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Pilotwings 64 cheats, and Codes for N64.

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Pilotwings 64 Cheats


From San Francisco to New York
Using the Rocket Belt, head to New York and look for the park with the Secret Star. Just to the west is a green building with a bottom level entrance. Go inside and you'll see an N64 logo on the wall. Fly out the opposite end and you'll end up in San Francisco. From then on, you can go from San Francisco to New York as well.

From Miami to Seattle
Head towards Miami and look for the open Airplane hangar near the space port. Fly straight inside and turn around and go right back out. You'll reemerge in Seattle. Like in the other warp, once you do this you'll be able to go from Seattle to Miami as well.

Refuel in Mini-States
To refuel any vehicle that requires fuel just go southeast until you're near Florida and you will notice that there are to roads intersecting with another road that is coming out of Florida. (Note that the map view is very helpful in the finding this area.) At this intersection there will be two gas stations very close to each other. If you go under or near the open roof at the pumps your fuel will automatically be refilled.

Caverns Shortcut
Enter the test "Dark Caverns" in Crescent Island with the rocket belt. After the first couple turns the tunnel will go through a small hole. Behind the torch after the small hole on the left there is a small tunnel going up. If you go through this tunnel it will leave you right before the large cavern.

Mt. Wario
Choose the human cannonball mode and go to the Mt. Rushmore level. Hit Mario's face and it changes to Wario's face.

Instant Birdman Suit
On the first level (the island), fly under the land bridge and touch the star that is there, then you will instantly be teleported above the island and you will be in the birdman suit.

Day Into Night
In the beginner course, you'll find a cave in front of a chapel on top of the hill. There should be water coming out of cave, and a sewer grate deep inside. Fly up to the sewer grate and the game will pause a little and make a weird sound. The cave should be darker, when you leave the cave you'll see that it is night time.

Refuel your Vehicles
There are two gas stations on the "Little States" island from which you can refuel. If you follow the road to the northwest from Cape Canaveral in Florida, you'll see a gas station on your left. Fly around in there until you hear the same noise you hear when you take off from a hopping pad; you need to be close to the ground. Also, near the nuclear power plant (in the Midwest) is a little town. If you fly into that town with either a rocketpack or the gyrocopter you can get a free refill of gas by going under a little gas station roof.

Positions of the Stars
Holiday Island -- On the Northeast side of the island, tucked away underneath a rock formation by the beach on the coast of the island.

Everfrost Island -- On the NorthEast side of the main island, follow the waterfalls to the right and the star will be inside of a cave.

Crescent Island -- On the north side of the island inside a small cave along the coast.

Little States -- In the middle of Central Park New York.


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Cannon settings
The following settings for the cannon will land you in the bullseye on the first try, but you'll need to adjust the shots a bit for optimal results. Apparently you can't get a perfect score if you don't fiddle with the settings first.


Cannon 1
Vertical: 1-2 degrees
Horizontal: W 50 degrees N
Power: Full

Cannon 2
Vertical: 12 degrees
Horizontal: S 70 degrees W
Power: Full

Cannon 3
Vertical: 18 degrees
Horizontal: W 30 degrees N
Power: Full

Cannon 4
Vertical: 4 degrees
Horizontal: S 87 degrees W
Power: Full

Round Two

Cannon 1
Vertical: 10 degrees
Horizontal: S 65 degrees W
Power: Full

Cannon 2
Vertical: 5 degrees
Horizontal: S 12 degrees W
Power: 1/2 (a little less)

