Pinball review
Simple, uncomplicated pinball fun

The good:

Very simple gameplay. Cool minigames.

The bad:

Almost no variety in gameplay. Only one table to play on. Gets repetitive very quickly.


One of the first titles released for the NES, Pinabll provided a simple layout with a few of the standard bells & whistles of arcade pinball, namely a couple of hidden minigames involving Mario.
Everything about this game is rather simple-the graphics are good and have some nice detail on the bumpers and other features, but some color in the background would have been nice. There's not enough color or detail on the table outside of an occasional single-color change sometimes. Sound effects are generally standard pinball sounds, like bells and whistles from the ball bouncing off the different bumpers & targets. Controls are average too-not helpd by the fact that it's impossible to perfectly replicate a pinball machine's controls without the actual machine itself. It takes practice learning to use the pad/stick for one flipper and other buttons for the other flipper with no way to customize the setup. Gameplay is limited to just one table with very little variety outside of a hidden minigame that Mario participates in-nice touch, but too little reward for too much work. You'll tire of playing the same board over and over quickly.
It's not a bad effort for what it's worth and you may get some enjoyment out of it, but pinball fans are better off either playing later titles like Pinbot or High Speed, or just going to the arcade itself. This one's more for quick gaming sessions given it has little to no replay value.

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