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Pirate Fry and Volcano Island FAQ/Walkthrough

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"Is your girlfriend beautiful?" - Pirate Fry to a dying man...


Pirate Fry is a free game, in English, for Windows (and Dos) to download on http://squinky6.tripod.com/squinkyproductions/id3.html - VERSION DOS!!!

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  • Version 1.0 - 1st June 2010: Publication of the guide


Fry is pirate and member of the Pirate Guild. The leader of it decides that every pirate needs a license in order to... be a real pirate. Each person refusing to pass the triple test (kill something or someone, steal something precious and do an heroic action in order to be forgiven) will be killed. Fry is passing a preliminary test that will decide of his fate. By chance, he doesn't fail and he's sent to Volcano Island, with wild people taking unfortunate explorers's heads for a bowling ball. Will Fry manage to get his license?


Don't hesitate to use the EYE icon on everything, Fry is always having a line about it.


You're in the guild. Do you see the matches bowl in the left? Take a box from it. Look at the body in the right then go speak to the guys behind the crate. They tell you to pay a visit to the chief, in the next room.

Go to the right and look at the nameplate. Speak to the chief, called Hookhand.
He'll propose to do a first test which will determinate if you can pass the
triple test:
  • kill someone/something
  • steal something precious
  • redeem yourself

He gives you an egg and orders you to make it enter in the green bottle behind you.

Use the bottle to get a close look at it. Take the matchbox and use it with the
bottle to put a lighted match in it. Then use the egg on the bottle and look at
what happens. Get out of the close look but you're knocked down. If it's the
case, congrats, you're smart enough for the triple test...


You wakes up in a pirate ship. Take and read the book about martial arts in the left. Look at the wooden door and use your book on it. You're free now! Get out of the room.

You're in the cannon room now. If you climb the stairs and then you're using the
cord to get your feet on the ground, you'll see a native who will not let you
enter the island. You have to kill the guy.

Come back in the cannon room. Take the sledgehammer near the stairs and come
back where you woke up. Use it on the safe for getting powder and a cannon ball.

Come back in the cannon room then open one of these and put the ball in it.
Close the cannon then you can search something to light it. Climb the stairs,
go to the left, to the navigation room. Once in it, take a look at the dashboard
which has on the right a lighter. It's still hot so take it and come back in
the cannon room. Light the one with the ball thanks to the lighter and wait
until the native dies.

Get back on the island and take the spear from your victim. Go to the left.



                 SECOND CROSSROAD
                   |     |     |
                   |           |
                   |           |
                   |           |
     --------------|           |--------------

LAKE<--                                       -->BEACH WITH NEAR-DEAD GUY

     --------------|           |--------------
                   |           |
                   |           |
                   |           |
                   |     ^     |
                  COMING FROM PIRATE BOAT

You're in your first crossroad. Before going anywhere, take the bamboo stick on the ground then take the road to the beach (right). Go again in the right. Speak with the guy to learn that his girlfriend will be sacrified by the natives in a few hours. You understand that you have to save her. But for now, it's not your priority, you have to steal something. Take a look in his stuff to find toothpaste.

Come back to the crossroad and take the road to the lake (front of you). Look
at the crystal then go to the left to find a souvenirs shop. The woman behind
her counter will give you a plastic crystal.

Come back to the crossroad and take the path to the second crossroad.


                      |     |     |
                      |           |
                      |           |
                      |           |
        --------------|           |--------------

HOUSE<--                                       -->OLD MAN

        --------------|           |--------------
                      |           |
                      |           |
                      |           |
                      |     ^     |

Take the path to the house. Try to enter it and its owner will look by a small opening. Speak to him but he doesn't want you in his house. He tells you that he's afraid of fluoride and that he has a water container without it. Just look at the device to find a little opening. Put the toothpaste... And the owner decides to go elsewhere.

Enter the house to find yourself in front of a enraged panda. You have to find
something to distract him. Throw the bamboo stick for feeding him but with your
lousy aim, you end up with killing the animal. Take the boots in the right and
enter the room the panda was guarding.

Look the orb linked to the computers and take it, as it's something precious
for the previous owner. Go out and come back to the crossroad.

Take the path to the old man. He's raising monsters but he's too old to take
care of the baby he has. Tell him that you'll look after him. Take the baby.
The old man tells you that the monster is eating water crystals.

So come back to the first crossroad and choose to go to the lake. Use the baby
on the crystal. He will grow up. Come back to the second crossroad and go to
the house. Use the baby on the crystal near the water tank. He'll reach his
adult state but he's not trained. So go back to the old man.

Take the axe while he's training your pet then when you get back your monster,
go back to the second crossroad. Take the path to the village.

You'll have to climb a muddy hill. So use the boots on it and walk on the road.

When you reach the village, there is a guard with another monster that will not
let you enter it. So, use your monster on his to win your access. The guard
leaves in shame.

After the cut-scene where the shaman of the village seemed to be questionned by
the natives, you'll be in the village with another guy blocking the path. Use
the spear on him. Go to the right to find the gate for the volcano. It's closed,
so use the ord on the altar for opening it. Then, climb the volcano. Once at
the place of the sacrifice, you can notice that the shaman is FINALLY ready
to do his ritual. Use the axe on the tree to make it fall on the shaman. Not
only you save the damsel in distress but you free the natives from a ritual they
were fed up to do.

As you killed natives and monster, as you stole something precious and as you
saved a woman, you can say that you've passed the triple test for being a pirate
It means also the end of the game...


  • Author: Vinciane Amorini (vamorini(@)gmail.com - cleo_rabb(@)hotmail.com)
  • Contry: Belgique
  • Version: 1.0
  • Date: 1st June 2010

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