Pitfall: The Lost Expedition (PS2) Cheats

Pitfall: The Lost Expedition cheats, and Codes for PS2.


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Bottomless Canteen
Enter the following code at the title screen:
Hold L1+R1, press Hold L1 and R1 and push Left, Right, Left, Right, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle
Harry Changes into Nicole
Hold L1 and R1 and push Left, Up, Down, Up, Circle, Up, Up

(Looks like Nicole Sounds like Harry)
How to Unlock Original Pitfall Game
At the Title Screen

Hold L1 and R1 and push Circle, Circle, Left, Right, Circle, Square, X, Up, Circle

Unlocks Original Pitfall on New Game/Load Game Screen
Pitfall:Original and Pitfall 2
For the original Pitfall go to Punchau Shrine after purchasing the Mystery Item from the Shaman.

Pitfall 2
Buy everything from the Shaman and go to the Lost Caverns.