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Pirates of the Caribbean Online cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, and Codes for PC.


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Ok, so heres the chiz, first get at least 100 gold pieces, awesome! Now, member or not, your a pirate right? So what you do is you cheat on Blackjack, and how you do it, is...... alright heres directions
1. Go to Padres del Fuego
2. Go to Ratskellar (a bar thing)
3. Sit down to play Blackjack
4. Press Swap cards
5. Press the deatails to the top card of the dealer (PS: You wont always be able to swap the dealers card, but when you do)
6. A small window will pop up saying "blah bitty blah blah, you have been caught cheating, you have been fined 100 gold pieces." DO NOT PRESS OK!!!
7. RUN LIKE THE WIND OUT THE DOOR AND OFF THE STEPS and when your off the steps, press ok. (Remember it may take some tries, just avoid the tables, and run out the door.
8. Happy, happy. Your invincible. If you have a low lvl, go left from where the jail is into the cave. There are a bunch of high lvls there. Have fun!
(Pirate name) Josiah Wealthpicker
jail cell glich
When your in jail wait for someone to bust oust go in the cell its going close after 4 seconds about then try to get out it wont work

Easter eggs

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Emotions for player.
Easter Egg - All of the secret chat thingys like /glare, /moo, /sleep, etc.
Type in one of the following in the chat

/tired + /sleep + /afk - your character goes into the sleeping position

/scared + /fear + /cower - your character looks scared/cowers in fear

/wave + /greet + /hail - your character waves their hand for a few seconds

/laugh + /lol + /cackle - your character laughs in different position depending on its gender

/jig + /dance - your character dances the jig

(/zombie - dances the Zombie dance, emote available only during Halloween)

/sad - your character looks really sad

/angry + /hiss - your character looks angry

/clap - your character claps their hands

/no - your character disagrees by making moves with their hands

/smile + /grin + /happy- your character smiles

/yes + /nod - your character agrees with others

/wink - your character winks

/coin - your character flips a coin, Heads or Tails.

/celebrate + /cheer - your character jumps up in the air and cheers

/yawn - your character yawns

/tap + /impatient + /bored - your character stands impatiently/ looking bored

/flex - your character flexes

/sorry + /sry - your character is sorry

For female pirates only:

/primp - your character checks her nails

For male pirates only:

/confused - your character scratches the back of his head

/glare - your character glares with hands on his hips

Local chat emotes:

/crazy - is going crazy!

/help - calls out for help!

/thirsty - looks thirsty.

/sigh - sighs softly.

/9000 - is far too mighty for these weaklings!

/sweep - sweeps the ground clean.

/bounce -bounces up and down.

/blink - blinks.

/ready - is ready!

/curious - looks curious.

/bark - barks like a wild dog!

/chuckle - chuckles softly.

/frown - frowns.

/shrug - shrugs.

/growl - growls angrily.

/congratulate + /congrats + /grats - congratulates everyone.

/roar - roars loudly.

/rofl - rolls on the floor laughing.

/cackle - cackles.

/kidding + /jk - is just kidding!

/arrr - says: Arrrrrrrrrr!

/hello - says Hello!

/drink - pours a drink.

/confused (for females) - looks confused.

/glare (for females) - glares angrily.

/wait - asks everyone to wait.

/moo - moos. Mooooo!!

/gasp - gasps!

/flee - flees in terror!

/eat - munches some food.

/salute - salutes.

/vittles - asks around for something to eat.

/giggle - giggles.

/search - looks around, searching for something.

/bye + /goodbye - waves goodbye.

/meow - meows like a cat.

/cry - cries.

/hungry - looks hungry.

/bow - bows politely.

/agree - agrees.

/amazed - is amazed!

/noisemaker- makes some noise! (only avalible on new year)