Pikmin (Wii) Cheats

Pikmin cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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Boss: Armoured Cannon Beetle
This boss is one of the easiest, as it's attack is easy to avoid. All you need to do is chuck Pikmin.

This fellow appears in the Forest of Hope, and the Distant spring. In the Forest of hope, the beetle is guarding the Ship part (You can get Pikmin to carry it back while you distract it, but-) and in the Distant spring you have to defeat it to get the Ship part. The Beetle takes 30 Pikmin to carry back, and gives 50 seeds.

This is easily beaten by Clogging up it's hole which it sucks in air (Front of beetle) which can be blocked via throwing a single Pikmin at it. It then opens it's backside - Which you chuck Pikmin at; thats how to kill it. Once dead the beetle will curl up which you can take back.

I don't think the Armoured Cannon Beetle appears in challenge mode.
It takes a quarter of a day to beat it, which means you could try going for another ship part. Best used Pikmin are Flowered reds.

Boss: Beady Long Legs
A tough enemy - and gives everyone a bit of a shock! Its not scary, really. There is a dangerous glitch though.

This appears in The Forest Navel (Arena blocked off by wall next to where the toadstool lives) and also again in The Final Trail on challenge mode (Where Bulblax was). Tough enemy, yet fun.

DO NOT LEAVE PIKMIN BY THE ENTRANCE OF THE ARENA. That will let the Beady out and then freeze the game. Also the glitch I said above.

To beat - throw Pikmin at his Middle (Yellows work best, as they are high flyers!) and putting Pikmin at his legs also works. Once defeated, the creature will give five 5 pellets and the Guard Satalite.

Takes half a day. Make sure that your Yellows have got flowers!
Boss: Burrowing Snagret
This boss can be a pain in the ---, as it is one of the most Pikmin-eating bosses ever. These creatures can be found in the forest of Hope (There is a ledge near a bomb-rock can, theres THREE up there!).

Make sure you attack them one at a time, and as soon as they pop there little beaks out of the ground, Swarm. There is a rare chance their beaks will get stuck for longer in the ground.

Burrowing Snagrets have incredible reach, and can eat four Pikmin at a time. Also watch out the Pikmin don't fall over the edge into the water. They can pick Pikmin of themselfs (Not their head) and eat them.

They are rewarding though, by beating all three you get about twenty 1 pellets, three or four 5 pellets and a rocket part (I think it is the Radioactive Guage, or whatever Olimar calls it).

It takes a whole day to beat all three, your lucky if you get all the treasures back.
Bomb-Rocks can work against snagrets, but not very well.
BOSS: Emporer Bulblax
I bet that all of you have trouble with the Emporer Bulblax in The Final
Trial, right? Well if you listen to my tips, He can be easy to beat.

First of all GET READY!!! Thanks to him eating everything and there
being lots of bomb rocks, get some yellow pikmin and get some bomb
rocks. Note:you have to use some bomb rock to even get to the boss

Then once you get to the to the weird thing in the arena, get close and
the battle began. First of all DON'T attack at the legs or you can lose
lots of pikmin. Always attack the head. Also don't attack the back
because it's made of stone. The bomb rocks have to be eaten for the
boss to take more damage and stun the boss temporary. When his
health is half way down, he will start to jump and squish pikmin.

the battle takes about half to full time.
Heres a small tip for you, Pikmin build bridges to get across water or up a ledge, right?

Well, when you arive there the next day (Or next fortnight) there will be bugs UNBUILDING your bridge. Best to kill them as soon as you get there, because you will have to build it all over again.
Clampy's tip
You know Clampy Pearls? You can use Bomb-Rock Pikmin to destroy the ones that are not in the water. There is one that is not in the water in the impact site, and There is one in The Forest of hope in challenge mode. It's quicker and you only lose around 2 Pikmin if your not careful.
Getting Pikmin out of the water
If Red or yellow Pikmin get into the water, they will die after being in the water for a few seconds. Just press B at them like mad and if they are not to far in, they might get out.
If you want to avoid the goolix (Appears in the imapct zone) Either get blues to attack it and then walk by the side with Bomb-rock Pikmin or just don't go in the middle, as there is a gate in the second area.

Since you need blue pikmin to get the ship part anyway, better to beat it and then get some pearls and the ship part.
How to kill the breadbug
As you know, the breadbug is a very annoying enemy that takes away pellets. The way to kill it, is to get a pikmin to take back a pellet, and right before it gets to the onion, make sure the breadbug grabs it. The breadbug will be sent up to, killing it or leaving it with a tiny bit of health.
Smokey Progg
Do note that the Smokey progg will disapear from the Distant spring on day 15.
Swarming - What is it?
Works for Bulborbs, dwarf buldborbs, bulbears and dwarf bulbears.

Pressing down and pointing your cursor at the target when your behind the enemy is a very good way of killing them if you have 50 Red Pikmin. This is called "Swarming". The pikmin see the enemy and attack it. This also works for other enemy's like bosses, mini-bosses (Aka burrowing Snagret) and those annoying ground moles that unbuild your bridges.

Its quicker and also means you get more Pikmin on it, the only problem is, if all your Pikmin get killed in one go you might want to run!
If you put pikmin on both sides of a wall that they can break down, it will come down faster


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Beady Long Legs
If you Leave Pikmin just outside the arena of were Beady Long Legs is, he will try to follow them, leaving the arena. If you then (Once it is out) move with your Pikmin, he will follow. If you take him to the place in the forest navel where you got the Libra, he will fall down the abyss, freezing the game.