Cannon 3
Vertical: 29 degrees
Horizontal: W 28 degrees N
Power: Full

Cannon 4
Vertical: 18 degrees
Horizontal: E 49 degrees S
Power: 3/4

Round Three

Cannon 1
Vertical: 13 degrees
Horizontal: E 23 degrees S
Power: Full

Cannon 2
Vertical: 7 degrees
Horizontal: S 85 degrees W
Power: 1/4

Cannon 3
Vertical: 52 degrees
Horizontal: S 41 degrees W
Power: Full

Cannon 4
Vertical: 45 degrees
Horizontal: E 54 degrees S
Power: Full (a little less)
Crash in the day, but it's night during the replay
With the Gyrocopter, on the bigger class, fly into the cave under the castle (where the water is) fly all the way in, the game will stop and you will crash. But when you do the replay it will be night!
Double island
This trick, which is just for fun, will probably seem familiar to old-time SNES Pilotwings fans. Select any island and any craft. (even though it is easier to do in the little states with the gyrocopter). Pick a mission that starts you out next to the water. Turn toward the sea and take a quick look at your radar. Now it's easy... just take off in that direction, using the radar or something in the background to make sure you don't change directions. Eventually, you'll come to an exact copy of island you flew from! In some cases, you can see both the new island and the old at the same time. Can find the difference between the two islands?
Drive in the Gyrocopter
You can drive in the Gyrocopter! In Little States, take of and land on a road. If you keep you speed between 20 and 45 km/h, you can drive!
End up in Manhattan
If you're in Little States on Rocket Belt or Gyrocopter, stop somewhere around Atlanta if you're low on fuel. Park by the middle gas pump for a refill. There is also a teleport in little. Find the skyscraper facing the airport runway in "little San Francisco. Use the Rocket Belt to hover and find the open entrance. Zoom in past the N64 logo, turn left and fly out the other side. Re-enter and when you exit you will be in the middle of Manhattan.
Everfrost Island star
Everfrost Island: To reach the star here you have to first find the small area where there are a lot of small waterfalls. At the top of the waterfalls are two caves. Go into the one on the right and navigate through there to find the star. Also if you fly to the top of the highest peak you'll find an N64 flag.
Get 100 every time
Jump between the building you start on and the building in front. You will notice a doorway on the building in front. Go through this into the Nintendo building and out of the other doorway. You are teleported to near to the end of the level. You can get 100 every time. It is difficult to get in the doorway, so aim against the opposite building so you bounce into or close to the doorway. This makes it easier.
Get up to 500 kpm in your gyrocopter
You can get up to 500 kpm in your gyrocopter if you do this. Get up to 200 and full power. Now skim the ground. You'll lose 5 points and you'll bounce back up and when you come up you'll have 500 kpm on your meter.
Hanger warp
In "Little States" there is a airplane hanger just north of the Seattle Space Needle that has a yellow and black stripped square in front of it. Using Rocketbelt, land on the square and face the hanger. You will see a small gap between the doors of the hanger. Fly into this hanger and land. When you exit the hanger you will be in Florida by the Shuttle. Enter this hanger and exit again and you will find yourself back in Seattle. One secret when entering the hanger: you must fly through the top half of the gap. If you fly through the lower portion, you will not be transported.
Hidden black zone and/or a hidden body of water inside the mountain
In Crescent Island, take your gyrocopter and fly to the cave with the Birdman Star. Directly back away from the cave. Now, when you are very far away from the cave, turn around and head into the cave. If you crash into a corner of the wall in the cave, you might find either a hidden black zone and/or a hidden body of water inside the moutain.
High score in the Skydiving Mode
In the Skydiving Mode, after completing the dive formation, aim for the center of the target, continuing to adjust as you drop closer. Use the A button to slow down a little. Wait until almost the last minute before hitting the chute with the B button. The perfect altitude is just six meters so you'll have time to chute carefully. Your accuracy score should be perfect and your impact should be good for a high score.
Holiday Island star
Holiday Island: On holiday Island there is a small arch off the side of the island. Almost like a small tunnel. If you fly under it with one of the vehicles you'll see a star there. If you touch the star you'll be instantly transported to Birdman on Holiday Island . Also if you, CAREFULLY, fly into the small cave beneath the castle and fly back out you will find that it has become nighttime.
Little States star
Little States: To find the star you must travel to New York City (Using the warp mentioned below). Once there, land in Central Park and the star will be there waiting for you. Also if you fly to San Francisco and find the teal (greenish-blue) building you can enter it with the rocketbelt. I don't remember which side to go in but when you come out of the other end (assuming you went in the correct side) you'll be in New York right in front of Central Park and the star.
Night time
In the beginner course, you'll find a cave in front of a chapel on top of the hill. There should be water coming out of cave, and a sewer grate deep inside. Fly up to the sewer grate and the game will pause a little and make a weird sound. The cave should be darker, when you leave the cave you'll see that it is night time!
San Francisco warp
With the Jet Pack, head to New York and look for the park with the Secret Star. Just to the west is a green building with a ground level entrance. Fly out the opposite door and you'll end up in San Francisco. You can also fly back to New York.
Unlimited fuel for free
There is a gas station in the Little States that will give you unlimited fuel for free! It's located at a road junction in the southeast, between the space shuttle launch pad in Florida and the Mississippe River. just land in the parking lot, between thesign and the building, and cross or touch the center line. Your fuel tank will get filled up automatically. If you're flying the gyrocopter, just be sure not to come to a complete stop, of the stage will end.
Use the chairlift with Lark
At Everfrost-Island, Lark (with rocket-belt) can use the chairlift! In the station at the bottom of the mountain, he must stand between the two thick columns (at left side), with view to the sea, then the chairlift put him on automatic. When Lark doesn't see downhill he will fall down.
Warrior on Mt. Rushmore
In the Cannon Mode, aim at the Mario face on Mt. Rushmore. If you hite him in the face, you'll get a surprise. When the camera pans out, you'll notice that Mario's image in Mt. Rushmore has been replaced by Warrior. You can get the same results by shooting Mario's nose in the gyrocopter.
Wind and the cannon ball
One thing about the cannon ball is that sometimes there's wind. This will affects your aim some. But Goose is different, he doesn't get affected by the wind much at all. So if you've got to a part where it's blowing really hard, use Goose.