /// (i.e. when you do a spinning). In this state they are vulnerable. So what you need to do is aim directly at them and press and hold the spin button. If you aim correctly, they will break away, allowing you to taken them down one bit at a time.

Note that this is only for the enemies that look like those which appear in Garden 3. Below is a short video showing you how it works and what the enemies look like.

Get More Pollen From A Prowler
When you get a single Prowler you will notice that you wont get much in terms of Pollen, however you can increase the amount of pollen a Prowler releases by using this simple technique:

Using your rush jump technique (using the PS3's Sixaxis controller, just jolt it downwards and the grimp will go straight down), jump onto a plant of some sort (must be something that is gripable), and now using the silk, simply get as many prowlers as you wish. You'll note that each of the Prowlers will drop increased amounts of pollen as long as you don't leave the plant (i.e. just real in the silk when it starts glowing). Remember you must also hit the prowler with the BODY and not the Silk for it to release more Pollen.

Here's a video showing the difference: